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I’m a total sucker for second chance romance and definitely a sucker for HOT hockey players who need a strong woman by their side. ERIK delivers just that! Second chances and hockey… YES please. The men of the Arizona Vengeance are back and Erik is front and center… cocky, talented, and of course HOT doesn’t even begin to cover it. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Erik and Blue. I enjoyed the chase and that fact that Blue made him “work for it”. These two sizzled on the pages even before they landed between the sheets. The softer side of Erik totally stole my heart.

Another addictive read by the Queen of Hockey Romance! Check out this latest installment and be ready to fall in love and root for Blue and Erik’s HEA!
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Funny, sexy and sweet, Erik won me over

Book 2 in the Arizona Vengeance series, while reading book 1 gives you a little extra background, this works perfectly well as a standalone. Additional, while this is a spin-off from the Cold Fury series—and there are a few brief mentions of the team and some of the players—you don’t need to have read any of the Cold Fury books to enjoy this series.

I wasn’t Erik’s biggest fan after the first book, being more interested in some of the other secondary characters, but this is one of my go-to authors so I trusted that Eric would manage to redeem himself both in my eyes and in Blue’s by the end of the book. What I didn’t expect was just how deep a hole he’s in with Blue, and finding out why she’s been so hostile towards him had me hooked early on and reading eagerly for more. I really enjoyed watching Erik work to win Blue over, and I absolutely loved that both these characters acted like adults, sometimes making mistakes but taking responsibility when they needed to, and both openly admitting to their emotional investment.

There were lots of laughs here, and of course I loved so many of the secondary characters—the scene at Legend’s Halloween party with his neighbor not only had me laughing but certainly had me on the hook right away for their story. Sucker for the tragic hero that I am, I can’t wait for Tacker to get his HEA, and team owner Dominick has me highly intrigued as well. While I did think the plot was a little predictable, it didn’t really detract from the story for me.

Funny, sexy and sweet, Erik won me over just as completely as he won Blue, and I’m looking forward to Legend and Pepper. 5 stars 

B2B Kelly
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I am a big, big fan of everything Sawyer Bennett. But I especially love her hockey romance books. Erik is the second book in her new Vengeance series, and just like the first book, it was nothing short of brilliant.
I guess this could almost be considered a second chance at love book. But maybe only in Blue's eyes. Erik is known as a player, and it is something Blue knows first hand.
What I liked most was that Erik strived so hard to prove to Blue that he had changed. And then there was the part where he had to earn their first date - hilarious!!!
But my favourite part of the book was at the end when Blue confessed her love for him. It was so beautiful.
Can't wait to read Legend's book next.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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Review by: Gina

I have read all of Sawyer Bennett's hockey stories and this one is on the list as one of my favorites! I really enjoyed this one! Everything from the story, to the characters, and the writing. This book is packed full of the sweet and also the sexy that we tend to get from this author! This story has second chance vibe and I loved all the wooing that took place. It made for an entertaining story! There is one scene in the story that I absolutely loved. The author went against what the majority of other authors would do and the characters did not have sex (in this particular scene) and I thought that was the best thing because it not what would normally happen. It's little things like that that will stick with me! Overall, this was a fantastic book and I loved it and highly recommend it!  

5 Stars
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Erik is book 2 in Sawyer Bennett's Arizona Vengeance series and can be enjoyed alone. Blue was one of my favorite characters. She had such a strong personality. I absolutely loved her giving Erik the runaround. She definitely has his number. The fun part is watching him flounder until he gets it right. This new book is full of panty melting steam. But it also shows us loads of heartfelt emotions.  

I loved this second chance book and all its burning heat and heartwarming moments. This is only the second book and these guys just get better and better. If you loved Sawyer Bennett's Cold Fury series, then this one will become a favorite. I recommend it!
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Another fun sports themed romance! Loved that Blue made Erik work for it - she wasnt going to fall for his smooth talker ways. There is some history there too that added fuel to the fire...

Also loved tha t Erik was so accepting of Blue's special circumstances. Warmed my heart and made the story.
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This was a special Cold Fury/Vengence story. It takes the idea of two people who met when each of them were a little lost... and then find themselves in the same circle and one remembers the past... the other doesn't. 

You get all of the groveling, fresh starts and learning to see the person with new eyes. Sawyer Bennett has this series in the palm of her hand.
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‘Erik’ is the second book of Sawyer Bennett’s new series Arizona Vengeance.  If you are not crazy like me, who cannot read a book from a series before reading all the previous books, this book could definitely be read as a standalone. But of course I really recommend you to read ‘Bishop’, the first book of the series, first :) 

If you already read the first book you are familiar with our hero, Erik and our heroine, Blue. Erik Dahlbeck is the enforcer of the Arizona Vengeance, new expansion team of the league. He is successful, hot, cocky and totally ladies-man. He is used to women throwing themselves at him. So when he boards to the team plane, see the hot flight attendant and starts flirting with her, he is sure she will jump to the opportunity to be the next notch on his bedpost. Guess what he gets! IGNORED!!! Wuuuhuuu!  Our beautiful, strong, stubborn flight attendant Blue Gardner is immune to Erik’s advances or seems like that. She won’t give him the time of day. Erik cannot understand why he is the only one who gets the icy attitude from Blue. Since he cannot remember blowing his chances with her five years ago, it is normal that he cannot understand Blue’s reasoning.

Blue’s life wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but she didn’t let it beat her down. Event hough, she was running away from responsibility and tried to live her life freely, she couldn’t do it for a long time. After losing her parents, she gets the sole responsibility of her handicapped brother. She works hard and try to provide the best care for his brother. She tries to spend all her off time with her brother. During one of their outings Erik runs into them. Witnessing Blue’s interaction with her brother, Billy, her sweet and caring side, only makesErik’s attraction towards her stronger. Once he finds a way to make Blue agree to go on a date with him, he doesn’t let it go. I loved how Eric feels protective towards Blue and Billy. He is sweet, caring and try his best to support both of them. 

'Erik' is sweet,  sexy, heartwarming and entertaining story. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book of the series, whisch is Legend Bay’s story. Even though I am looking forward to readLegend’s book because I think Legend mixed with Pepper, aka Flamingo Lady, will be really entertaining, I am dying to read is Tacker Hall’s story. And I also would like to read Dax Monahan and Arizona Vengeance’s owner Dominik Carlson’s story.

•	Would I recommend this book: Yes.
•	Would I re-read this book: Yes.
•	Would I read future books by this author: Yes .
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Erik, Arizona Vengeance's enforcer, cannot for the life of him, figure out why the one woman he wants doesn't seem to want him back. He's a player, on and off the ice, and he's never had to try so hard to get a woman to simply talk to him. But when Blue finally tells him why she can't seem to stand the sight of him, she figures it means he'll finally leave her alone. Nope! Erik has had an epiphany, and now that he knows why she won't give him the time of day, he's going to do everything in his power to get her to give him a chance.

Blue is a strong woman. Taking care of her special needs brother after her parents' deaths made her reevaluate her life and realize she needed to do better. Better for Billy and better for herself. So giving a womanizing hockey player a chance is the last thing she should be doing. But, Erik is much more than she had first thought, and soon she's falling for Erik's big heart and charm. Can these two make it work or will Erik go back to his playing ways?

Although not my favorite of Sawyer Bennett's hockey stories, or even my favorite of all of her writing, I did enjoy Erik. It's both sweet and sexy and Erik is so much more than I had been expecting - with a sweet side and a big heart. Blue didn't do much for me, but I did appreciate just how much she loved and cared for her brother. I am definitely looking forward to more Vengeance hockey players!
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Erik is used to getting what he wants. And he never goes back for seconds. He's a party boy and he likes the party girls too - that is until Blue.

Blue is one of the flight attendants to the team plane and he is fascinated with her. And for some reason, Blue wants nothing to do with Erik. She's downright mean. So you know what that means, it means he goes after her even more.

Blue doesn't have time for womanizers. She doesn't need to get caught up in the party scene again. And she can't help it if Erik doesn't remember her... She has bigger fish to fry and has her brother to look after. She can't lose her job because that would mean losing the group home that her brother lives in too. Then what would she do?

But Erik is determined. He won't take no for an answer. He doesn't know why, but he has a feeling that Blue is the woman for him and he'll do just about anything to make her see, he's the man for her.
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This one was just okay for me. There wasn’t anything “wrong” with it. The characters are enjoyable. The bedroom scenes are steamy. The pacing is good. 

I just didn’t connect with it. I wasn’t enthralled. I wasn’t driven to turn the pages. It was just okay, and I can’t really pinpoint why. It just was a miss for me. 

Sawyer Bennett is usually a favorite. I’ll continue to read her books, and if you love hockey romances this could be for.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆
I love a good hockey romance, but this one is more about love than hockey and I'm okay with that.

Erik's attraction to Blue has been simmering for a while and he doesn't understand why she won't give him the time of day. Well, he's wondering what he did in a past life to make her not even want to speak to him. When he finds out, he's truly remorseful of how he treated her in the past.

What really spoke to me about Erik was his casual acceptance of Blue's brother, Billy. He knows that Blue is waiting for the inevitable questions such as "Why are you taking care of him? Why is it your responsibility?” etc., etc. Erik doesn't have those questions in the way that she's thinking. His thought is that everyone should have a sister like Blue, one that will take on the hard jobs and love you with all her might.

Blue's relationship with Erik is complicated based on their initial meeting so many years ago. Now that they are really starting something, she's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Blue is hopeful that this relationship with Erik will work out, she's not counting on it. She knows that if she had to choose between her happiness and taking care of her brother, Billy wins all the time.

I enjoyed this story, of the real life dilemmas that couples face every day and the strength it takes to work through the hard times and the worst times to be able to enjoy the everyday and the good times.

Sarah – ☆☆☆
This is a sweet and fluffy hockey romance. Erik is an enforcer whose attempts to become a bit more serious about life are thwarted by a certain flight attendant who wants nothing to do with him. Blue remembers Erik as a player and she has too many responsibilities in her life to waste any time on him.

The story is cute. Erik and Blue have great chemistry and I enjoy the way Blue makes Eric reevaluate his priorities. I liked Blue and Erik’s banter and I liked Erik’s interactions with his team. However, part of me felt that this was a little bit formulaic.

The newly reformed Erik is saintly. He’s almost too nice to be likeable and while his fairytale prince persona is admirable – it’s not really fun or sexy. Blue is also a bit too perfect at times. Caring for her disabled brother makes Blue seem too good to be true and I kinda felt like the whole Billy storyline was added to force me to have empathy for Blue. Throughout the book, I feel like readers are told things about Blue and Erik that are supposed to make us like them, but we’re not necessarily shown anything that makes them come alive. To believe in characters, I need them to be a little bit flawed and at least somewhat relatable.

This is an easy read with lots of sweet moments and some great hockey action. It’s a fluffy Cinderella style story – great escapism that didn’t make me think too hard. It’s not a terribly original hockey romance but it’s a good beach or bath read.

Lee’Anne – ☆☆☆☆☆
I loved this book! I’m a big fan of second chance romances and really loved that Erik is the one doing the chasing in this one. Blue and Erik met once before and had a night of drunken passion that Erik doesn’t remember. Now, he’s a big-time hockey star and Blue has just started working as a flight attendant on the team’s private plane. Erik immediately tries to hit on Blue and is shut down hardcore and given the cold shoulder every time he sees her. Erik is determined to figure out why and when he discovers what a douche canoe he was, he sets his sights on not only making it up to Blue but winning her over.

Erik is an amazing character, he’s the sweetest when trying to make Blue’s life as easy as possible while also including her disabled brother in everything he can think of. Plus, we get tons of the other hockey players in this book and I’m beyond stoked for Tacker’s book, I’m very intrigued by his wacky neighbor. As much as I loved book one, I think I loved this one even more and can’t wait for more from Sawyer Bennett.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the second book in the series, and it is fun to see how Bishop and Brooke from the first book are progressing as well as getting Erik's story. I like the novelty afforded by joining an expansion team, and the links with Fury are fun for any faithful fan of Sawyer Bennett's writing.

Erik has, much as most hockey players, a bit of a reputation – and in the case of Blue, he also has history, not that he knows that. As soon as he does though, he does everything he can to prove that he has changed. I love the lengths to which he goes to make the point, and Blue is hard pressed to hold onto her anger in the face of his efforts.

Blue is making hard decisions as she has sole responsibility for her brother and isn't sure that she can make a life for herself again after her selfish past. But she has to admit that Erik's showing her how good it could be...

We get a really thoughtful, hot romance, along with some good hockey time and an interesting family situation which requires more than the possible solution of funding. Finding a balance is tricky, but really one cannot fault Erik for his consistency and love given how new this all is to him.

Another really good story in this series, and there are a whole load of team members who deserve their happily ever after – perhaps none more than Tacker though (hint hint).
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Who doesn’t love a good hockey romance and a sort of second chance romance at that? Erik was absolutely packed to the brim with all the swoony feels that just made my tummy all fluttery and my skin all tingly. Not to mention, it also had my heart melting all over the damn place for so many reasons. Right from the get go—from that very scene at the harvest festival—I was complete and utterly hooked.

At first, Erik Dahlbeck may not seem like the ideal boyfriend because of his womanizing and unrelentingly flirty ways. But the moment he spotted Blue with her brother, Billy, it’s like a switch flipped inside him. It’s when he started to see the team’s flight attendant in a different light and made him take his attraction to her a whole lot more seriously. From then on, he just kept on proving how much he deserved Blue and every ounce of her attention and affection. It was so endearing seeing this guy fold and fall helplessly in love, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t set the sheets ablaze in the bedroom—because boy, did he ever.

Blue Gardner was such a sweet and lovely soul. She might’ve been a party girl all those years ago, trying to find herself and her place in life, but the way she owned up and took responsibility of caring for her brother by herself was nothing short of awe-inspiring. She wasn’t just flawlessly gorgeous on the outside, she was as radiantly beautiful deep inside, if not more. And I don’t blame Erik for becoming smitten and going crazy over her. She’s just the perfect package!

I definitely loved Blue and Erik together, and Billy stole a piece of my heart. Erik was such an amazing addition to the Arizona Vengeance series—it not only gave us a great insight into what we can look forward to in Legend’s book, but it also gave us more of the team’s captain, Tacker Hall. Now that’s a story I’m dying to read. But for Legend, I definitely can’t wait to see how the next ladies’ man of the team finds and falls for his match.
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Oh Erik you are the full package, super hot ✔️, willing to apologize ✔️, star hockey player ✔️, able to melt panties with a single look ✔️. And now that he's grown up he's ready for the next step in life. Little does he know she's already in his life.
Blue has a lot on her plate, she's juggling two jobs to make enough to cover her brothers medical expenses. Being the sole provider for her handicapped brother doesn't leave her time to date. She pretty much shoots down all the passes. And Erik is no exception, but he has a bigger hurdle to get over than usual. But the chemistry is too hot to keep them apart. How can she fit in another distraction even if he does make her melt.
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ERIK was my first read in the Arizona Vengeance series and I was so happy to read this one. After coming off of back to back emotional reads, this was a low drama and steamy read that I absolutely adored and needed. I’ve been a fan of Bennett’s Cold Fury series, so I couldn’t wait to jump into this series. In true Malia fashion, I have not read the first book in this series, but I think you’ll be by just fine without doing so. They’re all standalones.

Bennett clearly does a phenomenal job with her hockey romances because I’m completely obsessed with them. I’ve read a lot of hockey romances and hers are ones that I’ll drop everything and read in an instant.

When it comes to Erik, you have to give the man props for being determined and persistent to go after something (or someone) that he wants, and his eyes were set on Blue. Even when she kept turning him down, he didn’t give up. Once she reveals the reason why she keeps saying no, I’d probably do the same thing. I kind of wished we had more insight of that backstory, but eventually, they summed it up to being young and being a bit reckless when it came to their sex life.

I loved how Erik just came into her life like a freight train, implanting himself there any chance that he could. I admire Blue so much for her utmost devotion to her brother and working to give him the best life possible. Those were probably my favorite scenes especially when Erik gets involved too. He made it so easy to swoon over him.

I definitely recommend this series and her other hockey series, they’ve become my favorite re-reads.

Major thanks to Loveswept & Penguin Random House for the advanced reader’s copy!
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5 star

This book pulls you right in. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, guilt, and heartbreak.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first
Bishop (Arizona Vengeance, #1)

This is Blue and Erik’s story. Erik knows with just one look he wants Blue, but she will make him work for it. The have a little bit of a past and she believes that she knows all about his player ways. But what if he is ready to leave those ways to the past? Can he convince her that he is a changed man? She also has things going on in her life that at times makes her not have time for him. Is he able to be okay with that or will one ignored call be the end of everything they were building? What happens when guilt from the past comes into the future? Will these two be able to find a balance to be together or will they lose each other forever?

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. Can’t wait for the other hockey players in this series to get their story.

I highly recommend this story, and this author. Can’t wait to read the next story in this series!
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Sawyer Bennett creates a fun, sweet read in Erik. Erik has grown substantially in the last five years as has Blue. Though they got off to a rocky start back when they first met, they’re not the same people now. Can they get past Erik boorish behavior and repeat their smoking hot night together? It’s a romance novel, so “of course!” 

I like Erik. He’s hot, smart, a great athlete, and a genuinely nice guy who’s corrected the error of his ways. It’s so endearing how he takes to Blue’s brother, Billy. He’s also totally smitten with Blue. 

Blue has taken on so much in a misguided effort to overcome a crushing sense of guilt. She’d take care of her brother anyway, she’s that kind of person and she loves him so much, but she can’t quit kicking herself for a brief selfish period. She’s also having a hard time forgiving Erik. 

It was fun watching these two go through starting a relationship. There may have been tears involved. There was enough conflict to keep me entertained too. 

What I can’t wait for is Legend and Pepper’s story. I loved these two’s flamingo conflict!

reviewed by Jem
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4.5 stars

Erik has always been a player both on and off the ice, and he is used to the ladies falling over themselves to have a chance with him. When he sets his sights on Blue, a beautiful flight attendant on the team plane, he is stunned when she turns him down over and over again and she does it with enough disdain to make him wonder what he has done to offend her. 

Despite his playboy ways, Erik is actually a really great guy. He just grew up with a dad that set an example showing him that the ladies are meant to be both enjoyed and treated well. He has never insulted Blue as far as he can remember yet she brushes him off with an attitude that shows he ranks somewhere around something nasty she would scrape off her shoe. Determined to get to the bottom of it, he approaches her when he sees her out in town one night. She isn't sure how to react as she is out with her disabled brother Billy but she definitely didn't expect Erik to treat Billy as if he is just any other person without giving it a second thought.

From there, Erik slowly wears her down and he discovers the source of her animosity which dates back to an encounter five years ago. I had to laugh at the hoops she made him jump through to get a date with her- it certainly made him a target of laughter in the locker room too but he owned it! 

Erik and Blue had great chemistry and I really enjoyed their story! Billy's role in both their lives was a wonderful part of their journey as well. We get a tantalizing glimpse of what may be in store for Erik's teammate Legend, and I am really looking forward to finding out more about the team captain Tacker. I think it will be quite some time before he gets his own story because he has a lot of healing to do but he is certainly the most heartbreaking member of the Vengeance team that we have been introduced to so far in my opinion given his history. If you are not a hockey fan, don't worry- hockey is definitely part of the story but the main focus is on the characters rather than the game so don't hesitate to grab a copy of this book!
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Another great book by Sawyer Bennett she is one author I can genuinely said has never disappointed me with her great and unique books. This book was no different with a new and different set of characters  Erik and Blue. Both have had a brief encounter that Erik doesnt seem to remember and Blue isn't about to remind him. Shes got her own set of things she got to take over. She was once young and wild and now got things to do and doesn't want anyone one Blue to be a distraction. I loved that even though the past had to shape her Blue was loyal to her bother, he brother needed her and she wanted what was best. I loved that Erik was loving enough to help her out and do what he could. Obviously things can't stay perfect in the little love bubble that Blue and Erik gets but its interesting seeing how they deal with situations that come their way. In usual Sawyer Bennett fashion you can expect a great book with plenty of steamy scenes but a book with an interesting and enjoyable storyline. I really enjoyed reading this book it was pretty great. Highly Recommend.
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Sawyer Bennett does it again!! Erik does not disappoint. I was totally involved from the first paragraph. I love this series and can’t wait for more! 5 stars!!
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