Her One Mistake

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Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks is a breathtaking and gripping read. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare laid out in a book! The characters have structure and the plot is pretty thick, this is a fast paced psychological thriller that holds your interest throughout. 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an arc copy of Her One Mistake in exchange for an honest review.
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Patty Magyar's review Oct 18, 2018  ·  edit
it was amazing

Her One Mistake
Heidi Perks

What it's all about...

Charlotte takes her three children and her friend Harriet’s daughter...Alice...to the school fair. It’s a big deal for Harriet because she has never let Alice out of her sight ever before. Charlotte loses sight of Alice for a minute and she disappears. 

Why I wanted to read it...

This book was a page turner from the very first page. Alternating between Charlotte’s life and Harriet’s life...two very different women who become close friends.

What made me truly enjoy this book...

OMG...there were so many layers and secrets and lies in this book. It reminded me of the book Best Day Ever! 

Why you should read it, too...

Readers who love psychological mysteries will love this book! The characters, the writing, the plot...were intense! I loved it! 

I received an advance reader’s copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley, Edelweiss and Amazon. It was my choice to read it and review it.
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Her One Mistake is told from two women's point of view. Charlotte and Harriet. In a suspenseful tale of a child abduction, we wonder, how did Alice disappear without a trace from a playground. Both women blame themselves and as the story unfolds we realize nothing is as it seems. Thank you, Netgalley.
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Her One Mistake is a quick read, and will likely have readers guessing until near the end – oh, OK maybe halfway through. I am notoriously bad at figuring things out, so I am not judge here, but I did enjoy this and thank Gallery Books and NetGalley for a copy in return for this honest review. 

The protagonist, Charlotte, takes her two kids and her friend Harriet’s daughter to the school fair, and took her eyes off them briefly (was she on Facebook at the time??) When her kids return from the bounce house, the neighbor’s kid isn’t there, and has vanished. 

Charlotte frantically searches everywhere, then has to tell Harriet she lost her daughter and feels responsible (duh – she was).

 Harriet can’t bear to see Charlotte again, until the police start to press BOTH women, and then the dark secrets start to come out. Good plotting, not sure the ending will satisfy everyone (but they really never do), and I give it a hearty four stars.
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Was't quite sure what to expect, and it is a deep story.  I can't imagine anting worse than feeling that you have utterly betrayed your best friend in the worst way imaginable. The guilt and horror, the vocal and silent accusations of other supposed friends compounds the misery. 

Sure, I will watch the kids turns into a nightmare. But not the nightmare you would expect, but one of a very different nature, for all involved. It can be so awfully hard to admit things because we feel it will make us look bad, but the ways to avoid telling can make us look worse. 

This is another book about a friendship that has gone awry and the repercussions of deadly secrets. 
More psychology than action and the story wraps up pretty quickly.
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Harriet never lets her only child, Alice, out of her sight and has never been separated from her, except for school time. Harriet asks her friend Charlotte to look after Alice as she is starting a class in accounting. Charlotte takes Alice and her own children to a local fun fair and Alice disappears. The mystery and tension start to ramp up and just keeps building. The story is dark and twisted but I could not put it down!
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What begins as a story about a child who goes missing on a friend’s watch turns into a psychological thriller with many twists and turns. A highly enjoyable mysterious read!
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First, I want to thank Heidi Perks, Simon & Schuster, and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review. 

Heidi Perks just became my favorite Psychological Thriller Author after reading Her One Mistake!! Heidi brings you into the story, introduces you to the characters, makes you think what is going on, then the ball is totally dropped on the reader!! Be prepared to have your jaw drop and the story to be switched. You think you know how the story will end-but you have no clue!! 

I was very impressed with Heidi with how she developed the characters into the storyline. How we didn’t learn all their secrets all at once. Once we found out their true colors I was shocked! She is truly a gifted 

writer/storyteller who was passionate about this story. She definitely knows how to hook her readers into the story and not let go until the book is done. 

The story was told in different perspectives from three different characters. Heidi also wrote in before the abduction and modern day. These two made the story very interesting.

Kudos to the graphic artist who did the cover of the book. I thought it was spot on to the theme of the book. Not to mention I really liked it. 

There is one life lesson to take away from this book though. If you have kids and are out in public watch them and not your phone! Someone could snatch them while you are looking. Another thing is that Facebook and Social Media can be so cruel in situations like this. Talking bad about the person when you don’t know the truth or their side of the story. There are two sides to every story. 

My heart broke for Harriet on so many occasions in this book. If anyone in this book needed a hug it would be her!! She was a strong woman through all of this! 

Out of all the characters in this book Brian was the one I loathed the most. In the beginning of the book something was off about him. At the end of the book I was not a fan of all. Too many reasons why. You will have to read the book to find out why! 

I loved how in the acknowledgements how she thanked her Mum. How ever since she was eight she told her she can write and she has never stopped supporting her since.
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Great psychological thriller!  This one will be on the 'not-to-miss' list for 2019, or, if it's not, there are going to be a lot of great suspense/thrillers out next year, a win-win for us readers!  What would you do if you were watching a friend's child along with your 3 at a fair and your friend's child goes missing?  You lost your best friend's child?  Your three children are fine?  What kind of horrible person are you?  Well, that's what Charlotte's friends are thinking when Charlotte loses Harriet's daughter, Alice, at the fair.
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This book, was one of those that really grabbed me from page one and did not let go until I was done.   It was one of those that really had me gripping the edge of seat, holding my breath, and flipping pages like a mad woman, needing to know exactly what was going to happen and to who!  And the end is AMAZING. 
Will be highly recommending, using in daily challenge, and letting Chapter Chatter Pub know it's a must read.
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If you are looking for an anticipating and gripping novel to keep you entertained during the cold autumn nights - look no further.

Charlotte and Harriet have built a unique friendship over the years. Being complete opposites in every way, they bonded over one thing - they both grew up without fathers. Coming from different backgrounds was another reason that attracted both friends. However there was one difference - when open and carefree Charlotte didn't mind sharing her life and secrets with her friend, quiet and overprotective Harrier kept hers to herself.

Starting with the day that Harriet's daughter goes missing, we are starting to learn more details about Harriet's life behind the closed doors of the house that she shares with her husband.

Her One Mistake is a suspense novel about friendship, trust, and survival.
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One of the best books I've ever read, ha da down!  Plus an ending that will leave you breathless 

I don't want to do any spoilers, so I will just say this book had me from page one.  Extremely well written, believable and mesmerizing.  I was too tired to finish it in one sitting, but the minute  I got up the next day I grabbed my iPad and devoured it.  Ten stars to this author for plot, writing style, characterizations. And everything else!  Highly recommend t!
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In “Her One Mistake” by Heidi Perks we are thrown into the story of four-year-old Alice.  She goes missing at the school fair while her Moms best friend Charlotte was supposed to be watching her.  What happens over the two weeks after Alice is taken will show how Alice’s mom, Harriett, definitely made more than one mistake.  

Lies and secrets are revealed that will have devastating effects on a marriage, a friendship and all the lives of everyone Harriett has touched. 

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and this is my honest review.
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This book was good. There was a lot of crazy which usually allows for a twisty ride and this one had that. You get a clear picture of what’s going on, but halfway through there is a moment of wondering who and how that makes the book build back up speed and curiosity. I enjoyed it quite well and will read more by this author. Thanks to NetGalley for my copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Charlotte and Harriet are friends, probably best friends. Charlotte has lots of other friends,  but she is drawn to quiet, loner, Harriet. Harriet's whole world revolves around her four year old daughter. She is extremely protective of the little girl. Never once left her in the care of a babysitter. Than, when the school fair is happening she entrusts Charlotte with taking her daughter for the day. That is the day Charlotte will never forget. Alice goes missing. 
There are a lot of  different situations happening in the story. Which makes it very entertaining and exciting. A lot of psychological mind twists and drama. I enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend it.
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I have not finished reading this book yet. That whole life thing gets busy! However I have truly be enjoying this book and have a hard time putting it down.  I could not imagine the heart ache of losing one of my friends children..  I will update on goodreads when I finish!
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A parents worst nightmare as your only child goes missing and a best friends worst heartache!
A fun day out turns into heartbreak as Charlotte has no idea what happened to Harriet's daughter Alice.
One minute Charlotte's kids and Alice requested to go on the bounce ride at Jungle Run and the next they turned the corner and she never came back.
Charlotte's husband is separated while Harriet's husband Brian is barely hanging on.
A prior case with a young boy gone missing is reignited by the Alice case.
Could there be a connection?
Another boy Jack was lost but luckily found when Charlotte had turned away and he walked down to the corner store and found by a bystander.
Brian is not who you might come to love as he's abusive but not per say in the physical sense.
"He needed me to believe without him I wouldn't survive."
This statement alone for those of us who lived with abuse is so bone chilling it'll make you shake in your boots. The accuracy with which Heidi Perks writes will astound you.
"I have no scars to show them." "No bruises." "I've no way of proving he's abusing me."
Anyone who has had to go under the microscope of credibility in dealing with toxicity knows how mind altering this state can become. 
Trapped between two lives as ultimately only one can proceed.
Family isolation is often common in abuse cases but in this situation the father is absent from Charlotte's life for the past 34 yrs until just recently in the last 6 months has he begun to come around.
All these years everyone assumed the worst of her father and hoped for the best.
Shocker upon shocker this story builds up to the point you know the explosion is coming.
"He chipped away at me until I doubted my own sanity." 
"Life was coming full circle."
But I can swim and nobody knows this truth...
Well I have but one question for the readers says the author,"How can I live with myself if I don't tell the truth." "How can you live with yourself if you do?"
"What he did was subtle." "Brian Hodder was a clever, manipulative, patient man." He did it in a way nobody would ever notice."
So you still don't believe her do YOU?
"I'm not sure I believe her version of what happened."
So there's that and then some as she's carrying more than just her feelings ....
In the end, Brian gave her a gift in disguise as we abuse survivors know all too well as absence is a true blessing.
"He gave her all she ever wanted. Freedom."
Amen to that my friends. Amen!!
A must read for any avid thriller fan!
Heidi Perks you are amazing.
Thank you to Heidi , her publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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It all started at the school fair...
Ask a mother- What would you do if you lost your friends child?

a single mother of 3 takes her friends child for a day of fun
and to give her friend a break, While kids are playing she looks at phone for a quick minute...then---
gone ---nowhere to be found.

13 days later ...
twists and turns arise
One is aching over loss of child - one is aching over a little mistake/her attention to social media for "1 min"
tick tock
tick tock 

I become so invested in this book that I ignored everything around me and could not put it down.

I highly recommend!!
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This was a very quick and suspenseful story about a four year old girl who goes missing at a school fair with a twist I didn't see coming.
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I received an arc copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. This book was amazing and I could not put it down. Harriet and Charlotte are best friends. Harriet has never left her four year old daughter, Alice, with anyone. She goes to a class and leaves her with Charlotte who takes Alice and her own children to a school event. All of the kids go on a ride and Alice does not come back with them and so begins the search of Alice.
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