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The Wedding Date didn't work for me, so I was nervous heading into The Proposal. Thankfully, Guillory's sophomore novel did work for me.

This book will probably be a bit divisive with readers, because it's a quiet romance novel. There's pretty much no drama and the characters face only the most realistic in romantic obstacles: their own hearts.

The inciting meet cute, where Nik's casual boyfriend proposes to her at a baseball game on the big screen only to storm off when she refuses and Carlos and his sister pretend to know Nik to help her escape a film crew, is the most dramatic scene in the whole book really. If you're someone who likes a lot of high tension and melodrama in a romance, this book probably won't be your speed.

Carlos and Nik both suffer from pretty severe commitment-phobia, Nik because of a past toxic relationship and Carlos because he doesn't feel like he can take the time away from his family. The two feel an immediate attraction and, despite both having some hesitations, begin fooling around pretty quickly. Without talking about, aside from occasionally having a talk to make sure they're both still on the same page about everything being totally casual, they start seeing each other several times a week for sex, yes, but also for meals and conversation. They make each other laugh and sleep over any time they're together basically. Carlos moves a few things into her apartment. It's all very easy, so long as they both ignore the fact that this has moved past casual and into the relationship phase.

For me, this lowkey romance works, because I do prefer romances on the lighter, more humorous side, over melodramatic ones. I do think this one could have used a bit more fire and more dynamic subplots to add a bit more fire, but I did like it. Carlos and Nik have a connection that's believable. It doesn't make me feel shouty or squeal as I'm reading, but they get along, communicate like adults, and seem like they truly could last the long haul and be very happy together.

A couple of my favorite moments were:
[- Nikole cutting up peppers without gloves and touching her face, setting it to burning. They have to put sour cream on her face to cool the burn, and they both end up having a major laugh about it. Sour cream ends up being a romantic thing for them, and it's really cute and silly and so dorky as to be really believable.
- Everyone around them totally ships it. That's one of my favorite little romance tropes, though it's better when they start interfering but this was cute anyway.
- When Drew and Alexa come to down and Nik's dreading meeting them, but then dinner turns out to be fun and Alexa and Nik give the boys a hard time for not informing the girls ahead of time that they were both black.
- The fact that Carlos realized he was in love first, and that he accepted it and communicated his feelings openly. Men who are in touch with their feelings and can communicate are the sexiest. And, of course, I have such love in my heart for my commitment-phobic heroines. (hide spoiler)]
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While this book could be defined as predictable, sometimes that is exactly what I need to read after reading something dark. This was a fun, fast read, and I love the diversity among the cast of characters. I will definitely be buying this book for my library.
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I thoroughly enjoyed “the Proposal” by Jasmine Guillory.  The novel is rich with strong characters, independent women, lots of realistic humor many of us can relate to, and the kind of vulnerability you can appreciate without seeing a person completely lose themselves in the other person.  I have the upmost respect for her ability to create and share a satisfying romance novel that avoids being prosaic, one that celebrates diversity and  satisfies as a good read.
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Loved this title! A hilarious read, with a serious feminist leaning that was perfect for my reading tastes, and many others in my library. Jasmine Guillory is quickly building quite a following among my romance readers.
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I so enjoyed Jasmine Guillory´s second book.   I am not typically a romance reader, but I  wanted to support her because we went to the same college and she is so likeable on social media.  I enjoyed this just as much if not more than the Wedding Date.  It is like a rom-com movie on your page.
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I wanted to love this book the same way I loved The Wedding Date, but I didn't connect the way I'd hoped. I really liked the premise and the characters, I just found myself skimming, hoping things would pick up. It was just ok and I wanted more. But im so excited for The Wedding Party. This was was just a bit lackluster.
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The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory Book Review
A public display of affection gone terribly awry. Enter, one of my favorite characters from The Wedding Date, Carlos, to help Nik in her time of need. 

Romance - Yay or Nay?
I'm still a bit new to the romance game. This means I'm figuring out what I really love about the genre & what is not for me. I think The Proposal is a great place to start for people who are NOT really into romance. Yes, there's a love story here, but it's not over the top. Also, there's not a ton of steamy sex. Some of us like that sort of thing, but others don't. The Proposal is more what I used to call chick lit & I'd be happy to recommend this to anyone looking for a light-hearted & enjoyable read. 

Jasmine Guillory Makes Me Hungry
Similar to The Wedding Date, The Proposal has so much food. I'm finding I love stories where food plays a central role.  Tacos, ice cream, enchiladas - give it to me! 

I also love that this story centers around Nik & she is NOT LOOKING TO GET MARRIED. Heck yes! She even tells Carlos he is a rebound. I'm all for women making their wishes & desires known to the man they are involved in. Thank you, Jasmine! 

I am Really Into This book. The Proposal is a great romance that's not too steamy. I loved meeting Carlos's family. He is such a fantastic character, I hope we see more of him in Jasmine's writing. It was so fun getting to know Nik & the ending gave me all the feels in a sparkly, wide-eyed kind of way. 

Special thanks to Jasmine Guillory, Berkley Publishing & NetGalley for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.
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Everyone has raving for so long about The Wedding Date, the author’s first book, which made me have such high expectations for The Proposal.. That's probably why this one turned out to be a mild disappointment.

This had a very strong start, but then got a bit slower and the romance wasn’t as swoon-worthy as I thought it would be. I also think I would have benefited more from reading The Wedding Date before this because the characters from that one made a cameo and I had no idea who they were. I would have probably appreciated those snippets more if I knew them.

Also, the ending was a bit annoying to me, I thought Carlos’ behavior wasn’t excusable no matter what, he acted like an ass and then pretended to be the hurt one. Nope. Not in this house. I wish I could be less vague with you guys, but that would be a spoiler.

I did love the friendships in this one, though, they warmed my heart!
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This book was absolutely delightful! I enjoyed Jasmine Guillory's first book but this one was even better. The characters were well-formed, the banter lively, and the story heartwarming and funny. Loved it from beginning to end!
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I was a fan of The Wedding Date, so I was really looking forward to this author's latest. However, it was a bit disappointing. I really liked the main characters and the opening was fantastic. Unfortunately, that was the most conflict and drama the entire book had to offer. The love story was nice, but it was way too normal. After the first chapter, not much happens. They go on a few dates, they spend time together, their relationship progresses. There's a smidge of drama when feelings get in the way, but it lasts for maybe 10-15 pages. The ending is very anti-climactic. Overall, the story was sweet but lacked passionate dm excitement.
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Loved this book. I loved that it was a companion to the first and that her characters continue to feel real.
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Amazing story! Such a sweet read. really enjoyed it! Great read for anyone looking to find a great one to curl up with!
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3 1/2 Stars

Much like The Wedding Date, I liked this one. I wasn't *in love* with the book, but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless. It had its cute moments, and I really enjoyed the friendship portrayed.
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I didn't think anything could be as good as the Wedding Date and I was wrong!! The Proposal was so much more than I expected. I love the characters and the storyline. I laughed along with them and was hooked right from the first word. I'm a fan of Jasmine's and will always be!
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I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! I am so happy Jasmine decided to give Carlos his own story because I was obsessed with him in The Wedding Date. I tore through this book, laughing and swooning the entire time. I LOVE that this took place in L.A. and that there were some cultural aspects thrown in (of my people, yay #latinx). Highly recommend this. I need this to be a film, pronto.

Disclosure: I received an eARC from the publisher but opinions are entirely my own (duh).
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Stronger in a lot of ways than Guillory's debut, The Proposal offers readers a sweet, smart romance between two characters who both have fully-realized lives and careers. There's less sex here than in The Wedding Date, which might be a disappointment to some readers, but the book offers a great deal of humor, heart, and entertainment. The romance offers readers plenty to sink their teeth into, including two people trying to figure out how to love and be loved while juggling their own baggage. 

A great addition to the romance genre, featuring diverse characters, a lovely feminist edge, and plenty of warm-fuzzies, too.
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I tried really hard with this book, but just could not get into it. I won't be writing a full review because I didn't finish the story. I also wouldn't be rating it, except that this interface is making me do that.  

I loved THE WEDDING DATE and I was so excited about Carlos' story. But for some reason I just did not click with these characters. I am still excited about this author and will for sure be looking for what she writes next. But I am moving on from this one. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read this book!
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Jasmine Guillory's The Proposal is a humorous look at relationships, family, and love when a young women's humiliation at a baseball game becomes a journey in self-discovery when her new boyfriend's very public proposal sends her inadvertently into the arms of a new man. A friendship becomes more when this couple looks deep inside themselves as family, friends, and private fears struggle to help and hinder. Guillory's strong voice, witty scenarios, and ability to draw the reader into her stories make The Proposal an enjoyable read.
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I recommend this book in a blog post on Modern Mrs Darcy called "24 much-anticipated new titles to add to your fall To Be Read list", plus numerous times on the What Should I Read Next podcast.
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Nikole heads out for a fun afternoon of watching a Dodgers game with her boyfriend of five months, but at the stadium, he shocks her with a Jumbotron proposal. Turning it down isn’t the hard part for Nikole—this dude’s so not a keeper, but getting out of the stadium when thousands of people are MAD AT YOU is. Cue cute doc Carlos to the rescue! Guillory (writer of The Wedding Date) is back with another romcom that will have you smiling from ear to ear.
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