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The Sherlock Effect

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Daphne S, Educator

Last updated on 05 Jan 2018

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A marvellous and entertaining read,that threatens to turn us all into detectives! Christopher Sherlock Webster had a father who was obsessed with the great detective, hence his middle name. Christopher, however was bullied at school and refused to have anything to do with the stories that his father enjoyed so much,and it wasn't until Christopher,aka Sherl,by his friends, became smitten by the stories that he became inspired by the exploits of the great detective. Sherl and his friend Mo Rennie, decide to start up an agency that will investigate Sherlock type problems and use the same investigative techniques of reason and calculated deduction. They choose the name The Baskerville Agency, and through careful advertising manage to get some cases to solve, 5 of which make up this book.
The 5 cases are well written, the words flow freely,and Sherl asks exactly the questions that spring to the readers mind. There is the excitement of trying to solve the case before the explanation is given, I managed to solve the first,The Fur Trade, failed with two , The Warminster Agreement and The Persistent Assignment, made a decent stab at the Gardener's Questions and solved the last one, which was The Balcony Scene.
We have blackmail, kidnaps,murders,UFO's, all beautifully created and they have a lovely old fashioned appeal to each story, despite being throughly modern in tone.They are great fun and make you smile at times. So easy to read and so satisfying.
My youngest son adores Sherlock Holmes, has read the books, seen the DVD's,visited Baker Street and has got the T- shirt. Last year,we took him to the New Forest for a birthday meal to Minstead. I casually remarked that the grave of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was in the nearby churchyard, and his joy and delight was complete!! This book comes out before his birthday in February, so this will be a total surprise for him, and I'm sure he will recommend this to his fellow Sherlock enthusiasts !! 
I have really enjoyed this book and hope there will be others to follow. I have given this 5 stars. I have posted this review on Goodreads today.

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