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Loved this devotional full of great study topics and in dept look at the Word of God. Great tool to have to read with your bible
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I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the way he used stories and included scripture. This book included a lot of interesting real life information about different things like how we hear sound and connected that to listening for God’s whispers.
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I really loved some of his other works. But I did not finish. Tried getting into it a few times and just could not. I am sorry but cannot review because did not finish.
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I don’t know about you, but this is one area I struggle with. Both praying confidently, and hearing God. But Mark points out some things that make me feel like its within the realm of possibility for me.

Listening to that whisper, that still small voice, the persistent call to something good, is actually what led to this blog. Several years ago, I was unable to shake the pull to share my love of Christian books through blogging. One example was this conversation among my friends, afraid to read biblical fiction.

I rarely read blogs, and had no idea what I was doing, but the joy and growth that have come, are conformation that I heard correctly.

Whisper is written so well that though it is nonfiction, it is full of stories and real world examples and you don’t get bored or bogged down. It makes finding hope in God and His still small voice understandable and simpler than we tend to think.

📌 I received a copy of the book from @NetGalley and choose to review it here.
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I recommend this book for those who are seeking God in their lives.    In "Whisper," Mark Batterson asserts that God speaks to us in multiple ways but most often in a whisper which could be a feeling, emotion, or circumstance.  The author describes his own experiences in hearing God speak to him in subtle ways that has lifted his spirit.  Batterson highlights Scripture as being the primary guide to knowing God’s will but suggests that other means such as desires, dreams, and pain can also be genuine opportunities to hear God’s voice. In summary, Batterson’s views are like many other popular books on the topic of searching out God’s will which rely heavily on personal experience and understand scriptures.
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Mark Batterson is a master story teller. He uses illustrations from anatomy, history and ordinary life to illustrate how God speaks to us today. I have always wondered how he could come up with so many good illustrations. He admits in one chapter of the book that he didn’t like to read until his senior year in college when he felt called to be a writer. He began reading voraciously, 200 books a year! He did not write his first book until he had read 3,000 books and absorbed the life experiences of the writers. 
This is a book full of the experience of hearing the voice of God in its many different forms. I highly recommend it. 
Thanks to NetGalley and WaterBrook Publishing Company for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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If you want to go beyond posting request to God, but really want to have a conversation with Him, I guess you can need some help to enrich your prayer life with the listening part. Enter Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God. God speaks to both heavy storms as well a still small voice, that needs attention and the attitude of a careful listener. Mark Batterson illustrates his core message with an abundance of stories about physiology, inventors, theologians, leaders, and biblical characters like Joshua, Moses, and Samuel.

God speaks through Scripture, but also through shared desires, doors that are opened or closed, dreams and visions, other people, promptings to start or stop, and last but not least: pain and suffering. When it comes to discerning God's will Batterson employes five tests: the Goose-Bump Test, an alignment between your spirit and the Holy Spirit, Next, peace and wise counsel, but also the craziness of the answer or instruction, and as fifth the released-from and called-to test, that gives you the room to manoeuver. God speaks, so make sure you're ready to listen as His faithful servant.
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Hearing, or maybe recognizing, the voice of God is something people can struggle with their entire lives.  Mark Batterson has set out to help us in this endeavour.

Whisper is exactly what I needed in this season.  I say that because the book cane summed up in one sentence, “Is God’s voice the loudest one in your life?”  For me this has been an issue of late and Batterson sets out for readers seven ‘languages’ to lean into.  Some are evident (dreams) and we are used to them while others are ones we hope to not encounter (pain).

The writing was a good mix of biblical truth and applicable commentary with a good measure of Mark’s personal life stories.  These help to bring life to the voices spoken of.  I enjoyed “Whisper” and found myself engaged more as the book continued, though I feel the ending was a little weak.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to hear God’s voice – or rather recognize his voice when he speaks.

**I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.
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Mark Batterson, the pastor, and author explores this very idea in his new book Whisper. He takes aim at the age-old question, “Does God still speak?” Batterson argues that God still whispers, and suggests seven love languages through which this communication happens. These languages are Scripture, Desires, Doors, Dreams, People, Promptings, and Pain.

Batterson teaches that by learning to tune in and decipher each of these seven languages in our own contexts, we will be able to hear God’s whisper in our lives. These whisperings could easily be guided to life-altering and life-changing decisions.

We just need to listen, Batterson suggests.

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I am looking for something to bring me a wow moment. This title has good stuff but not anything new.
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I could not read the extract, the text was too small on adobe reader
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