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Hotel on Shadow Lake

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Anjana D, Reviewer

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This tale was one that I did not start liking in the beginning. It was a good thing I stuck to reading it, because it gets more involved at a later stage. We have Martha in 1990 who has received a strange letter. We are not privy to that letter, and its contents will only be revealed to us at the end. Maya is told more than a decade later that her grandmother (Martha) 's body was found near a Montgomery Resort in the USA. Maya then decides to investigate the strange circumstance and goes without a plan to the location.Things then do not go as easily as Maya could hope but she does get help from unexpected quarters. The only reason I did not warm to the story was that I am not fond of the narrative being very direct, and the mystery clues being handled in that fashion. I give this book three stars because it does start an interesting idea and involves a lot of different times and places which are woven into the story and add to its background.

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