A Lady's Escape

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 12 Oct 2018

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A beautifully written story that captures the climate and tone of regency England with all its snooty rules. The author precisely describes what it’s like to live in a time when even using someone’s first name was considered improper. Imagine the scandal surrounding a stolen kiss or a quick embrace!  Millicent is an intelligent and independent woman who wants to make a difference in the world. Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton, is a forward thinking noble who refuses to be bound by societal restrictions. Together, they smolder with unspoken feelings and simmering passion. This is a book you won’t be able to put down.
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Millicent Edgebrook has great matchmaking skills , for her friends but not herself. She has been living with her uncle who loves her dearly but she feels that she needs more to do as it seems she will be a spinster. She is a new employee of the Everton Domestic Society. Due to her matchmaking skills, she is hired by the Dowager Duchess of Middleton to find a bride for her son,  Preston Knowles, the Duke of Middleton. Preston is attracted to Millicent and she to him, but her job is to find him a wife befitting his station. With her help, he picks three brides he may be interested in. She helps set up events where he may be able to get to know them. The third lady is perfect for him and she expects to hear they are betrothed when she is called back to her uncle's house due to an accident.  She never expects to hear from him again, then he shows up at her uncle's house. Will he marry the perfect lady for him? If so, which lady is it? Great read. Loved this book and the storyline rocked. I received this book from Net Galley and Kensington Books for a honest review and no compensation otherwise.
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I received this novel from net galley and the publisher. Thank you!
This novel brings together two people who need to overcome their pasts to have the love they both deserve. Millicent Edgebrook wants to be Everton Domestic Society Lady. She has secured matches for her friends, but has not done so for herself. Her first assignment is to find a wife for Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton, whom has had two rejected proposals. Who would not want to marry a duke? Preston is different from other men, for he respects women and seeks to be challenged, in which Millicent does that to him. He admires her intelligence and her company. As the two spend time together working on finding Preston a wife and gathering details about each potential bride, feelings begin to get in the way from accomplishing their goals. Millicent wants to travel the world and not have a husband, seeing what men can be. Preston wants to change her mind, trying to show her he is not like all men. Millicent and Preston fall in love with each other, but their obligations keep them from being together. However, Preston realizes he does not want anyone other than Millicent and will do everything possible to show her that she can have the future she desires with him.
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