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I picked up Manga Classics: Les Miserables earlier this year and fell so in love that I knew I needed to read more of them! Romeo and Juliet is a story we all know, and probably one of shakespeare's most popular stories. Tackled wonderfully here, this is a great homage to the story and as always is totally stunning. I honestly just can't wait to read more of these as I come across them!
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Wow. I love any retellings of Romeo and Juliet’s story, I love the movie, and now I love this manga. This was a beautiful manga adaptation of the classic Romeo and Juliet. I like any kind of forbidden romance so Romeo and Juliet’s story is one of my favorites. The illustrations in this manga are so beautiful. If you’re a fan of Romeo and Juliet, give this a go!
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That was... a bit much.
The art in this manga is very good and is does a good job of symbolizing the emotions of the people on the page. The 17th century dialogue however is where it lost me. I could understand most of what was happening on the pages from glimpses of modern English and the art but other than that I was lost. From what I could understand I enjoyed for the most part, the forbidden romance angst was a bit much for me, and from what I couldn't I skimmed.

Another Manga classic I can only recommend if you read and enjoyed the original novel. That obviously wasn't me so this one is just a 3 star.
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Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare has always been a great classic story, and I feel like the manga really brings everything to life. If you have never read Romeo and Juliet or you are just looking for another format of the story then I highly recommend this one! I personally love manga so it was really fun seeing a story so loved by many turn into a manga without straying from the original story. 

Because it is in manga form though, it did lose some of its depth which sometimes made it more two-dimensional, but that's to expected since it is a condensed artistic version of the story. None the less, I don't think it took too much from the story as it was still very enjoyable to read. 

I know the book can be intimidating, so this would be a great way to introduce the story to someone or even to read it if you're a fan of Romeo and Juliet like I am!

*This book was given to me for free from NetGalley in turn of an honest review.
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It took me a while to read this, not because it’s a long read or because I didn’t like it. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the beautiful art!! I kept going back to look at the drawings over and over. They were simply captivating. It also gave a more dramatic take on Romeo and Juliet that you just can’t have with really actors. The nurse was hilarious, even just looking at her face cracked me up. And Romeo is so over the top with feeling that I love him all the more. Juliet is my favorite because she’s perfect and lovely in every scene. If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, manga, or love stories, you have got to pick this up!! Just gorgeous!!!
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The art was well done and the story was very enjoyable. I always love having a chance to read a story in a different medium, especially one as celebrated as Romeo and Juliet.
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When I was in high school in the tenth grade, my class had to read Romeo and Juliet. I was super excited since had read the play a few years before and couldn’t wait until my friends would share my love of Shakespeare. Well… that didn’t happen. My class painfully trudged through the play as the teacher would assign my classmates with the most unenthusiastic voices to read for Romeo and Juliet out loud. It was enough to put people to sleep. It also didn’t get anyone excited about Shakespeare. 
Years later when I became an English major, I would tell my mom about my Shakespeare classes. “Oh don’t get me started on Shakespeare! That was so boring! We had to read Macbeth and I didn’t understand a word of it!” Unfortunately, Shakespeare’s reputation is as divided as the Capulets and the Montagues. 
Manga Classics’ version of Romeo and Juliet took me by surprise. The manga has adapted most of Shakespeare’s dialogue into the panels, while bringing life to the text. At first, I wasn’t sure how a Shakespeare play could be adapted into a manga, but after starting to read the first few pages, I realized that manga is the perfect format for a play. Manga focuses a lot on dialogue, as do plays. The manga brought to life the expressions of the characters, and the figurative language was woven into the illustrations. It is so incredibly clever! 
Manga Classics’s Romeo and Juliet would be perfect to teach Shakespeare in the classroom. It is perfect to draw in students who aren’t so keen on Shakespeare, and it would work well as a companion to the original text.
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'Manga Classics: Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeard with adaptation by Crystal S. Chan and art by Julien Choy is another masterful manga classic.

This time around the famous play by Shakespeare is adapted.  I'm pretty sure this is the entire text of the play interwoven with manga art.  It's all here, the fighting between the families, the meeting of Romeo and Juliet, and the sad ending.

At 409 pages, it's pretty long, but it's also complete.  This passes the book report test (could you read this and pass a book report?).  The art is really good, too. 

I received a review copy of this manga from Udon Entertainment and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this manga.
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I believe the flow of the visuals helps the reader keep track of who each character is and also what is happening in each scene. Shakespearean language is not as intimidating with the pictures, although some of the intent might be lost. Some readers may need help pronouncing some of the words. This was an interesting version of the Shakespearean play.
Thank you #NetGalley and #MangaClassics:RomeoandJuliet for an e-copy of this graphic novel.
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Very accurate to the original play!! Gorgeous art! I would recommend this to anyone who is either a big fan of Romeo and Juliet or whoever wants a different way to read the play. I would have loved to read this when I was assigned to in English class. It is easier to follow, since you're not trying to tell what is descriptions and what isn't. 

Very well done!
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The story of these two young people remains among the most troubled in the history of literature and theater. Their love destroyed hatred among their families but at what price? They sacrificed their lives to revive their loved ones and bring peace to Verona. Years later, I still haven't accepted this ending but, I must admit, in the tragedy I was able to appreciate the romance and passion of the impetuous youth.

The Montecchi and Capuleti are rival families who threaten the tranquility of the beautiful city of Verona. It is not known where this feud originated from among them but it has deep roots and we certainly did not expect that love would arise between their two offspring. Romeo and Juliet are proof that love can prevail over hatred but that it can also push to extreme and crazy acts.

In this reinterpretation, what I didn't like very much were some scenes that, in my opinion, were designed differently. The basic style of drawing did not disappoint me (although the nurse is truly frightening), but there were moments of "comedy" that were completely out of place in the context of Shakespeare. Perhaps the intent of the designer was precisely to dampen the seriousness, showing the characters even in the most demented version, as a puppet, but I didn't like all this much. Matter of taste.

For the rest, I have nothing to complain about. The dialogues are those created by the original author and the scenes are all there. It is a reinterpretation, however, that I recommend to see, and that knows how to leave you with a bitter sweet taste in the mouth like the work from which it is taken.
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I could not get this to download sadly! I tried everything I was extremely happy about reading it giving the good reviews. However I do not blame the author, or publisher thank you netgalley for at least giving me the chance
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I thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a digital copy of this manga.

Actual rate: 4.50 stars

This is the first Manga Classics I have ever read, but I had heard that they were good from some mutuals on Twitter so I decided to give this one a try, and I'm glad to have done it because it's definitely worth reading.
This manga captured the exact energy I feel from the original play, and it absolutely made me understand and appreciate the original story more than I did when I read the play some months ago. It truly make me perceive some of the scenes more vividly, and it almost made me forget that Romeo and Juliet are just dumb emo teenagers. I think that the only fault I can find in this manga is the fact that most of the characters didn't look how I imagined them, but can it be considered a fault at all?
Overall I really enjoyed this manga and I will definitely continue to read other pieces of this collection.
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I was really excited to read this version of Romeo & Juliet by Manga Classics! I honestly love these comic book adaptations of classic novels. I have a few classics-as-comics from various publishers (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Fahrenheit 451) and I absolutely love them all! I think it is really important to study the great works of literature, and adapting them into comic book format makes them super fun, quick, and easy to read. It also is a great way to create a discussion around the text. I was impressed with the book; for a shortened version of the text, the authors did a fantastic job of selecting the important parts of the text, highlighting and explaining it in a fun and easy way. The illustrations provide a wonderful visual for the reader that really helps to imagine the story, which I love!
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The format of this book is weird and I really hoped I liked it but I couldn't get into it. It was pretty slow and arduous and at times I just feel like putting the book down and move on from it. I was hoping for an enjoyable but can't deny that it was certainly interesting but unfortunately I still find it disappointing.
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A brilliant adaptation of a timeless classic. The manga format definitely can aid in allowing readers of different types to enjoy this story.
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This book wasn’t for me. For some reason I thought the language wouldn’t be in old English and it would be a more modern retelling so because of that, it didn’t really captivate me. On the other hand, illustrations were fantastic!
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Another solid manga adaptation of the classic drama, Romeo and Juliet. Manga Classics consistently delivers thoughtful, engaging takes on the oftentimes challenges source texts. Their adaptation team really does an amazing, thoughtful job boiling down a story to it’s essence, and making it accessible to a wide variety of readers without watering it down. They are invaluable in my middle school classroom, and expose many kids to classics they may not be willing to pick up or able to read in it’s traditional format. The manga style illustrations are striking and draw kids (and adults!) into the story, supporting comprehension.  In the case of Romeo and Juliet, it will give them a solid understanding of the tragedy and an introduction to the style and language of Shakespeare, which will no doubt help them further down the line in their education. I highly recommend this, and others in the series, for a classroom.
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This manga is absolutely amazing! I loved it from the beginning to the end. It is so beautiful, I really love the artwork!
It is easy to read and I enyoed re-reading Romeo and Juliet. 
Amazing manga that everyone should read. I think it could support literature class. 

Der Manga ist total schön! Ich hab es sehr genossen Romeo und Julia noch einmal zu lesen. Es ist leicht zu verstehen, ohne etwas auszulassen. Außerdem ist die Kunst in diesem Manga wunderschön! Jede Seite hat mich aufs neue begeistert und in seinen Bann gezogen. 
Ich denke der Manga könnte unterstützend im englisch Unterricht verwendet werden, um das lesen von Shakespeare zu vereinfachen. 
Sehr schön!
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Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare 
Manga Classics

    In fair Verona and a time long ago there lived two families who did nothing but fight when they would have a chance to meet. This feud had lasted so long most did not know the cause, but they knew that the other was the enemy. At this time the head of each family had one child each. Romeo was the son of the Montagues and Juliet the daughter of the Capulets. They fell in love, but unfortunately so many obstacles stand between them and their happily ever after.
   Shakespeare was a magnificent playwright whose stories come alive through his choice of language and the imagery they provide even without actors or pictures. The illustrator of this manga story did a wonderful job putting pictures to Shakespeare’s story so that you truly feel like you understand how the characters feel throughout the play.  I do like that the manga uses the traditional wording rather than rewriting in a more modern dialect. 
  I recommend this to older readers or those who can understand the complex language Shakespeare uses. This is a great adaptation and those who enjoy Shakespeare will really enjoy the adaptation.  
  I received a free ecopy of this book from Netgalley for my honest opinion.
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