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Secrets of Tai Chi

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I live in a place where the practitioners of Tai Chi are visible at any time of day in picturesque locations, practicing and looking very graceful while doing it. I was so curious that I talked my husband into signing up for a class with me. Unfortunately in the limited period we had, we did not get very far (especially since we did not attend half the classes). The abandoned attempt apart, we found it very hard to actually do and now we marvel at the practicing people with even more admiration.

I jumped at the chance of getting to know more about the art and requested this book on NetGalley.It was a very interesting read. It has introduction, history and even tips on how to actually practice it. Overall a good investment of time and gives a window into a whole new 'old world' charm.This of course would serve as a good entry into the field but actual personal training would probably be required to master it.

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