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Hogtown Market (Feral Seasons #2)

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Susan B, Reviewer

Last updated on 29 Jul 2018

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I really enjoyed the heck out of this book, the voice of Hank was clear and her perspective added to the story. Since it was so well done, made you care about the character. The story was edge of your seat at times and always rang true to the storyline. The relationship between Jimmy and Hank was so well done - I appreciated the care and concern they showed each other on their dangerous journey to Hogtown.  My only regret was that I didn't read the first book to establish where they originally came from and how they got to the point this book started from. That said it was still enjoyable, starting off with a bang and going nonstop to Hogtown.  I rated it a 5 because most books leave you behind when you don't start with the first, this one not only didn't  it was great from the first few pages.  What a good writer, I hope she finds great success.

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