You'd Be Mine

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❝ “Wherever these boys are finding their denim, I want a lifetime membership to their mailing catalog.” ❞

This is such a cute and warm story about two music stars struggling with their inner demons. For Annie Mathers, it means not falling for the dangers of the industry or meeting the same tragic end as her parents. For Clay Coolidge, it means facing the loss of his brother and admitting that he needs help before he hits rock-bottom. When Clay lands himself in the spotlight again due to his drinking problems, his label gives him one last chance to redeem himself and save his image.

From the moment Annie enters his life, Clay is at once awed and threatened by Annie. He recognizes her talent and envies the way she can be herself in her music—a privilege he doesn't have. In a way, he senses that she's the real deal and knows that eventually, she may outshine him. What he doesn't expect is the way she slowly awakens the boy he used to be before the stage became his life.

As you can expect, Clay definitely gives Annie a hard time now and then. What makes it great is that Annie doesn't really let him get away with it. She calls him out on his BS and gets real with him in a way that no one else does. She sees the real talent he hides away and she pushes him to be a better person. One of my favorite parts has to be when she writes a song in retaliation to him being a jerk on stage and instead of being angry, Clay gives her props for it.

Aside from this, I also love the romance in this book. I feel like things really developed naturally in this book. Moreover, I think it was interesting that both characters were hesitant about it to start. For Annie, it all came back to how her parents went down a dark road, and for Clay, it was more about him realizing he was a mess and not wanting to pull Annie down into the mud with him.

I think the ending of the book was great the way it was because even though we didn't have everything wrapped up neatly there was this feeling of "they're going to make it". Totally recommend this if you enjoy contemporary YA romance!
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I really enjoyed this summer read! Told in two points of view, the story follows Annie, who is a rising star in country music. She is invited to be the opener for a popular boyband. Along the way she can't help but fall for the troubled main singer of the band throughout the whirlwind summer.

This book reminded me a bit of "A Star is Born" but for a YA crowd. I thought the main characters were very relatable and likable. The plot moved quickly and the elements kept me engaged throughout. The romance element of this book built slowly over time and I really liked the anticipation and chemistry between the two. I was surprised by the heavy focus on lyrics and writing, but I enjoyed seeing how they crafted songs based on their past experiences. This book also talks about addiction and vices and the consequences it can have on your life and the people around you, which brought a darker tone to this fun novel.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this as an addictive pool read!
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Romance and country music make this a great young adult read! Annie Mathers is an heir to country legacy, although she takes her place a bit begrudgingly it's a beautiful story to see her truly become a star. The romance with Clay is a great part of the story, but I love their individual journey as well!
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This was absolutely delightful. I am a sucked for famous people romances & this hit all the right notes for me--serious issues addressed seriously, dual pov, and non awkward song lyrics in text that didn't read like song fic.
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I found this book to be interesting, but something about it was hard to finish. It lost my attention multiple times, and the characters weren't people I was connected to learning about. Typically, novels with this structure enthrall me, but this one sadly missed the mark for me.
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*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
DNF @ 19%

Country music is the one genre I never thought I'd find myself liking, but here I am with a fiance from Kentucky and a new appreciation for the genre. It's a newer enjoyment of mine, so when I saw this book go up about country music stars, I thought I'd give it a try. 

The unfortunate thing, is that while reading this book I was just plain bored. Clay is not a good introduction to the book for me. 9 times out of 10 I need to like the character in order to become invested with the book. I get that this book is going to be a hard look at the dark side of the music industry, but the synopsis really doesn't hint at it too much so I wasn't totally expecting it. I also expected some resistance to Annie signing the contract, but she pretty much just says yes to Clay. 

The pacing also felt weird to me... I'm not sure how to explain it except it wasn't smooth. I would have liked to know what was going on and how the tour would happen, but all of a sudden we are on tour, even though Annie doesn't even have an album (right???).  I'm actually not even 100% the tour officially started... there was a sound check for something, but then they went off to do a photo shoot that they were late for even though Annie got to sound check early.... Yeah, so I'm also confused on what exactly was going on. 

I just couldn't get into it.

Yet, it does have a summery vibe and it may appeal to those who can connect to the characters or are interested in the dangers of the music industry. 

TW: underage drinking/alcoholism -- I'm pretty sure Clay has a huge problem with alcohol, & mentions of suicide (Annie's parents?)
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I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic drama featuring two teen country singers. I felt as though their passion, drama, and developing interests were relatable and kept the pace of the book moving steadily along.
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You'd Be Mine was a sweet, emotional, coming-of-age story from new-to-me author Erin Hahn. Obviously the blurb hooked me but EHahn delivered on that promise. I look forward to reading more from her.

You know that Shakespeare quote, "...some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em?"  Annie's and Clay's stories brought that quote to mind. Annie was born into a famous and talented music family. Clay was from a farm family. Annie had music in her genes and a last name that was familiar. Clay was talented but also in the right place at the right time with the right face. Both suffered immeasurable loss and both dealt with that loss in their own ways. A summer tour together brought a lot of emotions to the forefront, not the least of which were the feelings that developed between them.

EHahn did a fine job in crafting a story that was relatable even if it dealt with a reality most of will never know. She highlighted the pitfalls and positives of fame in the country music industry. EHahn also expressed the importance of family and friends...those that are gone as well as those still with us. And she did it all through music.

I truly enjoyed my introduction to EHahn. Annie and Clay are two characters who will stick with me for some time.
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4 Stars 

Wow, I was pleasantly impressed with You’d Be Mine!  What a great debut novel for Erin Hahn.

I really enjoyed Jefferson & Annie, even though they had their own issues, they were mature beyond their years. Actually every character in this book had great character development. They were easy to like and my heart hurt for the struggles they went through. 

 My favorite niche in books is music, not just rock stars, any kind of music.  So this is one of the top reasons I breezed right through this book, but definitely not the only one.  Erin’s writing is fresh, this story was fun.  It wasn’t all about the music, it wasn’t far fetched or over dramatic.  It was a perfect mix of reality and fame. 

i would  highly recommend You’d Be Mine of you’re looking for A YA read!
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My request on NetGalley was approved by the publisher, so thank you Wednesday Books / St. Martin's Press!

You'd Be Mine by Erin Hahn

My Rating: 3.5 / 5 🌟

Sweet romance, country vibes and a summer-long tour, these were the things that I thought You'd Be Mine was going to be about, but boy was I wrong, in a good way though.

While it still included those three things, it wasn't really the book main essence of the book because You'd Be Mine dealt with so much more than that.

Other than the typical chasing your dreams kind of story, You'd Be Mine was a story about dealing with grief. Both of the main characters, Clay and Annie, are haunted by their pasts and trying to deal with the consequences of it. At first, I didn't quite understand why the characters were acting as they were but as I delve more into the story, it did started to make a lot more sense.

The characters in this book were quite entertaining although I do think that Erin should have given more time to develop the side characters as well, instead of just the main characters. It did felt as if some of the side characters didn't really have a personality or a purpose on why they're important to the story.

I think my favorite aspect of this book was definitely the country-music atmosphere Erin had brought to the story. Although stories about touring are quite common, they have yet to be done in a country music scene and I think Erin did a fantastic job at portraying this prompt.

All in all, You'd Be Mine was an enjoyable and quick read for me but my only complaint would probably be that I wished it was a little bit longer, but other than that, I really had a great time reading it.
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Annie Mathers is being sought by Country Music's superstar badboy.  Annie has her guard up but she decides to jump head first into touring with him.  Will this make or break both of them?
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First of all, I just love this cover. It matches the tone of the book perfectly. You'd Be Mine is a refreshing young adult novel about country musicians who join together on a tour and inevitably fall for each other. It's sweet and innocent and the perfect romantic YA novel.
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DNF 38%

Ahh, I really wanted to like You'd Be Mine! I was enjoying the country music setting, but the character of Clay kind of ruined it for me. The alcoholic, pill-popping, man-whore singer feels like a tired trope and I didn't have the patience to wait for him.

Thank you to NetGalley and St Martin's Press for providing me with a copy
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Clay Coolidge is a bad boy of country music, drinking, sleeping around, and fighting too much, mostly to mask his feelings of abandonment and grief. He needs to clean up his image before his fledgling career is derailed, so the record label wants him to convince Annie Mathers to join his tour. Annie’s parents were country music royalty, but the dark side of the industry led to their tragic deaths. She’s determined to avoid a volatile relationship like theirs, so she’s very hesitant being Clay’s opening act on the summer fair circuit, even if it will help her career. Although this is billed as a YA romance, it’s a very slow burn with the main emphasis on country music and friendship. For much of the book, it was hard to warm up to Clay because he continued to sleep with his casual hook-up even after being blown away by his first kiss with Annie. He teases her, then pulls away several times, but he has some heavy emotional baggage that masks his goodness. It’s hard to watch this young man spiral. In contrast, Annie is very mature, sweet and focused on her goals. Hahn’s debut novel is extremely well-written and packs an emotional punch with heart and humor, much of it provided by friends of the main protagonists. Even if you’re not a fan of country music, pick this one up. 
I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Wednesday Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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Title:  You’d Be Mine 

Author:  Erin Hahn 

Pages: 304

Genre: Teen Contemporary 

Rating: 4 stars 

You'd Be Mine by Erin Hahn is sort of a teen Johnny and June story. Annie Mathers is basically country music's sweetheart even though she hasn't sung a note professionally. Both her parents were country singers that ended tragically. Clay Coolidge is   basically country music's bad boy.  He sings what could be called bro country or pop country because it's what's made a name for himself. But if he was completely honest with himself he wants to sing the type of songs he grew up listening to with his grandpa and his brother.  But he's afraid.   
Annie loves to sing but she's worried that she will end up like her parents her parents and drag Clay down with her.  These two young singers have a lot to learn about  music, themselves and each other. The songs that Annie and even Clay write throughout the story are good makes me which they were actual country songs.  I have to say You'd be Mine would make an awesome movie.  And even though YA books about touring singers have been written before You'd Be Mine is a fresh take on the genre and doesn't shy away from the hard stuff.

Much like both characters in the book I grew up listening to classic country on my grandpa's knee and even my mom listened to classic country.  As a Kentucky girl my all-time favorite country singer will always Loretta Lynn.  One of the original "bad chicks" of country in the sense she wrote and sang what she wanted. Quite a few of her songs got me in trouble in Elementary school.   Whom, Annie mentions in the book before singing one of her songs. If it wasn't for Loretta, Tammy , and Kitty country wouldn't have Miranda, Carrie,  and Kacey today.  This book is filled with mentions of some of the greats of country music that most teens today have never heard of.   Annie, Clay and Annie's parents are fictional, but their stories are ones that are indeed believable.  
Since this mains stream teen fictional there are teens doing things that shouldn't. Underage drinking, bar fights, mentions of sex and some language. Not suitable for everyone.  But it was still a read I enjoyed.    I do look forward  to reading any future books from this author.  

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
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I honestly don't really know what to say.... I had so much hope due to the blurb, but I just found the characters annoying and the plot was kinda weird, and it was just not what I expected
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You’d Be Mine is a great YA novel. It is about a girl named Annie, her parents were famous country singers, and Clay who is a young country singer. Clay talks Annie into joining him on his tour to help with his public image.

They deal with falling in love, family issues and learning to be themselves. This was a sweet novel.
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While I loved the plot and the set up for this story, the characters and writing just didn’t quite do it for me. However I think Erin Hahn shows a lot of promise as a writer and I will definitely be checking out more from her in the future!
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I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

Annie Mathers is the daughter of two country music legends.  She inherited their talent, but she is afraid of becoming like them.  Clay Coolidge is on thin ice with his record label after his bad boy behavior gets him in trouble again.  The label will let Clay continue his tour this summer only if he can convince Annie to be his opener.  Despite her reservations, Annie and her bandmates agree to tour with Clay.  The public love the idea of Annie and Clay as a couple, and the two have undeniable chemistry.  However, Annie doesn't want to repeat her parents' tumultuous marriage, and Clay doesn't want Annie's reputation pulled down by his bad boy reputation.  Their hearts have their own plans, though.

I love this story.  The plot kept me intrigued, and the characters were likable and relatable.  We all have things we are dealing with below the surface that we try not to let show, and these two had some pretty big issues to deal with.  As a country music fan, I also enjoyed the fact that Annie wanted to keep the classics alive and introduce them to a new generation of fans.  I wish we could get the songs in the book as actual songs to listen to.
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Y'all. Go out and buy this book. Devour it in (basically) one sitting, like I did. Now, I started this book back in March, got a couple of chapters in and life happened. I picked this book back up last night thinking I would read a few chapters before I fell asleep. The next thing I noticed was my alarm going off and the sun coming up. 

I think this was marketed as an YA enemy to lovers trope, which I love, so I was excited. This was so much more. Annie and Clay are both dealing (or rather, not dealing) with some heavy family dynamics while also being budding country sensations. Clay's been doing this country superstar for a year or so and dealing with his grief with booze and babes. Until Clay shows up on Annie's doorstep to convince her to take her show on the road as his opening act, she has been avoiding the siren call of the stage so she wouldn't end up like her parents. 

This duo takes us out on the road with them. We get to live the highs and lows of the performing life. We see the toll that it takes on each of them along with the way they choose to handle their demons. These characters are so well fleshed out and this story is told so well that I could picture each scene as if it was playing out in front of me. I could feel their magnetism when they were performing the Johnny and June songs on stage. I could feel their love and heartache and confusion and anger and despair. These did not feel like fictional characters. They felt so real that at one point, I started to search for Under the Willows on YouTube so I could hear Annie's voice, before realizing that I was being delusional. 

Erin Hahn did not just stop at making her main characters feel so realistic, her side characters were just a real. The only band member that I keep forgetting about is Clay's drummer - Jackson? I think? The other band members, Annie & Clay's families, and even the band managers all were fleshed out and could hold their own as realist characters. 

Throughout this book, I laughed out loud. I cried. I was sucked into all the emotions that Annie went through. Her grief and anger over her parents. Her love and protectiveness and heartbreak for Clay. I was right there with her through all of those feels. 

It has been a long time since a YA contemporary novel has left this much of an impact on me. I will be shouting my praises and recommendations for this novel to everyone that will listen. I will definitely been picking up more of Erin Hahn's books in the future.
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