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I loveeeeee this book!!

Emma and Reece are some of my new favorite book characters.

And this story! Oh-em-gee!! I loved everything about it. It was so fun and fast paced. And H.O.T.T (only way I can describe it. Sorry haha)
But there was so much hotness going on haha

I just loved this story for so many reasons though. There aren't very many super hero type stories out there. So that immediately was a huge plus. And I loved how Angel was able to give us the back story on Bolts creation while still not giving us a ton of details to weigh the book down. It was just the right balance to let you in on the secret but not completely turn the book into that back story.
While setting up a great big bad for the story.

And let's not forget the chemistry in this one. Emma and Reece are just magnetic. And that spark is so potent through the whole story. You just can't help but pull for them and want their romance to boom.

Plus I really enjoyed how strong of a character Emma was. That girl could kick some butt. And she wasn't even the super hero haha. She had such a strong personality, but yet still kept a bit of that vulnerable and soft side. And I can appreciate how a female character can have a little of both without one overpowering the other. It speaks a lot for how well Angel writes

But I just loved everything about this book so much.

And I loved how we got this like extra 1/4 added to this one that wasn't in the original MAWASH. I know the story is obviously expanding, but I absolutely am in love with how Angel is doing it. And I crave to see what is going to happen next with everyone. The way the characters are developing is so good, and she just keeps adding more and more depth to them as she goes.

For sure a
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 Star Read⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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These are my reviews of each part of the Bolt Saga and overall I give it 3 Stars

**Received ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Part 1:
5 Stars
Bolt Saga 1 is my first foray into Superhero romance and a first read by Angel Payne.

Emma feels her life may finally be on track. Out from under her parents and a new job is just what she needs. The last thing she needs is to get under someone else especially her new boss Reece Richards. 

Reece may be known as a notorious player but he has a secret that has kept him away from women for a year. When he meets a new employee miss Crist, all bets are off. The air around them is electrifying and all consuming. Most people's reaction to him is fear but Emma's reaction is far from fear which makes Reece do the unthinkable. 

This book is hot like holy mother of God fan yourself hot!!! These two are explosive and we've just begun. Thank goodness I have parts 1 to 3 waiting for me. 

Part 2
3 Stars
After reading part 1 and giving it 5 stars I really had high expectations for part 2. Sadly the high that I felt while reading part 1 didn't last. Now I read a lot of books that have some very explicit sex in it and it works because that's the biggest part of the premise of those books.. I was expecting a lot more Superhero with some romance and sex intertwined to make it this best book it could be. The superhero aspect of the story was much more watered down so the thrill I was expecting just wasn't there. 

Part 3
2 Stars
Well part 1 had me hook, line & sinker into this superhero romance. Part 2 really took the shine off the storyline and part 3 just lost me altogether which is a shame since I really thought I was onto a really fabulous series. This part for me had very little in the way of an actual story and was just Emma and Reece having sex all the time, anywhere at all. There really wasn't any more info about the Consortium which I thought was the big plot twist of it all. Yes I now know there is more to this series that will continue the saga of Bolt but I will sadly not be looking to read it. 

Now all that being said I'm sure there are going to be hundreds of other readers out there who are going to absolutely love the tale of Bolt aka Reece and Emma.
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Drama, romance, lust, danger and action all combine in this captivating trilogy. 
Not the usual book I’d read but I thoroughly enjoyed these characters.
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The premise of this story sounded promising, a hot superhero and the woman who loves him. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t connect with either Reece or Emma (or Velvet, one of his nicknames for her). They seemed to fall in love too quickly without any real connection. The sex scenes were just too much and, actually, kind of boring. They were  too predictable. I don’t think that I’ll continue with this series. I will try the Honor Bound series and I have started The Secret of Stones, which I so far have enjoyed.
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This book wasn't what I was expecting, a lot of sex scenes and not enough umph in the story, sadly I couldn't get into it. I'm sure others would love it, it's just not the book for me.
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Last year, I read the author's Misadventures with a Super Hero, but I hadn't realized she'd turned it into a saga until I saw this book on NetGalley! While I absolutely detest serial novels, I took a chance on this one because of my previous read of the prequel story. Unfortunately, the first two parts (and even part of the 3rd part!) of this book seemed to be a re-hashing of that prequel story, which really pulled the book down for me.

It also seemed to focus more on the sexual aspects of the relationship than I remembered. The Consortium still isn't explained well, and there are a lot of threads left hanging that I would hope would be addressed in other books. The third story really shone for me, as I liked the lengths Reese went to in order to show Emma his love for her.

While I love superhero novels, I wasn't that impressed with this one, and doubt I would continue the series.
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So at first i was sort of unsure if i could get into this book just because of his extreme gifts to women but then it totally pulled me into it. I completely devoured this book. I loved both Reese and Emma. They are both strong. She might not be a "hero' to others but she is definitely his hero.  Im highly jealous of her. I cant wait to read the other books in this series. If you like a little supernatural with your books you will love this. Love Emma. And love Bolt
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I'm a fairly recent Angel Payne fan, having previously read her Honor Bound series, which I enjoyed but which certainly didn't prepare me for this novel, which got me hooked from the very beginning, and although it had a few flaws, it gets a 4-star rating from this reader.

Reece Richards is a wealthy, gorgeous hunk of a playboy and manwhore who doesn't seem to do much else than travel from country to country having sex with practically every woman he meets or desires, looking for more erotic and kinky sexual thrill, because vanilla sex has lost its appeal. His current girlfriend, Angelique La Salle, has met and exceeded those thrills for the past 18 months or so as he's followed her around. They're now in Barcelona, and she's promised him a new and different BDSM club even kinkier than the one they just left, but what he's expects isn't what he gets, as he's met by Angelique's assistants who first entice him into a role playing doctor game, and they are soon replaced by two large men who strap him to a gurney, and he soon becomes the victim of a weird series of torturous scientific experiments that turn him something both less and more than quite human before he's finally released. As the son of a massively wealthy international hotel magnate, he's now living in and managing the Hotel Brocade is post L.A., which is where he meets the heroine.

Emma Crist, the heroine, is also the daughter of a wealthy family, but has shunned their posh and vacuous Orange County lifestyle and recently taken a night shift job in reception at the aforementioned Hotel Brocade, her co-workers are a bit strange and total computer game nerds, but she's yet to meet their boss, who they all describe as weird, and while working they're also watching a real-time news story which is showing a thwarted convenience store robbery when suddenly a drop-dead handsome, leather-clad and masked superhero suddenly appears, levitates and disables the armed robbers at lightning speed, throws electric charges from his hands and even levitates them and tosses them against walls and store displays until they're at his mercy and until the police finally arrive--and then the superhero, whom, for lack of a better word, has been assigned the name "Bolt," simply disappears at lightning speed. Emma and her co-worker, Neeta, are mesmerized by the stunningly hunky Bolt, as if he's a wet dream come to life.

Once of the things Emma never expected was to meet the elusive executive and owner of the hotel, Reece Richards, but it's time to take the weekly reports up to his penthouse and although her co-workers somewhat prepare her for the man they consider strange, when these two characters meet, there's instant electricity, both literally and figuratively, and Emma is utterly fascinated by her uber-gorgeous boss, and he's more than a little attracted to her. Let the fireworks and their relationship begin! But before too long, Angelique La Salle shows up at the hotel and lets Emma believe that she and Reece have just had sex in her limo, and she;s there to return the cuff links Reece left behind. There's no way Emma is putting up with this gorgeous rival, and more sparks are about to fly. 

As someone whose first superhero was Mighty Mouse, and who grew up reading Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Justice League of America comic books, I sort of loved this modern superhero story, because it fulfilled every erotic fantasy I ever had about Superman, but as the novel moved from attraction to lust to obsession between the two main characters, the fact that Angelique is in town and has intimated that she and her scientific crew aren't done with Reece/Bolt yet, made me expect him to be recaptured and in mortal danger, but instead of that happening, that entire story line is dropped like a bag of rocks. I can't believe that I'm writing this, because I'm a huge fan of erotic romance, but the rest of the novel is little more than many, many, well-described, hot and heavy sex scenes between Reece and Emma, too many of them , and too frequently for this reader, and aside from their relationship moving forward to their HEA ending, little else happens. 

What happened to Angelique and her nefarious plans for Reece? Who is she working in concert with and why? Although she seems to want Reece, is it because she's attracted to him, or jealous when he finds and pursues Emma? Where was the suspense part of what was billed as a romantic suspense/fantasy novel? Are we ever going to get more backstory on Emma? We know virtually nothing about her, and I can only hope and imagine that these questions will be answered in the concluding novel(s) of this series, at least I hope they do, because although I thought the sex scenes were way overdone, happened far too frequently, and were definitely for the mature reader, the dialogue was both smart, snarky and funny, and I really grew to thoroughly love and enjoy these characters, and I'm hoping for more action of a non-sexual nature in the sequel(s). 

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Wow... this book is hot, hot, hot!!
Storyline line was good, kept me interested; but geez those sex scenes were out of this world. This is a must read. Angel Payne does it again with Bolt
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This book is steam, electrifying and gut retching.  So glad I started reading this series!  On to the next!
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BOLT by Angel Payne 

5++++ Electrifying STARS ⭐️ ⭐️ or should I say Lightening BOLTS ⚡️⚡️!!

I’ve read only one other Angel Payne book & really loved it so even though this didn’t exactly sound like the genre I normally read from all the amazing reviews I jumped at the chance to review- thank you Netgalley for the ARC !!

There was not one thing I did not love about this book - amazing characters & storyline.  Reece Richards & Emmalina ( ie Emma , Velvet & Bunny) are so freaking HOT together & not just from some of the super sizzling sexy times. I loved their snarky funny dialog - def had me laughing out loud in some places !!  Also some major angst thrown in ...

Emma is looking for her more - having moved away from her wealthy family in Orange County CA & is working as a night manager at Hotel Brocade in Los Angeles. This hotel is owned by the Richards family just one of their many real estate holdings in their vast hotel chain empire.
This hotel is run by their son Reece and from all accounts from some of his employees there is something a little off when it comes to this gorgeous bad boy Billionaire that resides in his “off limits” penthouse suite. 

Sparks fly immediately when these 2 unexpectedly meet - & the one super plot twist is that we find out that Reece is aka Bolt a superhero saving lives & taking prisoners all for the greater good of humanity!! 

Reece however comes with some major baggage with a crazy ex girlfriend who confronts Emma & puts her in serious danger...

This book is a super romantic read with some plot twists that I am sure will be resolved in Book 2 Ignite! ( avail now so u do not have to wait ) 

Highly recommend this super charged read - u will love it !!
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I just knew this book would be amazing and I was so right. Loved everything about it from the characters to the well thought out storyline. It flowed nicely and had me hooked from the very beginning. A definite must read. Makes me really need the other parts, like meow. Would definitely recommend.
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This is another series that you can not put down. The,connection between the to is hot. The sex is even hotter. This will be a series that i will buy.
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I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book which I received
through Netgalley.
I really loved Misadventures of a Super Hero and Iḿ really glad it got turned into the Bolt saga. Can wait to read more.
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Great book, can't wait to read more of this series. It was a very addictive read, kept me turning the page all the way until the end. The chemistry between Emma and Reece is off the charts. I wasn't too sure of a superhero book, but gave it a chance and now I can't wait for the rest.
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What a super fantastic read this book was it had everything I enjoy in a book and so much more I will look forward to reading more from you thank you for my arc
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This is my first Angel Payne book, I should have stuck to my gut and left it alone. I could not get into the superhero thing. Over all it was a good book, but I couldn’t find it interesting to me. I will be checking out her other books though.
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For me, this was just an okay read I really struggled to get into it and had to keep coming back to It. This is the first book by Angel that I have read and not loved but don't let that put you off giving it a go you may like it a lot more than I did.
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Bolt just keeps getting better and better.  Angel Payne killed me with the ending of this. I need more Emma and Reece. Pronto.
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Im new to this author, but i was in for one heck of a ride. This book was a page Turner for sure. I enjoyed it a bit too much. Im excited to read more from this author.
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