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Ugh. Talk about cute! Obviously I loved this book. It was so adorable. It was like really, really good fan fiction, except it’s not fan fiction. 

I loved both Mika and James. They were both extremely likable. The story was sweet, but had enough deep stuff to not be overly sweet. Would definitely recommend. 

I’ll be checking out the authors other books that look equally amazing!
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Such a cute, cute story!!!! Mika and James meet in the airport and at first, well. let's just say it's more annoyed at first sight then love at first site. The majority of this story takes place while the two are in the airport, and it is full of snarky banter, witty pranks, and honestly, innocent flirty-ness. The two spend time together, talking, and then it's love at first site. The two send some quality time getting to know each other really, really well then it's time for the flight to take off. And though they live in the same city, the two think their baggage will prevent the relationship from being anything more. Oh but these boys were so wrong. 

Overall, I enjoyed this little story. It was a quick easy read that kept my interest with enjoyable characters!
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This was an interesting read because it takes place almost entirely at the airport over an extremely short period of time.  It is the story of James and Mika, who are stuck in New York because their flight to Charleston keeps getting delayed.  Starting off as enemies, evolving into pranking each other and slowly realizing, as they call a truce, that this  might just be something.  And that is scary as anything because it’s instant and they know it. 

The problem is Mika wants just some sex and out (or so he says) and James is just one of those “meet them and move in” types.  Or are they?  It was a revelation to see these two come to some realizations about themselves, as well as how they don’t understand that the other person may not be reading things like they think.  When Mika thinks he’s being rejected because “James was supposed to understand him, but instead James had written him off, just like the rest of them” it hurt my heart a little for both of them. Luckily Mika’s inner voice has some sense.  

It’s a sweet, well written story solely focused on the meeting of these two (other than the epilogue) and I enjoyed it.  OH and the pranks? Loved them!
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I started reading Ms Anderson’s book because after covering Henry James for our podcast and then reading a 1930’s crime novel, it was time for something a bit light.

I started to read the novel not thinking much about it and felt that it would be the fast food version of reading.  Fill me up but empty once I closed the cover.  I was to my own surprise very wrong.  This is really an excellent read that is full of compassion, heart and comedy.

The two characters are very well drawn and the plot is very brave considering that outside of the first two chapters and the epilogue, it all takes place in one setting.  This is a very daring move on the point of the author where one location can feel a bit stale after awhile but this is not the case as Ms Anderson expertly keeps things moving and exciting.

Without giving anything away, this is truly a great novel dealing with the human condition and emotions.  I found myself smiling at the interchanges between the two main characters and again, the author has written a book with just two characters without anything getting dull.

If you are looking for a novel that is fun to read, makes you smile, makes you feel and something that you will remember long after the closing of the book, you really can not go wrong with this.  I now have a book that I can start to recommend to almost everyone and not just a select few.  Excellent and I am now going to start hunting out her past works.  I am starting to become a big fan of Quinn Anderson.
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