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I loved the fact that it was based in the music industry and that the characters were fleshed out. However...I thought I would the plot as a whole but instead I was bored. Even when things happen it was just like "okay??" Either way not a bad book I just had too high of expectations :/
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This book, it's characters, and the songs caught me by surprise, which is pretty shocking given that I jumped into this contemporary with pretty high expectations.

As a lifelong lover of Johnny Cash, discovering there was a YA novel centering on music, the effects of the spotlight, and a Cash/Carter love story was everything I didn't know I needed. Color me thrilled that Hahn was able to deliver in her debut novel! Clay and Annie were such interesting, witty, and flawed characters and I really felt like I got to know them along their crazy tour. While there were certain elements that truly ticked me off (I'm looking at you and your philandering/self-destructing ways, Clay). I was so invested in this story that I stayed up long into the night to finish the journey. 

If you're a fan of country music, the Nashville scene, or road trip dramas, this IS the summer read for you! I personally can't wait to see what Hahn has next in the pipeline, and hope you agree!
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You'd Be Mine is part A Star Is Born (the Bradley Copper/Lady Gaga edition), part Walk The Line, and part perfect summer read. Erin Hahn had crafted a story that offers an addicting blend of romance, angst, and hope.

Music is the heartbeat to this story. The way it influences and drives the characters makes it feel like a character itself. It is the central force that pushes every other element of the story in some way. It, therefore, is a good thing that it feels so natural to the characters.

Annie is the daughter of music royalty and that crown is a heavy one to wear. Particularly when that legacy is steeped in tragedy. Annie is struggling with doing things on her own terms and accepting the complicated feelings the death of her parents and entering the music scene bring out in her. She is doing her best to move forward and exhibits strength is some pretty tough situations.

Clay is the bad boy musician who drowns his sorrows with alcohol, women, and generally not caring about anything. He has a tragic backstory of his own but is, obviously, handling it different than Annie. He also happens to be incredibly charming and irresistible to Annie (thanks in large part to the way his butt looks in his jeans). He is exactly the kind of boy Annie knows to stay away from thanks to her up close and personal view of the darker side of what fame can do to someone.

The push and pull of Annie and Clay's relationship is electric. It pulsates like the beat of one of their songs. They tease, aggravate, and try to outdo each other. It is a romance meant to appeal to those who love the slow burn. They convincingly go from people who don't really like or trust one another to becoming friends and finally something more.

Obviously, both Clay and Annie have baggage to spare. These are not healthy individuals who should be entering into a relationship. Their own personal demons are something they have to face on their own and the writing never alludes to any kind of magic fix (and this includes love). Everything from Annie's grief to Clay's addiction issues is so raw and authentic that it adds some gritty texture to a story I thought was going to be lighter than it was.

The tour element provides the perfect backdrop to this story. It combined the rush of performing with the decidedly not glamorous reality of life on the road. Travel is not the focus of the novel, it instead feeds into the larger story being told. It, much like the music, just felt true to the story being told. Some of the elements of touring are used to highlight both Annie and Clay's personalities which helped flesh out their characters more.

I immediately wanted to watch Walk The Line upon finishing the final page of this book. Annie and Clay's story may not be June and Johnny's but there is inspiration to be found there. This book is a love letter to music, complicated relationships, and finding your own voice. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the young adult contemporary genre. Erin Hahn is definitely an author you'll want to keep an eye on.
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A cute and sweet love story. The music star element adds a fun twist. This is a feel good story that is great for a summer read.
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I really underestimated this book. It was so much better than I initially thought. I love that these behind-the-scenes music industry stories are becoming popular, and You'd Be Mine crushed it. Immediately wanted to put country music playlist on in the background. Annie and Clay were such enjoyable characters to read.
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I loved this book!

I loved the characters in this story. Both Annie and Clay have tragic histories. Annie’s mother was a famous country singer, but her parents died suddenly when she was a young teenager. Clay lost his mother, grandfather, and older brother who helped raise him. They both have these common experiences of losing their families, but their grief comes out in different ways.

This story shows a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes in the music world. Annie and Clay go on tour together. They have to write songs and adjust to last minute changes all the time. I really enjoyed this side of the story because I don’t know much about the music industry. It was all very new to me, and I liked reading about it.

This story really broke my heart, but it was mended by the end. This book will be the perfect summer read!

Thank you Wednesday Books for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I've just loved this book! It`s so amazing and was realy good to follow this journey! Become one of my favorites purchases of this year at all! I`ve aready recomended it even to my brazilian public! This way they can know te book and read it too!
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I gave this a four out of five stars. I really enjoyed You'd be Mine by Erin Hahn. I loved most of the characters but I loved all the main characters. This is the first time I've read a book that has to do with music. I like the on stage personas of Clay and Annie. I liked that they instantly had a connection. There are some sad parts though, but I like sad parts of books. Some parts of this book made me cry.  I loved that Annie's grandma brought pick;es in her purse in a scene. I liked when they're on stage and Clay aska Annie "your gran approve of that sass Mathers?" and she replies saying "who do you think taught me?" I connected with that pretty badly, my grandma taught me my sass too. So I absolutely loved that part. I enjoyed the ending. I want to read more from these characters.
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Speaking of young girls, Erin Hahn’s “You’d Be Mine” will instantly grab your teen or tween’s interest. Karen M. McManus, New York Times best-selling author had described it as “"witty and charming, with an off-the-charts, irresistible blend of romance, humor and characters who steal your heart from page one.”
It’s “A Star is Born” allegory with a twist – good girl (Annie Mathers) meets bad boy (Clay Coolidge). Both are famous on their own right, though they reached it differently.

Annie Mathers was born to fame; her parents were country music legends who met a tragic age when Annie was just a little girl. She did not want to step into the limelight, but music is in her soul.

Clay Coolidge was just a regular country boy until he went on stage. His charm and considerable talent made him an instant country music superstar. But something happened in his past which made him act like a total jerk at times, hence the label bad boy. 

They’re young, they’re beautiful and falling in love was inevitable. But, was it right?

This is YA, so aside from being a romance, it is also a coming of age story. Annie and Clay will tug at your heartstrings. You will laugh, you will cry and then you smile as these two young people find their place in this world and in their hearts.
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Who doesn't love a rockstar book? This is different, as it's Country stars! 
Clay and Annie have their own dark pasts and secrets. Trying to find who they really are. At 18 I think we all felt this way. Who are we? What is our purpose in this world? 

To start it wasn't bad, a bit repetitive but as a debut it was pretty amazing. I got hooked about half through and could not put it down until it was done (at 3am mind you). Annie's story, freaking heartbreaking! I don't know how anyone would come back from that. Clay, he tries so hard to be someone else. Add in Fritz, Kacey, and Jason, not to forget Gran!
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An excellent novel for YA interested the music scene, particularly country music.  Fans of the tv show Nashville will also enjoy this as the two stars work thru their personal issues together,
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Okay you guys, I wasn't sure what to expect when I received this ARC and truth is, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Fans of A Star Is Born and Country Strong will absolutely love this country music romance between Clay and Annie. I ravished the book in one sitting and then proceeded to feel sorry for myself and the world that this is a standalone novel - I WANTED MORE OF ANNIE AND CLAY. I love Clay's rockstar cowboy persona (bear with it - there are some layers to him) and I think the author did a great job with writing Annie's character and her tragic backstory. My only complaint is that some secondary characters could've been better - for example, I had to go back into my notes to remember Jason, or anything about Jason since he just doesn't really stick to mind, though he is present throughout the entire novel. There is a strong theme of mental health and grieving and while it's nothing new, it still felt refreshing to me. I never get tired of authors finding meaningful ways to have such important themes and representation in their novels and I applaud Erin for doing it so perfectly. Essentially, I finished this book with a smile and a warm heart, reminiscing about Country Strong (I see you Leighton and Garrett). The perfect summer read!
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What a sensational novel! I really enjoyed this novel and all it entailed! I love how music is a big focus in this novel and how it's incorporated. I really enjoyed the characters on their own and their dynamic together. What I didn't except is the heavier topics that was explored within this novel. I think the author did a fantastic job including these topics in a safe and respectful manner.
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Annie's parents were both country music stars that had a tragic end.  Annie loves to sing but doesn't want to end up like her parents,  Clay is a bad boy of country music getting into a lot of trouble that if he doesn't do well, he would lose his record label.    Good girl meets bad boy, can she save him, but she doesn't want to be part of this lifestyle of fame, that took her parents away.  

First read, I really enjoyed this book, you'd have to read to understand, but it's well worth it.  I received a free ARC from Net Galley for honest review.  Thank you
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I wanted to like You’d Be Mine so much more than I did. It has a lot to like about it – compulsively readable prose, a group of characters that are both fun and take care of each other, and the perfect concept – a country music tour with a headliner who’s a cocky charmer and a opening band with country royalty who has real, raw talent. I really did like Clay and Annie together and I enjoyed the cute moments of this book, from their best friends getting together, to the camaraderie they create on tour.

I think the issue is that You’d Be Mine is YA that reads like a New Adult book – full of angst and dark emotion – but you never get the payoff of an NA with the romance. I wanted it to go a lot further than it did physically, and I also wanted the romance to feel as intense and passionate as the rest of the book does with its themes of abandonment, death, and grief. It just…never really rang as true with the romance as it did with the grief, and that’s where it failed. But for a quick, addictive read, it was enjoyable and full of country music call outs. A decent summer book for people looking for the intensity of new adult without the sexuality of it.
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I love music and I love stories. Combine those two elements together and you have me practically eating out of your hands. So you’d understand my excitement over Erin Hahn’s debut You’d Be Mine.

And it was a treat to read.

Summer, music, the sweetness of first love – You’d Be Mine has it all. I can’t remember the last time I fell in love so quickly with a YA contemporary. It completely reeled me in with its first few pages and had me swooning by chapter four. All of these was largely due to the story’s main characters, Annie and Clay.

Annie and Clay were interesting characters. They were different from one another with their contrasting personalities and temperament, and yet they were still similar. Both had some serious emotional baggage – Annie with her parents and Clay with his brother. These unresolved issues and the different way they dealt and coped with them kept Annie and Clay from really acting on their obvious attraction. At the start, at least. The two young country stars, getting to know each other more and growing closer during their summer tour, eventually getting together close to the end.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The sweet, satisfying ending of course factors in, but it was more than that. You’d Be Mine tackled grief and trauma, and the different ways people handle these two issues. Clay turned to alcohol to numb the pain of losing his grandfather and brother almost simultaneously. He was close to the edge, driving himself to his own destruction. Annie, meanwhile, became too careful, setting strict rules and boundaries for herself wanting to steer away from the path her parents took. These – their grief and trauma – was a big part of Annie and Clay’s story, and Erin Hahn did a great job tackling this element of their characters. It was realistic but was still handled with great care and sensitivity, something that I hugely appreciate as it opens up avenues for discussions in relation to these to very real issues.

This was a character-driven story – Annie and Clay doing most of the labor with supporting characters adding more color and nuance - but it did not take anything away from the plot. It was still fun and sweet. The glimpses into the inner workings of the country music scene was definitely intriguing. Other readers got A Star is Born vibes from this book, and while I agree it did have that going for it, I was more reminded of two of my old time favorites – Nashville and ­Hart of Dixie – which was nice surprise for me.

With characters you’d cheer for and a swoony romance, You’d Be Mine is the perfect summer read for YA contemporary lovers. Trust me, this book will definitely give you that funny butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling just by reading it. Erin Hahn may just be a new auto-buy author for me. I’m definitely going to look forward to any of other future works from her.
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DNFed after 4-5 chapters due to a lack of interest in the characters, especially the male POV

I rated this book 3 stars because I think it would have been an OK read, but I wanted to move on; the star rating is a guess of what I would have rated it if I finished.
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This book made me cry, made me laugh, had me putting on all my old country music and dancing. I love these characters and related so hard to family problems. I would recommend this book to everyone and its just one of my favorites this year
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You'd Be Mine reads exactly like a country music festival! I know that many people will say, "well yes, it is about a country music tour," but I am talking more about the vibe of the whole book. It is fun, emotional, and it feels like the middle of summer! 

You'd Be Mine is precisely what a YA romance contemporary should be like! It checks off every one of the requirements for a great contemporary. There is an excellent cast of characters, a dramatic storyline, a great pace that keeps readers reading, and the bad boy, good girl trope. While this trope may initially turn people off of this book, I think that it is one of the times when the trope is done well. Annie is grounded, has her own opinions and voice. Annie is also not begging Clay to notice her; she is confident and knows her worth. Too many times I have put down a book with this trope as the girl is too helpless and just blindly falls into the relationship. To me, that's not what the trope should be, but unfortunately, that is how it ends up being for the most part. Besides, it makes for a much better read when there is some friction between the characters; one character shouldn't be falling over to please the other. 

To begin, the characters are done exceptionally well. The characters' personalities balance each other throughout the novel. The easiest way to explain this is by imagining a spectrum of character personalities, with one side being perfect and making good decisions and the other side is making bad decisions and being far from perfect. On this spectrum, Annie is on the good decision-making side while Clay is on the other end. Their band members are sprinkled throughout it.
Additionally, all of the characters are messed up in some way or other. Throughout the novel, the pasts of the characters come up, contributing to a more authentic feel. Their problems are relatable which makes their growth feel more realistic.
I also read the dialogue as something teenagers would actually say. Sometimes, YA books have dialogue that doesn't make sense for the age range, which can throw me off. 

There were also two POVs in this novel. It switches between Clay and Annie, and for a story like You'd Be Mine, it is almost necessary! The changing perspectives give the reader valuable insight into Clay and Annie's growth throughout the book, as there is often more going on than what is externally shown. The POV differences also provide additional reasons for the characters' actions, something that is more important as the tour progresses.

The pacing also worked perfectly with the storyline. As I've mentioned before, the story feels like one big concert. There is an intro that sets the reader up for a fantastic book, downtime between acts to enhance the read, and electric, heart rate increasing moments that leave the reader needing more!

Hands down my most favorite part of this entire book are the performances that Clay and Annie put on. Their dynamics during these times are constantly changing, providing a look at their relationship and personal issues. It is during times like these where I love the changing POVs. As it switches between Clay and Annie, I can feel the confusion, anger, and hurt that they are feeling. Hahn also includes songs during the performances, and they are AMAZING! I want to get the soundtrack!

While this is a YA romance, the primary focus isn't the romance. There is much more of a slow burn that occurs while the music and the friendship between the bands is center stage. 

In conclusion, I couldn't recommend this book more! As a country-pop music fan, a lover of YA contemporaries, and a supporter of the bad boy, good girl trope (done well of course) this book was practically made for me! You'd Be Mine has a slow burn romance, friendships, mistakes, and country music. What more could you want? The female MC, Annie, is a strong and independent character who isn't falling heals with Clay, the male MC. The other supporting characters are well developed and are not just in the book as filler. They have their own backstory and secrets that are shown throughout the book. There were two POVs, Clay and Annie's, that helped me to fully understand their motivations and fears.  In a book like You'd Be Mine, the dual prospectives are so crucial as the MCs are often complete opposites of each other. Hahn also included their performances, complete with songs! These performances were undoubtedly my favorite part of the book. The dynamics between the bands are constantly changing and their performances reflect it. This book is superb, and I will highly recommend it to everyone!
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I enjoyed this book, for something lighter, and less dark to read. It fit the bill perfectly.  I had never heard of this author before,  and I am really impressed. I found this book to be well written, and rich in it's plot. Not my typical read, but I am so glad that I picked this one up.
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