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A Star Is Born

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I would basically read anything that's written about Judy Garland - and this one is partly written by her daughter, Lorna Luft - so I was sold from the getgo! Garland's life is absolutely fascinating but it's even more heartwrenching and honest when told from her daughter's perspective. Her previous book, "Me and My Shadows," was released in the 1990s, so this was a great way for Garland's story to be updated and reflected upon by someone who knew her best (and with a current, more relevant lens). Luft describes the huge amount of work that went into making the remarkable 1954 film, "A Star is Born." There are lots of interesting tidbits about the filmmaking process and how Garland approached the material (which in retrospect would have been very relatable to her as an addict). I loved finding out more about Garland's efforts to make this film a comeback vehicle for herself (after having been branded difficult to work with) and the lengths she went to in order to produce a masterpiece that's still celebrated by film buffs today. My only qualm with the book was the inclusion of a lot of detail about the previous and future "Star is Born" films - I wasn't as interested in those passages as I was about the Garland ones. And the writing style by the co-author seemed way too different and jarring compared to Luft's. I'm so glad that Luft is keeping her mother's legendary status alive and is presenting her story with more compassion in light of what we know today about addiction and mental health. Now I'm off to watch "A Star is Born"!

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