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The Family at Number 13

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This book is suspenseful but so bizarre and ludicrous.   I read the first few chapters and it was so confusing and ridiculous that I just skipped and read the last 10 or so pages.  Would not recommend this book at all unless you want to spend time reading something ridiculous about a family so dysfunctional that it was unreal.
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This book just was not for me. Every page felt very surrealistic and a bit ridiculous if I am honest. I would not recommend this one to my friends
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What the fuck did I just read? 
That is not normally something I would put in a review of an advanced readers copy, but we owe an honest review, and that's honestly all I can say. None of this book makes any sense , it's just like a psychological thriller written by a highschooler who just took his first day of psychology class.  And who really didn't like women.  Worse than the usual Amazon e-book cheapie -worse even than the usual self published fare. Skip this one
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