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I"m a huge fan of the movie, so this book was a great look inside the making.  Love that Ms. Garland's daughter helped to co-author the book.  Great for Old Hollywood fans, or the legions of fans Ms. Garland still has.
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Judy Garland was the epitome of a movie star.  She could dance, act in comedies and dramas, and boy could she sing!  The second A Star Is Born, starring Judy Garland and James Mason, is my favorite of the three incarnations, soon to be four. It has always been one of my favorite movies.  To me it is classic Hollywood.  
This is a wonderful book, written by Lorna Luft, Judy’s daughter with Sid Luft, and writer Jeffrey Vance.  There is so much trivia and gossip about Judy Garland, and Hollywood and Broadway. My favorite trivia is that after filming was completed on A Star Is Born, Sid Luft bought all of the iconic furniture to furnish their family home!  Ms. Luft said that they literally lived on the movie set. 
This book is as much a biography and personal memoir as it is a well-researched history of the film industry.  It is a must for movie lovers and highly recommended.
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I've always admired Judy Garland. She's without a doubt one of the best actresses of all time. But still, I think there are lots of things people don't know about her, and this book helps a lot. It's very interesting to read these stories. Also, the graphic work is really well done. Such beautiful photos!
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  
From the publisher ---
New York Times bestselling author and daughter of Judy Garland tells the story of A Star Is Born -- at once the crowning achievement and greatest disappointment in her mother's legendary career. This is a vivid account of a film classic's production, loss, and reclamation.
A Star Is Born -- the classic Hollywood tale about a young talent rising to superstardom, and the downfall of her mentor/lover along the way -- has never gone out of style. It has seen five film adaptations, but none compares to the 1954 version starring Judy Garland in her greatest role. But while it was the crowning performance of the legendary entertainer's career, the production turned into one of the most talked about in movie history.
The story, which depicts the dark side of fame, addiction, loss, and suicide, paralleled Garland's own tumultuous life in many ways. While hitting alarmingly close to home for the fragile star, it ultimately led to a superlative performance -- one that was nominated for an Academy Award but lost in one of the biggest upsets in Oscar history. Running far too long for the studio's tastes, Warner Bros. notoriously slashed extensive amounts of footage from the finished print, leaving A Star is Born in tatters and breaking the heart of both the film's star and director George Cukor.
Today, with a director's cut reconstructed from previously lost scenes and audio, the 1954 A Star is Born has taken its deserved place among the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, and continues to inspire each new generation that discovers it. Now, Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland and the film's producer, Sid Luft, tells the story of the production, and of her mother's fight to save her career, as only she could. Teaming with film historian Jeffrey Vance, A Star Is Born is a vivid and refreshingly candid account of the crafting, loss, and restoration of a movie classic, complemented by a trove of images from the family collection taken both on and off the set. The book also includes essays on the other screen adaptations of A Star Is Born, to round out a complete history of a story that has remained a Hollywood favorite for close to a century.

This book is timely with the new “Star is born” movie with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga coming out this year and it was an interesting read to work through. Yes, it was enjoyable but it was work. So many books have been written about this film (and they are cited in the end notes) and its tumultuous journey to the screen and this book seemed kind of superfluous unless you take into consideration that it was written by Garland’s daughter.
It was good work in the end but a hard journey to get there as this is not a “breeze through and enjoy kind of tome”. I am slightly ambivalent about what to give this book as a rating, though so I will give it a middle of the road 3 out of 5 stars.
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This was a quick read and I loved that!  I love everything about Judy Garland and fell in love with Lorna when I first saw her in Grease 2. I was ecstatic to find this book.
I love the premise of following Judy through the process of A Star is Born. I loved the detail from Lorna on her memories of seeing this movie for the first time. I adored the photos that were included as well. The one section that threw me off was the chapter regarding Barbara Streisand and her remake of A Star is Born. For me, it felt rushed and it was just thrown in there for filler.  I know this is still in the works, so forgiving the format and unaligned pages was easy to do.
I give this book 4 Stars. Hoping to hear more from Lorna in book world.
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