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When a friend asked if I wanted to take part in a book tour for this book I said sure. It sounded like a good book and I had been meaning to read the author. I really had no idea how the book would be, but I can happily report it was really fantastic. It had everything I love in a good realistic contemporary book. My heart really felt for Grace and everything that she had been through over a two year period. How alone and confused she must have felt and how her world unraveled  shortly after the worst night of her life. It was hard to see her go through all the things she went through and finding out things she thought were true for so long might not have been. But I loved everything about Grace and how strong she was. My only complaint was I thought there were too many smaller stories building on the outskirt that weren’t important and were a little distracting. But besides that, this book was truly amazing and a must read for any YA contemporary lover.
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My dear friends, this book drew so much emotion from me. Not only did I cry, but I laughed, I hoped, I screamed, and I was thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. The Leading Edge of Now is not only the story of a teenage girl trying to anchor herself in the world after the death of her father, but also a tale of surviving sexual assault, and finding strength, hope, and love in the chaos that follows.

Despite all the troubles that Grace faces in this novel, I was moved by her strength. She continued to find beauty in small things as she dealt with her trauma.

I found this book to be a necessary story that talks about difficult and sensitive subjects, but one that we need. We need to remember that awful things do happen and that we must help those that are hurt. In the wake of the #MeToo era, this story just strengthens the message that we when women come forward with their stories, we must be willing to listen. 

A longer review will appear on my blog on the 3rd of September.
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The Leading Edge of Now is a powerful, heartwrenching novel. Marci Lyn Curtis creates such power behind her characters that you truly feel for them and relate to them. Grace has an awful experience that unfortunately takes a long time to sort out who was actually involved.  The twist is, it was someone who you would have never expected.  This novel may be a trigger for those who have experienced sexual assault and trauma. It does not go into detail,  but it is a large theme in the novel.
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A moving and realistic contemporary coming of age novel that included some serious themes. Be aware, it addresses rape and grief. The MC's emotional journey is spot on. A thought-provoking YA novel that makes you think and cry. Recommended. 

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Grace is back at her hometown and while she's dealing with the death of her father 2 years after, she also still doesn't know who sexually assaulted her. You could see great characters and a beautifully written story in this book. An important, heartbreaking, and poignant read. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for providing me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. Rated this 5🌟on Goodreads! 🤓
"Grief isn't something you can't hurdle. It's something you carry on your back. You just find a way to cart it around without letting the weight of it fold you in half. You learn to live with it, because you don't have a choice."

"Relationships are like yard sales. They look good from a distance, but once you get up close, you realize that all they offer is a bunch of crap you don't need."

"Moving on, I guess, isn't about glossing over the past. It's about choosing happiness. And sometimes, choosing happiness means acknowledging painful things and then letting them go."

"Your dad told me once that people tend to put their stock into one of two things, luck or hope. But that when it really comes down to it, luck and hope are the same thing -- a wish, thrown up to the universe."

🎶Soundtrack: Unbreakable by Jamie Scott
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WOW WOW WOW!!! This book was absolutely INCREDIBLE! The best book I have read in 2018! 

There was quite a bit going on in the book. This is not a light funny read at all, it was deeply emotional. I honestly don’t know how the author put together a story like this. She put into words what so many rape survivors feel. The details and descriptions were written to evoke deep feelings. I got goosebumps often and highlighted so many passages. The last 25% I could not stop crying. It completely gutted me. 

Grace was such a great main character. She was fantastic, strong, sarcastic, witty, and wise beyond her years. She was a survivor in so many different areas of her life. As she pieces together more of that night, my heart is breaking. She has no one, and she doesn’t know who to trust. It was a bit of a mystery trying to figure out what actually happened on that night. The past and present wove together seamlessly. 

This book was truly remarkable and will stay with me long after finished reading it. Cannot recommend this book enough!

* ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
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When I first saw the cover of The Leading Edge of Now I thought it was beautiful, after reading the synopsis I realized that it would be an emotional read
Later I was asked if I wanted to be part of the ARC tour and I immediately said yes. I really wanted to read this story and I wanted to know what happened to Grace!

Grace struggled with her past, including the loss of her father, now coming back to her uncle's house after he abandoned her for two years in foster care, she's facing her present with seeing her friends again who she never called again when she left. There were so many beautiful memories she had with them and with their family, but there was one memory that has been haunting her every since she left.

I was sad to see Grace struggling with all at once. The loss of her father, coming back home and seeing her friends again... It was all too hard for her, but I liked how all of them reached out to one another. Still, the memory of that night didn't completely let her move forward. And she was shocked to discover that the person she always thought was responsible of what happened to her that night didn't take advantage of her. But when she discovered who it really was...

The Leading Edge of Now was indeed an emotional read, it was heartbreaking and hopeful, it was a rollercoaster of feelings. There were times when I found myself crying, when I was angry at what Grace when through, but there were other times when Grace surprised me. She was a very realist character, with dreams of a better life & hopes. She also made me laugh so many times, she had an incredible personality!

While I read this book I was able to see how Grace little by little overcame her fears. How she became the person I was hoping for her to be. The Leading Edge of Now was a beautiful and fantastic well written story that will make you fall in love with the characters because of how real they are.
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Absolutely loved this book!! The character development was great. I especially seeing Grace's relationship with her Uncle grow from the beginning to the end of the book
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: I was fortunate enough to get an e-copy of this book and took the time to read it this week. It releases in a couple of weeks, which is always exciting - to read something before everyone else does.
To be honest, the cover drew me to this one. It's beautiful.
This book really kept me on the edge of my seat (well, TBH I read it in bed) because I was constantly wondering who was responsible for ruining Grace's life two years ago by raping her. My mind assumed the worst at all times and still never saw the answer coming. Super intense.
The characters really grew on me and were fairly developed. It's written really well and it's a super interesting story. There's a bit of a beach feel, so it sort of feels like a summer read, but honestly it's such a heavy topic and centered around something so intense that it's more of a rainy day feel to me.

: This one for sure needs a trigger warning if it doesn't already. I think it's going to be a little too intense for my 8th grade classroom but is perfect for high school aged readers.
SPOILER: I did not like the ending. I have a hard time believing the romance piece would still play out.

 4/5 stars
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Before I start, my review will not do justice to this book, so can anyone who doesn’t have this book on their tbr yet, go add this right now?!? This was my first approved Netgalley book and I did not expect it to be this good

This emotional rollercoaster is about Grace, who lost both her innocence and her father in a matter of weeks and ends up in foster care for two years. She then finally gets claimed by her only living relative, only to be brought back to the place she used to love, but where her life fell apart one fateful summer.

Do you know the kind of book that just grips you by the throat and refuses to let go? Yeah, this is one of those books. I was hooked right from the start! The writing and pacing was just phenomenal.
I don’t want to spoil too much about the story because you really need to experience it all firsthand. The way she finally learns to deal with her grief, anxiety and guilt, reconnects with the people from her past and finds out what actually happened that fateful night... This will destroy your faith in humanity and restore it. It’s heartbreaking, it’s real, and it’s beautiful.

Grace is a really brave and inspirational female lead, effortlessly hilarious one moment, yet manages to make you cry your eyes out the next. She’s not your typical contemporary heroine and I loved that about her.
Owen is perfect book boyfriend material, so supportive and kind, and I just want to hug him.
Their character development was spot on, and this whole book just moved me immensely.

Strongly recommend everyone to pick this one up asap!
Beware though, this deals with some heavy topics like rape, grief and death, but delivers a powerful message.
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Why I loved this book:
1. Discusses something super relevant.
2. The Author’s Note...YES YES AND MORE YES!
Thank you, we needed this.
3. It’s quite upfront and doesn’t skirt around the topic , normalising the topic which is definitely something we need to do more.
A slight issue with this book:
1. Kinda seemed rushed with not much flow.
2. Grace was one of the lucky could Owen and everyone readily believe her? As someone who’s also gone through something not as major but still something similar, no one believed me, everything I’ve seen on social media always victim blames, so I guess I was also upset that a fiction character could be believed over people of the everyday? You know?
But hopefully it also spreads awareness with how these situations can come about and create more awareness on this issue. 

Also a quick thank you to the author: Marci Lyn Curtis for briefly mentioning your story too. Thank you.
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One of my favourite Netgalleys of all time!! So beautiful, heart-breaking, lovely and moving, definitely go read it as soon as it comes out!! 

This book hit me right in the feels!!

I loved that Owen & Grace had a backstory and it wasn't insta-love at all! They were so cute together and I ship them so much. They were always rooting for each other even when everything was terrible and ASDFGDSSAASFAHFHASA they are so cute!!!

But just the development of every single character in this book is spot on?! Like, you could literally name any main or side character and I would begin gushing about how well written they all were.


And it was quite a short book which I liked. The pacing was good and it didn't drag! I was really sad when it was over, but the length was perfect!!

And the ending was beautiful. You need to read it to see what I mean, which is something I highly recommend doing. It just fit so well and was a little unexpected too!

This book also deals with heavy stuff, but it is quite sensitive and a really powerful novel. Though it tackles some heavy stuff, this fits in with the book and was done really well.

I want to rate it five stars, but it was just missing a little extra something that I can't put my finger on. It was definitely a completely amazing read though!!

Highly recommend this one to all readers of YA!

(Also, let's take a moment to appreciate this cover. Go look at it again, you didn't see it properly the first time!)
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For a book about sexual assault, I felt the author did a horrible job of portraying what it’s like actually being sexually assaulted. The focus was so much on the love affair between her and Owen that the sexual assault took a backseat. Not good.
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<b>Rating:</b> 4,5 stars 

Whoa, this was absolutely <i>not</i> what I expected it to be - in a suprisingly good way. 

First thing I want to say is, that I really loved our main character, Grace. She is confident and outspoken, doesn’t let anyone mess with her and most importantly; she’s realistic. She admits her faults and takes action to make it up to the people she’s wronged. She’s been through hell and doesn’t fall for pretty words. She’s hesitant and seriously thinks about everything that’s happened to her. 
I just loved her, really. 

This book on its own sends out a very important message, I think. It’s about rape and the aftermath for the victim, loss, misunderstandings with grave consequences, but most importantly to me; getting through terrible times. 

I definitely recommend <i>The Leading Edge of Now</i> to, well, every reader who likes to read a contemporary at least now and then. It’s not a lighthearted one at that, but it also isn’t too heavy - if that makes any sense.
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This book completely blew me away. It was heartbreaking, heartwarming, and overall important. This is the story of Grace becoming a survivor. She's grappling with the aftermath of a life changing weekend, from her dad dying, her uncle abandoning her to the foster care system, and someone raping her. 

This story was beautifully written. Grace stands out so much on the page for me. I feel her pain and confusion.  We watch her confront all the people who hurt or abandoned her. We watch her painful realizations and decisions. Does she report her rape? Will people believe her? Does she even want to face the person who did this? She's also struggling with relationships. She lost her best friend, her dad, her uncle, and her boyfriend all in a short time. Now, she's back in a town with nothing but painful memories for her and she's having to grapple with who she is now versus who she was when she used to live there. She's facing a multitude of tough choices and touch situations. Grace has spent so long with her life decided for her and now she has the freedom to chose what it will look like. But what does she want it to look like? 

This is also a deep dive into regret, blame, and grief. She feels guilty for being raped, as if somehow it was her fault. She regrets pushing away those important to her. She blames her Uncle for abandoning her and her rapist for leaving her with such a gaping hole. Others grapple with those feelings as well, letting it shape their lives in ways they wish it wouldn't. It's a turning point for so many of the characters in this novel, Labor Day weekend shaking more than just Grace's life for good. But as the same with Grace, what do they want their lives to look like now? 

This is a harrowing look at sexual assault/rape and how it effects not only the victim/survivors life, but of all of those around them. It's truthful, painful, but overall hopeful.
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Right after I finished reading The Leading Edge of Now, I knew writing a review for this book is not going to be easy.

A little warning, you may get impatient at the beginning of this book because the book started out slow, like really slow. However, I thank my lucky star that I didn’t stop reading. The story picked up it pace once we know what happened to Grace.

In the span of two years, Grace lost his father to heart attack and placed in foster care after she was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend, Owen. She was unable to tell anyone anything about that night because she was ashamed and plus Owen is her best friend’s older brother.

Two years after the whole ordeal, Grace is now adopted by her uncle and lives next door to Owen. Grace doesn’t know what to do but one conversation with Owen brings out a new truth to what happened that night; Owen didn’t rape her. The story then follow Grace’s journey in finding out the truth.

I’m obviously not going to write about what happened next. But I have to say that the way Curtis wrote about Grace’s journey is very raw. Grace’s feelings were all laid out in the pages, wrapped in beautiful words. You can’t help but to feel Grace’s confusion about what actually happened that night, which will make you want to find out who did it even more.

For me, the biggest lesson from this book is forgiveness. For Grace, I think forgiveness plays a big part in her closure. When she knew that Owen didn’t do it, she was struggling to accept the truth. I guess it would be easier for her to accept the version of the truth that she already knew. With that truth coming out, she had to forgive Owen while feeling guilty for accusing him all this time. Not only that, she now has to find the person who’s responsible. But her forgiveness for Owen obviously give her peace and help fix their relationship. Meanwhile, through the other characters, I learned that forgiveness for oneself is crucial. When you can’t forgive yourself, it will hinder you from moving forward. Forgiving yourself is freeing.

There’s nothing much more I can say without spoiling all of you. The Leading Edge of Now is the first book from Marci Lyn Curtis that I read. I have to say that one of my favourite things about her writing is her humour. Sarcasm drips out of this book and I loved it. The Leading Edge of Now has it all. Heart-wrenching story with lovable characters and sarcastic humour dripping out of its pages.
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I had the chance to read an early copy of this book. And damn I'm not too sure how I really feel about this book. It was so gripping and filled with emotion and bravery. And just wow, I am not disappointed. The topic isn't one to ve written about to wildly and I am happy how delicately the sexual assault was written. But sometimes its sad to say it felt like you lost how she was a survivor of it in places and felt I guess outspoken which was bad but it was so hard to pick any other issues with this book! 4.5 stars.
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Usually I plan my reviews, but I had to write this one while the reading experience was still fresh.
This book surprised me to no end. 
It maybe was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not because of the special effects but because of its authenticity. 
The book starts right in between the chaos and keeps being exciting and wonderful until the last page.
Discovering Graces history together with her was heartbreakingly painful and pushed me to tears. I was angry, sad and relieved while reading it and all of it, every single line, felt SO REAL. I will not talk about it further, but the special topic of rape and sexual assault is very important to myself and I nearly never read something that reflected all the feelings and fears as good as Ms. Curtis did.
I loved the Character for all their trades and flaws and the character development was more than surprising. The whole plot kept me speechless with its surprises! I hated characters and seconds apart I cried for them! The whole development of the story was unexpected, heartwrenching and in a weird way beautiful, because I could feel the healing alongside Grace. How she managed to fix everyone and everything in her life, herself included, discover her horrible past and get new friends while doing so, was so great to read about.
I recommend this book to every contemporary lover, but also people with sexual aussault in their past or a friends. It was a great read and it still hurts after finishing it.
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I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book because the synopsis was vague. During the first few chapters I was expecting some sort of summery coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who is trying to rebuild her life after her father’s death.

Well, that certainly does happen, but it is way heavier and darker than I anticipated. And while I was not quite enjoying the beginning of the book, I really ended up feeling greatly impacted by the events that unfolded.

Which leads me to trigger warnings: sexual abuse, rape, loss of a parent.

The Leading Edge of Now tells us the story of Grace, a high school senior who moves in with her uncle two years after her father’s death. Grace ends up living in the same neighborhood as her ex-best friend and her ex-boyfriend. And not only is she reeling from her past relationships and the death of her father, but she’s carrying the burden and guilt of a very traumatic event: one night she was raped while she was on Ambien.

Here the story unfolds into what takes us into a deep, emotional roller coaster of Grace’s inner turmoil. She cannot remember what happened that night yet she feels like it is her fault; that she feels the need to apologize to everyone who tries to help her. How for two years she lived with the fear that her rapist was someone she knew well. I feel like this is so relevant to our current society and the #metoo movement. Grace was afraid to come forward to the police, she was afraid to speak up, and she was afraid of the judgment. My heart seriously broke so many times.

Yet this story had many uplifting moments as Grace’s relationships with her friends, ex, and family start to bloom again. And while it all doesn’t happen over night, little by little she is able to open up and try to live her best life.

I absolutely loved the author’s writing and, despite the heavy topics, she sprinkled in so much witty humor. And even though the beginning was a bit of a rocky start for me, I truly appreciated the gorgeous writing and how Grace’s feelings were handled sensitively yet truthfully.
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This was a very interesting novel. On the one hand, its treatment of such a sensitive topic as rape was highly important, and it handled the navigation through all of the feelings which accompany such a trauma with skill. And yet, I felt that I was never able to get a good read on these characters, and so the impact of this novel just never came to fruition for me.

The beginning was just a bit confusing, as I felt like I had very little introduction to this girl and her circumstances. While that was fleshed out later, it represented my biggest problem with this book - it was just all over the place. I could never tell what the reader was supposed to get out of this. And Grace's voice felt so unfortunately stilted and off, overall forced and awkward. And when revelations did come, they came without any build up, lessening their emotional impact.

However, what was really ridiculous was not the emotions handled in this novel, but the circumstances which played into Grace's character development. A character who spent two years believing the boy she was falling for had raped her would never turn around almost immediately after discovering he didn't and start to fall for him again. She spent two years being terrified of him, but as soon as she realized her (albeit completely understandable) mistake, all her romantic feelings came rushing back. Plus, the people in her life kept pressuring her to go to the police, recount her assault, etc. which is textbook unhelpful and even harmful for rape victims.

While I think the novel did a really fantastic job handling the repercussions of rape, especially the guilt which so many unfortunately feel after a sexual assault, I just never felt like this was fully developed enough. There was far too much of a focus on making sure the people in Grace's life were healing after discovering her truth, and not nearly enough, until the very end, about how Grace herself was learning to cope.
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