What I Didn't Say

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What I Didn't Say, was your traditional heartwarming, light hearted, tear jerker that really showcased four fantastic female characters.  Each women's stories are told in dual timelines and you get to see how they are all connected in one way or another.  I liked how the author did this and i was only sad to see that there is a first novel and i didn't realise until i'd finished this one!

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I really enjoyed the idea of this book and Jenny's letters but unfortunately it didn't quite work out for me. There were more characters than I expected and I found it confusing, to the point that I struggled to carry on reading. The author has a great writing style though and I will look out for more from her in the future, hopefully with a simpler narrative.
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A truly beautiful story of love and loss. The story follows four very different woman, Jenny who cruelly lost her mum at the tender age of sixteen, Betsy a bride to be that just can't get another man out of her head, Helen who is Betsy's mum and also owns a prestigious bridal shop and Nats who's career has unexpectedly followed that of a professional bridesmaid.
This book made me laugh but more than often also made me cry, such a truly wonderful book.I rate this book an easy 5 stars
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This is the story of four woman all connected to a wedding shop.   Helen is the owner of the shop but feels that she is growing apart from her daughter Betsy.   Betsy is engaged to be married but has no interest in planning the wedding..... in fact she thinks she has fallen out of love with her fiance but doesn't know how to tell him... or her mother!   Jenny lost her mother a as a teenager and has never really moved on,  her mother left her a bundle of letters to open at importance stages in her life like marriage and childbirth and she feels guilty that she hasn't reached these milestones.   Nat is a professional bridesmaid and so keeps turning up everywhere.   When Jenny tells a lie it snowballs and soon one lie leads to another and how will she be able to get out of it! 

A good read with some great characters a a good storyline.  The stories were told by the different points of view so you got the full picture and they blended in well together
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I really enjoyed this book. It was brilliantly written with a great cast of characters and intriguing plot  that kept me turning the pages. Perfect read to escape from day to day life.  A great read.
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Alright, this book wasn't per say a bad book, I did enjoy reading it but if you read the above and then start reading the book and then notice that it's told from one just Jenny's POV but from 3 other different people, one is the a person that Jenny makes a connection with and forms more like a mother bond with, while the other POV is this person's daughter and the other someone that mother and daughter know among themselves.  Yeah, it is a little confusing at first, not going to lie, but you get into the story line and go along with it.  

Jenny lost her own mother while she was still a teenager and she seems to not have moved on from it.  Her mother because passing away from letters for the most important days of her live, like getting married, or having a baby.  But Jenny has a problem and opens the letters more like when she needs her mother than when will those letters on those days.  She is on her late twenties, is a midwife and loves her job, the only problem?  She is not married and doesn't have any kids, she is depressed and starts to really hate that.  One day, one innocent incident happens that converts into a lie that becomes bigger has the days and weeks go by and she doesn't know how to stop until it's too late.

Helen, owns a couple bridal shops and nothing makes her happier than to help brides.  She has lost her husband a few years ago and she doesn't know how to move past that stage.  She thought that her daughter would be leaning on her for everything but now a days it seems that both of them are growing apart, she is feeling lonely more and more.  

Betsy is Helen's daughter is she is just as lost as Jenny and Helen but on a totally different way.  She has a great job that she loves and strives to improve even more.  But she is engaged and even though she is suppose to get married in a few months she's further from wanting to planning the wedding or to get married.  She has fallen out of love from her fiancée and doesn't know how to break the news to him or her mother, she doesn't know who is the worst.  And to make things worst, she is falling for her boss hard.

And then we have Nat, who is a bridesmaid to rent.  Yeah, you read that right.  People rent Nat to be their bridesmaid and plan their wedding.  That's how Betsy ends up meeting Nat, but ends up forming more of a friendship with her.  And that's how Helen knows Nat her and forms a bond with her too.

And that's how complicated and entwined this book is and really different from the synopsis. But like I said it was still interesting, I personally loved Betsy's story line the best, Jenny was kind of all over the place and I really didn't like how she just kept lying to people, so that was disappointing. 

Overall, 3 or 5 stars.
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Having read Jade Beer's 'The Almost Wfie', I was delighted to get hold of this book and even more delighted to see that some of the characters have returned!

A wonderful, heartwarming story of four women, Helen, Betsy, Nat and Jenny set in a wedding boutique. Helen owns this gorgeous, quaint boutique which has women queuing up to get in. Her daughter Betsy is engaged and is showing no interest in planning her wedding leaving Helen perplexed and worried. Nat, on the other hand seems to be invited to a lot of weddings, as a bridesmaid! All Jenny did was see a wedding dress be tried out and that was her downfall.

A beautifully crafted book (just like the dresses from Helen's shop. A perfect feel good book when you feel you need a fix of happiness.

Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the review copy of this book.
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Amazing read! The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.
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This book was an instant hit, I was hooked from the first few pages. Emotive at times but a fab read. My first book by this author but certainly not my last.
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This is a lovely book telling the stories of four different women. An emotional read but a very good story. I will look out for other books by Jade Beer
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I really liked this book.  Its heartwarming  and emotional.  It is well written and the characters are well developed.  I loved the setting and thought the different pov addded to gge story and flowed well.   If you like books that make you cry with such feeking, then you need to read this book. Thanks to netgalley for the gift of the arc, the opinions are my own.
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Wow ok so I read the reviews before that warned me this was going to make me and cry and thought I was tough enough to withstand it ....I wasn't. Well written , tender and emotional but with real family dynamics in it. Now I need the first book.
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This was book was a lovely read.  There were four main characters whose lives were all linked to a wedding dress shop.  Jenny has letters written to her by her deceased mother.  Jenny feels she has let her mother down as she’s not married.  Helen runs a wedding dress shop and Betsy is her newly engaged daughter.  Nat goes to a lot of weddings.  The story written from all their POV in turn shows the women discovering that paths are not set in stone and can be changed.
This is a great read even though you can guess how the story is going to end is doesn’t detract from the enjoyment.
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I really enjoyed this book which tells the emotional stories of four women all connected by a wedding dress shop. It is sad in places and made me cry but happy in others. It is a heartwarming story of grief, love, friendship and new beginnings. I really liked all of the characters and enjoyed all of their stories. I loved how the stories all came together at the very satisfying ending. 

Highly recommended - a perfect read for a cosy afternoon or holiday. I loved it. 

I hadn't read The Almost Wife which introduces some of the characters but I certainly have it on my TBR pile now. I look forward to reading more from Jade Beer.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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One of my favorite characters Helen, owner of the wedding dress shop, is back in Jade Beer's second book. Jade's stories have beautiful well developed women whose lives get intersected in this wedding store. 

In this book too, we got to see the lives of Jenny, Betsy, Nat and Helen. Each painted this story with a different color. Helen was calm and kind, Betsy was brash and confused, Nat was bold as straight, and Jenny was the sweetest. The letters written by her mother before she passed away were the most heart touching. 

It was fun to read the different equations come to play between these women. There were a lot of emotions which this book evoked but the one that remained in my mind was the strength in all of these women, which Jade brought out beautifully with her words. I was more emotionally invested in this book than her previous one as this story saw me laughing and smiling and surreptitiously crying too. 

Overall, I enjoyed this fast entertaining emotional read.
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Jenny, Nat, Helen and her daughter Betsy. are women who all have a connection and made this book a wonderful wonderful read. 

Emotional and highly charged the writing is superb. 

Telling the story of their lives and their struggles Jenny was my favourite, but each woman had a story to tell and I was a complete sobbing mess at times. 

This would be perfect for a book club read, it has a lot of issues for debate and each reader could add their own tale.  I identified with the characters and it made me think how I would do things differently in each situation

Just amazing
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Heartwarming, Emotional, Charming!

This hook will captivate your attention from start to finish! A heartwarming emotional exciting story that follows the lives of four different women and each one has their own struggles! The characters are real women with very relatable life issues!
The author does a remarkable job of weaving and connecting different characters together.. the story was easy to follow and very thought out! have the tissues handy because you can feel the emotions strong in this book! 
Even though it's an emotional story as we follow Jenny's story and how her mom left her letters for each milestone in Jenny's life.. you can really feel the bond and love that a mother had for her daughter! 
The story also gas exciting and fun moments as the characters explores the adventures of wedding planning, trying on beautiful dresses!!! The author describes everything in such a beautiful and vivid fashion that you feel like you're there alongside the characters as it's all unfolding!!!! 
I definitely recommend this book!
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I am sorry to give this book 2 stars. I really liked the idea of it. The thought of Jenny reading letters from her mother at different times in her life sounded really good. The story however just seemed to get bogged down with other characters.
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This was a nice heart-warming story and i loved reading it.
When i started reading it, i thought it was mainly about Jenny. Before dying 10 years ago, her mother wrote her a series of letter to open in specific moments of her life. These letter being the only connection left with her mother. They were also in a way defining her life and in a way limiting Jenny.
But the story was more than just that. It revolves around three other women: Helen, Betsy and Nat. Each of these women is at a crossroad of her life, with different problems, mistakes and choices to make. I found it interesting how these women were connected in various ways, offering support to each other during the difficult moments.
Sometimes, part of the stories felt a bit over the top and a bit rushed but otherwise it was a very enjoyable read.
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This book made me ugly cry, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but be careful where and when you read this! I have three daughters and it really hit hard about what I would want them to know about me and about their lives if I wasn't here to share all those important moments with them. It's a book full of emotion and humanness, beautifully written and completely absorbing x
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