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Sadly, this book turned out to be not for me. I was piqued by the first paragraph. Sadly so far I have only seen one grudge, nothing about the TalkOfShame or bad pictures, and I am at freaking 25% of the book.

I couldn't at all relate or care about the characters. Katie is boring and bland + I just don't see what she sees in Brandon. Jill is nice but wayyyyy to focused on that sorority stuff. Beatrice is just a bitch that needs to see that you can't just say sorry and then expect everyone to praise you and love you. 

Plus they have been at that college for a few days now and they haven't even started classes? I am 25% in, and I have only heard about one class (that journalism one), and that is it. Wow.

I am just bored out of my mind, and I expected a whole lot more scandals, romance, dirty secrets. Instead it is just a welcome to college, were we don't do shit except try to make friends.
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I have so many thoughts on this book - which typically happens when I greatly enjoy a book. First let me say that I loved the plot that I read on the back of the book. That is absolutely what drew me to this book. The plot throughout the whole book was great! It was fast paced and kept me wanting to turn the page and keep reading. The writing style was great, too. The book is told in the point of view of the three girls and the author does a wonderful job at switching between the various voices the characters would have. Going along with that, the cliff hangers were perfectly placed. And then we revisited that girl or her issue in enough time that I didn't forget about it. It was a nice touch. 
As for the things I wasn't so hot about: the characters were pretty much all annoying. I didn't get why Beatrice was a main character and not Helen. Beatrice was also, well, a fairly terrible person with hardly any redeeming qualities that have been shown to me yet. Katie was the most likable of the main characters, but ever she was just kind of eh. She was obsessed (which is fine) with schooling, a self professed introvert (at times), and all around fairly awkward of a person/character to follow. I don't know. Maybe I was over thinking it, but it just seemed conflicting that she was this book worm who *had* to read her textbooks before class even started and was so proud to be a freshman in this awesome journalist's class, but then also seemed totally comfortable around this brand spanking new guy. Who - speaking of - is not worth all of the drama and headache that he was causing Katie. Katie, love, it's college. Go find another cute writer and move on from a guy who doesn't come across as worth it. Jill was obsessed (which was fine) with sorority life, but she had no depth other than wanting to be in a sorority. We never heard why she was obsessed or anything else about her other than she wanted to be an Alpha Chi - or was is a Chi Alpha. I DON'T KNOW because the book swapped back and forth between the two nicknames. Same with Kappa Kappa Theta - are they the Thetas or the Kappas? Curious readers just want to keep it straight. Also, for as obsessed as she was, she should have known that Katie wouldn't get to the top of Kappa Kappa Theta's list by having a great letter of rec. She also would have known enough to get her own super awesome letters from people who actually knew her.
The second issue I had with the book was how Rush/Greek Life was portrayed. I won't go into detail, but just know that that is NOT how sorority rush works, and for a reader who knows that, it does impact how the book is read. The book is authored by a male, which might have something to do with this. I guess I was confused by what the plot was going to be because it didn't seem to get into it until well after halfway through the story. Which was fine. I was pleasantly surprised by that and loved how the plot flowed from one drama to the next and really kept me flipping the page. But the title only comes into play in the last 1/4 of the book and seems so minor to the plot of staying alive until rush. 
The third thing I liked/didn't like was the ending. That ending!! Ugh! Please tell me that this is setting up to be a series. That could be the only possible explanation for an ending like that. If that's the case, a brilliant ending. If not, ughhhhh!!! So much more story that could be told here!
Overall, would I recommend this book to a friend? Yes - with the asterisk that this is a book about Greek life that does not accurately portray it (and I say this as a graduate of a *very* Southern university with a huge Greek life). Despite the star next to it, despite the fact that I was not a huge fan of most of the characters that are in this book, the plot was just too good to put down! Seriously! If you're looking for a great plot, quick read that you won't be able to put down. This book is definitely worth your time. Be warned - this is not a typical YA (is it still YA if they're in college? This was def not NA). It is not a romance. It's all about the friendships of 2 of the 3 main characters and one of their roommates. That aspect alone makes it worth it to pick up. Such a refreshing plot/lack-of-plot for a genre known for crush worthy boys and steamy kisses. Great reminder that good girlfriends are just as important (if not more!) as potential boyfriends. 
But for real, if this is going to be a series, sign me up!
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This book was so good! I could not put this book down and I highly recommend reading it.
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This was a fun read about young adulthood. Getting started in life - college and making the best of your life. Positive and engaging.
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This to me, is definitely a toned down infusion of Gossip Girl and Mean Girls, both , highly entertaining. Teenage drama. Campus life. Rushing for sororities. Sparks flying. Can't it get more enjoyable? It's one of those guilty pleasure reads that would have been great, atleast 4 stars had the actual plot unfolded a tad bit sooner. The actual 'Talk of Shame' part of the book, takes place in the last 30% only, so does the actual rushing. The first 70% might as well have been called 'Jill and Beatrice get on my nerves!'- Plot-wise, I don't really have much to say about this book, its the characters that raised its bar for me. I honestly see myself liking this more as a TV than a book. It's addicting, and relatable and just plays out well. Tessa is one of the characters that for some reason surprised me, I ended up liking her. To Palmer, I'd say meh. Helen.. ah roommate goals, right there. I thought Brandon was cute, with his little office on the fire escape (haha), but out of the batch, I'd say Katie was my favourite. I loved the character development we saw in her. The ending, was clean, sharp and overall a good way to bid the freshmen goodbye. 
All in all, Three solid stars! 💫
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Great story of freshman preparing and going through rush at university, with the stress and pressure of settling in to university life.

The book gives a nod to gossip girl with cosy similarities in some themes. The book gives solid grounding for a series that would lend itself to a tv series with lots of future scandal and drama waiting to be written
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