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Sewing Machine Magic

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I have always been in the 'jack of all trades' category and with the time I have had on my hands in the past three years, I have added crochet and a sewing machine into the mix, with knitting hopefully to follow. Given that I learn in bits and pieces from a variety of sources after I have plunged headfirst into a project, I have had trouble being satisfied with many of the guidebooks that I have found on the above subjects. They did not seem 'tailored' (forgive the highlighting of the pun) to suit my needs. 

When I found this on NetGalley I was not sure how much better it would be. As I worked my way into the book, I realised I should have been more excited, I had found the simplest version of what I had been looking for with regards to my machine (In a non-video format). It has all the required information for the tiny projects that I have abandoned partway and I am seriously considering actually purchasing the book to keep at home.It has information about a variety of presser feet that could be the basis of a whole new idea.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who tells me in the future that they purchased a machine for kicks too.

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