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Loved this superhero story with a twist...Reece is the owner of a corporation and sexy to boot. One of his employees is blown away meeting him and when that meeting leads to the!  But what she doesn't know is that he is also the superhero called Bolt, but when he saves her life, he comes clean.  Sparks fly and worlds collide. A fun, sexy romance, that you will enjoy completely!
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I loved Reece Richards in Misadventures With A Superhero but with this book there is so much more to love!

This book is such an original read, I couldn't put it down. Sparks continue to fly between Emmaline Crist (Emma) and Reece. 

Reece, typical rich playboy doesn't want to be tied down but the electrical pull to Emma can't be ignored.

Lots of fun and witty banter between them. It's a thoroughly enjoyable read for sure!
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I absolutely love Reese’s story. Bolt was an unexpected super hero just trying to do his best every day. It’s action packed and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.
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Ahhhh! I need more! I enjoy Angel Payne's books and this was no exception. Now I need to know how this ends! A great read, definitely recommend it.
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This is a love story pure and simple with a little bit of fantasy on the side.  There is plenty of sex if that is what you like but I found there was very little to this besides the love story.  The characters are hot for each other and are constantly having sex but there is very little substance to their relationship.  They say the right things to each other to make readers swoon but there really is no story here.  I find it hard to believe that a girl trying to escape from a well-to-do family to help people, would choose to work in a hotel.  There are lots of charitable jobs she could have chosen to truly help people.  Also, falling into Bolts arms, who happens to be a billionaire isn't quite escaping her status.  Quite frankly, there was little or no plot.  It was not for me.  Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.  The opinions expressed here are my own.
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I am a fairly recent Angel Payne fan, having read the misadventures and secrets Il of stone series, which I enjoyed but this series is one I didn’t anticipate. 

Of course there is a rich hot man in the picture, by any other name wouldn’t be as great. Reece Richards is a gorgeous hunk of a playboy alla Manwhore, Who flits around with nothing more than money and sex on the brain. But strange events change his life forever. (No spoilers) sorry. 

No enter our heroine, she’s the daughter of a wealthy family. But has removed herself from that scene and found a job working at a hotel where she finds herself watching a news story about a masked superhero who’s named himself Bolt. She finds him very sexy, after she watches him disarm the assailants of a robbery. 

She hasn’t met her boss aka the owner of the hotel yet but when she does sparks fly and it sets up the rest of the book. 

It’s a DNM.


I received the free ARC for my honest review. Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley.
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So this novel came as a surprise. I thought it be more superhero than the erotica that it turned out to be. While I enjoyed the hot sex practically written on every page, I was really hoping we see Bolt in more scenes of action than lover. While he played the tortured hero quite well I was emotionally zapped by the end of this. He became obsessed with having the heroine near him and although it was sweet how he came to love her, I thought the sex and the emotional baggage was over kill.
I thought the heroine was spunky but she got sucked into Bolts sexual desire and we barely got to really explore her character. 
If you like your super heroes sexy with  a ferocious sexual appetite this would be for you.

Thank you Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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As I started reading BOLT I expected to really enjoy it.  A nice girl falls for the filthy rich but socially awkward alter ego of a super hero. The tone is kooky and enthusiastic with lots of sex (the power dynamics of the sex are a tad erratic and weird IMHO).    

However the relationship becomes a little repetitive with the couple finding reasons to break up, freak out, and then get back together again. Neither the humor potential of being set in a hotel, not the action story of, well, being a superhero are greatly exploited. 

In fact, the plot ultimately doesn’t go anywhere much other than to the altar. I suspect that story worked better in its original form of many shorter parts than it does as a novel.

Review copy courtesy of Netgalley, 3/5 #AlmostPWP
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Great book. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. Love how the story was written. Now have to get the other books in this series
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A great introduction to this series.  Not normally my taste with science twist. Now I just need to finish the series. Well written.
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Good read. Interesting take on the creation of a superhero. The romance was very over the top but the sex scenes were perfect. I will be reading the other books in the series.
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Who doesn’t love a good superhero? That’s excatly what Angel Payne delivers with Bolt. Get your cape ready, and step into your childhood fantasy, but it’s better than that childhood fantasy you had because this is a little more adult.
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Prepare to suspend disbelief, then enjoy the rollercoaster ride between Mr Reece Richards and Miss Emmalina Crist as they battle evil and make sure the tourists to LA have a great stay at Richards Resorts. The sparks are definitely flying.
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This was a nice expansion of the Misadventures of A Superhero. I really appreciated the extra scenes and fleshing out of the characters. This story was much more complete and I enjoyed it just as much as the original. The ending gave a promise of more and I can't wait to see where these two go.
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Bolt is an unusual book, the main character is Bolt a superhero who after being abducted and held for six months by a mysterious group now has superpowers, though nothing is really explained as to the how, why or where this happens.
By day he is Reece Richards heir to Richards Resorts, known for bad boy attitude in business and with women.
When he meets Emmaline who works the night shift with other staff of his company sparks fly, literally.
My main problem was that everything was alluded to, no great reveal, no depth, also I have to say I was a little bored, mainly because 85% of the book were sex scenes between the two, the remaining 15% storyline.
From the description, this book had the makings of a good read unfortunately for me it just did not deliver.
My thanks to net galley and publisher for opportunity to review this book.
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Explicit sex scenes in what might be an enjoyable superhero type story.  Those scenes, if removed, would leave you with an enjoyable short story.
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I loveeeeee this book!!

Emma and Reece are some of my new favorite book characters.

And this story! Oh-em-gee!! I loved everything about it. It was so fun and fast paced. And H.O.T.T (only way I can describe it. Sorry haha)
But there was so much hotness going on haha

I just loved this story for so many reasons though. There aren't very many super hero type stories out there. So that immediately was a huge plus. And I loved how Angel was able to give us the back story on Bolts creation while still not giving us a ton of details to weigh the book down. It was just the right balance to let you in on the secret but not completely turn the book into that back story.
While setting up a great big bad for the story.

And let's not forget the chemistry in this one. Emma and Reece are just magnetic. And that spark is so potent through the whole story. You just can't help but pull for them and want their romance to boom.

Plus I really enjoyed how strong of a character Emma was. That girl could kick some butt. And she wasn't even the super hero haha. She had such a strong personality, but yet still kept a bit of that vulnerable and soft side. And I can appreciate how a female character can have a little of both without one overpowering the other. It speaks a lot for how well Angel writes

But I just loved everything about this book so much.

And I loved how we got this like extra 1/4 added to this one that wasn't in the original MAWASH. I know the story is obviously expanding, but I absolutely am in love with how Angel is doing it. And I crave to see what is going to happen next with everyone. The way the characters are developing is so good, and she just keeps adding more and more depth to them as she goes.

For sure a
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 Star Read⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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These are my reviews of each part of the Bolt Saga and overall I give it 3 Stars

**Received ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Part 1:
5 Stars
Bolt Saga 1 is my first foray into Superhero romance and a first read by Angel Payne.

Emma feels her life may finally be on track. Out from under her parents and a new job is just what she needs. The last thing she needs is to get under someone else especially her new boss Reece Richards. 

Reece may be known as a notorious player but he has a secret that has kept him away from women for a year. When he meets a new employee miss Crist, all bets are off. The air around them is electrifying and all consuming. Most people's reaction to him is fear but Emma's reaction is far from fear which makes Reece do the unthinkable. 

This book is hot like holy mother of God fan yourself hot!!! These two are explosive and we've just begun. Thank goodness I have parts 1 to 3 waiting for me. 

Part 2
3 Stars
After reading part 1 and giving it 5 stars I really had high expectations for part 2. Sadly the high that I felt while reading part 1 didn't last. Now I read a lot of books that have some very explicit sex in it and it works because that's the biggest part of the premise of those books.. I was expecting a lot more Superhero with some romance and sex intertwined to make it this best book it could be. The superhero aspect of the story was much more watered down so the thrill I was expecting just wasn't there. 

Part 3
2 Stars
Well part 1 had me hook, line & sinker into this superhero romance. Part 2 really took the shine off the storyline and part 3 just lost me altogether which is a shame since I really thought I was onto a really fabulous series. This part for me had very little in the way of an actual story and was just Emma and Reece having sex all the time, anywhere at all. There really wasn't any more info about the Consortium which I thought was the big plot twist of it all. Yes I now know there is more to this series that will continue the saga of Bolt but I will sadly not be looking to read it. 

Now all that being said I'm sure there are going to be hundreds of other readers out there who are going to absolutely love the tale of Bolt aka Reece and Emma.
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Drama, romance, lust, danger and action all combine in this captivating trilogy. 
Not the usual book I’d read but I thoroughly enjoyed these characters.
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The premise of this story sounded promising, a hot superhero and the woman who loves him. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t connect with either Reece or Emma (or Velvet, one of his nicknames for her). They seemed to fall in love too quickly without any real connection. The sex scenes were just too much and, actually, kind of boring. They were  too predictable. I don’t think that I’ll continue with this series. I will try the Honor Bound series and I have started The Secret of Stones, which I so far have enjoyed.
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