Hope Never Dies

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When I first saw this book I squealed! Never could I imagine something like this being made into a book. Thank you, Andrew Shaffer! Hope Never Dies is right!
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Reading this was the most fun I've had reading in a while. A bromance fanfic murder mystery starring Joe Biden and Barack Obama? Yes please! It was a little slow starting out, but once it hit its stride, it kept a good pace, then the last 50 pages or so were action packed and filled with suspense! The mystery was good, sucked me in, kept me guessing, wrapped up as nicely as an episode of The Rockford Files, and was just as cheesy (in a good way). The story is being told in first person point of view by Biden, and much of the book focuses on Joe coming to terms with his life- how it's changed since leaving office, how his friending with Barack has seemingly fizzled, how age is catching up with him. There are so many feels going on, and I could relate to so many of them; the estrangement of someone who was your best friend hit me especially hard- I've been there a couple of times, and it hurts. I just wanted to give Joe a hug, and commiserate with him. I totally get the "age is hitting me" feels too, and I know how much a torn ACL can hurt!
Now, do I think the real Biden and Obama are like the book Biden and Obama? I'm sure there's some truth in there, but I think it's more truthiness than fact. I want to believe they're portrayed accurately, so I will (mostly, sort of, who really cares?). All in all, a fun ride, and I'm looking forward to the sequel, Hope Rides Again!
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How Never Died is a fantastic book. Wonderful characters and writing. I loved this book and hope to read more from this author.
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As concepts go, this is stupendously silly but in the best possible way.  In these chaotic political times what the world needs is this delightful mystery with the most unlikely gumshoes you are ever likely to meet.   This was a joy to behold,  I can’t wait to read the second adventure of ‘Amtrak Joe’ and his best friend.
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This was an entertaining romp with 2 of my favorite politicians. Can't wait for the 2nd book! I enjoyed the detective work but more than that...the relationship between Joe and Barack. Comical and sweet.
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This was just as over the top as I expected and it was fantastic. It was a very quick and easy read.
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Hope Never Dies is an engaging book that imagines a post White House life for President Obama and Vice President Biden as full of adventure as their White House years. I loved this book and am looking for it to be a series, hopefully including a return to the White House in the not too distant future.
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This was a very straightforward mystery and the plot was simple but I found the writing to be humorous and inviting. I enjoyed it and am excited for the sequel.
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"Hope Never Dies" was an entertaining 'What If?' mental trip for me back to the days of the Obama/Biden administration. The scenarios presented in the book certainly weren't plausible, and I'm not sure the relationship between President Obama and Vice-President Biden was true to life, but I enjoyed the possibility that this adventure could happen.  I found it to be a terrific mix of fictional story with two of my favorite real people.
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Solid 3.5 stars from me. This. book. is SO much fun! A breath of fresh air given the USA's current political climate.
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This was not a very exciting or interesting read. There should have been much more satire and humor. Every once and awhile there was a funny Joe moment or phrase but that was it. At the heart it was just not very interesting.
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This Obama/Biden Caper Is One You Never Could Have Imagined

Published on July 2, 2018  on BookTrib.com

By Joanna Poncavage

Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer (Quirk Books), a work of fiction, may bring tears to your eyes. Yes, it’s that good of a whodunit, with its plot tied up neatly with no loose ends. You may laugh until you cry because this book is that funny. But mostly, you may weep with joy for reuniting with a couple of old friends you’ve missed so much.

Hope Never Dies’s leading characters actually were leaders of a different sort from 2009 to 2017: Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Now they’re together again in a rollicking, wise-cracking buddy caper.

Just a few months after he’s left his vice presidential office, Joe Biden is trying his best to become suburban Joe, laying tile in his master bath, getting a little flabby, and hanging out with his dog, Champ. He’s also a little bitter.

“Unencumbered by his dead-weight loser vice president,” sulks Biden, “44 was on the vacation to end all vacations. Windsurfing on Richard Branson’s private island. Kayaking with Justin Trudeau. BASE jumping in Hong Kong with Bradley Cooper. Barack wasn’t simply tempting the fates – he was daring them. And why not? If he could survive eight long years as the first black president, he could survive anything.”

One night, Biden’s negative self-talk is interrupted by a clandestine visit from the POTUS 44 himself and his omnipresent Secret Service agent.

“You could have called,” says Joe.

“It was a nice night for a drive,” says Barack.

But the purpose of the visit is to deliver bad news. A long-time friend of Biden’s is dead. Finn Donnelly was a railroad conductor on the train that Amtrak Joe rode thousands of times from Wilmington to Washington and his seat in the U.S. Senate. Run over by an Acela Express, Donnelly had a map to Biden’s house on his desk, a faded “Biden for President” bumper sticker on his car, and a packet of heroin in his pocket.

Biden decides he owes it to his friend (a family man, a proud railroader, and not a likely drug abuser) to uncover the suspicious circumstances of his death. Obama (code name: Renegade) agrees to help him, and together, they follow a trail of clues in Biden’s Challenger, or in Obama’s weaponized “Little Beast” SUV, while trying to keep below the radar of police investigators and the press.

From melees in biker bars to sleepovers in seedy motels, the action moves quickly (yes, there’s a car chase), seasoned with ongoing riffs involving Biden’s unrequited bromance, Obama’s low regard for Biden’s fitness regime, and the omnificent machinations of government institutions.

Is Hope Never Dies the first of a series? One can only hope. As Obama said during his 2008 campaign as quoted in this book, “As long as you have hope, you’re still in the game.”

Hope Never Dies will be available to purchase July 10.


Andrew Shaffer has made a career of poking fun at sacred cows. His previous titles include the satirical thriller The Day of the Donald: Trump Trumps America (Crooked Lane Books); Fifty Shames of Earl Grey: A Parody (Da Capo Press/Hachette Books), and Ain’t Got Time to Bleed: Realistic Medical Reports on Hollywood’s Greatest Action Heroes (Insight Editions/Simon & Schuster.)

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The book is just as fun as the cover. This is a soothing balm in our current political climate. I hope this series continues until we have another hero in the White House.
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As a mystery novel, its incredibly clique, as a comedy novel, it is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Fitting Joe Biden into the 'hopeful but clueless hero' and Barack Obama into the 'friend back from the dead with a darkish past' roles, the bromance in this book is so enjoyable.
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More like 3.5, to be honest. A pretty solid mystery on an unconventional framework. The cover art is amazing, and maybe a better enticement to read the book than anything that can be said about it.
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This book was everything the cover had promised. I came in expecting a buddy cop comedy with Obama and Biden, and that's pretty much what I got here. There are some darker moments here, reflecting on the erosion of their legacy under the new administration, but the absurdity of the setting means that this never feels too oppressive. Scenes like the continued exasperation of Obama's security detail and their attempts to put on disguises are hilarious, and it's a reasonably good mystery too. Well worth checking out, if the cover even remotely gives you the impression that this could be your kind of thing.
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This was hilarious. I would never have imagined Obama and Biden as a comic book and Shaffer does a brilliant job of bringing it to life.
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the cover of this book was the big draw as mysteries are not usually my cup of tea.

I think I enjoyed the book, it certainly kept me reading but I can't tell if it is the start of a new series, elaborate fanfiction or a wonderful spoof. I guess none of this matters as I did read the entire book and didn't  guess the plot.

A fun way to spend a weekend but I don't think it has converted me to the genre and I probably won't look out for sequels.
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What happened after Obama and Biden retired from public office? They became crime-cracking action heroes, of course! Shaffer’s novel is laugh-out-loud funny (and better than I expected) with some stunning nuggets of wisdom amidst the hilarity. The concept is genius! I was also impressed by the clear depth of research undertaken to create the novel.
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The series debut was hilarious and thrilling.  Uncle Joe was the main protag in this caper along with the 44th President of the United States and his Secret Service man.  
  An old friend from Uncle Joes days riding the train to work is found dead, seemingly hit by a train.  The story gets worse when it's suspected that drug activity is involved.  Joe does not believe it for a minute and enlists the help of his brother in office and his bodyguard. Infused with humorous twists  as they find out more, they keep getting pulled deeper into the underbelly of Joe's beloved city and what people do when they're desperate to take care of their families.
Joe narrating this gives the reader a bullseye view of how he feels regarding his and Barack's relationship outside of the Oval Office.
This was provided to me from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest thoughts.
I certainly hope there are more to come in the series!
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