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Lake Success

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Last updated on 02 Feb 2020

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When I finished this novel, my main thought was: "What was the point of that?" - which probably isn't a good sign. Shteyngart's novel, set during the months leading up to Trump's election, switches between two points of view: Barry, an uber-rich financier who has questionable morals, and his wife, Seema, a young mother struggling with her son's autism diagnosis. When Barry decides to flee on a journey across the country by Greyhound bus, Seema is left to raise her son on her own. I'm not a stickler for having likable characters but both of the main characters made some pretty questionable choices. I'm guessing the author's intent was to show how massive wealth and privilege influence the daily lives of the people who have it (especially during the Trump era), but the whole thing just left me feeling kind of annoyed and frustrated by these people. There isn't a ton of plot (mostly the characters making the same mistakes over and over again), but I do appreciate Shteyngart's ability to fully flesh out his characters (even minor ones) and at least the ending was satisfying.

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