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This is a very, very solid thriller - it had just enough twists to keep me on my toes, but not so much that I was turned upside down.  I thought it did a really good job at incorporating social media (which usually reads cringe-y to me) in a natural and believable way.
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Lies is a fabulous, fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing with every turn. 

I liked that the male character was the one being wronged. It has been so common place for the female character to be the one wronged. 

I did think Joe needed to be shook a few times. Wake up dude! 

Thank you @netgalley for the free review copy.
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I so enjoyed this book, the suspense was great and I did not see the ending at all. This fast paced book was so good, I highly recommend it.
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Started strong. I was engaged and interested at first, but it took a turn toward boring in the middle. It ended up just being a mediocre thriller for me, but I'm optimistic that this author is heading in right direction.
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Joe Lynch adores his wife and loves spending time with his child. As an English teacher he was able to step back in his career to be the family man he always wanted while his wife Mel pursued her career. As a surprise one day he follows Mel, his life falls apart around him from that moment on.

The story was engaging and kept you hooked. While Joe was sometimes over the top naive it was still compelling page turner. It was amazing watching how quickly his innocent life could deteriorate.  A good suspenseful psychological thriller I was happy to be able to get a copy of it!
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Cannot for the life of me remember the last time I breezed through a book in two days! I did not want to put this one down!! YOU HAVE TO GO GET THIS!!!!! Thank you to @stmartinspress and netgalley for the arc - it was amazing!!! Definitely in my Top Ten for the year!

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So I started reading this book a long time ago and put it down. At the time it was just another book about a spouse who was cheating on their better half. I did finally pick the book back up and finished it. It does get better, if you can through the first 30% of the book, continue reading it. This book is about the cheating but it so much more. I liked that it follows the husband and not the wife. The books did end up being a good mystery.

*I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
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I did not finish this novel.  I couldn’t get into it so it was the wrong kind of book for me.  However, I can understand why other people would like it.
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When Joe Lynch and his young son, William, spot his wife's car while out driving, they decide to surprise her. Instead they see his wife, Melissa, fighting with a friend, Ben. Joe knows he should help Melissa, but when he goes to confront Ben, it goes horribly wrong. The two fight and after Ben hits him, Joe pushes him back and Ben falls and hits his head. At the same time, his son has an asthma attack--and realizing he doesn't have William's inhaler--Joe has to make a choice: race home for the inhaler or stay and make sure Ben is okay. He chooses his son, setting off a chain of crazy events that will forever alter the course of his life.

"I put the car in gear. Made a spur-of-the-moment decision that would change my life. 'Let's go and surprise Mummy.'"

This was an odd book that messes with your head as much as all the insane events seem to do to Joe's. It got off to a slow start for me, and I almost didn't keep reading, but I have a terrible time putting any book in a "DNF" pile, and of course, this one picked up and got pretty exciting about halfway through. (This only adds to my inability to ever not finish a book.)

The main shtick with this one is sort of an unreliable narrator/unreliable plot, as you really don't know who or what to believe as you read. Hence the title, obviously. As it all happens we have Joe, who sort of bumbles along, our hapless narrator, who seems to think he's in control, but really, just no. Poor guy, he's certainly not the brightest--just this clueless guy whom I had a tough time rooting for, hence my inability to really get into the book.

Yes, most of the cast of characters around him are lying to him in some fashion, but still. After Joe leaves Ben in the parking garage to save William, he finds some weird and cryptic posts on his Facebook page, because (of course) he lost his (unlocked) cell phone during his altercation with (obviously tech-savvy) Ben who runs (wait for it) a technology firm. Then Melissa reveals to him that the wealthy Ben has been pining after her for ages, despite that fact that Ben's wife, Beth, is Melissa's best friend. Things unravel from there. I'll admit that they don't necessarily happen predictably, but they do happen in a crazy fashion, so be prepared to suspend a lot of your disbelief.

The book is kind of wild, a little creepy, and there's a good twist at the end, which bumped my rating up a half star. This wasn't a particularly fun read for me--it sort of stressed me out--and I didn't really like any of the characters, but once it picked it up, it was at least interesting. 3.5 stars.
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DNF-with so many books to read and so little time I've made a new rule. If I walk away from the book, read other books in between the next time I pick it back up, and don't come back to it for weeks then I'm calling it quits and moving on. Unfortunately, Lies is one of those books for me. 

I honestly don't think it was the author. More I'm just in the mood for something different, unique and this just wasn't giving me those vibes.

Thank you for the opportunity, sorry I couldn't give you better feedback. 

Star rating does not reflect my opinion.
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Full review to come.
I deeply apologize, but life is a handful lately and I'm using all my free time to read, not review. I hope everybody understands.
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This book held my attention from the very first page of the prologue.  What could possibly have happened to make the protagonist ask himself all those questions?  The accelerating pace, leading to a stunning conclusion, was a suburb first work of the author.  The twists and turns were innocent enough, leading me down a path intended by the author, only to have it twist sharply at the end.  It was so well written, it kept my attention focused on every single word. The characters were so well described that I could feel Joe's pain and Mel's seeming remorsefulness.   I can't wait for the author's second book!
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Joe and his young son,William,  are driving home after he picks him up from preschool when his son sees his Mom ‘s car.   William begs Joe to follow his mom into a hotel parking lot so that he can show her the certificate he earned in school. When Joe acquiesces to his son’s pleas what happens next will change his life forever. 

This psychological thriller is a rival to many renowned authors. It’s got a plot of love, hate, murder, deception while taking you down a twisting path. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, digital, ARC copy of this book.
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One his way home one day Joe makes a detour at his son's request when they see his wife's car. This detour causes Joe to see a confrontation with his wife and a her friend's husband that starts to make him question a few things. Upon confronting the husband, it got a little physical. This physical confrontation leads to Joe wondering if he has accidentally committed murder. That is until this husband ends up trying to frame him for his murder. 
This book does a great job at making you think about how well you know anyone in your life. How many times someone has lied to you. How well people are at acting. 
I knew one of the characters was lying from the very beginning. I was correct in that but it did not in any way ruin the surprise twist at the end. I was impressed and also thought it was a good twist as well. I love how I was correct with on character but still lead on completely by another. 
I liked Joe as a character but he could also be a little dumb and bland.
His wife was very annoying the entire time and her excessive use of *kiss kiss kiss* or XXX (I read this via audio) at the end of every text she sent drove me crazy and made me roll my eyes constantly. 
The audiobook was pretty good route to enjoying this story. It was not a full cast but it was still well read.
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3.5 stars to this psychological thriller. Crazy stuff here. What if your whole life is a series of lies? Can you trust anyone? Everyone is unreliable in this story and while I didn't really like the main character, a lot of questions are raised as to how much we put out there (without a thought) on the internet and particularly social media. I know I now have cut back on my personal posts after finishing this novel. Pretty creepy when you think about some of this. I did feel the main character was waaaay too trusting and wanted to kick him at times. HAH! There are some very naughty people in this plot. Don't trust anyone!

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press via NetGalley for a digital edition to read and review.
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Joe and his small son are driving home and talking about something the kid made that day when the kid spots his mom’s (Mel’s) car and wants to go see her. She’s pulling into a hotel parking garage. Joe decides to follow and see what the hell she’s doing. Oh. Meeting a coworker. Arguing with a coworker? Screaming at a coworker in a hotel parking garage? Oh. The coworker she had an affair with once? And Mel leaves while dude stands there? Joe gets out and walks over and decides to punch the guy. Which starts the whole cycle wherein the dude disappears.

 “A missing persons inquiry that became a murder case. A married man having an affair. And it seemed the victim was attacked in an underground parking lot. Electronic footprints were left behind that became the conviction.” An article sent to Joe describing what might happen. Was his whole life based on lies? If he hadn’t followed his wife’s car that day would any of this be happening?
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, digital, ARC copy of this book.

Joe was at the wrong place at the wrong time - or was it the right place at the right time? If Joe had not stopped at that red light, if his son had not had a sudden asthma attack, if ....... One event set off a chain of events that led Joe to wonder if his whole life was a string of lies.

This book was a definite page-turner. I love books that leave you wondering with lots of plot twists and turns. This book was just that - a page turner from first page - to the last!
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I had a hard time getting into this book even with the good reviews from some of my friends who were also reading this on behalf of St Martins Press and I can't quite put my finger on why.  The plot was well thought out and just twisted enough to keep things interesting.   I did like the way that Logan threaded a technology aspect to the building of evidence against poor Joe through the story.  Especially as his nemesis built his business around software development.

My main issue, I think, is the police overlooking MAJOR plot holes and their incompetence was more laughable than frustrating.  For example (without spoilers) part of the evidence they were using said that both phones were using the same cell tower - which makes absolute sense since the characters were both supposed to be in the same place but yet it was presented as damning to Joe's story.  

The ending....I didn't see all of it coming but I did narrow it down to a small band of people who could be responsible and it turned out to be a mix of them.  

Overall, if you are looking for something that would fit in with a trip or a relaxing weekend, I would recommend giving, Lies a try.
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Lies by T. M. Logan

Brief Summary: When Joe Lynch stumbles across his wife driving into a hotel car park while she's supposed to be at work, he's intrigued enough to follow her in. He then sees her have an argument with her best friend’s husband, but doesn’t intervene. The less you know about this book the better.

Highlights: This book starts with a good hook from the very beginning and you are constantly wondering what is a lie and who is lying. Joe is a very naïve but nice and likable guy. Though some of his actions are dumb; I ultimately wanted to see justice served and found myself sympathizing with him.  I also loved the social media hacking aspect; though I did get paranoid about my own accounts being easily hacked.

What makes this book unique? The ending…….WOW! I didn’t see it coming and loved the twist. 

Explanation of Rating: 5/5 I couldn’t put this book down and finished it within 48 hours.

This is a highly addictive quick and easy read. It is the perfect read for a long plane ride or when you need a quick and easy read. Again, go into this one with little information and enjoy the ride.

Thank you to Net Galley and St. Martin’s Press for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review
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I love books by British authors and this one does not disappoint. A very modern twist with the use of technology and social media. I really didn't see the twist at the end coming. This book was published in the UK a year ago, so I hope the author will come out with another book soon. Certainly a writer worth watching.
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