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With dark and gothic at, focusing manly on their grey pallet and reds, and on a beautiful art reminding me a bit of Coraline, we have the story of Mila and Agnes. A fast friendship of two teenage girls that quickly blossoms to more. And more I mean Mila's feelings about Agnes, also Agnes Teeth (don't ask question, I just finished and I'm still digesting all the plot and this particularly.).

They meet, they form a friendship, feelings arise, and then we meet some mystery and a octopus! 

It all seems like a dreams, it makes us feel like we're Mila discovering and feeling it with her (except the teeth, I still don't get the teeth), as she feels it all was a dream, as she feels about Agnes, we feel with her!

Fantasy is just around the corner as well, with all makes seem even more dream like than before!

As someone that loves this type of dark, gothic art, and this dream state of storytelling. I really recommend it! It's a fast read with great art, and a cute ittybit romance in the mix of fantasy is mystery!
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This story was out there.  I definitely did not know where it was going, but in the end I was rather satisfied with the ending.  The art style is rough and beautiful.  It stuck with reds, blacks (greys) and bridges with its colouring for the most part which I felt fit with its darker tone.  

There will be many points where you ask "where are we going here?", but I think that adds to the story itself.  It brings mystery and an un-knowingness to the overall story, which you feel the main character feels.  She isn't sure if its real, a joke, or just part of a dream and you're left wondering the same.

I really enjoyed this and believe anyone looking for a darker, dreamlike story would be happy with this one.
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I really enjoyed this graphic novel I liked the story and the art work too. I’ve never read anything like this but I liked that it was like that. If the author comes out with more I will definitely read them.  I definitely recommend this, I think you should pick it up. I gave this a four out of five stars.
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The artwork in this book is amazing. It's beautiful, surreal and gothic, with just the right amount of creepiness. This book has octopuses, lesbians, bad ass females, foxes.. Oh and an obsession with teeth. The story has a sense of melancholy to it and quirkiness.  
There wasn't a lot of world building or character development, which is my complaint with the book. It didn't wow me, and based off of the blurb I was excited for it. Bad ass girls, ghosts and an ancient king? Adventurous friend that shows the way to more excitement? Things I typically love. I also do enjoy graphic novels, and wasn't expecting a ton of character development or world development due to the method of presentation. Even still, it didn't reach that for me. This could very likely be a me, not you moment but it wasn't for me. After I read this I learned that it was middle grade, which surprised me with the artwork, but makes sense with the character development and simplicity of the story.   
2 wineglasses out of 5.    
I honestly think this was just me. The story just didn't work for me, because lack of world building and character development are deal breakers for me. It felt a little too simple of a story for me. For a middle grade novel, it is good. The artwork is great and the story is on par for MG books. The fact there is ghosts and ancient kings is really cool. I'd recommend it to that age group, but I wouldn't recommend it to adults.
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While I liked the fantasy element, it took an odd turn or two, and it took a while to get where it was going.
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I finished this little gem thinking "What did I just read?!?!". 
Then broke into a grin, because that was awesome! 

So much is packed into this stunning, intriguing story. I was totally drawn in. It's odd, and you feel that from the beginning. You're not sure what to make of it, but at the same time it's fascinating. You can't stop reading/looking at the art because you need to know where this is going even if it is rather unsettling. 

And can we talk about the art for a moment?! The feel and tone - it's just perfect. The artwork ties beautifully with the story. It is sweet and dreamlike, and also slightly sinister, leaving you admiring and off kilter. I finished the story and immediately flicked back through it again, there are several pages I just had to pour over in detail. 

I'll be pushing this glorious short read on many friends simply because it was so unique.
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Let me first say, the artwork in this graphic novel is astonishing.
It works so well for the story, which was equally amazing. Don't get me wrong, I was so confused at times, but I do really like this novel!!
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A fantasy. A dream. A love story. 

Cruising through the dark and surrealistic dreamscapes of Tony Sandoval is quite the adventure. 

Worth reading. 

Check this out if you like comics off the beaten path. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Diamond Book Distributors, and Lion Forge for a copy in return for an honest review.
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It starts more or less normally. An encounter between two adolescent girls attracted to each other. Nothing new. But here comes the twist. Mila feels strangely attracted to Agnes’ teeth. 

Soon,  things go from weird to insane. It turns out Agnes carries the essence of an ancient king and her teeth are his former guardians. Readers don’t get enough background information and that makes plot stranger and stranger the deeper we go. 

That’s a serious issue, but I didn’t mind because I like weird fiction. Plus, the art is AMAZING. Creepy and beautiful. I can easily see myself rereading it dozens of times just to feat my eyes. 

ARC through NetGalley.
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First and foremost, this was beautifully illustrated. Sandoval's murky strokes and contrast truly sold the dreamy state of reality that Mila found at the end of her Summer. During high school in particular, this often signals the beginning of the responsibilities we'll soon be faced with. And although Mila's story was more magical than reality, there were still aspects that many young adults face. The acceptance of childhood coming to end alongside a wistful hope for one last adventure. The always consuming question of one's identity, sexual or otherwise. Even the ghost is not what she seems. The story was a little more abstract than what I was expecting from Sandoval. I had only read Rendez-vous in Phoenix prior to Watersnakes. In the end, I was sold on the dreamlike place between the safety of the mundane and the anxiety of the unknown.
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This was an entertaining fantasy story - which had a hint of gothic horror to it - and the irresistible call of the sea. I really enjoyed it.

Mila is out swimming one day when she hears someone call out a warning, "Water snakes!" and realizes that this new girl, Agnes, has played a joke on her. The two are immediately attracted to one another despite Mila's slight shyness and Agnes's definite weirdness. She claims her teeth - the selfsame teeth which completely fascinate Mila - are really ghosts that go out on adventures every night.

The two begin spending time together and Mila has an odd feeling of repulsion and attraction at the same time. It does not help to stabilize things when she discovers that Agnes is a soldier trying to protect her king, and that there is an army of Angnes-like soldiers and an opposing army they must fight.

I though this was fresh, original, engaging, well illustrated by the author, and entertaining, and I commend it as a worthy read.
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What's a girl to do with her free time in the summer? Mila is bored until she meets a strange girl named Agnes.  Agnes has a set of very unique teeth that Mila cannot resist touching.  Agnes is also a ghost..

The artwork of Watersnakes is otherworldly.  The human/humanoid figures are thin like the smoke of an extinguished candle.  They seem temporary, but also maintain an element of ferocity and danger.  The cover art features these waiflike creatures in armor carrying swords.  

There is a lot of surrealism going on here and the story doesn't miss out on the weird action, either.  But, I couldn't go there with the story.  Mila is charmed by Agnes in the first few frames. As Mila is drawn to her she reaches for Agnes'...teeth.  Mmkay? I needed to know the world and the characters better to follow them into their dream state.  Ennui seems a cheap reason to heed the siren's call.
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Holy mindfuck, this was a good one! 

First of all, the artwork is beautiful. It's definitely on the weirder side, and more than a little disturbing, but very dreamy in its execution. 

The story is intriguing, dark, exiting and twisted - I couldn't put this down! Highly recommended to anyone and everyone!
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I am amazed. This was incredibly imaginative, dark, with gruesome details now and then to add more colors to the story. Tony Sandoval has created a book that recovers the magic of childhood stories and combines it with childhood nightmares. Charming.

Full review to be published in my blog on December 21st:
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So, yesterday I was searching for a decent book to read, and the cover of this graphic novel caught my eye: it seemed cool and I decided to give it a chance.
It's kinda creepy and macabre for the drawing style and the monstrous adventures that the two girls have to deal with. One of them is bisexual btw (fight me on this, unless you're the author), and it is narrated in a delicate way.
I love the drawing style and the colours used, they are so particular.
I felt sadness, surprise, emotional fragility.
If you want to give yourself a super cool gift, go get this graphic novel. I wish I had a copy too, I loved it.
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I honestly have no idea what I just read. It was so weird, but really compelling and I couldn't put it down. I liked that the author didn't really explain what was going on until the end because it kept me guessing and trying to figure out just what was going on. Overall, I liked that this was a spooky weird graphic novel with a very different plot than anything I've read before.
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3/5 stars
I have no idea what I just read. The plot of this graphic novel was beyond bizarre, and I had no idea what was going on for like 80% of it. The author chose to explain everything in the last 10 pages which left me beyond confused. On the other hand, Watersnakes was a very quick, easy, and interesting read. The art style is beautiful, if not  a bit strange (but that goes along with the peculiarity of the book). I think anyone who has a taste for the strange and unusual would love this.

*Thank you NetGalley, for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review*
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This author is Mexican and this graphic novel was first published in Spanish, French and some other languages. I'm very happy it got translated to English this year. The plot is a bit hard to explain without giving away to much. It's a pretty small and contained story. I would've liked getting more and an additional volume actually. Especially since not much of the world or what was going on was explained, that's also why I didn't rate it higher. Is was also a little bit confusing at first, but I really liked it the ending.

We follow Mill, who meets Agnes during a boring summer. I really liked the relationships that were formed in this story. This story is very surreal and fantastical and it also has some horror elements. It has absolutely gorgeous art that fits the story so well. Especially the battle scene was incredible, both the writing and the art were amazing there. I don't think this story is for everyone, but I was definitely impressed.
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This was my first graphic novel ever and I have no clue where to start!
I think this is the darkest, creepiest and most twisted thing I’ve ever read. Octopuses, foxes, lesbian fantasies, spirit warriors and an unhealthy teeth obsession in just 140 short pages? Safe to say my head hurts lol.

While this is a very macabre and plain weird short story, I can’t say I disliked it though. I absolutely loved the art and the pacing!
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Hokey kid's story about two girls who become friends and one of them - but that would be telling! Cheesy as hell though, I expected better from the Doomboy dude. Art's really something though.
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