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After reading "The Fourth Monkey" last summer and been totally blown away, I literally danced around the room when I secured an advanced copy of the second book in the series entitled "The Fifth to Die". Honestly, this series just gets better and better! I cannot praise J. D. Barker highly enough for producing these books - so far this is my best read of 2018, I really cannot see that changing by the time we are approaching 2019!

When I finished "The Fourth Monkey" at around a similar time last year, I was concerned as to how I would be able to manage/cope having to wait an entire year for the follow-up but eventually it passed and here we are! The original concept behind #4MK is based on the Japanese principle of the three wise monkeys - see no evil (Mizaru), hear no evil (Kikazura), and speak no evil (Iwazura). The fourth monkey was a little more elusive and is known as... do no evil (Shizaru). This principle of the three monkeys plus one, plays a significant role in this series and the plot in general. It is how the killer "justifies" the lives he snuffs out. I would say, if you haven't read The Fourth Monkey (4MK #1) yet then go and grab a copy quick sharp! If you are a fan of thrillers that feature twisted, deviant, serial killers, then what are you waiting for!?

Okay, so the plot of "The Fifth to Die" is just as amazing as 4MK #1, I can report. If you enjoyed book one then you'll rapidly feast on this, too! The only thing that REALLY disappointed and saddened me you ask? The speed at which I got through it and realised that it was all over until the next one is penned! J. D. Barker has us hanging on his every word now. It's insane but I love it! 

In "The Fifth to Die", the 4MK storyline from book one is continued but with a whole new case on the horizon, too. Porter and his team have been pulled from hunting Anson Bishop AKA The Fourth Monkey Killer, by the feds. There's a mysterious and disturbing new case to investigate as the body of little Ella Reynolds is discovered beneath the ice of the Jackson Park Lagoon. She had been missing for three weeks. There are some very strange facts to go along with this body - How did Ella get there? The lagoon had spent the past few months frozen. Even more baffling? She is found wearing the clothing of another girl, missing less than two days. So, how exactly do these oddities relate to one another? Chicago Metro detectives try to make as much sense as they can of the bizarre and seemingly impossible developing case, Porter secretly continues to pursue 4MK, and he soon realises that the best way to find Bishop is to try and track down his mother. Unfortunately, Porter's captain finds out about his covert activities and suspends him, leaving partners Clair and Nash to actively search for the new killer on their own. It's self-evident from the conclusion of book one that Porter had become increasingly obsessed with capturing Bishop. He becomes fixated on a single grainy photograph and follows it from Chicago to the streets of New Orleans and he stumbles into a world darker than he could have possibly imagined, where he quickly realizes that the only place more frightening than the mind of a serial killer is the mind of the mother from which he came.  

It was clear from the series opener that Porter was hellbent on learning more about Bishop - including such information as... his childhood and formative years and how they may have impacted on him, his family and personal relationships, his mindset including the justification he has for killing specific people. Quite early on it seems like Porter had become fixated on 4MK but this just added more depth to the plot. I enjoyed the concurrently running investigations. I liked the way the case of Ella Reynolds death and the search for Anson Bishop are woven together and in the end are intertwined completely.

Barker has exceeded my uber-high expectations by creating an even more grisly, gory and horrifying thrill -ride! Once again, I loved the dynamics between the main characters Porter, Clair and Nash - it's great to see them developing as a team as well as individuals - Barker has created characters I can relate to and that are truly memorable.

I CANNOT wait for the third instalment! I hope there's no longer than a year to wait. That said, it'll certainly be long enough and I will no doubt be counting down the days until release. What a terrible thing to do to us Mr Barker - leaving it on a cliffhanger! This is a series not-to-be-missed! I know that for however long this series continues for, I will be reading. Absolutely! I wouldn't miss it as this has rapidly risen to be my favourite crime series. EVER.

Many thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for an ARC. I was not required to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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It is not essential to have first read “The Fourth Monkey”, but it will certainly help explain the way that the story progresses.  Essentially, there are two stories here – one needs prior knowledge, the other can (almost) stand alone.  The 4MK case is still open, as the killer, Anson Bishop, is still at large.  That case has been taken over by the FBI.  The former 4MK team – Porter, Clair, Nash and Kloz – are now dealing with a new young girl abduction and murder investigation, started when Ella Reynolds is found frozen beneath ice in a lake.  Porter – the resident 4MK expert – is certain that the two cases are unrelated, as the MO is quite different, and no 4MK signature boxes of body parts have been found.  Soon, more young girls go missing, but nothing seems to link the abductees.
Although the story is generally very serious and the crimes abhorrent, there are moments of (much appreciated) humour – usually occurring when Nash and Kloz are together – especially when they are in Nash’s car: ““Connie has seen better days, but I’ll get her back to prom-queen status. It’s just going to take a little work.” Kloz’s hands stopped moving, and he stared at him. “You’re creeping me … out right now. I’m serious. I’m getting a Christine vibe from you, and that didn’t end well for anyone, not even the car.”.  Keep an eye out for the Neil Diamond episode.
Each of the chapters is headed with the name or designation of the main protagonist of that part of the tale – police or FBI investigator, abductor or abductee – and all are written in the third person, except Anson Bishop’s diary entries (in chapters helpfully titled Diary).  So, the reader has (or believes they have) an omniscient view of the story as it unfolds, receiving little clues before the police and then watching how the investigators piece everything together.
Because of this overview, the reader is lulled into a smug know-it-all daze.  But then, suddenly, 4MK takes over and a nice little police procedural goes full-on thriller, and all bets are off.  Twists of increasing magnitude appear, and the story you are reading is not the one you started with.  At this point, you are really pleased you did read “The Fourth Monkey” first!
The book is very well put together, and keeps you enthralled right to the end.  However, the end is what I had a problem with – hence the 4 stars, rather than the 5 which the rest of the book probably deserves.  I came away rather unsatisfied – but very glad I read the book.  Hopefully there will be more to come.
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May I please have the next book now?

The Fourth Monkey Killer was one of my favorite thrillers last year. I was left wanting for more. J. D. Barker listened to his readers and he has given them a present in the form of The Fifth To Die. 

Like so many other readers, I was dying to know more about Anson and detective Sam Porter. I couldn't wait to know where was the story taking us!

At the end of 4MK, Anson told Sam, he was ready to find his mother. I was thinking nothing good could come from it, right? 

The Fifth to Die opens with the discovery of a girl frozen in a lake. Sam and his team are called to the scene. Nothing makes sense, the girl seems to have drowned in salt water and her clothes belong to another missing girl. It seems the city of Chicago has another serial killer on the loose.

Sadly, Sam won't be able to follow up on the case. Not soon after discovering the body of Ella Reynold, he's in trouble with his boss, work, and with the FBI. You see, Sam couldn't let it go. He's still searching for the 4MK. He's been doing his own investigation on the side and this is a no-no for his superiors. 

The Fifth to Die had me in a stage of complete wonder. I was trying to piece things together with the little clues J. D. Barker was spreading throughout the pages. There were multiple storylines, another diary by 4MK and the sense of urgency in finding any of the girls alive. The cast was fantastic. Sam, Anson, Clair, Nash, Kloz and Agent Poole all had a purpose. 

Now let's talk about the ending. Major cliffhanger. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the conclusion of this excellent series.

Kudos to J. D. Barker for following with a solid sequel. 

Cliffhanger: A major one.

4/5 Fangs
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Look, I LOVED The Fourth Monkey. LOVED! This particular book felt like a filler. Lots of characters. Lots of ad guys. Lots of lots of lots and while there were moments I just wanted to put this one down and not finish it, I also still needed to know what was going to happen. However, this left me wanting... badly. I'm kinda pissed about this big ass tome that felt like it got me nowhere. I'm hoping it's that middle part where the next book will be the big pay off... that's what I'm counting on anyways. You absolutely need to read The Fourth Monkey (which I HIGHLY recommend) in order to even have a semblance of enjoying this one. I almost felt like three stars was generous but I'm banking on the next one being as brilliant as the first one. I've seen this happen and then am grateful for books like these. C'mon Barker - I'm counting on you!

Told through multiple POVs, I will say that you are never confused on where you are within the story. My favorite parts were with the girls and the bad guy. The rest was very procedural/investigative, which was the majority of the storyline. 

I'm definitely going to continue on because I am extremely curious on where Barker will take us next. I have big faith it's all going to be extremely worth it.
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After reading The Four Monkeys, I wasn't sure where Barker was going to take me. I definitely did not foresee him outshining the book with it's follow-up, that is for sure. But he sure did. This book had me hooked. I was turning the pages with so much anticipation and excitement. I couldn't devour it fast enough.

Barker is very talented in telling a riveting and twisted story like very few can. The bombs he throws on you come from all angles. You won't even see many of them coming... maybe none of them. I was left reeling, eyes wide open numerous times in this book. I was left in awe of his talent. (A maybe a lot needy for the next book... There most definitely has to be another book.)

I will warn you, you will be left giddy, yet your jaw will be on the ground by the end of this book. Barker holds nothing back giving you more of this twisted story of Porter and Bishop. The puzzle pieces that connect only seem to leave more holes the further into the book you go. And then that ending. I promise you will be left cursing and applauding Barker at the same time.  

Hands down... this is my favorite book of the year. Actually, my favorite series of the year. This is one series (and book) that will not leave my mind. It's so sick, twisted, genius, and thrilling, I can't seem to shake it. I promise, this series is worth every single penny!
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Bloody hell, what a ride! I don’t even know what to say. This series is CRAZY!

The Fifth To Die is the second book in the 4MK Thriller series and no, I’ll tell you right now, you absolutely cannot read this as a stand-alone. Do yourself a favour and read The Fourth Monkey first, not only for the necessary background information but so you can read this second one and fully appreciate the incredibly masterful way J.D. Barker has crafted this series.

There is so much going on in this second instalment. The FBI has taken over the 4MK investigation but Sam Porter is in too deep to let things go and sets out on his own search for Bishop. Meanwhile his colleagues, Nash, Clair and Kloz are investigating the murder of Ella Reynolds, who after having been missing for three weeks, is found under the ice in a lagoon. However, she’s wearing someone else’s clothes, those of a young girl who recently went missing.

I’m not saying any more than that because I’m seriously in danger of giving away something vital. As far as serial killer series go, this is by far one of the best ones out there right now. With chapters switching between the various threads, you’re often struck with the most fabulous cliffhangers that just make you want to flip the pages faster. The tension hit me from the very first page and built up to almost unbearable levels. If this was a movie (which it bloody well should be, to be honest), my non-reader of an other half would be on the edge of his seat. As was I, until the last word.

I absolutely devoured this book. The Fifth To Die is an incredibly addictive page-turner that had me utterly engrossed from start to finish. Brilliantly plotted, expertly crafted, with intriguing and fabulous characters, deliciously disturbing murders and a chilling but genius killer, it firmly stands out in the serial killer genre. I’m not sure how I’ll survive the long wait for the next one but I have no doubt it will be worth it. I can’t recommend this series enough so add it to your TBR right now! I promise you won’t regret it! Be prepared for a deliciously thrilling ride! J.D. Barker is quite frankly one of the best crime thriller writers out there who should be on everyone’s radar!
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This is the sequel to The Fourth Monkey and, although there is a bit of a catch-up included in this book, in my opinion, it is only sufficient as a reminder to what has gone before rather than a full explanation and, as this series is a bit convoluted, you may struggle with this book if you don't read that one first. Also, please note if you don't like cliff hangers, as this book does end on one, you may want to hold fire a bit until the next one is nearly ready! Me, I personally hate them (unless it's a trilogy or a finite series) but, as this series is so good, I am reluctantly willing to live with it!
Finally, before I begin, please do not read on if you haven't yet read book one and intend to as this review may contain spoilers of it.
So, we begin our action a few months after the previous book ended. Porter is still obsessing over catching 4MK even though he has officially been stood down from the investigation and the FBI have taken over. No love lost between the two! But he isn't idle for long as there is a new killer on the loose. The body of a young woman has been found under the ice of a lagoon. On further inspection, things don't really add up timeline wise and it becomes obvious that this new killer is something a bit special and clever in his MO. They start their investigation but seem to be getting nowhere, ore confusion is added when another young woman disappears. Could we have another serial killer in action or, as some suggest, has 4MK returned with another set of victims? 
The action in this book splits when Porter's ongoing, unsanctioned pursuit of 4MK is discovered and, whilst the rest of his team carry on with the current investigation, he is suspended, goes dark and continues with his mission solo, following the breadcrumb dropped on him by 4MK at the end of book one. Eventually teaming up with an unlikely partner. These two storylines worked very well together and, apart from me guessing something key a bit early, both kept me rapt throughout. The whole story is told from multiple POVs, each neatly labelled at the start of each chapter so, although the whole thing is rather busy and convoluted, it was very easy to follow throughout. As with book one, we have twists, turns, dead ends, and curve balls aplenty which kept both me as a reader and indeed the investigating characters themselves on their toes throughout, desperately playing catch up as they follow all their leads, staying just one step behind the killer for the majority. One of the most exciting things about this book was the inclusion of 4MKs diary but I am not saying anything more about that here apart from that its inclusion added another delicious dimension to his character which I eagerly lapped up! We also delve into his past more and certain connections come to light. 
Where book one was action pretty much all the way, this follow up was much more on the cerebral side. There is a lot to get your head round, and as per the genre, you need to sort the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the lies. To be honest, at times I did find all the information I was holding to be a bit much but I persevered and am very glad I did. But, like with the first book, at the end of this one there are still so many things unresolved, so much more to discover, even when you take the massive cliffhanger out of the equation. Hopefully things will all resolve themselves soon; I really need book three NOW!
My thanks go to the Publishers and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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This next installment, The Fifth to Die, is even more gory and horrifying. Detective Porter and team are back.  And of course, my favorite serial killer, Anson Bishop, who I both adore and hate in equal measure (sad but true LOL) is just as intriguing as ever.  With moments of charm and moments of holy shit crazy.

Porter is falling even further down the rabbit’s hole; while another series of gruesome nurder’s are being investigated. Porter’s on edge and obsessed with learning more about Bishop in the hopes of catching him. But that’s not all…

There’s a bigger picture and we learn a lot more about Anson Bishop and his past. I wanted to know the diary’s relevance. Are some parts fact or fiction? Or was it all made up? OR worse was it all true?! I was dying to know.  Of course, so was Porter.  So, there was a great element of suspense I thoroughly enjoyed in this plot line of the overarching story.

As I neared the end I kept saying to myself “I don’t get it” (of course that could have something to do with being up all night cuz I couldn’t put the freakin’ book down!! LOL) Then Pandora’s box is blown open and BOOM, we’re thrown for yet another loop.

We’re introduced to some new characters and learn more about others. I thought it gave the investigative team more depth and personality. As a result, the 4MK world became more dynamic and I ended up becoming totally invested in a way I wasn’t before.

There is more going on in this book then the last. There are multiple points of view with a story line that was at times just a tad too busy. However, that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book.

Now, while J.D. Barker has crafted another masterpiece of horrifying thriller, I dropped my rating by a measly 1 star because there were times, in my opinion, that too much was going on.  I was also a little disappointed with how fast things seemed to come together at the end.  It felt a wee bit rushed.  I will say that the ending beautifully stages the scene for Book 3; which I can’t wait to read!
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Thank you, Netgalley, for this arc! I loved it, and I could not tear my eyes away! I think it was better than the previous book. I need more Sam, Anson, and Paul!!
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I started this book but after a few chapters went back and bought the first book to help me with the backstory. After reading the first one, this one is a lot better. The Four Monkey Killer is back, this time with an accomplice. It is as twisted as the first book but less in your face as you more know what to expect. It ends on a cliffhanger which inevitably will lead to book three which I look forward to reading as well.
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It is definitely a  book that requires that you read the  first book. It  will make alot more sense because many of previous books  characters make appearances
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Wow! I wondered if the sequel to The Fourth Monkey would be as dark and twisted but I can assure you that it certainly is! Not only is there a new serial killer in town, kidnapping and torturing young girls but Anson Bishop, (aka the 4th Monkey killer) is still out there plotting vile deeds. And so is his equally scary mother!!

This is a complex, multi-layered thriller with Detective Sam Porter, the man who 'let' Bishop escape determined to track him down, the FBI now leading the 4MK investigation and the rest of the Chicago team - Nash, Kloz and Claire investigating the new killer in town. There are multiple short chapters from multiple points of view but Barker keeps the plot tight while revealing many new twists and characters as Bishop keeps at least one step ahead of them pulling all the strings of his puppets into place at the exact right time. Some questions are answered - Bishop's troubled childhood and background and his connection with Sam but the ending leaves us dangling with so much unanswered and hanging out for the third book. Very cruel Mr Barker!
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I'm finding it difficult to sum up my thoughts on this book. I absolutely loved some aspects, and didn't at all like other aspects. In the end, I guess I'm left sitting in the middle of the fence on this one.

J.D. Barker's writing style is truly riveting. He knows how to put readers right in the moment, sparking all the senses. The dialogue is believable, and we have some fun banter between the characters.

I enjoyed the originality of the story and the characters. They feel like real people, and I wanted to step into their lives to spend time with them.

But I had some problems.

In book 1, I felt the 4MK killer came off as a little too preternatural. In this second book, the 4MK killer is a supervillain genius. He gleefully outsmarts the cops at every turn. His plan is elaborate, requiring many parts to fit together with perfect timing, yet nothing every goes wrong and no one who is helping him ever talks.

The plot, like 4MK's plan, is elaborate and complicated. You really have to pay attention and follow every step, which can be difficult because we have several different storylines going on at the same time, as well as multiple narrating characters.

Some scenes are extremely graphic. I don't flinch easily, but a few parts were difficult to get through. That being said, the scenes are exceptionally well written. 

And, finally, we have the ending, which isn't much of an ending but is instead a major cliffhanger. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. 

If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading book 1, The Fourth Monkey, first. These are not stand-alone books, and they need to be read in order. I believe the third book will be the conclusion, so this will be a trilogy rather than an ongoing series.
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This is the second book in (what I assume will be) J. D. Barker's trilogy exploring the relationship between a police detective and a cunning serial killer. It reminds me very much of the film Se7en, though it's certainly more gory. The Fifth to Die is less action-packed than it's predecessor, The Fourth Monkey, except perhaps for the final few chapters. Wider relationships are explored (including a new, related serial killer) and the ending... Ler's just say that Barker had better come up with his next novel soon, or I may just collapse in suspense!
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Thank you NetGalley, J.D. Barker and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review!

A new serial killer is hunting the streets of Chicago and Detective Porter is still-hunting for the 4MK killer. A missing girl is found in a frozen lagoon wearing another missing girls clothing, but how did she get there? Porter is obsessed and looking into the 4MK killer even though the Feds took over the case, his obsession gets him kicked off the new case. Porter continues hunting for the 4MK anyway and ends up following a photo of Bishop to New Orleans and finds a dark whole new world. 

I loved the way this book began and it had me hooked in the very beginning. I loved the chapters that were split between different members of Porter’s team and the missing girls. It breaks up the novel and makes it so much easier to fly through the entire novel. I love the Porter character still and throughout the book I feel both bad for him and wonder why the heck he is doing these things! Some reviewers had said that the multiple perspectives made the story more confusing, but I actually found it refreshing to have so many points of view to see how the story was developing. I didn’t find it at all confusing and I enjoyed how all the story lines eventually merge into one story. 

I don’t like it very much when they leave you hanging and now I can’t wait for the next in this series! There was a lot of action in this novel and I enjoyed the guessing game that went along with it. I also enjoyed the new characters and of course the twists! This book is long, but it needed to be to delve into the story and find out how is behind these new abductions. I loved the ending and how things started to come together, but I still wish there was more closure! If you loved the first novel in this series, then you will definitely enjoy this one!

Pick it up on July 10th!
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You may remember me raving about the first book in this series, The Fourth Monkey last summer, it was one of my favorite reads of the year, so I mentioned it several times. If you didn’t take my solid advice and snatch a copy for yourself last year then go grab one now and then come back to this review when you’re done!

This picks up shortly after the first book ends and while the bulk of the story is told from Porter’s perspective, there are also several other important points of view as well that provided a birds eye view that really enriched my reading experience. The pacing of this is once again fast and furious and never let up for a second. It’s one of those books that grabs ahold of you tightly from page one and just pulls you in tighter as the story progresses. Gripping is the first word that comes to mind but I’m not even sure that’s enough of an explanation as to just how very compelling Barker’s books are.

The style of this is daring, there’s an unflinching quality where Barker is not afraid to get nitty gritty, he holds absolutely nothing back and keeps you on the very edge of your seat wondering what in the hell will happen next. While many questions that were left unanswered in the first book are addressed, this did end on a pretty big cliffhanger, when can I get my hands on book three Mr. Barker?! I’m dying over here, SO AMAZING! Recommended for fans of serial killer thrillers written by an incredibly talented author who writes one hell of a messed up and thrilling story.

The Fifth to Die in three words: Bold, Dark and Engrossing.
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What a ride! I honestly didn’t think that this second book in the 4MK series could get more intense than the first... wow, I was wrong. This book involved more ‘connecting the dots’ & are many dots, so keeping track of them can be a challenge. This is not a stand alone novel, in order to enjoy this the first book is a must read. I can’t wait to see how this all places out in next book.
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J.D. Barker will keep you awake well past the time you should go to bed. This is a taut, well-done thriller. I’d advise you to clear your schedule so you can do nothing but turn pages as quickly as you can. 

However, my other recommendation to you would be this: Unless you have a great memory, maybe wait until all the books in this series are complete so you can just read them one after the other. THESE ARE CLIFFHANGERS, NOT TRUE STANDALONES. 

I read The Fourth Monkey a year ago and was mildly traumatized by it (because of the descriptions of the torture of the girls kidnapped—there wasn’t tons of details of that, but enough to set my teeth on edge). I should have been traumatized by this one, too. I really hope it isn’t a measure of me becoming desensitized to torture that I wasn’t. I would definitely read that book before this one. 

On the off chance you need a plot review, here goes: Basically, what appears to be a new serial killer is in town when the body of a girl missing three weeks is found trapped in ice—wearing another girl’s clothes. The Four Monkey Killer (4MK) is still on the loose, and Detective Sam Porter is secretly still after him (even though that case has been given to the Feds), even while after this new guy. 

This is a well-written, well-paced book. One pet peeve: Why does Barker refer to all the male cops by their last names throughout the novel and all the female cops and characters by their first names? 

If you’re a person who doesn’t mind waiting a year to find out what happens, (please say this is only a trilogy, and they’ll catch 4MK at some point?!) this is a great read. 

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the opportunity to review this book, which RELEASES JULY 10, 2018.
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I had not read the first book so felt a bit at sea initially but with that proviso, found this a pretty darn good thriller. The basic plot line- that local law enforcement officer Porter can't let go of the hunt for Anson Bishop aka the Monkey Killer, even though the FBI has taken over the investigation.  It's fast paced and at times a bit confusing because there's a lot going on.  That said, the twists and turns and multiple strands made it a good read.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  For fans of the serial killer genre.
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The history of this series is truly a saga, not the family kinds, but a tale of murder started in the first book The Fourth Monkey, a history of mutilation, first the ears then the eyes, the tongue and followed by the death (body). Sounds gruesome? That is awesome!

This is 4MK, a.k.a Anton Bishop, a killer whose sense of justice is skewered… Killing the children kills the family… And he went on a spree in book1. He built his fame, got caught and managed to escape, with Detective Sam Porter searching for him all over the world. I actually rooted for his escape!!

In this book too, the old gang is back with Porter, Nash, Kloz and Clare. There are FBI additions with Poole, and Sophie from Missing Children. The author J D Barker has done it again. This time he has run two parallel stories, separated the detectives going on different tracks, and connected the two damn right in the middle. At nearly 50% of the book!!

My heartbeat 💜 which was going beep – do – beep, beep – do – beep suddenly went beep-beep, beep-beep. The 4MK who was in the background in this book, suddenly pushed his way through and laid his hands on the foreground of this story. And he is back! The fourth monkey strikes again, yeah baby!!

It is funny that I am rooting for a serial killer. But actually I am rooting for the excitement, the thrill, the need for 4MK not to get caught so that the series can continue, and I can read the next book by J D Barker.

There is a race against time to get to the life of girls before their death. There is tension, there is stress, there is adrenaline, there is gasping, but all in a good way (not the heart attack-y kind)

But all that ends when the book crosses the mid mark, then it becomes all about the past of 4MK, his family, his connections to past and present, his plans for the future and it ends in a huge cliffhanger! Nooooo!!! The story drags and ends in me feeling lost, incomplete, with too many things happening at the end. The author makes sure there will be a next book.
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