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The hottest slow burn in history!

Lucas is the fun guy, the life of the party, quick with a quip and doesn't seem to take anything too seriously.  Trinity tries hard to stay out of his orbit, thinking he's just too young and too charming to be in it for the long game.  But they just can't seem to stay away from each other, even after they find out he's the attorney for her sister's soon-to-be ex.  

This complicated relationship sets the stage for a slow, meaningful development of their attraction. Their romance takes on a life of its own, but they still have mountains to climb in the form of her sister and the pending divorce, and his sister's long-term illness.  Watching them discover just who their hearts belong to made for an exquisitely beautiful love story that was a complete joy to read.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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Rating 4.5/5

If ever there was a time for rule-breaking it definitely was here with Lucas and Trinity's story! I love a romance in which you break the rules to follow your heart!
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When I read about Lucas in Down With Love, I didn’t really know what to think about him. He seemed very extroverted, dramatic, and perhaps superficial. He was likable, but he didn’t seem at all like the kind of man who would be a hero in one of Kate Meader’s novels. Boy was I surprised when I read Lucas’ story in Illegally Yours! He held so much emotion and depth beneath that flashy surface. He was complex. The man had layers upon layers, and as I dug deeper into his character, I loved him more and more. Trinity had her own layers. She kept so much of herself hidden as well. Both characters were extremely protective of those they loved and were willing and ready to sacrifice their own needs for others. These two characters were perfect for each other. They slowly opened up to one another and fell in love while discovering their own worth. It was a truly beautiful love story. It brought all the heart-warming, tear-jerking feelings while also supplying all the sexual intensity Kate Meader’s stories are known for.  Lucas and Trinity and their generous, loving spirits are going to stick with me.
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Honestly, this book just did not entertain me at all. I had to put it down and go back to it a few times, which is the first sign that I’m not gonna be loving it. 
Both characters bugged me from the start. Lucas did not strike me as a hot, quirky, sexy Brit. I sadly was picturing Hugh Grant as Lucas while reading...not a great image for a romantic lead, for me, as he’s the antithesis of sexy, IMO. I think Ms Meader tried too hard to make Lucas funny and quirky, and instead he was annoying. Again, just my opinion.
Trinity is an enabler, plain and simple. There’s a fine line between looking out for/helping your she’s trying to do with her sister...and doing everything for her. While I very much liked Trinity’s interactions with her nephew Chase, I didn’t care for her sister, Beth, at all. And while I’m know Beth’s divorce was a big roadblock for a Lucas and Trinity, it was way too distracting and overpowered their relationship.
I really like other Kate Meader books I’ve read. Not having read book 1 of this series, I’m going to assume this book is an anomaly and try book 3 when it comes out.
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*sigh* Lucas.... When I first met him in Down with Love, I wanted to know everything about him.  A charming Brit, yes please!!!  

I loved Lucas but who I loved even more, Trinity.  She's so amazingly strong and loyal to her family.  This book was an interesting spin on enemies to lovers.  Lucas represents Trinity's soon to be ex brother in law and even though their chemistry is off the charts, their relationship is totally forbidden.  

This book was a lot heavier and angsty than I was expecting it to be but this story was fantastic.  I loved all of the layers of Lucas and Trinity.  There's so much more to him than the charming British funny guy and more to her than the loyal whiskey sommelier.  

I'm loving this series and I can't wait for the next one!!

*This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
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Having only read her hockey romance series, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the book.  The brief description had me interested and I am glad I did.  This was a fun read with lots of ups and downs for the characters.  In many ways, I felt like a fly on the wall watching things unfold, laughing and crying with them both.

Lucas is a divorce attorney with a British accent.  So right, he’s interesting.  Trinity is intriguing by her name and that she’s in an interesting profession – whiskey sommelier.  That had ME intrigued because while I know about wine sommeliers, I had never heard of this and maybe it is fiction, but it sounds like a great job! Guy meets girl in a bar and propositions her and she dumps a drink on his head.  Only he wasn’t trying to suggest a threesome, he was only trying to recommend a friend that could benefit from her job!  That told me that the story would be funny as well as complicated.  And it didn’t disappoint!

You will love this one from cover to cover because I’m not giving anything else away!

I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was promised or received for the review.
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Admittedly, it took me a bit to get in to this story because of how Lucas was acting. I have not read the first book in the series, yet, and wonder if that would have introduced me to Lucas in a way to already have a connection with him. I do plan on reading the first book because I like Kate Meader's writing as well as this second story and feel the series is promising.

If you find yourself struggling with Lucas, stay the course and give him a chance. He is a complex character and worth getting to know. In fact, I ended up liking him more than I did Trinity. And she is a great character on her own. There is a yummy slow-burn buildup that made the first kiss worthy of the the wait. I am not generally a fan of the slow-burn, but Ms. Meader hooked me in. I enjoyed the banter and the general overall story arc. I had no problem turning the pages to see what was coming next for these characters. I am very much anticipating Grant's story. I definitely want to know what is going there!
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I am loving Kate Meaders's Laws of Attraction series and the staff at Wright, Lincoln, and Henderson. Illegally Yours focuses on the "forbidden" love from a variety of view points, but in this case it's impacting all around fun loving Partner Lucas Wright as he takes on a new client who impedes his chance at love. When Lucas meets Trinity Jones at a whiskey tasting they immediately react to each other. Their chemistry is amazing and very confusing for Trinity. Lucas is smooth but she isn't buying it creating a challenge that Lucas is very ready for.

The problem here is that there is no love loss between Trinity and her sister Emily's soon to be ex and therein lies the problem. Trinity and Lucas together represent a conflict of interest and a no-no between said ex's to be lawyer and the soon to be ex sister in law. But the issue is much deeper than a simple request to the ex that they be "allowed" to date, adding a twist to story that I didn't see coming.

There's something so joyous with Lucas. I LOVED being in his head and "hearing" all his wonderful British-isms. Hes one of those characters that I suspect and authors connects with and uses to spread smiles and giggles. 

"When it comes to my personal life, just know that I’m Trinity Jones’s biggest fan. And I mean that in the creepiest way possible."

He is the epitome of a charmer but he's got some demons that he's fighting and not ready to share as the two embark on a relationship. For her part Trinity is holding back as well. There's history she doesn't share with Lucas pointing to her fears about relationships and not being able to fully trust his intentions.

Meader surrounds Lucas and Trinity with a wonderful groups of friends and family, all of who play into the plot and story-line, and in some cases, all too much! Trinity's life doesn't always seem to belong to her but that in turn is what makes for great character growth. I really can't recommend this book and series enough. In fact book three is on my highly anticipated list for 2019.
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Illegally Yours is the second book in the Laws of Attraction series, but can be read as a standalone. I have to say that this book is a fast read. Illegally Yours is told from both Trinity and Lucas' POV. I like that this was done, because as I've said in other reviews, I love reading both sides of the story.

It's clear from the start that Lucas is pretty full of himself, but there's so much more to this hardworking divorce lawyer. At times he seemed to just be after the best case for his client, but his heart got in the way. As he interacts with Trinity, it's clear he's working through past tragedies and trying to open up his heart. Lucas really won me over though! How sweet and caring he can be, on top of the reasons why he's a divorce lawyer.

Trinity is a hardworking woman and her family is her everything. Her sister Emily is someone that always comes first, along with her kids. They didn't have an easy childhood and she feels responsible for the things she loves. Trinity is pretty closed to any idea of relationships in the beginning, because she's been betrayed many times. It's clear she has a hard time opening up, but it was nice to see her slowly let down her walls and let someone else take care of her.

I loved that there was kind of a forbidden romance in this book, because Lucas was hired by her sister's ex-husband. Talk about complicated! There is definitely chemistry from the start and it's fun to see them tease each other. On top of that, it was a nice different that it took awhile before things started happening. Not like a lot of books where the couples just jump into bed with each other after just saying hello.

Another thing that had me laughing and smiling quite a few times are the references to Marvel movies, TV shows I love and of course Harry Potter. Any book that mentions Harry Potter scores points in my book!

All in all, while I loved everything I've talked about, Illegally Yours didn't wow me. I think the whole divorce between Trinity's sister and ex-husband didn't sit right with me. I don't know if it's because it's more of a thing in the background (seeing how Trinity and Lucas aren't getting divorced) or because at times it seems like it's completely forgotten. In the end, I honestly am not completely sure how that all went down.

Kate Meader is definitely a fun writer, but something made it harder for me to connect with and I can't completely put my finger on it. I will definitely keep an eye out for her new releases though, because Illegally Yours was a fun read!
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Jen planned on getting lucky that night. She slid into her car and checked her surroundings. No news vans, no beat-up hatchbacks that belonged to reporters. When she got home she got a  text from 
From David he would be there in about twenty minutes. She had time to shower and change. She felt empty handed . She had no briefs, no pretrial motions to consider. She’d left everything at the office, including her laptop , which felt good for a change. Davis was one of the top cardiologists in Dallas.  A date. Tonight. Her stomach fluttered with nerves. She’d bumped into David at Home Depot last week and he asked her out right there in the store. David’s total obliviousness to her professional life appealed to Jen. She liked the prospect of seeing someone who didn’t think of her as Judge Ballard or your Honor.. Most men were intimidated by the robe, and she hadn’t had a single date in the two years since she’d been elected to the bench. Her phone chimed again and she thought it might be another text from David. But instead it was Nate Levinson, a former colleague. She’d missed two calls as well from a Beaumont area code. She let Nate’s call go to voicemail . She went to the kitchen after her shower and she had dressed and  she realized there was glass all over the floor.She looked toward the patio and a warm drift of air that turned her blood cold. Than he said “Hello Jennifer” as he whided around to see a pistol inches from her face. The   the calls she had  all made sense now as he stepped forward. “On your knees”. “ Don’t hurt me”. “ Now!”  Her legs folded and she was on the floor and chunks of glass going into her skin. He put the muzzle of the gun to her forehead. “Please” Jen croaked “ I’ll do what you want, just.” “That’s right.” His eyes were flat and soulless “ You will.”  Brynn said she had a trial Monday as she as she gets her nails painted red as it was her lucky color. Brynn was stressed and nothing would quell it until she stepped into the courtroom. Also Brynn hadn’t gone up against this prosecutor before. Chrissy did Brynn's nails and was a fierce supporter of Brynns since Brynn repped her in a dispute with her toad of a landlord who was jerking around over the rent. Brynn had not even represented Chrissy officially, just sent a nasty letter on the firms stationary . The toad had backed down and chrissy had offered Brynn a lifetime of  free manicures which Brynn wouldn’t take of course. Chrissy understood the importance of appearances. She was in the image business. A text appeared  on Brynn’s phone from Ross. her law partner and it said Perez is missing. She then told Chrissy she had to make a call, sorry. Ross picked up on the first ring and asked her where she was. She said she was in a meeting Than she asked what do you mean Perez is missing? Ross said they were supposed to have a video conference at nine to practice his testimony nut he blew it off and he’s not answering his phone. Than he added he tried Perez’s girlfriend and she hadn’t seen  or heard from him since Tuesday and has no idea where he is. Than Ross said he was headed to the office when Brynn asked asked if he had told Reggie. Than Brynn said  would meet him there and they would figure out what to do. A ball of dread formed in Brynns stomach as she thought about all the implications. Her eighteen year old client was going on trial for his life and their star witness was M I A. Reggie had brought property three years ago when he moved his law practice to  Pine Rock. Reggie renovated the building to accommodate six lawyers and two paralegal, administrative assistant and a receptionist- not to mention the steady flow of clients who drifted in and out  seven days a week. Big trials were the firms gravy, but Saturday night arrests were the firms bread and butter. Brynn followed the smell of fresh coffee to Reggie’s office . Faith was Reggie’s assistant and she was crying but Faith never cried. Than Reggie yelled from his office Brynn “ Brynn get in here.”  Reginald H Gunn or Reggie was the managing partner. Than he said to close the door. He then said Nate had just called him.  Jen Ballard had been murdered last night. He didn’t have all the details but she had been murdered last night. He didn’t have all the details yet but she was killed sometimes yesterday evening in her home. Ross shot Brynn a look.  Jen had once been their boos, their mentor, and their friend was dead. Than Reggie said James Corby had escaped from a maximum security prison. James Corby was violent and sadistic but also frighteningly smart. The prospect of him slipping out of prison.James was a serial killer and he is out for revenge to those who were involved with his capture and his imprisonment.   Brynn had the been the assistant prosecutor along with Jen who had been the lead prosecutor. Ross looked like he was going to be sick to his stomach. That had been the biggest case of Brynns career. She did feel she needed a bodyguard. Brynn didn’t really have much of a personal as she was totally dedicated to her job. Erik’s protection often interferes with Brynns ability to do her job, Brynn and Erik clash.  Reggie hired Wolfe Security which is one of the top personal security firms in the country. Erik heads the team protecting Brynn and her co- country Erik had been a marine and secret service agent.  He doesn’t let distruction get in the way of the job performances. Brynn leans on Erik. But Brynn is starting to care about Erik. They both know it’s dangerous to have feelings for each other when Erik is protecting her. Erik reminded himself all the time 
I enjoyed this book. I liked Erik and Brynn together even if it  wasn’t the best time for them to be together. I liked the plot and pace. I loved the suspense. This grabbed my attention from the start and kept it until;the end,  I enjoyed the courtroom drama in this book. I didn’t want to put this down. I liked the plot and pace. I loved the suspense in this book. This grabbed my attention from the start and kept it straight through to the end. Brynn and Erik have hot chemistry they try to not act on. There were a few too many characters and a little too much going on for me. I liked the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.
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What can I say, I love this woman! Ever since I binge read Kate’s Chicago Rebels, I have been in love *happy sigh* She has a way of mixing the feels and heart with the sexy that is just so damn captivating you just can’t stop reading. It has been like that for me every single book I have read by her!

Illegally Yours is a mix of forbidden/close proximity/work(ish) tropes that come together explosively. Imagine if you were a divorce lawyer and you had the hots for a woman who turned out to be your client’s sister…are you imagining it? Well, you don’t have to imagine how crazy it would be because Kate writes ALL about it in Illegally Yours! And the story is not just sexy, it is fun! I wish I could give you a play-by-play because let me tell ya, the more these two tried not to give in, the more the universe said bwaahahahah, not! LOL

Like I said, I’ve never had any trouble enjoying a book by this author. Sometimes, so much so that I go back and binge other books I’ve already read LOL This is an author that should be on everyone’s radar. #TRUST
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Lucas Wright may look like a young, carefree guy who only lives to be the life of the party and the always clowning around jokester among his band of hotly handsome, divorce attorney buddies, but make no mistake. There is much more to him than meets the eye. He’s hiding a hard luck past and a heartbreaking secret behind that sexy smile and strong Brit personna. He’s a witty, charming, caring good guy hero, who fights in the trenches on the battlefield of divorce everyday, working hard for his clients. Though it may be splitsville for the marriage, he tries to hold together enough of a truce some stability remains to ensure children don’t become casualties of the conflict. Yeah, he’s always about trying to do the right thing. If that isn’t enough to win you over, just wait until you see how far he goes to care for someone very important to him. 

Trinity Jones juggles the world on her shoulders. Her name seems to fit. She’s all about three things: having her younger sister Emily’s back at all times, taking care of Em’s two children, and living and loving her whiskey world career. She’s harboring some secrets of her own, too, folks. Unfortunately, cloudy judgment, not from the whiskey mind you, has Trinity trying too hard sometimes to be the better person. I honestly at times couldn’t wrap my mind around why she treated a certain someone better than they deserved. 

With back and forth flirty banter and hot, scorching chemistry, this unlikely main couple just can’t seem to deny their attraction, which eventually leads to love. Considering the circumstances, it shouldn’t be surprising it is quite a bumpy road, folks. 

As usual, Kate Meader’s writing flows effortless across the pages and keeps me fully engaged. She rocks romance in the kitchen, professional hockey arena, and now we can chalk another one up in the corner of law, my fellow romance book loving friends. If you haven’t checked out her “Hot in the Kitchen” and “Chicago Rebels” series, I suggest you get right on that. 

Feel free to backtrack and read Book 1 of this series, as well. Each book is a stand-alone romantic tale, but sub-characters do pop up in each book. Book 3, Then Came You, releases in May 2019 and will feature a reunion of a divorced couple who make cameo appearances in the previous books. 

Title: Illegally Yours, Series: Laws of Attraction (Book 2), Author: Kate Meader, Pages: 228, stand-alone but part of a series, witty/charming/caring, good guy divorce attorney hero, 6 years older, whiskey bar owner heroine, very graphic steamy scenes with lusty language, no cheating, no OW/OM drama, no love triangle, relationship angst, some squabbling, determined hero.

Book 1 - Down With Love (Charlotte & Max), Pages: 237
Book 2 - Illegally Yours (Trinity & Lucas), Pages: 228
Book 3 - Then Came You (Aubrey & Grant), releases 5/7/19

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review. There is no affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
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Lucas is a divorce attorney who has made quite a reputation for himself.    He is successful, determined, always good for a laugh and let’s not forget his sexy British accent.    When he meets Trinity at his partner’s bachelor’s party he is immediately intrigued and attracted but things become complicated when they find out she is the sister in-law of one of his clients.

Trinity is a whisky sommelier who is used to receiving and rebuffing advances from men.    When Lucas starts flirting, she knows better than to take it seriously but finding out that he is the man trying to destroy her sister’s life all her protective instincts come to the forefront.

They know that they need to keep their distance from each other but soon find out that some things are worth taking a chance on.

Hot chemistry, humorous banter and two people who still carry their pasts all combine into an enjoyable story that will keep you entertained until the last page.   I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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I loved this book! This is the second in Kate Meader’s Law’s of Attraction series that centers around three divorce lawyers. Lucas Wright is a 28 year old, hot Brit, who has a goofy, devil may care attitude. He meets Trinity Jones when she is leading a whiskey tasting. He is instantly captivated by her. Trinity is the consummate nurturer, and takes care of those she loves. When she meets Lucas, she finds him attractive, but thinks he is just an overgrown frat boy. Lucas decides that he needs to take his time and convince her to date him, but soon finds out that he is defending her brother-in-law in his divorce, and ethics won’t let him date her. This is the set up for a good forbidden romance. Both characters are well developed, the pace of the romance was good and I loved their backstories. I cannot wait for the next book in the series! I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
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Lucas and Trinity have experienced instalust. The problem? They can't do anything about it. You see: Trinity's sister, Emily, is going through a horrendous divorce from her husband Brian, and Lucas is Brian's lawyer. There is a conflict of interest. Part of the problem is trying to work this over. 

Illegally Yours is one amazing read in my opinion because it brings a lot of current issues into the light. Such as how discriminating certain jobs are towards colored individuals or women. Even more, colored women. You see, Trinity is an African American whiskey sommelier, a predominantly male career. She gets discriminated against by both men and women. She isn't taken seriously and is mostly hit on.

Lucas is a shark of a lawyer. That is most likely the reason Brian hired him. He is ruthless. At the same time, he is hilarious. The things he says and does crack me up. He sees Trinity for what she really is. An extraordinary woman who loves her job, not caring about all the bumps in her road, and loves her family. She protects her sister and her kids. Sure, there are bumps in the road for them as well such as her strong feminist beliefs that doesn't help their relationship at times. 

Overall I give this read four stars and do recommend.
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This is just a fun and entertaining read. I went in a bit nervous as I never read anything by this author before. I didn’t realize this is book 2 of the series but I didn’t feel lost at all. In fact, I’m anxious to go back to the first book and eagerly awaiting the next book.

When Lucas and Trinity meet at the bar where she works, they share this immediate connection. Trinity is determined to stay away from him. He is fighting her wishes. He knows a good thing when he sees it and the feisty whiskey sommelier is just that. Speaking of interesting career choices, I love that the author put her in a white male dominating field. I never read a romance with a whiskey sommelier.

Lucas tries to find ways to get close to her but it becomes even more difficult when he discovers that she is the sister of the woman his client is divorcing. I’m glad this is discovered immediately and Lucas goes about resolving it in a professional manner. There is still conflict but it handled quickly.

The real meat of the story is not from their conflict but their own personal lives. They both have a lot of baggage that they carry and it is slowly revealed throughout the course of the book. Lucas struggles with his life in Chicago as a big part of him is left behind in London. I loved how Lucas is just more than this hot shot attorney who takes everything in a joking manner. He is vulnerable. He grew up in a bad situation and made something out of himself.

I liked Trinity overall but there is a point where her bad ass demeanor is a turn off. She wants to save everyone but herself. She doesn’t even realize she is in pain until Lucas has to call her out on it and even then she lashes out as I’m the strong female. Eventually these two get their lives together and try to work on their relationship as well.

The secondary characters are a bonus in this story. They show up at the right time and have their own issues to deal with but don’t take away from the main story. As mentioned earlier, I look forward to the next book. 

~ Samantha
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It's here! It's here!

I'm so excited to be part of the Book Blitz for Kate Meader's Illegally Yours. Meader has long been one of my favorite romance authors because her books fiercely embody that steamy + sweet combo romance aficionados are always talking about--and they're beautifully written, too. 

Her book Down with Love, the first in this Laws of Attraction series, is on my 100 Books list (read it if you haven't already!), and Illegally Yours, the second in the series, is another stellar offering. It's so good!

Read more below for a synopsis, exclusive excerpt, The Naptime Writer Need to Know, and info about a giveaway and our author herself, Kate Meader. 

Rule #1: Never fall for your client.
Rule #2: Never fall for your client’s fiercely protective, smoking hot sister-in-law.

I’m the kind of guy who believes that everyone deserves the best legal representation money can buy—which just so happens to be me, Lucas Wright. Give me your henpecked, your cuckolded, your irreconcilable differences yearning to break free! And if you’re the bad guy in your marriage, that’s cool too. Your green is as good as anyone’s.
Tell that to Trinity Jones. It’s my job to destroy her sister—the soon-to-be ex-wife of my a-hole of a client—and Trinity’s “big sis” instincts are dialed up to the max. I admire that. I admire her. But she won’t stop me from representing my client to the best of my ability.
Not even if my chemistry with Trinity is undeniable. Not even if we can’t keep our hands off each other. Not even if she injects life into a heart assumed to be long dead.
Because when faced with a choice between love and duty, the job will always win—or at least that’s what I thought before I met Trinity . . . and suddenly conflict of interest never felt so right. 
This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

I smile at the last couple of women who are signing up for the Whiskey, Women, and Song mailing list.
“So, only women at these things?” one of them asks.
“Think of it as a safe space, a place for women to meet and not feel the pressure to be on all the time.”
“I like the idea,” her friend says as she writes down her email address. “As long as it’s not filled with lawyers.”
Her friend cackles and they walk out the door laughing.
Wow, this has been a really positive experience. Good people, even with the “mistaken identity” snafu at the beginning, a brand of shade I’ve been living all my life. I’m smiling as I turn, eager to share my good vibes with someone.
He’s gone.
One minute he was talking to Aubrey, the next, the air is a void I feel like a punch. What the hell is wrong with me?
It’s just a hot guy. There are lots of hot guys. And this one is the wrong, hot guy. Too gorgeous and too much trouble and--
Thank the gods, he came back.
“Thought you skedaddled out of here.”
“No, you didn’t.” He lifts the case of half-empty bottles onto the dolly and secures it with the bungee cord I use. “Ready?” He’s already dragging my wares into the corridor.
I follow, noting how quiet it is in the office. We pass a couple of open doors with people at desks, heads down, poring over depositions or whatever lawyers pore over at seven in the evening. But other than them, no one is around to watch our departure.
Lucas calls for the elevator.
The air crackles with possibility. I’m suddenly very nervous.
The doors open and we step inside. Lucas situates the dolly and then he backs me up against the wall before the doors have closed. His eyes burn into me, branding me with sensual purpose.
“We good?”
I nod.
“Say it.”
“We’re goo—” His mouth descends on mine. We’re goo. I’m goo. A hot, melting puddle of neurons and blood vessels and other things that make up my weak, weak body.
I’m not good at being kissed. I don’t enjoy being on the passive end of a smooch, so I do what any modern woman who hasn’t gotten any in a while would do:
I eat Lucas’s face off.
I can’t help it. One touch of his mouth to mine and it’s a flame to kindling. My lips take on a life of their own: greedy, grasping, gimme-all-the-sugar. He moans at the contact of our tongues and that moan sets off vibrations throughout my body. Every cell is on fire.
We’re both fighting for supremacy here, neither of us willing to surrender. It’s war. It’s brutally beautiful. How wonderful to feel so well matched with a kiss.
I’m ready to see how well we fit in all the other areas. His chest to mine, our hips rocking together, that moment when he sinks inside me, deep and true. I need it so badly I can already feel it. I want to feel everything with this man after so long sublimating my needs to others.
Seems we’re on the same page. We both go for the respective ass grab, and this simultaneously mutual move shifts something. Separating, we laugh into the kiss.
It’s a lovely moment that I’ll never forget. But it breaks the spell and twists it into something else, something deeper as we stare at each other for a long, ultracharged moment.
“Wow,” he murmurs.
“Yeah. Wow.”
The elevator doors open. Aubrey is on the other side, her cat’s mouth curving into a grin. Neither of us has pressed the button to escape this floor.
Lucas hits twenty-five and smiles at Aubrey. “Take the next one, princess.”
He’s back to kissing me before the doors close.
I know there are a million reasons not to do this. I can only think of the one reason why we must: I need Lucas Wright more than I’ve ever needed anything.
I need something for me. Someone who sees me, if only for a sparkling star-filled moment. I expect I’ll fall back into sanity, but hopefully, not too soon.

There’s a lot that I love about romance novels, but one thing is that for all their HEA, they’re also not afraid to tackle the more complicated parts of our lives: the sadness or hardships that we’ve carried with us and that make accepting a HEA difficult. We see that in Illegally Yours, and it lends authenticity to the characters, especially Lucas, who can come across as a little over-the-top.
Lucas Wright is a divorce attorney, partner and friend to Max, whom we met (and fell in love with) in Down with Love. He’s British and outrageous. He’s a sexy charmer who can sometimes appear unrelenting in his attempt to entertain. But he’s also kind and sensitive and haunted.
And then there’s kickass Trinity Jones, who is wearing a catsuit (a catsuit!!!) when we first meet her. More evidence of her kickassery: she refers to herself as “Whiskey Woman” on her business cards. Trinity's cultivating her reputation as a whiskey sommelier, a task made more difficult by virtue of the fact that the field is predominantly comprised of white men.
I adore so much about this pairing. The older woman-younger man. The practical, no-nonsense Trinity and the dramatic, extravagant Lucas.
But underneath it all, Trinity and Lucas are supremely protective and loving—and devoted to their families in ways both seen and unseen.
The chemistry between our leads is hot, hot, hot!, a state of affairs that’s certainly helped—though not limited to—the fact that their relationship is initially forbidden. And then there’s the sweetness, too; they lift each other up. There’s a solidity to their relationship that’s beautiful—for all of Lucas’s play—and that’s reinforced by the particularly lovely ending.
Illegally Yours is sooo good, folks. 

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Originally from Ireland, USA Today bestselling author Kate Meader cut her romance reader teeth on Maeve Binchy and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Harlequins thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron or a fire hose, and she’s there. Now based in Chicago, she writes sexy contemporary romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines who can match their men quip for quip.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from IndieSage PR, but all opinions provided are my own. 
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Lucas has to work at it!

Lawyer Lucas Wright is attracted to Trinity Jones, the whiskey sommelier at a whiskey tasting for a bachelor party but  it goes nowhere when he later becomes the lawyer in her sister’s divorce for the other side. Lucas has to get permission to see Trinity because of the legal problems which piss off Trinity.

Lucas and Trinity is an interesting couple because Lucas has overcome a crappy upbringing and Trinity is very protective of her sister and nephew even though Lucas sometime doesn’t think before he talks. But his finally opening up to Trinity explains a lot about his family. Trinity has always been the stronger sister and Lucas has to work at making a relationship with her.

British lawyer and whiskey sommelier are a different type of romance but Kate Meader makes it work!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I was hooked on this book as soon as I met Lucas. He was everything you want in a book boyfriend. Trinity was the perfect girl for Lucas. They balanced each other out. Lucas and Trinity both had pasts that they needed to work out and move beyond. And of course Lucas’s profession as a lawyer had an impact on Trinity’s life. I loved that Lucas was very proud of Trinity and her job of whiskey sommelier, which is a male oriented profession, and how Trinity realized how lucky she was in that. These two were very hot together and I loved all the teasing Lucas did with Trinity. And she did too!
Loved the glimpses of Max and Charlie and their relationship. I am so looking forward to Grant and Aubrey. There was a lot more insight into them in this book. I am really loving these three lawyers!
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