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Class Murder

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Last updated on 05 Nov 2017

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This book is the tenth in the Geraldine Steel series and – whilst not having read the previous entries – I have to say she was a very strong and likeable character. I love characters that aren’t abrasive for the sake of it and make realistic decisions. That certainly applied to DS Steel. The author expertly peppered in enough background to give you a sense of the character without overburdening the novel with needless history.

Likewise Ian Paterson was a strong foil to the main character, knowing her well enough to trust her instincts but also pushing back where appropriate.

I also enjoyed the pace of the novel, which moved along at a fair clip and the plot could certainly be believable and had me thinking back to my school days.

There were unfortunately a few small downsides which at times pulled me out of my reading flow; the secondary cast of characters, and in particular the victim pool, didn’t seem particularly distinct and actually were so unlikable I was rather hoping they would be bumped off by the killer. I also had to suspend disbelief in terms of their actions at the end of the book (all I can say without spoilers).

The killer was described as ‘clever’ very often but at no point did I feel his actions demonstrated that intelligence. It therefore felt that I was trying to be persuaded of it.

There was also an odd case where a character was called two different names in the same chapter.

The above reservations aside I can definitely say that I enjoyed this one and wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another Geraldine Steel mystery.

Thanks to Netgalley, No Exit Press and the author for an advanced reading copy in return for an honest review.

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