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When I first read about Bolt in Misadventures, I wanted so much more of their story!  And so did everyone else.  Well, looks like we get what we asked for!  Bolt is electric and super steamy, with action and a weird creepy organization that eventually will have to be taken down.  

Emma and Reece are so HOT together!  A good chunk of this story is all the creative ways they connect.  It's powerful and unique.  Bolt is the first super hero I have ever swooned over.  I will definitely be looking forward to more in this series!
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This book was amazing. I didn’t know what I would expect. But wow!!  It went well with the misadventures series. I read it three times because I just lived the storyline. A must read.
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This is a cherry popping experience for me - a first read from this author.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about Bolt. The ingredients are all there. Entitled, rich wastrel who after being kidnapped and experimented on has superpowers. Due to this experience, and in a bid to injure or perhaps kill himself, he embarks upon a mission to rid his town of scumbags. Enter the beautiful woman who changes all that and more. Very comic strip!

The relationship between Reece and Emma is incendiary from the outset even though she works from his family's hotel chain. However, they can't deny the sexually charged atmosphere that skimmers when they're together.

Just like all superheroes though, Bolt has an arch enemy who is loitering in the background whilst he is fighting crime.  Will they make an appearance in 'Ignite' and disturb Reece and Emma's plans with their new venture? Only time will tell!

With this, the first work of Angel Payne's that I've read, I don't think that I have really experienced the true style of her work and look forward to exploring other titles by this author.

If you're interested in a graphic free, comic strip, love story, this is certainly for you!
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I truely love this book after hearing so much about it I am very happy I got to read this book on Netgalley. I am hooked on Bolt it’s steamy and well written. I cannot wait for more from this series because I am on the edge of my seat wanting more...
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I really really enjoyed this book. I was hesitant but I'm glad I decided to read it. 
Give it a chance. I know the superhero part may throw you off but ya do it.
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Bolt is the sexiest superhero to come along in a long time! Reece & Emma’s romance steams up the pages. Not your typical superhero book. Sure he puts away bad guys, but he does his best work between the sheets. Or anywhere else he wants! An electrifyingly sexy read!

*ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.
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Thanks to the publisher for a copy to read and give my honest opinion.

The blurb on this one sounded so good I actually skipped books to go read it it. Unfortunately after reading it does not appeal to me at all. Bolt is a hot guy and seriously sexy hotel owner....blah blah blah. Feels like a super hero vanilla fifty shades. Sex scenes muff up half the book. What good is a super hero that can't keep his pants on. Emmalina... what is it with weird names lately. Super glowy bolt is possessive and dominant electromagnetic hottie that will help Emma clean hotel nope. Dnf at 45%.
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Loved this book wasn't sure if I was going to like it at first because of the nature of the superhero but I was hooked and had to read it and was happy I did . 
Loved the book can't wait to read the next one.
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I was really looking forward to this one.

A superhero type romance would be a new one for me.
I grew up watching superhero shows and still love shows like Smallville, Arrow etc so I was excited to give this a go.

If the above is what you are looking for, I don’t think this is what you will be looking for.

From the get-go is this instant attraction between Emmaline and Reece.
I can usually get behind instant attraction type relationships. They don’t phase me or make me think less of characters in any way. However, within two hours of meeting and 5 mins of talking, Emmaline is giving the main character oral sex.  It’s not like they spend the two hours getting to know each other either. It was meet, he goes upstairs, she goes up 2 hours later to give him paperwork and somehow it turns into oral sex.

The book is described as romance, sci-fi and fantasy.  So for me, I take this to mean there was an actual story. However maybe I missed the story?  
This was purely sex.  Long, drawn out sex scenes.  
I LOVE a good sex scene too but this was pretty much all sex.  
In the end they weren’t even good sex scenes. They were just LONG. Too long. I kept thinking “Get ON with it!!”  I was bored.

I made it about a chapter into the 3rd volume and in the end couldn’t do it to myself any longer.  I didn’t finish it completely.

If the book had been described as erotica then I would have been prepared and expected these type of scenes.
To be honest, if it had been described as erotica I most likely would have never requested it to read and review.

Read and reviewed courtesy of Netgalley
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Struck by Lightning...

Offer me a story that is sci-fi, has a Super Hero dressed in leather and a mask and is 100 Shades of Hot, and I am jumping on that train in a heartbeat.  

Reece Richards is much more than the head of one of the most cutting edge hotels in L.A.  He sheds his 3-piece suit for a super hero ensemble when low life criminals call.  Up to this point he has had no choice but to accept this life of isolation with no hope of ever having a chance to find someone to care for or fall in love with.  That is until Emmalina Crist.

Emma works at Reece's hotel and is smart, savvy and has a spark plug personality.  Reece and Emma share an electrifying night of passion that changes both their lives and rethinking everything they have ever believed in.  When together they make  a very powerful couple and a force to be reckoned with.  Angel Payne has made this closet dweeb full of anticipation to find out more about Emma and Reece's future adventures together.
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Unfortunately the book was not for me, no review was publicly posted on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads or Twitter etc, so no ratings were affected in relation to it.

This book had all the makings of being a winner for me, I mean a superhero!! But the long rambling inner monologues just took all the pace out of the story, and the constant: 

Three. Word. Inserts. 

Got annoyingly repetitive. If the writing was tightened up and more conversation had between the couple i think I'd have enjoyed it, but I found my mind wandering and my interest waning to the point I gave up.
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when Bolt was Misadventures of a Superhero the book blew me away. It was the first one (book) I had actually read by Angel Payne. When I read the she was expanding of the book to make its own series esq serial I was thrilled because I just enjoyed Superhero so much. Now ive read Bolt Vol 1 with its new scenes and longer story line and I'm just mind boggled. Bolt has become one of my all time favorite book boyfriends AGAIN and the book one of my all time favorites AGAIN. I cant wait to see what will happen between Reece aka our electrifying BOLT and Emmalina the woman who can handle him lol.
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This was different than what I am used to. Angel is a great writer. This story is well written. The characters are strong. Emma knows what she wAnts regArdless of her background. Reece is an enigma. He has history and really has know clue he is about to meet the woman he has waited for his whole life. Well I am pretty sure he wasn't waiting. Lol! Trust issues are huge for him and Emma is full of trust and good. This was written well. Super heroes are not my thing, but I read it anyways. Good and fast read. I wasn't disappointed. 

I received this ARC from the publisher via Net Galley at my request for honest review. Thanks NET Galley!!
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Electrifying. Fresh. Breath-taking. Addictive. Adventurous. Captivating. This book has electrify me. I feel the bolts under my skin. Every page brings lightning. It was thunderstorming at my house. #GetBolted You won’t regret it!
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Bolt by Angel Payne. Another great story that I highly enjoyed with the mix of sci-fi hotness blended with a super hero edge. Reece Richards son to a hotel empire lived his life on the edge, until one fateful night. Emmaline Crist tries to escapes her privage life by taking a job as a Customer Relations officer with a chain of hotels named Brocade. Then her path delivers her to meet her boss Reece and sparks literally fly.  They try to start away from each other only to find he can stand to see her hurt. The sexual tension between them only is heightened by Emma's smarts humor and feistness continues to amaze Reece. Can't wait to see their story continue.
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I liked Bolt, Smokin’ Superhero Reece and strong amazing Emmalina. The story is a well paced hot, sexy read and I look forward to reading more
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Holy crap! How do I describe this book short of amazing?! Reece and Emma have such an electric bond! Emma is a woman out to prove she can do it on her own. She has such a strong presence it’s magnetic to read. Reece is living a double life. His secret side is threatening to overtake the not secret part. Emma brings out his electric side, and he struggles with how to cope with that. When they finally come together, it’s everything you’ll want and more. I loved this book. It was so bolttastic.
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OMG!!! This book was SO incredibly fun to read!!

I love Angel and her writing style. And the fact that she brings us some SMOKING HOT heroes! Reece is definitely now on my list of top book-boyfriends!

Emmalina comes from a fairly pretentious family living in the OC, a county in Southern California. Growing up nothing more was expected of her than playing tennis, lunching with the ladies and marrying her kind. But she was determined to get out of Orange County and have MORE in her life. Landing a job at the Brocade, a high end hotel in the heart of LA, gets her one step closer to that dream. 

Reece Richards is the youngest in the line of the Richards Empire. Taught from an early age to think of no one but himself, he's the epitome of spoiled playboy. And that is what lands him in trouble and turns him into a freak with super powers. Determined to atone for his selfish lifestyle, Reece takes on a dual personality and vows to pay back society by cleaning up the city, one bad guy at a times.

This is a fun, quick read with Angel's usual twist on the steam factor. I love the instant attraction between Reece and Emmalina. And what I love more is that where others in the hotel Reece runs think he's weird, Emma embraces it. I'm not usually a sci/fi fan, but I love Angel and knew that I would like this book. 

I'm so excited that Angel is turning their story into a saga. I'm excited to see where she takes these two, and to see how they deal with everything thrown their way.
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Wow this was steamy! Really interesting background story, I'd have liked to hear more about how 'Bolt' reacted to his change, loved the relationship between emmalina and Reece, will definitely buy the sequel
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Bolt was an exciting read from the start, however I didn't connect with the characters like I usually do with Angel Payne books and i really wish the emotion was a little more intense.
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