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Who doesn't love a classic story about over-dramatic teens? It doesn't hurt that the manga art style plays very well into the extreme emotions that happen through the original Romeo and Juliet play. It is a bit like watching actors on a stage who know how to but on a good melodrama.

I have to say though, I was surprised that only the imagery was adapted and not the text as well. It basically reads word for word from the original text, which isn't bad, but it just wasn't what I expected. In truth, it might have been a little bit easier to digest the modern art style if the text had been modernized a bit as well. Otherwise, the old text next to the new art just felt weird...
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I remember reading Romeo & Juliet when I was about high school age, it was a translation but I still didn't fully understand it. I had to read this with my book on hand, but if you're familiar with the text you won't be too surprised because it's the same. I was expecting an adaptation but they really took the play word for word.

The art is pretty good, but I failed to really get into it because I kept needing to check my translation. I'm not sure chosing this text, even if it is a very popular one, was a good idea.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley, for the chance to read an ARC of this book. This is my honest review.
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Udon does it again! Manga Classics are an addictive affair and this offering of Romeo and Juliet is no different. For those who prefer to read Shakespeare in a more visual medium, this is the perfect choice.
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Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite classics!  I just started getting into graphic novels and while I do love original stories, this adaption of R&J was absolutely adorable.  This was a beautiful graphic novel.
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With gorgeous artwork and composition accompanying Shakespeare's original text, this is a spectacular rendition of the original Romeo and Juliet.
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A fun, faithful adaptation. The art conveys the romantic/comedic/tragic tone of the play, and the visuals make the Shakespearean dialogue accessible to younger readers. Yes, the dialogue is taken word for word from the original, it takes a little getting used to. Visually, the characters are a departure from what I usually see associated with the play, but they are distinctive and memorable.
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My Rating 1.5/5 Stars:

I really enjoyed the Les Misérables Manga Classics and I did this play quite few whilst I was at school. However I didn't like the art style or the character's designs as they were very different from how they are usually portrayed and personally that made it difficult for me to follow, even though I was so familar with the story,therefore, unfortunately I had to DNF it.
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I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
As many of my followers probably already know, I am not a huge fan of classical books. but I do love manga and the story of Romeo and Juliet was always one that intrigued me. I haven't read the original book, however, but I did go into this manga knowing what the story is about (contrary to popular belief, I do not live under a rock). Because I had an electronic copy of this book it was hard to get used to reading it since it is a manga, but a few pages in and a was hooked. 
If you enjoyed the original story or any of the adaptations I highly recommend you check this one out, even if you are not into mangas. It will at least be a nice experience and maybe you'll fall in love all over again with the story, the setting and the characters because the art style was amazing!
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So many people have read Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, or at least know several quotes from this timeless classic. But reading the script versus actually seeing it played out in pictures is a whole other thing. While I can’t say that I have read the original Romeo and Juliet, I have perused it, back when my sister was obsessed with Shakespeare and wanted to read everything written by him. So I had the general idea of the plot when I decided that my second foray into the Manga Classics would be Romeo and Juliet.

I am happy to say that this version has made a lot of things clearer! The artwork was lovely, and at points, just downright amusing. The ancient style of speech, while understandable if you read a lot of it, has always been a little tough to understand at points, especially since Shakespeare enjoyed using as many metaphors as he possible could, as well as making his characters say things three times in a row. (Which, no matter how many times you read it, still doesn’t make sense.)

I will say that, while some moments of the story were *ahem* inappropriate, that Romeo and Juliet was at least enjoyable, and clearly showed the folly of youth.
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Romeo and Juliet: Manga Classics
By: Stacy King
Rating: 3.1/5 3 Stars

Plot: 2.5
I did know the story of Romeo and Juliet from high school, but this was the first time I’ve read the entire story. The plot, of course, is tragic; but this was a great way to read the classic. 
I know that this play is beloved by some people but I felt that it was way too dramatic. I rolled my eyes quite a few times. I just don’t understand why Juliet’s parents are complete idiots. And Romeo’s parents never talk to him. He’s gone for several days and not even his friends can keep track of him. There are just a lot of things wrong with this story.

Writing Style: 3
It is written in the original English so it’s not any easier to understand. I was hoping for an updated text but the artwork does help get the feel for what the characters are saying. 

Character: 2
I think my favorite character was Mercutio. He was the most realistic of the bunch and seemed to be thinking more clearly than other characters. Romeo, I found it to be too dramatic and frivolous. At the beginning of the story, he is depressed because his girlfriend left him and just a few pages later he sees Juliet and he falls in love. 
Juliet, I also found to be dramatic. If the two would have just been honest with their friends and family then they would probably still be alive. 

Art: 5
The one good thing about this version of Romeo and Juliet is the artwork. It’s very beautiful. I love how the artist portrayed the character’s emotions. The artwork alone bumps up the rating for this book. I mean, who doesn’t want to read a classic that also has beautiful artwork?

Overall Rating: 3
I didn’t like the story at all. But the artwork is very beautiful. I can recommend this book for people that want to read the classic play and also have some great artwork to go with it. I also recommend it for people who love the play and want to see some beautiful artwork to go with it.
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Romeo and Juliet (Manga Classics) art by Julien Choy, 395 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL
Udon Entertainment, 2018. $18.
Language: PG13 (22 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: PG13; Violence: PG13
The Montagues and Capulets are not secretive about their contempt for each other, and the fighting continues against the express decree of the prince. But after Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet meet, they are determined to be together -- no matter what their families think. Friar Laurence finds himself in the middle of Romeo’s and Juliet’s desperate plans to wed, and he helps, hoping that love may end the hateful prejudices of their families.
Romeo and Juliet is a classic story that most know the plot of. In this era, though, we often miss Shakespeare’s humor and metaphors as we get lost in the old English used. With the graphic novel layout, the text is separated into more manageable, less intimidating chunks and assisted by illustrations. While I still used Google to help me understand some lines, I found humor and understanding in this adaptation beyond what I had of this classic before. The mature content ratings if for partial nudity and innuendo; the violence rating is for murder and suicide.
Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen
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This was such an amazing reading experience.
The story was so amazing and I loved the art.
If you like classic stories, I really recommend to try this manga.
It was so amazing to see this book in manga form.
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Manga Classics have so many talented people working to recreate masterpieces, making themselves masterpieces in their own right. I loved this adaptation of another famous classical work, Romeo and Juliet. It is very true to the classic and the artwork is another wonderful way to experience the story. I know I am repeating myself a lot with this vast collection of Manga classics, however, the books truly are such a great way to read and understand the classics in a new way.
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Other than being a little indifferent to how the characters' appearances were, compared to the original counterparts, I loved the story. I loved the art; was a beautifully tragic way to showcase this story, and I can't wait to see what comes next from this series.
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I did not enjoy this at all. I was never a fan of Romeo and Juliet but I just had to read this version and see if I would enjoy it more. I didn't.  The artwork is beautiful but unfortunately that wasn't enough to convince me to finish reading it.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I wish all my HS books were illustrated.
Personally, I found the manga format hard to read, right to left, top to bottom. It confused me. Shakespeare is hard enough to read without having to try and remember reading direction. On the other hand, the graphic novel/manga format is a perfect way to read a play. I loved the illustrations,  though I can't speak to accuracy of costumes and characters and background.
In summary, this is a like watching a play in a book. Great idea. I would prefer it in graphic novel format instead of manga format.
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My Rating : 4🌟

Manga style graphic novels has recently really captured my interest and I was really excited to find the classic in this version! I absolutely love the artwork and especially the style of reading. It might be slightly confusing if it's your first time reading a manga, but it's absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend reading this classic in this style and I definitely enjoyed this a lot !!
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Another well put together volume in the Manga Classics series. As with other entries in this series, this is a good alternative to reading the play for those audiences who find the language to be a barrier. The art overall is good and supports the narrative without distracting from it, and the way dialogue is broken down by panels serves to emphasize specific lines nicely. One complaint I have is how the more cartoonish designs for some characters made for some tonal issues when compared to the ikemen and bishoujo style of others.
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Two of my favourite things: manga and classics. What can I ask more? I love reading manga, so of course I had to read this one. Though I am not a big fan of Romeo and Juliette, I enjoyed seeing a manga version. I think the characters are better like this than in movies or prints. It is a better solution for children to read classics even if they don't like to read the originals. 
I can't wait to see more classics as manga. I would love to read Pride and prejudice.
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Classic Romeo and Juliet! I think that’s this is a fantastic idea to get young readers interested in the classics !! The artwork was gorgeous and I appreciate the time and effort that was put into this manga
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