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Girl, Wash Your Face

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This is perfect, I loved every minute of it!It was so helpful!Her words are powerful and it helped me a lot!I'm not a mother so some of the stuff there were here wasn't for me but all the other were very important!Rachel inspires me with her words, she gives you the encouragement you need to go on!There were some funny and emotional parts in Girl Wash Your Face!I loved that she gives details of her personal life to make to the point where she tells you what you must start doing for yourself! This is a must read, if you are looking for a book that will help you start thinking differently and taking your life in your own hands this is perfect!!
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Sister friend! If you have ever had any type of pain or hardship keeping you from living your best life and you need some encouragement and a fire under your tushy, Get this Book!
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I’m not a wife or a mother, I’m not particularly religious or the type of person a lifestyle blog is aimed at. I didn’t have a rough childhood; tragedy has not been something I’m intimately familiar with. On the surface, Rachel Hollis and I have very little in common, but her words resonated with me just the same. I was even able to connect with what she was saying in the chapters geared more towards wives and mothers.

Girl, Wash Your Face is an empowering read that I would recommend to all women, no matter what they’ve got going on in their lives. I had the honor of meeting Rachel at a writer’s conference last September. I got some much needed one on one time with her and have truly felt more motivated since that day than I have in years. Reading Girl, Wash Your Face has amped up that feeling tenfold. Even though it was late when I finished the book, all I wanted to do was get up and do all the things, write, exercise, be the best me I can be.

I highly recommend this book. You’ll laugh, you might even cry, but you’ll definitely come out the other side determined to become a better version of yourself.
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