The Proposal

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 09 Nov 2018

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I LOVED Jasmine Guillory's debut The Wedding Date (I also enjoy her TinyLetter and Twitter presence), and I was stoked when this book, a companion to her first, was announced. The Proposal follows Nik and Carlos (Drew's friend from the first book). They have the BEST meet cute when Nik's dumb boyfriend proposes on a baseball jumbotron, and Carlos hustles her out of the stadium after she says no. Seriously, this book has a GREAT set up, and I don't understand why Jasmine isn't writing romcoms. CALL HER, NETFLIX! Anyway, we get to see Nik and Carlos become friends, then more, while navigating family issues and personal baggage. It is so good.

I love both The Proposal and the The Wedding Date because they turn on full characters with believable issues and without over-the-top drama or communication issues. These books are so warm and lovely, with characters who have friends, families, and lives outside their romantic pairings. If you like contemporary romance, these are the highest quality and you should read them. NETFLIX, SERIOUSLY, GET ON MAKING THESE INTO MOVIES!
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I read Jasmine Guillory's debut (The Wedding Date) as soon as I could get my hands on it so I was very excited to read The Proposal. 

Nik is blindsided when the guy she's dating springs a scoreboard proposal on her at a baseball game. Carlos and his sister witness it all and help her escape the humiliating situation. While Nik's friends encourage her to have a rebound with Carlos - and Nik is attracted to him - she thinks it best if she stays out of a relationship for a while. Nonetheless, one thing leads to another with Carlos but they both agree to keep it casual.

All of the characters in this book felt very relatable to me. The author did a great job with fleshing out their thoughts so that you really understood where they were coming from and how their motivations and feelings evolved through the book. The plot was well-paced and I appreciate how diverse the characters were.
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