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Five Days that Shocked the World

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Zohal A, Reviewer

Last updated on 30 Mar 2018

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3.5 Stars

I thought this was an incredibly fascinating book. It really made me research more based on what I read. I believe it is well-researched and this is exactly the sort of history non-fiction book I was after. 

World War II is one of the areas of modern history that fascinates me the most. I thought this book was unique in that it focused on the last five days of the war and was focused on the eyewitness accounts. I liked the parallels about where famous, or soon to be famous, individuals were when all of these events were occurring. It does not shy away from the horrific accounts of the war. 

Probably the chapter on Hitler's death and the aftermath of it for his supporters, was the most compelling part of the book, due to how it was well-written. You do not usually get the German perspective of the end of the war, so that made this book unique in its take. 

For history buffs, I highly recommend!

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