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I can see why do many people like this book, but some of the advice is dangerous. I didn't hate or love it, but with all the things that have come out about the author lately, I'm not super keen to listen to her advice.
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This was not for me sadly. 
Found it hard to relate. Didn’t get on with the style. 
Parked it and tried several times but it’s a very unusual did not finish for me sorry
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I had heard so much about this author and book for months. I was lucky that I was able to get my hands on the e-book version from this site. I wanted to read for myself what everyone was talking about and the "hype" of this book.

Each chapter is on a different topic. I like how you get life stories from her as well as tips to help things into action. Honestly I thought this book was going to be very religious because most bookstores put this in their Religion non-fiction section, but I didn't get that vibe from this at all. I am not sure where I would categorize this--maybe self help, but the religion aspect is just what her own beliefs are and minimally putting them into this book.

I highly recommend this book! Thank you for providing this e-book to me so I could finally read this book and introduce me to this author.
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I wanted to read this book after all of the hype I had heard. If I was a fresh, twenty-something, I think I would have valued the book and its advice more. A lot of the advice is the same stuff we've heard repetitively throughout our lives. Also, a lot of the love and relationship advice was a little sour with the recent news of Hollis' divorce. But, all in all, I think a lot of people in the right demographic could get so much from this book.
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I loved most parts of this - just the kind of self-help book I love with a warm and witty writer. But a few other parts were kind of straight-up crazy.
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this. unfortunately the video footage I had created while reading this was corrupted. 

I genuinely enjoyed this book. It felt like the best pump up to start my day. I really enjoy Rachel's writing, and how relatable she is.
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While there are many things discussed in this book I agree with, and think are important to talk about, the difficult thing here might be to take Hollis' advice and do as she says.

To me, this was more of an interesting read (similar to a memoir), just because I found it slightly interesting to read about Hollis' life. More in the beginning of this book though. I liked to read about her thoughts and why she made her decisions, even though I didn't agree on everything.

I couldn't relate to much, but I know very many (both people I know, and don't know) will relate, so they might also find some of it helpful.

I'm not sure how helpful I would have found it, had I struggled with the things talked about in this. Since I don't think it helps me much seeing other people having the same problems as me. That just doesn't make me feel better. While it for some might be comforting to know there are someone else with their problems, so I can't talk for anybody else than myself.
Example: if I'm tired, knowing that 47 000 other people also feel tired, doesn't make me less tired.

Also, some of it is supposed to be funny, I just didn't think it was, which is no one's fault.

The title is, Girl, Wash Your Face, but you don't have to be a girl to read it and like it. Since I'm a girl, and couldn't relate, I mean. A 50 year old married man with three children and a job, might very well enjoy this a lot.

I'm rating this for how much I enjoyed it. Also, again, there were certain things I just didn't agree with, so didn't see it as that much of a self-help book, but I could still recommend it I guess.
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I was provided an e-arc from netgalley to read and review 

Very motivational self help , highly recommend
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I loved the straightforward writing style contained within this book. It almost felt like I was having a direct conversation with the author at times. Good stuff!
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Very uplifting and inspirational.  A good read! Also,I listened to the audiobook,  it was great to hear her own voice read the book to us.  She is very expressive!
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I don’t know what happened, but the formatting in the digital copy I received was completely messed up. There were random words and even full  sentences in the wrong places - therefore, I couldn’t properly read it and can’t give my full feedback. From what I could read, it seemed to be a really good book, I just wish the text formatting wasn’t all jumbled. :(

Giving this 4-stars based on what I could make out, it seemed like it would have been great.
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A refreshing laugh out loud and realization that in this big world we are not alone. I don’t normally turn to read books like this but I enjoyed this read more then I thought I would and took a lot from the book I look forward to reading more by Rachel Hollis in the future!
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There were definitely parts of this book that weren't right. The people giving 1-star reviews highlight that and changed my perspective of the book.

BUT! I still liked it. Rachel Hollis has a great writing style, it felt like one of my friends was talking to me. I also felt amped up when I read this book, which is what I want to feel when I read a book like this.
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This book has become a phenomenon. I am not very familiar with Rachel Hollis, but she seems to have a message that connects with women. I read it and gave it to my wife and daughters to read. The messages in the book are relevant and inspiring.
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I really wanted to like this book, but I was disappointed. She rambles on a bit and the contents were not relatable at times. I just didn't have a good experience reading this book.
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For the past 2 years I've been hearing about how LIFE CHANGING and INSPIRING this book is, so I had to see for myself. Thank you Netgalley for giving me the chance to see what it was finally all about. 
I did not find it life changing. I was not inspired to change my life. 
What I did learn is that all you have to do to have a better life is change all the things that you don't like about it. Feeling sad? Be happy! Overweight? Get your lazy butt off the couch and eat healthier! I could go on, but I won't. 
This book was basically recycled advice and confessions (humble brags) from the author to make her relatable. So you'll buy her fiction books and read her blog and buy tickets to hear her speak. 

I take notes on books when I read them to review and the notes I had for this one were:
- How many different ways can you say "it's your life, live it your way"
- If your facebook feed and t-shirt drawer are full of "wine o'clock" and "I love Jesus but I cuss a little," and you believe that MLMs are not pyramid schemes then you'll love this.
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I'm divided about this book. The writing is fine, it even has some good insights, but it comes from a very specific point of view that is hard to see past when you come from another (perhaps wider) background. Some stories resonated, others seemed overblown and dramatic. I found the author very hard to relate to, and felt like she was trying very hard to sound relatable. Hollis describes herself and one point as a "conservative good girl," and another as a "good Christian girl," then she talks about virginal good girls; the implication seems to be that other types of girls, with other types of backgrounds and choices, are not "good girls."
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The rating of 1 star isn't toward the book necessarily, but toward the format of the copy I was reading from NetGalley. It was absolutely horrible, I could not read the book for the "do not copy" every other sentence.
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I love Rachel Hollis! After following her on Instagram for quite a few years, of course I had to read her book! I am so glad I did. She is a woman for women,  100%. She puts your brain and your heart into high gear and it makes you ask yourself the hard questions. She describes her life, daily past and present. You find a friend in her. I was pumped after reading and her motivation gets me motivated. Every woman with or without kids should read her book! I have no kids and thought well, I'm not gonna relate to this at all! Boy was I SO WRONG! Thanks Rachel for opening my eyes to things that are right in front of me but I was too lazy see. Would love to go to her speaking events. RISE would be amazing! Read this book gals!
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Like all self-help books, only some parts spoke to me. Sure, I need to put myself first more and recognize that I am where I am meant to be at this moment, but unfortunately I just don't think this is the self-help book for me.

I really wanted to love this book. I follow Rachel Hollis on social media and often find some of her posts inspiring, but this book was extremely tone-deaf. I don't want to say that it would do more harm than good, but it could. I think her intentions are pure but her advice in some areas doesn't truly seem to fit. 

That being said, Hollis is a great writer and speaker. So I can see where she would appeal to a lot of people, but unfortunately this one is not for me.
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