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Veggie Burger Atelier

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Anjana D, Reviewer

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I have been experimenting with a lot of cooking the past year. Being a slave to flavours and being a vegetarian do not go well in a predominantly non vegetarian surroundings( with regarding to options to eat out that is).I was consequently excited about this book.

There is a lot of variety in the content of most books on cooking that I have read recently. This was one of the better ones.It is all about burgers (as the title suggests) and provides a complete guide to everything to put it together. I would have loved more details on the buns used but asking for that too might be being too greedy. The pairings are provided with information of where the tastes draw the inspirations from giving a tiny view of food flavours around the world as well.

The sauces and the synthesized cheat sheet to making a perfect patty were the perfect bow to wrap it up. I would surely recommend it to people fond of trying new things.

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