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Her Hollywood Boyfriend was a book I read last year around November, when I could slip a portion of my time reading. I thought it would be exciting to read a contemporary since I’ve been soaked in reading fantasy-based novels. A bit of normalcy or a story centered on real life sounded nice and it works well when a change in genre is needed to balance things out.

The writing style: is a charm. It was enjoyable and did not leave me bored out of my skin. It was one of the things that I liked about this book. It was written so well that the story flowed smoothly. I found it adorable and soft that it felt like walking on a marshmallow-filled field.

The Characters: Macey Greere was a character that you can easily find yourself relate to. Responsible, up for a challenge, but sometimes neglecting your weak point and denying it, especially if it’s about getting embarrassed. I completely and utterly know this feeling so well in a molecular level. On the other hand, we have Jace Ian Cooper, a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood. With such compassion to care for his brother, he is yet another admirable guy that will make you swoon over in a nanosecond. His shyness makes him all the more cute. Now I can’t say more, because it’s always best to meet the character when you read the book.

The Plot: Although the overall story was lovely, the plot kiiiiiinda ruined it for me. It didn’t reach the level of hype I was looking for that it pulled a couple stars down. It didn’t leave a satisfying, impactful feel and it felt lacking. The plot is one of the major reasons I look forward to in reading and for this book, it didn’t sit well with me.

When life gets too serious or gets over-indulged in something, that would be a great time to read Her Hollywood Boyfriend by K.R. Grace. It will bring out a fun that will make you feel relaxed and wish you knew a Jace Ian Cooper.
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I loved the first book and just can't get into this book. I just loved Cam and I can't believe that the Cam she wrote in her first book is the same as in the 2nd.
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Cute book. I enjoyed how the character had to choose to let go before she was willing to move on. It took more than she thought she was really ready to give. When reading though you have to realize that it's a new adult book and not a book for more mature readers. I think this book could have been even better had they chosen to make this character just a tad bit older. All in all a good book.
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I received this book from the publisher thru Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

For the most part I did really enjoy this book. I do wish that it was listed on Netgalley as the second book in the series so that way I could have bought and read the first book. I liked Macey as a main character and I also really liked Jace! Even Kyle, Collin and Mia were all really great characters. It was a little on the shorter side and I think I would have liked it if there had been more. The ending seemed to wrap things up really quickly which I didn't really like. I do wish the cover were a little different though. I don't feel that it matches the book at all. When I saw the cover I really thought it would be a historical fiction novel. I mean really? It has a glamour looking young girl dressed up like the 40's, how does that even remotely match with and 18 year old in present time being a camp counselor?? Overall I'm glad that I read it and I will probably read the next one as well, however I can't see myself going back to read the first.
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I really enjoyed this story. Despite it being obviously stated, I wasn't aware this was a sequel at first. Luckily I read the first book and found Macey's continuing story to be interesting and unique. I did hate that the love story from the first book deteriorated so quickly, but that's probably how Macey felt as well. I loved that Macey was a teenager who was considerate and kind even after she was hurt. It made her relatable, and someone easy to root for!
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I was given an ARC from Netgalley  in exchange for an honest review.

I don't know if I missed something because I didn't read the first book, but this was a slow developing book.  Honestly, the development was lack as a whole more than it was slow.  The characters felt one-surfaced.  I don't feel like there was any depth to them.  It was cute, I love books that show Hollywood-esque life styles.  I was really hoping for a "When It's Real" vibe.  But I definitely didn't get that.

This is a quick, easy, light read.  Great for reading by the pool or on the beach.  But probably won't be very memorable.  If I wasn't writing this review now, I probably couldn't pick it out of a line up.
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Thank you NetGalley for this book. 

This book had a cute premise about moving on and healing from a terrible breakup. I really enjoyed the chapter titles. I have been in the main character's shoes more often than I'd like to admit., however, I did feel as though Macey was one dimensional and harder to relate to in personality. 

The main character returns to her camp as a counselor in order to take her mind off a public break up with a celebrity....to then fall for another celebrity who happens to be  another counselor at the camp. I feel like the dual celebrity love interests are too fan fiction feeling to believe. There are also a lot of sexual themes and I feel like this new adult book would do better by removing the sexual themes and going for a young adult theme instead. I feel as though the characters are all very juvenile and it just feels a bit too sexual, especially being at a summer camp with younger children, though this might be because I'm older myself. 

The text is also riddled with spelling and grammar errors. There are also some not so greatly researched parts. I am an equestrian and I would scrap the parts with riding. Things like corral are misspelled (chorale?) and it's evident the author doesn't know enough about horses to make that particular passage believable. It did take me right out of the story. 

All in all, this novel is cute and the relationships are relatable but it still needs a bit of editing to become immersive.
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2 stars

Her Hollywood Boyfriend is about an 18 year old girl Macey whose story begins with the unfortunate discovery that her boyfriend not only cheated on her, but somehow didn't know that he was having sex on stage at a concert from all the drugs he was on... Two days later, Macey is off to be a counselor at a camp for children with a variety of disabilities. Macey makes it her summer goal to get over he ex-boyfriend, with the help of Jason, a Hollywood movie star also working at the camp because of his younger brother [a camper]. 

The synopsis gives a general plot, that I would have loved reading if it had been executed well. I went into this thinking that she would spend time getting cozy with Jason and getting stronger emotionally. Learning that she is worth more than the way that her ex had treated her. Unfortunately, I just couldn't enjoy the way that the characters or plot were developed. Macey was the worst, if only because she is the one that gets the most "screen time" and she felt so different from what I had envisioned from the synopsis. Or even the cover. That cover is very misleading to what is featured in the story. I didn't understand how this book is labeled as New Adult on NetGalley, when they only have one off page make-out scene. The only other aspect that would be more "new adult-y" would be the scandal that she had with her famous boyfriend - who she got over really fast. 

There was also Macey's mannerisms and thought processes that felt more juvenile than someone who is leaving to go to college in the fall [and was smart enough to get a full ride to Yale - which I will talk about later in the review] She is eighteen years old and doesn't swear at all. Instead of actually saying swear words she replaces them with clean versions. I just couldn't believe that in the situations she had been in, that she would be able to have enough thought to censor herself when she was in pain... 

My final main issue with the book was the way that details were added throughout the beginning of the story as the plot was getting setup. Based on this, there was an underlying feeling that the book was written by a young teenager and what they would picture being 18 is like. If it had been labeled as YA and Macey was 15 years old, I would say that the book was pretty spot on [character-wise] , but it isn't and she wasn't. 

I think that 2 stars is a pretty accurate rating for what this book provided. However, I think that maybe some younger readers would enjoy reading this. I can definitely see some 14/15 years olds getting really into the vibe of this book. 

Final notes: 
- Told in first person POV
- The summer campers are so cute and I wish there had been more of a focus on them [they felt almost gimmicky at times :/]
- Animals: dog, horses, snakes
- Minor mentions of sex/romantic relationships
- Labeled as New Adult, but felt very much like YA
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Beware this is a two part story! 
It’s try’s hard to be a more adult book, but I found to be more YA.
Don’t get me wrong it’s a good story, just needs a bit more umpire as I found it all a bit obvious
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I hadn't realized that this was the second part of a series (the first book having Macey fall for Cam) until I felt a little lost on why it felt I was supposed to know these characters already. I am not a fan of books that basically kill the OTP romance from Book 1 immediately in Book 2. It feels cheap to me and like a slap in the face to those who enjoyed the first book. Even having not read the first one, it felt weird to me.

I really liked the idea behind this when I read the synopsis. It sounded a bit like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but post-breakup. Then, I realized that her list was... Well, not great. Who would think it was a great idea after having seen those things blow up in fictional characters faces?

So, I just could not really get into this.
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I recieved this eARC in exchange for a honest review.

The cover and the synopsys got my attention the moment I saw it; but the story itself did not achieved what I was expecting.

As I said, the plot was interesting. The development was not. The dialogues didn’t intrigued me or made me want to turn the pages. What I most love about books like this are the characters and I think that’s where the story failed me the most. Boy, I didn’t find a single character to care about.

Macey was... There. The side characters too. They didn’t get developed and they didn’t connected with each other. I want to love and cry and laugh with relationships in books like this (not only romantic or familiar, but friendship above all else) and in this one it felt like it was forgot. Macey and Jace ALMOST got me in some scenes, which means that with a little more time and better dialogues they could have earned my heart. I die for a ship like this, where one part is deep in sad emotions and find a new path in the other.

The camp was a fresh and interesting idea and I liked the way the author crated this enveiroment to connect the disabled children and their siblings; it is important to give space for representation and show the world that different is normal. The book did very well in this part.

This book wasn’t for me, but maybe with some changes and extra scenes, the development could have followed another path and add more to the plot.
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The cover, which I absolutely adore, is what initially drew my attention to Her Hollywood Boyfriend. Then, after reading the synopsis, I knew that this would be a fun and quick read. With that in mind, I found this book to be quite different than what I had anticipated. Also, while I was unaware that this was the second book, I did not feel lost. This could have been alright as a standalone book. 

Now, the nitty gritty. The characters, both Macey as the main character as well as the supporting characters, were grossly underdeveloped. I could not connect with any of them on any level. So much of it was just surface information that did not allow you to get a feel for who the characters really were. A little bit of development would have gone a long way and added at least another star easily to my review. Not to mention, I honestly could not differentiate one character from the next. 

While the characters left me very disappointed, I rather found myself enjoying the setting. The idea the camp for disabled children and their siblings to connect was wonderful! I would have loved to read more about the team building exercises and be given more background "excerpts". So much could have been done with this setting that would have really allowed this book to stand out. As it was, I mostly found the actions to be bland and when I think back there was nothing that stuck with me. 

With some of the errors fixed, I think that this would be a great book for those a little closer to the junior high age. I know that I would have loved reading it at that age!
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This book is advertised on NetGalley as a New Adult book, but I found it to be more Young Adult, which made it hard for me to read and relate to. Also some of the characters have non-gender specific names and the author mixes up the pronoun that goes with the name which made it confusing.  Teenagers would probably like this book.
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This book was different of what I was expecting.

First, I didn´t know it was the second installment in a series. If I knew, I would not ask for it, specially after knowing that the first book was about Macey as well, but with Cam, the guy who cheated on her after two weeks of they started dating, and in this short time he developed a drug addiction. WHAT THE #2$*? 

I must say, that if this book was only one, it was a sweet book, it had a great premise, but it was lacking is characters development. Macey was too childish, her friends were okay and Jace was great, and much more mature than her, I loved his little brother.

There are a character who was too much for me, because they were in a camping for children with disabilities, and the whole point of the camp was to found acceptance of every kind, and Macey´s archenemy it´s a big bully, and no one does nothing about it.


Este livro foi bem diferente do que eu esperava.

Primeiro, eu não sabia que era o segundo livro de uma série. Se eu soubesse, eu não teria solicitado, especialmente depois de saber que o primeiro livro era sobre Macey também, mas com Cam, o cara que a traiu depois de duas semanas de namoro, e nesse curto tempo ele desenvolveu um dependência de drogas. WTF?

Devo dizer que, se este livro fosse apenas um, seria um livro legal, com uma grande premissa, mas deixou a desejar no desenvolvimento dos personagens. Macey era muito infantil, suas amigas estavam bem e Jace era ótimo, e muito mais maduro do que ela, eu amei o irmão mais novo dele.

Há um personagem que foi demais para mim, porque eles estavam em um camping para crianças com deficiências, e todo o objetivo do acampamento era encontrar aceitação de todos os tipos, e a arquiinimigo da Macey é uma bully, e ninguém faz nada sobre isso.
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This book was exactly what I expected. A sweet, uncomplicated, young adult feeling romance. It brought me back to my camp counselor days, which was fun. I love summer camp romances. 🙂 This book was a bit more juvenile than I usually go for, but I would highly recommend this series for a budding romance reader. (13-15ish)

I have not read the first book in this series, and to be honest, I probably won’t. But I do want to read the next one! I really enjoyed watching Macey grow, and would love to see where she ends up next. Her character was sweet and confident without being arrogant, which I loved. She was perfectly willing to take an objective look at herself and strive towards being a better person. Macey is a heroine I can really root for. This story was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon.
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Her Hollywood Boyfriend is a super cute young adult book that blends paparazzi trouble, a budding romance, sweet revenge and a warm message about being a friend to kids with disabilities or home troubles. The setting is a kid’s camp set up for kids with health or family problems with emphasis on the daily ongoing events with the counselors. 
Macey Greere has been publically humiliated and embarrassed by the errant behavior of her boyfriend and long time friend, Cam. Luckily, she is slated to return to work as a counselor at Camp Silver Star and reconnect with her counselor friends. Arriving late because of all the turmoil in her life, she meets Jace Ian Cooper, Hollywood actor. Great. A paparazzi magnet. However, Jace is at camp for his Down’s Syndrome brother and is not a fan of the press either.
Jace, Macey and their counselor mates embark on a summer adventure, loving the kids and having a summer to remember.
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Macey was outside walking her rock star boyfriend’s- Cam- dog Axel.Cam was her best friend and recently for the last two months Macey’s boyfriend. Cam recently went on tour with his band Freesong he had begged Macey to go with him but she couldn’t but she did agree to take care of Cam’s dog. But Macey still had to pack and Axel was taking his sweet time doing his business. Macey was to be at Camp Silver Star in four hours. Oddly Macey hadn’t heard fro Cam on two days. Then all of a sudden Macey was surrounded by stalkerazzi using cameras and smartphones on her. Shouting questions that just blended together making it impossible to figure out why they were there and what they wanted with her. Some of the questions penetrated her brain and one asked her to give a statement on the Cam and Trixx Collins sex tape. Then Macey though Cam’s manager Trixx? Another asked how it felt to be dumped on National T V. Macey’s best friend was Reese who was currently in the middle of Olympics gymnastics training camp. But while in the middle of this stalkerazzi she got a text from Reese  to call her then her phone beeped again and it was Cam - he told her to stay inside, not answer the door. Or turn on the tv, and not to get on the internet. Then it said Cam was on a plane to come to her and explain everything. He was her best friend Cam couldn’t hurt her like that could her? There mothers had been sorority sisters who married fraternity brothers and bought houses across the street from each other. Cam and Macey were playing together long before they could even walk. She seen the Cam nobody knew. The Cam who was sweet and gentle and cared whether Macey was happy or not. Her father grabbed her and gpt Macey into the house. Her parents had her back but they handed her a cell phone and she saw all she needed to see with Cam and Trixx she couldn’t actually handle seeing them have sex, unimagined pain sliced through Macey’s body. Rage and hurt battered against her soul and Macey felt like she was shattering into a  million pieces. Then two sets of arms wrapped around her as her parents tried so  desperately to hold Macey together, protect her from the searing pain of heartbreak that was burning her alive, she was nothing only a mass of heartache. Then came up with Hollywood’s ten steps for getting over a broken heart. Macey did not know what to do with her life . Macey had been accepted at many Ivy League colleges, she even turned down a free ride to Yale. Macey was looking forward to the season at Camp Silver Star as it was a camp for kids with disabilities and their siblings. Macey missed Cam so badly it hurt to breathe. He’d been Macey’s rock her entire life, Macey felt naked and exposed without him. Macey wanted to tect Cam a picture of Axel asleep in the back of the van but then she remembered. Reese had kept texting and told Macey if she didn’t answer her she was going to give up her place on the Olympic team and Reese was the one chosen to win the gold. Macey couldn.t let Reese give up her dream for Macey.Mia the senior camp counsellor was holding a meeting for the counsellors  and she hated Macey and the feeling was mutual. Then a guy grinned at Macey and she grinned back and felt a sense of familiarity Mia introduced JAce who was Mr Teen Heartthrob, and king of the romance comedies. Collin said  Jace’s brother was going to be at the camp this year and Jace and his family felt it would be better for Jace’s brother if Jace was there with him. Jace seemed shy and this surprised Macey as she thought Jace would boast about some upcoming movie projectand flash all the girls a sexy smile and wink to ensure their undying emotion, Macey realized Colin was right she was a self centered perfectionist who always had to win and micromanaged every detail of everything she did.The councillors had to list goals in their journals so the campers could see that they are trying to achieve their goal also. Jace was in the group Macey was in. Macey is afraid the media will find out where Jace is and they would find her and ruin her summer. Jace asked Macey to go to a movie preview with him but she wasn’t ready for the media so they went on a dinner date to Lover’s Cove and Jace really kissed Macey and she wanted but he stopped am=nd said he knew there were rules about the counselors and sexual relations and they weren’t going there. Their relationship had changed but they needed to keep the emergency brake in place. It was the first time since she got the news about Cam she was feeling something besides sadness, heartache, and depression. Jace made Macey feel alive and she needed more of that feeling. 
I really liked this book . It was an easy emotional bittersweet at times romantic read that I really enjoyed. I liked Jace and Macey together and loved how they interacted with each other. This dragged a little for me at times but never enough that I even thought about finishing this. I really liked the plot. I  loved how Collin had Macey’s back at all times while at camp. I also liked how Macey stood her ground in keeping Cam out of her life until she was ready to face him. I also loved the ending. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.
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A ,little younger than I imagined when I got this book. The main character is 18. Young. A camp counselor. Not my cup of tea.
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It was difficult for me to get into the story because of the writing. I love how the drama begins immediately but then it’s followed by boring descriptions of people at the camp. A buzzkill.

* cringy writing with cliches like “sexy smile that made panties melt”
*  the book describes some events in a cheesy TV sitcom way. Doesnt make for an elegant or smooth prose at times
* chap 2: she goes to camp and the description is dull
* It’s difficult to take a name like Jace for a lead guy seriously 
* character descriptions are told more than shown. It reads like teen books published in the 80s and 90s
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This was a great coming of age book. The premise of summer camp and camp counsellors was a perfect backdrop for new love. Young love. I enjoyed how KR Grace added different social issues that kids and teens experience.
Overall, the story kept me interested with a few minor incidences I felt were a bit "preachy" or like the author was standing on her soap box. However, nothing too much that I didn't want to read. This is a YA on the cusp of NA novel of course. 
Loved the character development. Jace was a perfect YA book boyfriend in looks and his swoon worthy chivalry. Macey was funny and feisty. The two of them had great chemistry and banter. There were some great laugh out loud moments. 
This was a light and fun read. I enjoyed how this story was a YA on the cusp of NA so the characters weren't naive with their love life but the story and the language was clean. It was refreshing to read.
D 4/5
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