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Firstly,  I would like to thank NetGalley,  Harlequin-Mira and Wendy Heard for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy of Hunting Annabelle. 
This is supposedly a  debut novel for this author.  If this is her debut, then readers are in for one hell of a ride in the future.  This book was incredible.  
The storyline was original and well thought out. Sean's story keeps the reader enthralled until the very last page.  If you enjoy the psychological thriller genre, then give this book more than a glance. I am certainly glad I did. 
Ms Heard, you have yourself a fan. Thankyou for writing such an incredible story.
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WOW! This book was an amazing thrill ride that left me breathless and shocked at the twist!  I didn't know how to feel about the main character...part of me felt bad for him, then part of me was horrified for feeling bad for Sean!  This book is a real mind-twist, but in the best way!

First, I'd like to thank Netgalley,  Harelquin-Mira, and Wendy Heard (the author) for allowing me to have this ARC of Hunting Annabelle.


Sean is a man with quite an infamous past, he murdered when he was a teen and now battles daily with his medication induced haze.  He passes time by going to a local amusement park and draws people he sees.  One person in particular stands out to him, a lovely, young woman with red hair and a copper aura leaves him feeling intoxicated and unsure of his emotions.  They soon begin to talk and he meets Annabelle.  He feels things for her that leave him in a contradictory state.  One part of him wants to hurt her, but the other can't stand being away from her. 

They meet again the next day and spend the day sneaking around the amusement park's restricted areas.  Night is soon coming and as they part ways from an intoxicating day, Annabelle is kidnapped and Sean tries everything to find out who took her.

The book twists and turns leaving the reader guessing and anxiously awaiting each new page!  One of the best books I've read this year!
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Hunting Annabelle features Sean, a twenty-something young man battling the personal demons surrounding his profound mental illness, when a girl he just met is kidnapped before his eyes...or was she? What follows is his pursuit to find out what happened to Annabelle while simultaneously being investigated by the police as the prime suspect in her disappearance. I enjoyed the first third of this book, however, the novelty of the plot was quickly ruined for me. I became bored with Sean's endeavor to uncover the truth but still engaged enough to want to find out what actually happened to Annabelle. Without giving anything away I can only say that I found the revelation to be so implausible that it borderlined on absurd. Too hokey for my liking although I did enjoy the conclusion of the story. It's kinda refreshing when the bad guy wins. 

I was provided  an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book full of lots of twists and turns that kept you engaged  till the end . It had a good fast paced plot. With engaging characters. 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read book
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I am not sure what I just read. I feel disgusted and angry and very manipulated as I finish this book. Are there people in the world that enjoy killing? Of course, serial killers have been documented from years ago to present day. The question is do I really want to read about them and for the first 3/4 of the book I sort of fooled myself that I did but then there is a sudden shift in this story and Sean, our hero (wrong word choice) moves forward in his search for Annabelle and something happens that makes me very anxious-a big twist that I did not see coming and did not like. Wendy Heard is an exceptionally good writer, she does her research and she blindsided me a few times while reading. This book displayed exceptional character depth and a strangely believable plot line --although I feel the ending was just a lead up to a second book the writing was so strong I cannot give anything less than a 5 star review to this book (even though I really disliked the ending). Wendy Heard is writer I will be looking to hear from again. 

Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for a chance to read and review this book.
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HUNTING  ANNABELLE  Review:  Sean Suh has been diagnosed schizophrenic, has terrible urges,and usually stays away from people but when he meets beautiful Annabelle he has to start questioning what is real and what is only in his mind. Great book with a surprising ending.
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This book was really interesting in that it was from a very unique perspective. Sean is a narrator that I am not used to hearing from, his confusion and mental health issues translated well to me as a reader. I haven't read many books from the perspective of a killer trying to rescue someone, and the added confound of the state of his mental health was really fascinating. The author did an excellent job on the research to make the science / medical content accurate (and as a scientist myself, I always appreciate that!) 
This book was a pretty quick read, I finished it in one afternoon/evening. I enjoyed the story, I didn't put much effort in trying to figure it out before the author, I  just simply let the story unfold. There were some really unexpected twists that I didn't see coming, but a handful of decisions at the end felt a little forced and unrealistic. 
Overall, I enjoyed it for a quick thriller read, but there were parts I felt could have been developed a little more. I am curious to see what the author comes out with next and how her style develops.

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and unbiased.
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4.5/5 stars!

I really loved this book! It was a roller coaster of emotions, and everything went so smoothly! This thriller kept me on the edge at all times. I couldn't put it down for long! I was skeptical at first as a past murderer is trying to prove that they weren't the cause of Annabelle's disappearance. However, this book definitely made me attached to him, and I ended up becoming really invested in his character. I thought the story flowed well and is definitely well worth the ready for those who love mystery/thriller books! Would definitely pick up a hard copy of this!

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and unbiased.
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This was a dark, compulsive thriller. I was hooked from the beginning with its twists, its mounting suspense and tension. I  was plunged very effectively into the world of Sean Suh and his inner demons. 

  The writing was a powerful insight into his wounded mind seething with sadistic impulses. Due to the author’s talent I often sympathized with him. I found the conclusion disturbing and not the future I would have wanted for Sean. A distasteful, twisted love story that does not bode well for Sean’s emotional and mental health or any chance for redemption.  

Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin-MIRA for the advance copy in return for an honest review.
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Holy hell! What an amazing roller coaster ride! I  was hooked from page one and felt horrible for Sean even though he was a murderer. I never thought I could feel any kind of empathy for a murderer before but this book had me rooting for Sean the whole way through. I never knew what was coming next which made me keep on reading in hopes to guess what happened to Annabelle. Freaking amazing!
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