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Dead Eye is a cute paranormal cozy with an adorable heroine and a sexy hero who is itching to make her purr.  Tess Callahan is sweet, smart and funny.  She runs the Dead End pawnshop where a quirky array of residents bring their items to pawn and where visiting tourists find everything they never knew they had to have.  But life isn't all taxidermied gators and vampire fangs, Jeremiah, Tess’s boss, was murdered and left on the pawnshop steps.  And now just as his son Jack returns to town, another body is dropped at the shop.  Jack is determined to get justice for his father and Tess is happy to help - so long as he keeps his hands to himself.

Dead Eye is a cute paranormal cozy.  It has some romance, but nothing graphic.  Neither does it have graphic violence.  Dead Eye is a fun read that makes for the perfect afternoon escape.

4 / 5

I received a copy of Dead Eye from the publishers and in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is very similar to the Sookie Stackhouse series, both in the design of the cover and the supernatural being a major part of the story. Given that, this book does have it's own good points and will appeal to anyone that enjoys both supernatural and mysteries.
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I first met Jack Shepherd during the Warriors of Poseidon series and I was very intrigued with him, so I was looking forward to the release of Dead Eye and the beginning of the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries. I just knew that I would love this new series because of how much I loved all the books in the Warriors of Poseidon series and guess what?   I am not disappointed, it is quite different but just as enjoyable and I was completely caught up in the suspense and the quirky town that Alyssa Day created. It is full of zany characters with some eccentric traits which adds some laughs and an overall sense of wonder which of curious spiked my curiosity along with building the suspense of who done it.  All the characters are strong and easily related to which makes it easy for readers to become caught up in the happenings and ensures that they want to keep reading as well as ensuring that they continue to want to visit the town of Dead Eye. Also, the tension building mystery keeps readers on the edge of their seat with danger and thrills and it has a hint of romance just to spice things up, oh and I mustn’t forget that there was quite a few surprises in store for Jack as he discovers his inheritance which kept me on my toes as well.

Alyssa Day first came to my attention with her Warriors series and I am looking forward to continuing to enjoy her fabulously creative mind with the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries.
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An enjoyable paranormal read that reminded me of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I wouldn't mind reading the second book!
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This is the first book in the supernatural cozy mystery series. It was very creative. It had humor and good imagery. Does a past murder tie into the new murder? This entertained a bit more than the average reader since I am from Florida and a lot of the terms made me smile because it is familar. Jacksonville Jaguars and snow birds being a few. Great action, drama and a little romance. There is kiddnapping, murders, and bad guys. Well written and had fun banter between characters. I hope to get to know them better.
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Tess has inherited half of the pawnshop after the murder of the owner Jeremiah. His nephew, Jack, is back from the military upon getting word of his demise. Caught in a mystery of another body dropped off behind the store, Tess and Jack hunt for the killer of Jeremiah and how the new murder is tied to his. Very good mystery, a little romance, clean read, great characters.
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Jack Shepherd is a weretiger. He has just inherited half ownership of a pawn shop in Dead End Florida. Being a former soldier, jack has no interest in a pawn shop. He just wants to go there, get rid of his half, and move on. When he meets the other owner Tess and finds out that his uncle didn't die of natural causes, his plans change. Now he has to find the murderer. I really liked this book. The town and characters are interesting. It is a fun read.
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I have to confess, this is a second read for me. The humor wasn't old, I still found it funny and fun! If you're looking for something full of humor and light then this is for you. A delightful piece of escape.
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A great first book. Cant wait to read following book.
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If you like your mysteries with humor and a bit of magic this is the story for you. This is a spin-off from another series but can be read stand alone with no issues. 
Who says you can’t go home again. You can but things will be very different as tiger shape-shifter Jack Shepherd finds out when he comes home after the war. His uncle was murdered and little Tess Callahan is all grown up and now your partner. Things are always strange in Dead Eye but things have gotten weirder than usual and Jack and Tess are determined to get to the bottom of it hopefully before it kills them. 
I really got a kick out of this. Fans of Charlaine Harris will enjoy this book.
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I'm bummed I didn't look properly and this is only the first book which I have read before. I love Alyssa books., she has interesting story lines and great characters. I really enjoy this series but I am hanging out for the next League of the Black Swan. I find Alyssa's books frustrating in regards to release dates, they keep changing!!!!
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Dead Eye is a light-hearted paranormal romance from a gem of an author, Alyssa Day.

Jack, a tiger shifter, just found out that his uncle died while he was away serving in a secret ops unit. When he returns he discovers that he inherited his uncle's estate and that he is now the co-owner of a pawn shop with a spunky young woman from his past, Tess. Soon after arriving at the pawn shop a dead body shows up at the pawn shop's door. The body was murdered in the same manner his uncle was murdered…which is all news to Jack. Jack didn't know his uncle was murdered and now he will stop at nothing to uncover who killed his uncle.

Jack together with Tess must unravel the danger brewing in Dead End, Texas.

Dead Eye is a fun-filled, action adventure with an enticing mystery and sexy shifter. Day has penned some amazing characters, outstanding stories, and funtastic reading, my only regret was taking this long to rediscover the magic she created in Dead Eye. I immediately purchase the next to books in this series.

I received this ARC copy of Dead Eye from Alyssa Day. This is my honest and voluntary review. Dead Eye is set for publication Feb. 27, 2017.

My Rating: 5 Stars
Written by: Alyssa Day
Series: Tiger's Eye Mysteries
Paperback: 278 pages
Publication Date: December 29, 2015
ISBN-10: 197842437X
ISBN-13: 978-1978424371
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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