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The Omega Principle

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What are omega-3s? Why do we need them? Should we take fish oil?

This book takes you on a trip all around and through history, from the ancient Romans to Antarctica to the Mediterranean. 

This book is really focused on the ocean and fish. I was hoping to learn more about plant sources of omega-3s, since the animals have to get it from somewhere, but I did enjoy learning about the smaller fish in the ocean and their importance to food chains. I never knew how heavily tiny fishes such as anchovies were fished, and that they were ground up for land animal feed. What the? After showing us just a few of the inner workings of our industrial food chain, the author hardly needs to tell us that it's seriously messed up.

As with so many books on food I read lately, this book exposes deep, foundational problems with the way we get our food and how hard it is on the Earth. I appreciate the inventors, dreamers, and changers the author highlights, and I can only hope that more people will start to move in the right direction.
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