Suddenly Mine

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Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase
As we continue on the Montgomery universe this book is Christian's story.
Christian puts to much pressure on himself to succeed, working non stop and rarely asking for assistance. When the long hours finally take their toll he's forced to take a look at his habits and decide whether he's going to change. 
Well change is the one thing that Sophie has going for her in abundance. A new city, new state and new attitude towards life. She's looking for positive changes in her life. Through quietly quirky circumstances she's in the right place to help Christian deal with his crisis. 
Yet bad habits are hard to overcome when dealing with significant stress from the unexpected. Will Christian revert to his former ways or realize Sophie makes him want to take a different path.
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I really enjoy this series and this one is no exception. I loved the heroine which is probably what made this so special. Sophie is an interesting character and her relationship with Christian was fantastic. I loved the themes of expectation and living your life for yourself. This was a really good one. Definitely can be read as a standalone but so much better if you read the series since they all come together so well and give you that added depth!
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I always say that Sports Romance is my crack, but honestly, so are the Montgomerys. I love this series and this family ( and Samantha Chase too) SO hard. Christian was one I worried about after reading snippets about him in other books. He works way too hard, and is too closed off. And that’s where Sophie comes in. She shows him how to have fun again, and love, and it’s magical. A great addition to this series.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is book eight of the Montgomery Brothers series, and although you will get the family dynamics far better if you read them in order, they are fun reads in their own right. I am a fan, so knew the references and asides, which did make it even richer – and such a relief that Christian finally gets it!

Two very different characters are at the heart of this book, and although I am sure Monica and Eliza will chalk this up as a victory for them, William once again influences the outcome!

Christian is not a happy man – he is killing himself trying to impress his father, but never seems to make the grade. He could never work hard enough or make enough billions, and a health scare does give him a chance to review things, especially when he meets someone who finally elicits a spark of interest beyond one date. The fact that Sophie turns out to be a quasi-employee is an issue, but in his attempt to be good to himself he lets it go. However, his parents visit, and once again his father gets under his skin.

Sophie has only ever had her Nana, until she finds out a family secret, that everyone in her home town knew but her. So she has run to San Diego and is trying a new career as a corporate nurse. This suits her character well and gives her a chance to get to know Christian. Fathers play large in this story, and it is a visit in Kansas which made me tear up in this book, as being beautifully written and perfectly played out.

This is a very sweet and enjoyable read, which gets us all caught up on the Montgomerys and the state of their relationships, and gives us hope at last for Christian and a happier life for him. The dynamics change a lot in this one and it will be interesting to see how that affects future matchmaking missions!

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆
Talk about a rollercoaster ride. Ups and downs. Love and heartbreak. Happiness and regret. This book has it all.

Christian has tried to prove himself to his father all his life, to be the son that his father was proud of. Working for the family business is hard, but he tells himself it’s worth it. But whatever he does, it’s never enough for his father.

Sophia has upended her life in one move. She left the Midwest after finding out everything she thought she knew about her parents was a lie. And the person who told the biggest lie: her grandmother who raised her. Granted, she understood why her grandmother did this, but Sophia feels that she should have been told the truth when she was old enough to understand, rather than finding out from a stranger.

Christian and Sophia's relationship started as friends before becoming lovers. Each listened to the other and truly got to know one another, which I truly liked.

This is a great series and I can't wait for the next book.
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Oh, Samantha Chase, you write books that I fall into and cannot seem to find my way out of until I read the very last word.     Suddenly Mine is a book that tells the story of Sophie Bennington who has left Kansas to move to California to escape the gossip of a small town and the story of Christian Montgomery who is working too hard just to win his father’s approval.   

The story goes as expected with the two of them meeting, sparks flying, and love happening.    The part of the story that I really loved is the openness of the Montgomery family.   Even though they meet Sophie under the worst of circumstances they welcome her, they let her into their family, and they accept her for who she is.    I love to see how they chatted, the hugged, and they didn’t question when she was around during private family times.     All of this welcoming seemed to just make her shine more, make her realize what is important to her, and make her fall for Christian even more.    

While this is a predictable story it is a story that I loved.     I loved the beach setting and could picture Christian sitting on his deck watching Sophie try to surf.   Suddenly Mine is a quick and easy read.  Pick up your own copy and enjoy these wonderful characters.
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Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase is part of the Montgomery Brothers Series and just like the other previous books in the series, this one is a keeper. The characters are simply charming. The romance is hot and the story itself will leave you feeling satisfied. 

Christian and Sophie both have similar issues with their past, their fathers, and need a new direction. Christian works too much and sets out to prove something to his father. Will getting close to Sophie, be the salvation Christian needs?

Emotional yet beautiful!
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Christian is a workaholic with no time on his hands.  He works for his dad.  Who he can't seem to please no matter how hard he works.  He lives by the beach and likes to watch the surfers.  Especially a cute inexperienced redhead.  Sophia is a nurse who has fled her small hometown.  With big dreams of surfing. She grew up in Kansas dreaming of the ocean.  She has come to California to make it on her own.  When Christian has a health scare he has to make changes before it too late.  He has to learn how to balance work and fun and delegating.  With the help of Sophia can he learn a work and play balance, and to be able to accomplish without his fathers scrutiny.  This was a cute book.  Sophia is such a lovable character.  She has overcome so much in her life and still is a happy easy going well balanced woman.
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Christian and Sophie's story hooks you from the very beginning. It showcases Ms. Chase's greatest gift of writing characters that we can relate to. We can all feel the the emotions that Christian and Sophie are dealing with. This is such a beautifully written complex emotional story that it leaves you speechless when you're done. This is definitely a journey that was worth taking to see the other side. As someone who has read ALL of Ms Chase's books I can honestly say that this is one of her BEST and MOST beautifully written books she just keeps getting better!! I would definitely recommend this book !! I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Suddenly Mine is the latest release in the Montgomery Brothers series from Samantha Chase. Suddenly Mine is Christian Montgomery and Sophie Bennington's story and I adored how quickly they connected once they finally met.

Christian loves starting each morning drinking his coffee on his deck while watching the surfers. He is drawn to one surfer in particular and finally meets her when she crashes. They were so cute from the moment they met. I totally felt their connection from the very beginning. Luckily for Christian, Sophie is the nurse his mother had been talking to for their company's new health care plan, as Sophie helps Christian when he has a medical emergency at his office.

I loved that Christian listened to Sophie from the very beginning, even when he really didn't want to about his health. Christian has been a workaholic thanks to pressure from his father for years. It literally took him almost having a heart attack at the office for him to finally realize he had to make changes in his life if he wanted to have a future. Sophie and Christian just seemed to be able to talk and share about their issues with their pasts with each other so easily. I liked how easily they connected, and I also loved the chemistry between these two characters. 

I know when I read a Samantha Chase book I'm going to get an emotional story filled with family and love. Suddenly Mine was no different. I did think it moved just a bit slow in the very beginning, but once it picked up, I couldn't put the book down. I've enjoyed each of the books in the Montgomery Brothers series to date and highly recommend this series to readers who love emotional contemporary romances.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)
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3.5 stars

Christian Montgomery works so hard to live up to his father's rigid and unforgiving standards he's forgotten to actually live. A lonely workaholic, he's working himself to death. He used to love his job in his family's company; now he's driven to succeed but he can't remember quite what he's hoping to succeed at. It's been a long time since he's taken time to stop and enjoy anything, except the red headed surfer who pops up on his beach. Watching her, he sees her fail time and again but her laughter and joy never waver. 

Sophie Bennington approaches life like she approaches a wave; she goes all in with a smile on her face. So what if she gets knocked down, at least she tried. Life has recently reminded her that the hits keep coming anyway, she decided to pick up her life and try something new. She moved to San Diego almost on a whim but is determined to make this new life all she dreams of with the same grit and a grin she has all her life. Focused on landing a new job and forgetting what she left Kansas for, the charming workaholic she meets on the beach is the last thing she expected. Christian is the rogue wave she didn't see coming. 

Suddenly Mine was a sweet story about second chances and starting over. It had all the makings to be awesome but didn't quite make it there for me. There was just a little something missing. While they were good characters and an interesting backstory, the characters felt a little disconnected and because I didn't feel much for the characters, the baggage felt heavy, instead of shared. But I have liked the rest of the Montgomery books so I enjoyed seeing Carter and Megan, etc and the ending was sweet. All in all, a good story, just maybe not my cup of tea. 

AnnMarie - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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4 1/2 STARS FOR SUDDENLY MINE!! This story shows us how opposites attract to each other. Christian and Sophie have lots of chemistry, it was fun to watch their story play out. These two both have issues they need to work through, but keeps us flipping pages.
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Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this series! I’ve read all and loved all. Author Samantha Chase simply gives us what we want. I love how match making by loved ones plays a big part in these books. It’s fun to experience it all. Christian and Sophie are the perfect pair. Both have things they are trying to overcome and them coming together was just beautiful. There is no way you won’t fall in love with these two. Matter of fact all of the Montgomery Brothers and their loves and offspring. I’m definitely looking forward to more!
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Suddenly mine is the 8th book in The Montgomery Brothers series and it can be read as stand-alone. We are on the Montgomery cousins part and I have to admit that I haven't read the original part of the series. Just the cousins part and I am looking forward to reading Carter's story. His character had some development that I wasn't expecting and it was good. I want to him develop even more and find love.

His brother and hero of this story is a workaholic to a point where he could be looking for a heart attack at the age of 50 and a lonely life. And since we can't have that hap[pening, we got Sophie entering his life and that's where the good part begins. Sophie has her own skeletons that chased her away from the life she knew and she is not exactly facing them. As you can see, both of them have issues and I am happy to say that they are working them out and they are not forgotten. 

Sophie and Christian had a great relationship. They had their ups and downs, but their connection was strong and I got the feeling that nothing could really break them early in the book. That's the one part of the book that has been stuck in my mind the most and it's the best thing I could have stuck. It's a romance novel after all and I hate when I finish the book and I am not sure about the main couple and how long they are going to last. With Christian and Sophie, I am 1000% sure that they are meant to be. And it's good to have someone like her in the family after everything that went down in this book. 

Overall the book was great and I would recommend it!
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Christian Montgomery may be my favorite! Complete workaholic, Christian meets nurse Sophie at the exact right time. They have a few false starts but what follows is a true love story. Is their love tested? Of course! Was their HEA brilliant? Yes! I loved everything about this story!!
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Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase is a perfect sweet and swoony romance set in beach side of San Diego. My most favorite part of the story was Christian. This man is so real and so amazing! He is hard working, compassionate and everything a good man can be. My heart breaks for him when he struggled with his father's unrealistic expectation. He didn't deserve it and I am so glad he overcame all the negativity in his life finally. And Sophie has a lot to do with it.

Sophie is a beautiful soul. She has own issues but she is dealing with her insecurities and dark past but she is always positive. She is free and optimistic. She is a true companion and partner to Christian. They complete each other. The romance was sweet but not unreal. They had own share of bitterness and hardships. They argued and broke each other's heart. But they learnt from their mistakes and I was so happy when they found their HEA!

The writing was flawless and captivating. The big Montgomery family will fill your heart with happiness and warm feeling. I love reading these family oriented romance and Samantha Chase has written a great story!
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Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase is book # 9 in The Montgomery Brothers Series but it can be read as a standalone. This was a very quick and easy read. I loved this beautiful romance. It is a beautiful story between the two main characters. I was drawn in from the first page and didn’t stop reading until the book was done. The story was well written, the characters were well delveloped and realistic.
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I didn't realize that this book was in a series, as I have never read anything from this author, so in parts I was a bit lost.  

However, it is a solid story of family, regrets, betrayal - you know the usual 'family drama'.  The characters are believable and relate-able, and I absolutely loved the romance.  I need to now go back and read the other 8 books! 

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3.75 stars--SUDDENLY MINE is the ninth instalment in Samantha Chase’s contemporary, adult THE MONTGOMERY BROTHERS romance series. This is businessman Christian Montgomery, and registered nurse Sophie Bennington’s story line. SUDDENLY MINE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Sophie and Christian) SUDDENLY MINE follows the building romance and relationship between businessman Christian Montgomery, and registered nurse Sophie Bennington. Having watched for weeks as the beautiful woman tried to execute the perfect wave on the beach in San Diego,  Christian is shocked when his fantasy turns out to be the new healthcare hire for the family owned investment firm. But things don’t always go according to plan as a stressed out and overworked Christian is forced to take some time off, time off where he will get to know Sophie Bennington. What ensues is the building romance between Christian and Sophie, and the potential fall-out as more bad news, and the spiral of repercussions forces Sophie out of Christian’s life.

Christian Montgomery is a workaholic, whose lifestyle is threatening his personal health., fuelled by a father who expects perfection and more. Meeting Sophie Bennington forces Christian to think about a possible future, a future that is threatened by sins of the past. 

The relationship between Christian and Sophie  is one of immediate attraction; a visceral attraction wherein Sophie believes there is a possibility of a happily ever after, one that may be destroyed by grief and guilt. The romance is passionate; the $ex scenes fade to black, and are mostly implied.

The colorful secondary and supporting characters including Christian’s parents Eliza and Joseph Montgomery; Christian’s brother Carter; their uncles Robert and William, Aunt Monica; several cousins, siblings and extended family, as well as Sophie’s grandmother Ida.

SUDDENLY MINE is a story of family, secrets, regrets and betrayal. The premise is engaging and heart breaking; the characters are real and charismatic; the romance is sweet and loving. SUDDENLY MINE is a cute story of romance, misgiving, grief and acceptance.

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SUDDENLY MINE is such an emotional journey for Christian and Sophie… and the reader as well.

Each is broken in many ways, strong in others. They’ll find that they are strongest together, eventually. There are differing family issues to be dealt with for them both – an overachieving father with his hand firmly on the pulse of his company for Christian and devastating lies that redefine her past for Sophie.

They come together slowly, in a believable fashion – and often their pasts get in the way of their possible future. My heart broke and ached for each of them in different ways. Watching them not only recreate their lives but fall in love with all of its complications and emotions was an engaging journey that I would not have missed.

As always, The Montgomery Brothers series delivers yet another relative that fits right in – and Ms. Chase once again delivers a relatable, believable couple who will tug on any reader’s heart as they work their way to that happy ending. I enjoyed SUDDENLY MINE on several levels so much and would not hesitate to recommend it to any Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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5 There’s More to Life Stars!!!

I absolutely adore this series by Ms. Chase. Every time a new book comes out I can’t wait to read it. What I’m loving about this particular book is that it’s not his uncle playing matchmaker but his own mom and aunt who have set their sites on Christian finding the perfect woman.

Little do they know that he’s already aware of Sophie but doesn’t really know what to do. And so begins this charming romance that I devoured in one sitting. Sophie is a young woman that’s new to San Diego and seems to have found the perfect job and it’s working with none other than our Hero Christian Montgomery. 

When these two first meet it’s quite a bit nerve wracking. But it changes everything for this man. I loved how Ms. Chase wrote his transition to a man that sees more than working all the time. Allowing him to discover that love can indeed change how happy life can be with the right woman. Oh and Sophie is a woman that doesn’t give up on a lot. I thoroughly appreciated her perseverance in reaching her goals.

But, there’s a little shakeup for her but having Christian by her side truly makes the difference in how her life changes as well.

Over all, this is another fabulous Montgomery Brothers series and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this crazy and loving family!
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