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The book starts off with the local Flaxborough butcher being randomly reminded of the fact that he had not seen his sister-in-law in a while.This information takes the tally of missing women to two and gets a new investigation started.There is a local marriage bureau that seems to be the only common factor, which gets the officials thinking. The book is a very compact one, with no superfluous information, except for a small sentence here and there thrown in for comic effect. Inspector Purbright and Sergeant Love are on the case from the start and their droll conversation sets the mood of the case. There is also a mysterious addition to the tale, a woman who has made herself comfortable in town and adds excitement to the story. 

There is a lot of actual investigation described in this book, as the people scramble about to make sure the missing women tally does not get any higher.It has a dash of humour (as mentioned before) as well as a way of setting false clues for us to get us distracted before the final reveal.

I will be following up with the next book on the list soon.There is only a fact or two of overlap between this case and the previous ones, and can be read as a standalone if the situation warrants it.

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