Never Dare a Wicked Earl

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Wasn’t sure I would like the Hof this story as it began, but he won me over. The h is a nurse, assigned to caring for the H, a nobleman wounded by a former lover. He has a horrible reputation, and is cantankerous and rude upon meeting her. She is attracted to him, but fights the feeling, as he warms to her wit and strength. An interesting and passionate story with a wonderful couple and great HEA. He was redeemed!
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This is a new Author for me, even though it started off slow, it picked up rapidly, and I truly enjoyed the book. Miss Sophia Camden wants to be a Doctor. She works with a Dr. Trimble, helping the poor, and abused. Yet, she takes on a job, taking care of an Earl, who has been shot by his ex lover! They tangle from the beginning, he wants her gone, however, he can't fire her, because his sister Lady Edith, hired her. This is a story of brutal betrayal, love conquering hate, and redemption to both h/ h in the bliss of true love!
I highly recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!
carolintallahassee 👒
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I received a copy of Never Dare a Wicked Earl by Renee Ann Miller from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was an enjoyable read! Well written characters, entertaining plot, and witty dialogue in a historical setting.
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„Never Dare a Wicked Earl“ by Renee Ann Miller is the first Book in the „Infamous Lords“ series and my first by this writer. I got this ARC by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Well I had not heard from Renee Ann Miller and the cover of the preview was not, honestly said, very intriguing, it is cheap and far away from a book I usually would buy. Nevertheless the synopsis sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try and started it last night. I immediately fell in love with the main protagonists and Lady Olivia, the huge dog. I could not put the book aside and read it through all the skiing races, ski jumping, tour the ski etc. – I have not really a clue about the sport results at all. 

It`s not one of those completely unrealistic stories because I already wondered over the last year how so many innocent young 19th Century ladies can have sex before their wedding and never ever fall pregnant. How realistic. 
In this story it is finally different. But the whole story is a little different from the novels I have read lately. Both have a backpack from their past they carry around, both have a past, are older and wiser but they fall for each other immediately but do not want to give in – in the beginning. The story turns quickly into a passionate story, lots of passion between two adults and a progressing love story. It is not easy to give in, to allow to love because of their past. Both have secrets they do not want to share and the ways they come behind things are not always honest. 

Many would say that Sofia, the female lead, should have resisted him longer because she wanted to become a physician, wanted to be a strong female in a world of men. But honestly said, when the heart is engaged in something most of the time the head is too. Nevertheless she stays passionate about her independence and fights for it. 
Hayden, the Earl of Westfield, could also have resisted her for a longer period but on the one hand he had the wrong image of her after some news from a private investigator and on the other hand he is a passionate man who fell for her. 

The sex scenes are tastefully written, the characters well portrait and developed and the story is different. You know from the beginning that those two belong together but you understand that they have to find a way to grow, grow to overcome their past and grow to be the person they want to be for each other. 

Very well done, Renee Ann! 

Rating: 5 stars
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A good read on a cold day. Fun, entertaining characters, decent plot line. Several different things going on but they mold well together. I look forward 5o reading more
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley to read in exchange for a fair review.  Never Dare A Wicked Earl is the first book in what I think is going to be a fabulous series by Renee Ann Miller. Consumed with guilt after the death of his wife Hayden Milton, Earl of Westfield leads a life of decadence, debauchery and drunkenness in order to forget his past failings. When he is shot by a vengeful former lover his sister hires Sophia Camden who also has a difficult past to nurse him back to health. The Earl a very difficult patient has already gone through several caregivers and he issues a dare to Sophia that she will not last 10 days as his nurse. Sophia accepts the dare on the condition that the Earl use his influence to allow women to study medicine as it is her dream to become a doctor.  Sparks fly between them until Hayden still burdened with self hatred says something unforgivably hurtful to Sophia.  The story of how these two find their way back to each other had me up reading way past my bedtime. I very much enjoyed this this book and look forward to the next one in the series.  Very Steamy,  publishing date January 30th 2018.  #NeverDareAWickedEarl  #NetGalley
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Outstanding historical romance debut by Renee Ann Miller! NEVER DARE A WICKED EARL presents compelling and strong-headed male and female leads, sparring and romancing against the backdrop of historical London. This well-edited novel shines with Miller's strong prose and thoughtful layering of backstory and motivation. With both romance, a mystery, and thrills to go with both, NEVER DARE A WICKED EARL promises an outstanding new series from Miller.
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This is the second story in the span of a week that I have read that deals with the Hero having been shot, and the Heroine having to take care of him. When I first began reading, I was a little distraught. I mean how many novels with the same initial story-line can one read so close together and still be entertained? 

Thankfully, this one was so much different from the other that I found myself completely drawn in. The author weaved such a compelling story-line that it was hard to put down. I adored both of these characters - Hayden's inner demons  coupled with his reputation made him a complex character that I enjoyed watching Sophia peel back the layers of. I also liked that she was a very strong willed character. I do feel this would have been a slightly better story if the Hero didn't fall into the "let me do stupid things that upset the object of my affections in the name of protecting her" story-lines, and the Heroine wasn't equally guilty of the "let me overhear something I shouldn't that makes me doubt everything". 

While those are two story-lines that while it no doubt work consistently, they do become tiring, and honestly, they make the story become somewhat predicable after that. We know how the Heroine is going to react, we know something bad is going to happen, just like we know the Hero is going to try to save the day. Perhaps that is a sign that I read too many stories like this, but every now and then I would like to see the Hero treat the Heroine like an equal and have them face the threat together. 

Even considering that, I still believe this story will appeal to those who enjoy slightly unconventional historical romance novels. I would definitely read more from this author! 

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.
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This book is a great way to kick off a holiday in a good mood! 

I loved Hayden and Sophia (and also Lady Olivia) and their romance was fraught with enough delicious tension to keep me flicking the pages on my Kindle like a junkie. 

The part of Miller's writing that impressed me the most (okay, there are 2 parts) was her ability to evoke the era (or certainly what felt like a "bygone" era, to me) and also her delightful turn of phrase (GREAT similes which made me alternately smile or move to the edge of my seat). Miller does an excellent job of injecting historical fact into the story without beating the reader over the head with it.

Great sensuality and tension throughout, with lots of secondary characters to bring depth to the story and make you care what happened to the H&h. 

The author also did a fantastic job engaging my sense of smell, something I don't often experience reading books. From the seamier smells of London's impoverished back alleys to a gourmet breakfast that made me get out of bed and ransack the kitchen at 10 o'clock at night. 

This book is a Victorian adventure that will engage and satisfy all your senses.
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I believe this is the debut book of Ms. Miller’s and it was great! You have a hero who isn’t what he seems and a heroine who wants to be a doctor. The witty banter, double entendre, bit of intrigue, and misunderstandings all make for a fantastic and quick (for me) read. The first part of the book is quite light and fun to read but as the story goes on you realize that there is a lot of depth to these characters. They have been hurt but march on. The progression of their love story is beautifully written. Cannot wait to read more from this author…Simon…
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A woman scorned, or Captain of HMS Crazy-skirts? 

This battle of wills is fun!

What the heck? 

Holy sex dream, Batman! 

She definitely makes stupid decisions.

Simon is a good friend.

The epilogue made me smile.
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