You'd Be Mine

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Look, it pains me to write this because I love music books (and as much as I hate country music, I LOVED Nashville). Here's what didn't work for me:

1. No chemistry between the love interests. They're all into each other (but not, because you know we gotta have some angst) but they don't really interact? 
2. The male narrator in the audiobook is flat. The spoken lyrics by both parties don't work. This is a rare case where I wouldn't recommend the audiobook.
3. Even though the main character tries to be sex positive, her comments don't feel that way. We already know the pressure she's under to be a "good girl" unlike her mother. 
4. The alluded "tortured artist" with a double suicide (FYI no warning in the book).
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A charming summer romance that reminded me of Open Road Summer by Emery Lord and Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker. Great for fans of Johnny and June or anyone who enjoys love stories with a touch of twang.
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A lot of other readers compared this book to the movie A Star is Born, so I was really looking forward to reading this book. The beginning was kind of intriguing, and gave the readers a peak at each of their lives. But for some reason, I just couldn't get into it. I usually really love romances that involve the characters in the entertainment field, but this one didn't do it for me. Annie and Clay were great characters, but I was sort of bored with the plot itself.
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I was hoping for more from this book. Parts of it were cute, but good lord, where were the adults for these children who are going around the country and apparently just doing whatever they want? What exactly are these managers doing, if not trying to make sure their clients are sober, clean and happy?

It was clear both of them had issues, but it seemed like they matured and grew over the summer. I wasn't sold on their romance by the end of the book, but there were hints that it could be real.
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You'd Be Mine follows a wide array of characters but mainly Annie and Clay, two talented artists on the glow up. Much to the industry's dismay, Annie and Clay aren't on good terms. But they are forced together on a summer-long tour around the US. That's this book in a nutshell. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel! It was cute and funny while being tense and serious all at the same time. It was a beautiful combination of expertly crafted plot and writing that of someone who really knows what they're doing!
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Clay is a country music's current bad boy celeb, to keep his star rising, he will need a stellar opening act. Good Girl and legacy, Annie Mathers and her band would be a perfect opening act. Annie doesn't want to fall prey to the fame game like her parents, who both died as a result, but music is her life. She decides to give the tour a chance and has hope for it, so long as she doesn't fall in love with Clay. It is through their troubled pasts that Clay and Annie find their way to each other and struggle with their futures as performers and possibly romantically. 

I enjoyed this novel. I thought the dramatic past of the characters added to the story and pushed it beyond a typical fluffy romance. This is a perfect summer relaxation book, complete with outdoor country concerts and romance.
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You'd Be Mine immediately caught my attention online when I saw its gorgeous cover. I mean it's just so pretty! When I read the blurb, I knew I had to read this one. Unfortunately, it didn't hold my attention. I really like the plot and think the book has a lot of potential. The romance and characters in You'd Be Mine just didn't connect with me. There isn't a specific reason I can list as to why they didn't, it just fell a little flat for me.

I have seen a lot of reviews that completely disagree with me and readers who loved Annie and Clay's story. If you've read You'd Be Mine, I would love to know what you thought about it!

I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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One of my new favorite books! This author has such a way with words the pages flew by in no time! I can’t wait to see the next work by this author! This was such a joy to read!
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A quick read for any fan of (teen) romance. Although the storyline was a bit predictable it was still enjoyable and I liked the addition of the song lyrics, thought that gave it a different edge.
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I struggled with this book as it felt quite a cliche at times with the whole rockstar aspect. I wanted to root for the characters but nothing about them truly gripped me.
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This was so much deeper than I ever expected it to be! Yes, this is a romance story that revolves around musicians and a tour, but it also deals with grief and addiction and how those thing affect people. 

This is a 4.5 star for me. There were a few times that I wished we could have seen them traveling a little more. It's obvious that they were on tour, but it would end a chapter in one city and then the next chapter would be days later and in another city.
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This book made me remember why I loved country music and after reading this one, I now have this weird urge to play “Jolene” on repeat. It was just so cute! But I also do want to state that while this book is adorable and is an overall fluffy YA contemporary novel with romance and great music, there were also some serious issues that were discussed in this book (i.e. suicide, addiction, alcoholism, drug use, etc.). 

My favorite part of the book was how relatable the characters were. I thought that perhaps both Annie and Clay would be more of your stereotypical rich, famous and snobby teenagers but that wasn’t the case at all. Instead, I found them incredibly down-to-earth and there were multiple times when I could see myself reflected in what Annie said or did. The slow reveal of their back stories and how and why they both had their own demons to deal with was done incredibly well and it made my heart ache for the two of them. It also added a lot of character depth and development which, in turn, made them that much more realistic. 

I also loved the interactions and friendships between Annie and her two bandmates, Kacey and Jason, as well as Clay’s brotherly bond with Fitz. I loved those dynamics and the roles that they played in both supporting Annie (from Kacey/Jason) and keeping Clay afloat (from Fitz). It was clear to me how much Annie and Clay meant to the others and I just adored reading about those relationships. 

The one aspect that I wish was a bit stronger was the ending. It was very predictable and it didn’t blow me away. I guess after reading about the tension and the back and forth between Annie and Clay throughout the entire book, that something more intense would happen but that wasn’t the case. It was still a good ending but not a great one. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book and found it very cute while it also dealt with some serious and real topics. I would also best describe this book as a mix between Forever My Girl and A Star is Born with teenagers as the lead. So if you enjoyed those two movies, like I did, then I highly recommend checking out this book!
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This book was excellent! Great plot, pacing, and characterizations. I was intrigued the whole time, and didn't want to put it down. I am excited to see what is next from this author in the future!
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I wish I could enjoy this book just like the majority of reviews that I read here. Unfortunately, I couldn't because neither the characters nor the plot worked for me. The characters, Annie Mathers and Clay Coolidge, are two young rising singers that ended up performing together for a summer tour, thanks to the twisted game of entertainment industry. 

The story was focusing on this duo, but everything felt bland and shallow. The way they started getting to know each other, their journey during the tour, their relationship throughout the story, everything felt too cliche for me. Also, it reminded me of typical Wattpad's fanfiction (featuring popular boybands/singers with Y/N, in case you forgot). Although both of them had a tragic backstory, I just couldn't feel sorry for them, probably because their relationship is too physically oriented (multiple mentions from Annie's POV of Clay hotness and how good his butt looks in jeans) rather than emotionally connected. Clay's not doing any better since he's your typical bad boy/douchebag who's apparently, incredibly inconsistent with his own feelings and words, even the ones that he told to himself. 

The plot was decent, I'd say. I couldn't be bothered since the characters ruined the whole mood for the story. I did enjoy the country musical references, especially since I'm not that familiar with this genre. The lyrics that popped every now and then in some chapters was pretty good too. 

Thank you St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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You'd Be Mine is a story about two teenage, popular country music singers Annie Mathers and Jefferson (Clay) Coolidge who are dealing with their own respective inner demons and tragic pasts--Annie is trying to get out of the shadows of her famous country music singing duo parents and their volatile marriage and violent death while Clay is angry with his elder brother for going off to war and dying in the ine of duty. Both are exceptionally gifted singers and when Clay gets into another violent ruckus, his label gives him the choice of either convincing Annie and her two bandmates to become the opening act on his summer tour or else kiss his contract goodbye. While on tour, both Annie and Clay gradually get to know each other, one show at a time, and realise that each one has a deeper layer to their personality. 

This was a sweet, heartwarming story of two individuals who are trying to overcome the burden of their past and challenges in life, and the only way they know how to do it is through music. I liked the musical tour setting of this story and while reading this book, I kept thinking that this can be turned into a good, decent movie. I cannot say that I have listened to a lot of country music but what I have listened to, I have liked it a lot....there is something very rustic and honest about country music and this book felt the same way.

My thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for the e-ARC.
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I absolutely ADORED this book! I am a huge fan of country music and I love how it was incorporated into the book.  Clay and Annie are both complex, likeable characters that you find yourself rooting for. Will definitely be the book I recommend to other readers!
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I enjoyed this story & would recommend it for my daughter & her friends. A good southern backdrop for great characters. Highly recommend reading this book!
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This gave me Open Road Summer vibes which I absolutely loved so on-the-road country star romance story didn't come across as original if I had read this before. Annie is dealing with family demons and Clay is your bad boy star only in his late teens. I initially thought the connection might be between Annie and the drummer. I enjoyed the story but there were no big surprises.
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I liked the idea of this book. You always see romance books about rock stars, but rarely country music stars. So I think I kind of had a higher expectation. 

With that being said, I think I am just over the angsty male music stars. I also got annoyed with how mean Clay could be to Annie around other people. I was just like really?? 

It was a good, well progressing book. The characters battled their demons, in different ways. 

3.5/4 stars
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You'd Be Mine is such a fun, enjoyable story! 
Annie is hesitate to follow in her parents path in the music world. 
After meeting Clay, a born star he draws her in as an opener for his concerts. Then it's off on tour for this fast paced, sweet romance & finding yourself story. 
Annie & Clay are such well written 
out, realalistic, characters. Everything about the story felt authentic & real. The concert tour from venue to venue makes the story move quickly. And the music aspect is just the icing on the cake.
Absolutely fantastic young adult book that will entertain readers of all ages.
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