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This is the next installment of the Arizona Vengeance series.  In this book we get to learn about Erik and Blue, both of which made appearances in Bishop.  If you are a fan of Sawyer Bennett then you will not be disappointed.  This book contains everything you love about her and her hockey teams.  If you’ve never read her, then just know that you don’t get much better than her when it comes to sexy hockey players.  I love reading about Erik’s story but I also love that we are getting to learn about all the other players on this hockey team.  I cannot wait for some of their books to come out.

Erik is sexy, sweet, and so swoon-worthy.  He’s been a playboy, but is smitten when the right woman comes along.  There are little gestures in this book that will just have you melting for him.  Blue is trying to juggle responsibilities while trying to right self-perceived wrongs of her past.  She is hesitant on letting Erik in, but he is very persistent.  I love how Erik accepts and embraces both Blue and her brother. 

This is an easy and quick read.  There is humor and some tender moments.  It is definitely a sexy book, but it is also one that will just make you feel good.  It is definitely a must read.
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ERIK is the second instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult ARIZONA VENGEANCE hockey, erotic romance series focusing on the men and women of the Arizona Vengeance professional hockey team. This is Arizona Vengeance team enforcer Erik Dalhbeck, and flight attendant Blue Gardner’s storyline.  ERIK can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. The Arizona Vengeance is a spin –off from the author’s Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Erik and Blue) ERIK follows the second chance relationship (of a sorts) between Arizona Vengeance team enforcer Erik Dalhbeck, and flight attendant Blue Gardner.  Five years earlier Erik and Blue spent one wild night together but in the ensuing time Erik doesn’t remember meeting the beautiful woman who has caught his eye. Fast forward to present day wherein Blue is now a flight attendant on the Arizona Vengeance team airplane, and wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart. What ensues is the rebuilding relationship between Erik and Blue, and the potential fall-out as Blue battles between head and heart, and obligations back home.

Blue Gardner has a hate-on for Arizona Vengeance player Erik Dalhbeck, and Erik has no idea as to the how and why but when Blue reveals the truth about their past, Erik struggles to remember the girl from years before. Hoping for a second chance Erik begins a slow seduction of our story line heroine, and in the process learns a little more about Blue’s life back home.

The relationship between Erik and Blue is one of second chances (of a sort). Erik’s interest in Blue is immediate; the palpable sexual attraction is evident to his teammates and friends. Blue has been captivated by the man who all but destroyed her heart but our heroine is reluctant to open up to the man who doesn’t remember their time together years before. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Blue’s brother Billy, a young man who struggles with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy; fellow flight attendants Sadie, Lyla and Valerie; Erik’s father Pierce Dalhbeck; as well as the players for the Arizona Vengeance: GM Christian Rutherford, Team captain Tacker Hall, Bishop Scott and his girlfriend Brooke (Bishop #1), Dax Monahan, and Legend Bay; and Legend’s neighbour Pepper. Legend’s story is next in LEGEND.

LEGEND is a story of family, friendship, second chances and love.  The premise is sexy and spicy; the characters are sassy and spirited; the romance is captivating and sensual. LEGEND is an animated and energetic story-a great addition to Sawyer Bennett’s world of professional hockey.

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Lighthearted and delightful, another lovely offering in the Arizona Vengeance series.  This is a fairly new hockey team based in Phoenix, Arizona, owned by Dominik Carlson, a billionaire from Los Angeles, California.  There are a lot of yummy hockey players, so I’m expecting great stories about the team.  In this second installment, we have Bishop’s friend Erik, who was struck dumb by Blue, one of the team’s private plane stewardesses.  For some reason, she was always cold to him, ignoring him whenever possible, only grudgingly serving him drinks and food when obliged.  Erik is baffled, none of his friends can shed light, and he keeps on liking her.  His one remark that she looks like a party girl got him a response but it was to blast him into oblivion, asking him to never speak to her again.

But Erik didn’t get to be a star hockey player by just luck.  He’s persistent and insistent, and he kept going until he got the explanation, which was a shocker.  Erik used to be a ladies man but now he’s ready for something more, and Blue is perfect for him.  She’s the person he likes to hang out with, party with, sleep with.  However, Blue has other priorities. She has a younger brother Billy who suffers a spastic condition that limits his coordination and ability to talk.  Blue spends all her spare time taking care of her brother. 

Erik is a very generous and protective boyfriend, and his protection extended to Billy. He wants them in his life, and in his home. It all felt so perfect, like they were a perfect couple and they had a great life.  The question is, will it last?

I loved the story because it is so warmhearted.  The author writes such delightful characters that you would like to make your friends.  As the series unfolds, you get invested in the life of the various players and enjoy when you get glimpses of them in future books. The mood of the story is light, funny and sexy.  There is one scene that involves a male Brazilian wax that was crazy funny.  There is one character that intrigues me a lot and I can’t wait to read his story: Tacker.  He has a very sad story and I would love to read his HEA!
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A former playboy finds himself attracted, and tongue-tied, by the strong-willed flight attendant who seems impervious to his charms in this sweet and scorching romance set amidst the world of hockey.  As a past one night-stand rears it’s ugly head though, both of them have to put the past behind them to make a meaningful future in a journey that has a bump or two along the way.

Hockey star Erik Dahlbeck grew up with a father who enjoyed the ladies.  He saw from an early age just how disposable women could be and throughout the early years of his career he treated women like Kleenex.  He’s older and wiser now though, and especially leery after a bitter woman’s accusations towards him and others on the team, and is no longer willing to waste time on superficial encounters.  The sizzling attraction he’s been feeling towards the Vengeance’s flight attendant especially has him rethinking his love life and has him going all out in a journey to win Blue over.  It’s a journey that shows him in an all new light, shows him to be kindhearted and generous with his time and money.  He lavishes attention on Blue, makes her feel like the center of his world in a slow and steadily-paced journey to HEA.  The previous book in this series showed him to be a carefree and fun loving player, but here he exudes a more matured persona.  He’s quick to jump in when Blue needs help with her disabled brother, but he does so to make things better for the both of them as opposed to just doing it to make himself look good in her eyes.  He shows a lot of substance throughout this story, a protective side and a desire to make things right for those wronged.  He quickly became the quintessential book boyfriend, with his words and deeds charming me every step of the way, in a story that warmed my heart while making me blush a time or two along the way.

Blue Gardner grew up as a nerd with awkward looks that had her being bullied, until the day she blossomed and captured all the boy’s attentions.  This blossoming changed her life dramatically, taking her to California and having her become a Party Girl.  It’s during that time that she first met Erik in an encounter that forever colored her impressions of him and has her still fighting her attraction to him now.  Time has changed her though, the death of her parents and taking responsibility for her disabled brother has changed her too, and it’s left her focusing on all work and no play.  She’s rather standoffish in her early interactions with Erik, guarded and judgmental over their previous encounter years ago.  In spending time with him though she discovers hidden layers, a kind heart, and a man who will do anything to make things easier for her.  Their relationship starts out slowly and sweetly with him showering her with attention.  He makes her feel important and well-loved, gives her solid support when she needs it most in a connection that warmed my heart.  Throughout her time with Erik it was her brother Billy who he also had to win over as he was a major part of her life.  Guilt over leaving Billy behind before has her overly protective now and rearranging her life to fit his.  It’s an admirable thing to do for her brother, but it also gave her an excuse when things got too serious in her relationship with Erik.  I admired her unconditional love for Billy but she also used him as a shield which frustrated me a bit as it made Billy look needy instead of a capable individual, as many disabled people are nowadays.  On a whole though I liked Blue and found her to be someone easy to relate to.  She was outgoing, socialable, and protective of those she cares about.  She could admit when she was wrong and it had me rooting for her after a knee-jerk reaction late in the story brought about her Grand Gesture to win Erik back.

This was a delightful romance full of heart and soul as a second chance to make a lasting impression led to an unforgettable journey to HEA.  Former playboy Erik has now become the kind of man you can depend on.  He no longer cares for superficiality and longs for someone with substance which is why Blue fascinated him so much and why he does all he can to prove himself to her.  He doesn’t rush their relationship which made their journey all the more fulfilling as they spent time growing closer.  Blue was a strong-willed heroine who, for the sake of her brother, was willing to accept all the help Erik offered to make things better for Billy.  Making Billy happy made her happy, and even though Erik used that fact to get closer to her at first, he also did it because he truly liked Billy.  At journey’s end this trio made for an intriguing family as Erik easily interacted with Billy and loved Blue all the more for her devotion to her brother.  Billy’s disability was seamlessly incorporated into the story and as a quadriplegic myself I appreciate Ms. Bennett bringing the realities of disability to light, warts and all.  Billy was an active participant in the action and I enjoyed his interactions with all the characters as it humanized them, showed those seen as playboys in a more positive light.  Along with this immensely appealing main couple came an equally likable cast of secondary characters whose stories are just being touched on here.  The men of the Arizona Vengeance are a larger than life group of hockey players, drool-worthy and protective of each other both on the ice and off.  The players who readers are introduced to are an unforgettable group and each one grabbed a piece of my heart as this series progresses.  The first to leave his mark is the outspoken playboy Dax, caught up in a tale told by a vindictive woman, who continues his playboy ways here while acting as the catalyst for another couple starting to get closer.  He was sexy and snarky and I look forward to the woman who will finally tame him.  Team leader Legend lives up to his name as all the women want him while he’s more than happy to prove his prowess.  His story, coming up next, promises to entertain as his new neighbor has undertaken a battle to get under his skin...and it seems to be working in a battle full of sexual tension.  The final player to pull at my heartstrings is Team Captain Tacker who’s still dealing with the grief of losing his fiancée in a plane crash in which he was the pilot.  The guilt is clearly taking its toll, the anger building as the usually calm hockey player gets suspended for fighting.  The time he spends with Billy, and the story he shares with Blue, gives readers deeper insight into his past and it had me aching for him and longing for his story to be told.  On a whole this was a beautifully paced story with a charming romance full of steam and smiles.  The action on the ice is exhilarating for fans of sports romances while the action off the ice will immensely satisfy all lovers of romance in another decadently delightful addition to the Arizona Vengeance series.
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Heat and low drama make for a great read…

This author blends hockey and romance so well. Cold Fury whetted my appetite and Arizona Vengeance, a spinoff series, is feeding my continued thirst for more! Each story is one couple’s journey through love and life and all the joys and sorrows that come along with it. If you read Bishop so the sparks between Erik and Blue are not a surprise. What is a surprise is the reason why…

Blue is having none of Erik’s flirty ways and she shuts him down repeatedly. Embarrassing? Absolutely. His team brothers give him the gears but he refuses to quit. He can get through to her, he just has to find a weakness… When the truth emerges and the past becomes the past, they are able to move on and, funnily enough, they both want to do that, together.

Blue and Erik are so good together – even when they are fighting! Erik is generous and thoughtful, showing he has matured a lot over the years. Blue is hesitant but pleasantly surprised at every turn as Erik puts himself out there for her and her family.  I love how they talk things through and, even at the height of their new conflict, they can’t leave things unresolved. 

A one sitting read that I have happily added to my re-read shelf! ~Diane, 4.5 stars
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5 There’s More To Him Than Meets the Eye Stars!!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Erik and Blue’s story since I finished Bishop. I just knew these two would be quite the pair and Ms. Bennett has not let me down. Erik is a star for the Vengeance and he’s quite the ladies man…that doesn’t stop him from pursuing Blue though. She’s the flight attendant on the team plane and he’s determined to figure out why she’s not dropping to her knees thanking the stars above for his interest in her.

Oh and how I loved Blue! She’s definitely got quite a full life and really doesn’t have time for Erik and his shenanigans. That doesn’t stop her from a few naughty thoughts though. She’s shocked however, when Erik finds out what’s going on in her life and not only accepted it, but helped, made me fall in love with him even more. Behind the public persona is a man that cares deeply for those that matter to him, and trust me, Blue matters to him.

Coming on the ride with them as their love grows into something truly beautiful at times brought tears to my eyes. Erik Dahlbeck is a man that any girl would be lucky to have in their life, but he belongs to Blue and that’s just fine with me!
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Erik and Blue ... second chance lovers?

Erik Dahlbeck has just become my new ice hockey BBF. He is simply the man of my dreams. Yes, he may have been a playboy, but beneath that outer exterior is a man with an absolute heart of gold. This man certainly knows how to treat a lady right, when he has the right one in his arms. His sights are set on Blue Gardner, but unfortunately for him, she wants noting to do with him. Something that really frustrates him because he can't understand why.

This was a terrific story ... a second chance at romance ... even though Erick can't remember their last encounter until Blue provides a few prompts. Erik chases Blue relentlessly ... she finally relent with one condition ... oh revenge can be so sweet.

Blue's life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses, even now she has the responsibility of her younger handicapped brother Billy. It is actually through Erik's interactions with Billy that she decides to give Erik a second chance. I loved watching their relationship grow from enemies to friends to lovers. I really enjoyed their story and, as usual, Ms Bennett throws in enough hotness to keep the cooling fans blowing strong.

i really look forward to reading Legend's story next, especially if his neighbour is going to feature. These men of Arizona Vengeance are certainly given the Carolina Cold Fury boys a run for their money.

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Erik, a starting player for the Vengeance, is a player. He's charming, funny, with a smile that makes women fall at his feet--except Blue. Blue can't stand Erik and everything he stands for. Blue works hard as a stewardess for the Vengeance and often works two jobs just so she can provide for her special needs brother, Billy. Erik has never had problems with the ladies, but Blue is a mystery to him. She's cordial, but on the cool to downright rude side. But Erik vows to get to the bottom of her hatred of him.

As a child, Blue always wanted a sibling. When her brother was born with special needs, she didn't mind helping her mom care for him--until she graduated and wanted to leave to pursue dreams of acting and/or singing. Swamped with guilt at not being home to help with her brother when her parents died, Blue immediately moves home to make her brother her only priority. While Blue used to be a "party girl", she isn't that person anymore. Therefore, Erik the "player", is off limits.

Woohoo! Great story, awesome goodness! I loved the interaction between Erik and Billy. I felt as though he showed Billy love and attention because he truly enjoyed spending time with him--not just to earn points with Blue. I loved that Tacker was opening up a bit more as well. I love that Erik was able to alleviate some of Blue past guilt while showing her he was a changed man. I about died when Erik insisted Blue attend her high school party to rub it in the "mean girls" faces that she was gorgeous AND dating a pro hockey player! HILARIOUS!!! Sooo relatable! I highly recommend this novel! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
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4.5 STARS!

As per usual Sawyer Bennett is always CONSISTENT! Every book is a hit with me. Erik and Blue were so fun to read about!

Blue is a flight attendant on the team private plane and she has been on Erik’s mind ever since he’s laid eyes on her. Unfortunately for him Blue isn’t interested at all! But that sexual tension will get ya and Blue succumbs to Erik’s advances eventually... who wouldn’t? Not this girl anyone! I they had amazing chemistry and their relationship was so organic. There was a lot of humor which Sawyer always has in her books. Just like always the romance is steamy like super SEXY! Basically the perfect contemporary romance.
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Erik Dahlbeck is enjoying his time with the expansion team and the success they are finding despite being a first year team. He is confident and comfortable around women and has no trouble finding a hook-up whenever he wants one. 

Blue Gardner doesn’t seem to think he’s as great as everyone else though, giving him a polite but cold should when they are forced to be near, and ignoring his existence if she can. She is all business, fiercely independent, working with intense focus to keep things as comfortable as she can for her brother. But in the little free time she has, she knows how to have fun and is an incredibly loyal friend. 

As Erik tries and fails to start something with Blue, he discovers that there is more to her than the attractive outside he was initially drawn to. But she doesn’t believe that he could be looking for anything but a fun time, especially because of the way they first met. 

I loved the gradual shift from ice queen to warm and inviting that Blue went through in regards to Erik. And learning why she had her walls up around him make me love the current situation even more. She had some issues she needed to get past, and they had a surprising bit of history to work through as well.

This was a fun addition to the Arizona Vengeance world. As these players become more of a team, I am enjoying the little bits and pieces we learn about the other characters. I am looking forward to more from this new expansion team! 

I received a copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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This book was a GREAT add to the collection... Erik, a guy who can get anyone he wants, but the one he wants.... Blue, unlike any girl he has been with or wanted to be with, gives him a run for his money. They work together kind of, so there is that, he is known for his bad boys ways of one and done. What Erik does to get a date with Blue is pretty funny.... and what he does to win her over is endearing. This book was funny, sexy and fun to read. 

History always plays into life and relationships. They had some hurtles to overcome and leave the past in the past and figure out how to be ok with the past, live in the moment and for the future. It was a great read!
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What a wonderful read! I can never put down a book about a hot hockey player (sigh). Erik and Blue’s journey makes my heart happy.  Side-note: Blue’s name is AWESOME (haha). Blue doesn’t like Erik at first, with good reason in my opinion. Having said that, something I often tell others is please don’t judge me for some of the choices of my youth. Growing up and chasing fame is full of pitfalls and often selfishness. That applies here. Seeing these two connect after the life of hard knocks and maturity, well it is sweet, definitely brings out ‘all the feels’ and becomes ‘smoldering HOT’ (wink wink). As a special education teacher the message of caring for a sibling with a disability is touching and I feel it is an accurate portrayal of that experience. Another thing I love is the “family” feel of this hockey team. Ugh melt my heart! You can plan for teasers about future characters and stories. I am giddy with anticipation (yeah). Yes, I want to discuss all but I won’t because spoilers are mean (eek). This is one of my favorite Sawyer Bennett books. Happy Reading!
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There is always something so great about a second chance romance. This one though I really connected with. I loved that Erik didn't remember Blue and that she didn't put up with any stuff from him. He strived to show her how much he had changed and how much he wanted her and wanted to be a part of her life.

This is another great hockey chain from Ms. Bennett. I love these hot hockey stories with cocky jocks who fall hard for their women. Another great read!
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Book 2 in the Arizona Vengeance series brings us Erik and Blue’s story. Blue works for the Vengeance as one of their flight attendant crew. She helps care for her handicapped younger brother while working a full time job. She doesn’t have time for flirting and playboy hockey players looking for hook ups. I liked how Blue was a bit of a hard ass to Erik and didn’t give in to his charm right away. She has a little bit of animosity towards him from a prior meeting with him 5 years prior but Erik can’t remember her. I think the hero of this story is Erik! I loved loved loved him. He really likes Blue from the get go and I adored how he wasn’t all about just the hooking up with Blue, but he was ok with just slowly getting to know her and her brother. I like how she has just the right amount of hockey in the story that it does not over whelm it. The bromance between Erik and his teammates is laugh out loud funny as heck. The “waxing” locker room conversation had tears rolling down my face. The chemistry between Blue and Erik is HOT. I loved the pace and lack of drama in this story, it was just 2 people who really like each other and want it to work out. Every time I read a book of hers I want more, more more! I love how she introduces a lot of secondary characters that make you want a book of their own. I know Legend is the next book in the series, can’t wait to see what happens with him and Pepper. The person I can’t wait to read more about is Tracker. That broken man needs a HEA and I hope we get his story sometime in the future. Great read that I would highly recommend. I would highly recommend the whole series.
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What a great read! 

I love a good sports romance and Sawyer Bennett is one of my favorite authors who tackles this particular genre brilliantly! 

We got glimpses of Erik and Blue in Bishop's book, and I'm sure I'm just one of many to say I was very intrigued by them and was curious as to why Blue was so openly hostile towards the charming and flirtatious Erik. 

As the story unfolds, the truth comes out and I must admit she had her reasons. 

One of the things I loved the most about this book was the character development in both Blue and Erik. 

The changes were mature and relatable and fit beautifully with this second chance Romance. 

I loved the interaction with Billy and most of all I enjoyed just how much Erik was determined to prove himself to Blue and convince her to give him a chance. 

This series has quickly become one of my absolute favorites and I greatly look forward to more!
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Erik has built himself quite the reputation as a player both on and off the ice. He is popular with women and can usually have whoever he wants except for Blue, the flight attendant on the team plane. Not only does she turn down all his attempts at flirting she has perfected the art of the icy glare which only makes the pursuit that much sweeter.

Blue has no interest in a hockey player who is only interested in a good time as she has no room in her life for his games. She has responsibilities that are much more important to her than meaningless flings, so the best course of action is to keep her distance despite how he gets her heart racing.

When Erik makes the attempt to get to know Blue it becomes a game changer. He changes from looking for a good time to supporting her as she helps her family and she realizes that there is much more to the playboy hockey player she thought he was but is this forever or a fling?

I am loving this series and Legend’s book can’t come soon enough. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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n this second installment of the Arizona Vengeance series, the story follows enforcer Erik Dahlbeck. He's got a playboy reputation and a huge crush on one of the flight attendants, Blue Gardner.  Only she doesn't want anything to do with Erik.

It takes a big apology and some pain for Blue to finally decide to go out with Erik. Things take off for them after their first date but Blue is still protecting her heart
 I had mixed feelings about Erik at first.  His transformation from playboy to boyfriend seemed quick and maybe more like a hard sell.  But I grew to like him as his sincerity started coming through.  

Erik is an easy, quick read, with plenty of steam. The hockey makes a nice backdrop for the story.  I always love it when a sports romance contains some real elements of the sport and I always get that with Sawyer Bennett.

I enjoyed this book in the series and I'm looking forward to more.  

An ARC was provided for review.
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4.5+ stars.

Oh Erik - you are such a player, but it is a joy to see you fall. So Erik has met his match with Blue, a flight attendant on the team's plane. There are layers to Blue that Erik doesn't realize and layers that come as a surprise.

This book had more depth than you would expect from knowing Erik in Bishop's book. This can definitely be read as a stand alone, but the Arizona Vengeance are so much fun - you might as well start at the beginning.

This one was a fun read with some real heart to it. Looking forward to Legend's book!

I voluntarily requested and reviewed an advance reader copy.
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Erik and Blue are brought together by fate for their second chance romance. Their first encounter together was hot, but not meant to be. Five years later, their second chance is perfect. Erik is completely smitten and he's romantic and really trying. I love this Vengeance series and looking forward to all the rest of the characters... Legend! I want more Legend! LOL
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My 4 star review is up on Goodreads and will be up on blog and social media on Nov 5 or 6

Erik Dahlbeck is a charming playboy who can usually hook up with any woman he wants. So he is puzzled by the fact that Blue Gardner, the flight attendant on the team plane, wants to have nothing to do with him...and seems to actually dislike him.

Blue is bright, witty, and vibrant, but her life is not easy and she has responsibilities. And she knows something Erik does not seem to remember, and she is still holding it against him. And her animosity just makes him want to chase her more. Erik is determined to win her over any way he can. She begins to see he is not the self centered, egotistical man she believed him to be and is actually caring, protective, and sweet.

Blue is not used to having someone try to help her and have her back. And she has some guilt issues from her past that affect her. Erik is not used to caring or wanting to be with just one woman. Considering their rocky start and antagonism, this is a fairly low angst read. There is some drama, but it is not overdone.

This is sweet, sexy, and heartwarming. I liked both Blue and Erik. They had great chemistry and rapport. I loved Billy and how he related to the others. I enjoyed more time with other players Dax, Bishop, Legend, and Tacker. I really need a book for heartbroken Tacker, seriously. But Legend's story was teased and he is next.
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