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Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party

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My daughter loves Judy Moody! She was so excited to get this book and read it right away! She is in love with the whole series!
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When Judy is assigned to do a family tree for a school project, her grandmother tells her that she has English blood, so Judy is sure she is related to the queen herself. In typical Judy fashion, she decides to have a royal tea party to share this fact, and can't wait to present all of her information to her class. Of course, Jessica "Fink" Finch has a similar English connection, but she's done her homework a bit more thoroughly, so not only does Judy's presentation look suspect, but it looks like the two girls might be distantly related. When no one shows up for her tea party, Judy has to reconsider her royal past and think about what her friends might like to do. 

Strengths: I was a fan of the first book, Judy Moody was in a Mood, and think that Judy is a more likable character than Junie B. Jones for early elementary school. My own daughters would have loved these. This is a must purchase for libraries where these are popular.
Weaknesses: This is some pretty intense British fandom, although there is a nice glossary of terms. Might be a bit challenging for those who don't have background information. Also, it seems odd that teachers would still be assigning family trees. Most students are lucky to know their grandparents these days, so it's a risky proposition to assign something like this to a whole class. 
What I really think: I did have some students reading these, but they are very young for middle school, so I will pass on this one and stick to just books one through five.
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