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I am ALL about reading summer themed books at the moment, so when I discovered One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan, I knew I would have to add it to my reading list! I have had a few of Sarah’s books on my TBR for a while now, but have not had the opportunity to read them yet, and One Summer in Paris sounded like a great place to start!

First of all, reading this book totally made me want to visit Paris. (Something I hope to do, one day, if I can get over my fear of flying!) The setting for the book was one of my most favorite things. Sarah did a great job of describing Paris, and I could picture it clearly in my mind. I do wish that the characters had visited more places throughout the story, but I loved the places they did visit. (Hopefully I will get to as well one day!)

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the characters. The story is told from a couple of different ladies’ viewpoints, which I enjoyed, and though each lady was from different age groups, I still managed to relate with each of them. (I love when that happens!) I think I related to Graces story the most, and I enjoyed watching her character grow over the course of the story.

Overall; One Summer in Paris is a quick, interesting read, and it was just the book I needed to kick off my summer reading list! I am definitely now excited to read more of Sarah’s books, and I do believe I will be checking out How to Keep a Secret and the From Manhattan with Love series soon! 

Happy Reading!
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Grace is a PLANNER. She takes care of every little detail, believing that in doing so, she’s helping. That she’s showing her love. Imagine, then, her shock when she plans a romantic 25th-anniversary getaway to Paris on the very night that her husband asks for a divorce. Much to her own surprise, she decides to go to Paris on her own.

Meanwhile, over in England, Audrey finds herself struggling. Her pain is a bit different from Grace’s but no less significant. Young enough to be Grace’s mother, Audrey is both an old soul and a youthful burst of freshness. When she and Grace meet, it’s a wonderful moment. Grace, who has carefully plotted her life to within the second, finds herself rescued by Audrey.

There is a third POV, that of Grace’s grandmother. The mystery surrounding her is not as satisfactory as Grace and Audrey’s perspectives, but she is the force behind Grace going to Paris and, later, Grace’s realization and acceptance of something important in her life.

Sarah Morgan always writes love stories that make you feel good. This one feels a little more angsty at times, but that’s not a complaint. Audrey’s back story is sad, and her escape to Paris feels a little desperate at times, a little forlorn, a little hopeful. Claire, meanwhile, discovers herself in a way. She reconnects with someone from her past, which helps her remember who she was before she had to plan everything.

Ultimately, this is a story of forgiveness. Both Audrey and Claire (and Claire’s grandmother) have to forgive themselves and their loved ones. The steps they take to get there make this a wonderful book to read.
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One Summer in ParisI received this book from NetGalley and its publisher. This review is my own opinion and is not influenced by others.

One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan is the story of two women. Each woman goes about their lives not knowing anything about the other until their worlds come together in Paris. 

Grace is from Connecticut. She has a husband and a teenage daughter, Sophie. She enjoys seeing her grandmother Mimi in the assisted living facility. She is a happy woman who is looking forward to celebrating 25 years of married life. For their anniversary Grace wants to surprise her husband with a trip to Paris for a month. Before she able to share her news, however, her husband tells her that he is in love with someone else and he wants a divorce. Grace decides to take the trip anyway.

Audrey Hackett lives in London but wants to move to France. Her mother, an alcoholic was always difficult to live with, so Audrey wants to leave. Her mother has found herself in a new relationship. This helps Audrey make her move. 

The two meet and soon a new friendship is formed. 

I liked the two main characters and the book was very fun to read. Sarah Morgan was able to create two different characters who seem to mesh very well. Each one helped the other to grow and to face their fears. 

I rate this book very high.
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Really great book! Two sides of life collide to show that friendship and loving support can make all the difference in the world as you travel the roads of life. I really enjoyed the emotional upheaval they each had to go through before settling in to what was meant to be. Highly recommend!

Grace Porter thought she'd be setting off on this magical trip to Paris with her husband of twenty-five years, but he decided to spring the news that he wants a divorce on her the night she presented him with the anniversary present. What's a gal to do but go by herself? Alone in Paris sounds ideal at a difficult time like this until she's living the loneliness of seeing the sights she meant to share with David.

Audrey Hackett would do anything to get out from under the weight of taking care of her alcoholic mother after graduation. She has been saving for years for this special trip, and though her mother throws up roadblock after roadblock, she needs this time. Even if she's heading somewhere she can't speak the language of with little money to her name.

An unlikely friendship strikes up between this woman on the verge of upheaval and this teen just coming into herself as they both live over top of a quaint bookshop. They support each other throughout their growing pains, and realize that life isn't always handing you the thing you need, but you can achieve anything if you have the right support by your side.
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Sarah Morgan is one of my favourite authors and she is back with a fantastic and heart-warming new novel. Grace and Audrey don’t know each other. Forty-something Grace is heartbroken after her husband announces he wants a divorce after twenty-five years of marriage. Audrey is an eighteen-year-old girl just out of school who is looking forward to escaping her troubles at home for a summer of freedom. 
What they have in common? Paris, where they are both spending the summer hoping for a new beginning. An improbable meeting leads to a strong and unlikely friendship and the two women spend more time together helping and confiding in each other. 
With its evocative descriptions, its engaging characters, its entertaining and captivating plot, you will fall in love with this novel, an absolute must-read for all fans of Sarah Morgan.
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I love Sarah Morgan!! I loved that this book was set in Paris. I really enjoyed reading it and imagining the city with the characters. I wasn't a superfan of the ending but hey, it was a good time.
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Over the last few years Sarah Morgan has become one of my favourite romance authors. Her books are always delightful and full of fun and lots of emotion, too. She's been writing books that aren't strictly romances lately, which has been a nice change of pace. One Summer in Paris is her latest and it was a joy to read.

Here's the synopsis:
USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan returns with this heartwarming novel about the power of friendship, love and what happens when an ending is just the beginning…
To celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Grace has planned the surprise of a lifetime for her husband—a romantic getaway to Paris. But she never expected he’d have a surprise of his own: he wants a divorce. Reeling from the shock but refusing to be broken, a devastated Grace makes the bold decision to go to Paris alone.
Audrey, a young woman from London, has left behind a heartache of her own when she arrives in Paris. A job in a bookshop is her ticket to freedom, but with no money and no knowledge of the French language, suddenly a summer spent wandering the cobbled streets alone seems much more likely…until she meets Grace, and everything changes.
Grace can’t believe how daring Audrey is. Audrey can’t believe how cautious newly single Grace is. Living in neighboring apartments above the bookshop, this unlikely pair offer each other just what they’ve both been missing. They came to Paris to find themselves, but finding this unbreakable friendship might be the best thing that’s ever happened to them…
Fun fact about me: I've been trying to learn French for the last year or so using a couple of different apps. Mostly I'm doing it for fun but I am Canadian and feel that I should have a better handle on our other national language. Reading this book reminded me of the other reason I started learning and that's to travel more confidently. I have no plans to go to Europe any time soon (though I'd love to get there within the next five years) but I would like to be able to speak French when I do. I really liked reading as Grace taught Audrey French and wished she could teach me too! (Side note: any French learning tips would be greatly appreciated. Merci!)

One thing I constantly wondered about is how Grace's daughter might feel that her mom has befriended someone who's basically the same age as her. Don't get me wrong, I love that Morgan had the women become friends because I think it's good to have friends, or acquaintances at the very least, who are different ages. I just feel that Grace's daughter, Sophie, might have some thoughts on the matter. Or maybe she's a lot more aware than I give her credit for. It's a weird, small thing to be focused on but there we have it.

But what about the actual story? It was a really good one. It had pretty much everything I want in a novel: laughs, broken and then mended hearts, some sad and tender moments, traveling, and amazing friendships between equally amazing women. In these kinds of books, the characters can make it or break it for me. If I can't find something to like about them, I'm not invested. But Grace and Audrey were both fantastic. They were both really broken when they found each other and I adored reading as they helped each other become stronger women.

I was so invested in Grace that I was feeling incredibly protective and would have loved to give David, her husband, a piece of my mind. And maybe thrown a few things at him too. I therefore appreciated that Audrey was fiercely protective of Grace as well. That all being said, I was really hopeful Grace and David would be able to actually talk and work out what went wrong (or not exactly right) with their marriage. They seemed so solid that I was sure they would be able to overcome the bullshit David was putting them through. I was also really invested in Audrey and felt very much like a big sister as I was reading what she was going through. I was rooting for her the entire way through the novel and hoped she'd be able to smooth some of the prickles she had due to her upbringing.

One Summer in Paris was a delight and Sarah Morgan will continue to be on my must-read list, especially when I'm in the mood for a great story with equal parts light-hearted and realistic moments. Life isn't perfect but by the end of her novels you remember how we can make it through all those bumps in the road - because there's usually a wonderful Happily Ever After at the end.

*An e-ARC of this novel was provided via NetGalley in exchange for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.*
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I adore Sarah Morgan, and when I received and ARC of this book I was super excited to read it! A big thanks to Harlequin Publishing for providing me with an ARC of One Summer in Paris. 
The story itself starts off with some majorly bad news for the main character, but as the story goes on it really develops well and we get to know each character and why they do the things they do. 
This was a perfect spring/summer read. It was so lovely to read a book about friendship and also about Paris! Good god it made me really want to go to Paris and eat various cheeses with a glass of pinot. This book really transports you there in such a beautiful way. It’s quite a realistic story actually, about Grace and her failed marriage, you could see why these events took place, and I like that it wasn’t so rosey and perfect, and that in the end, everything worked out but with a lot of work put into it. One summer in Paris also reminds us to take care of ourselves, and find our own happiness, which Grace had to do and overcome. The friendship between Grace and Audrey was interesting and really sweet. It’s funny how complete strangers can totally transform each other’s lives. Grace needed Audrey as much as Audrey needed Grace. It’s a lovely and trustworthy friendship. Loved it. 
I have to say, this was a much more emotional and raw story compared to a past book I had read from Sarah Morgan. It was heartfelt, and heartwarming. If your after a book filled with laughter, friendship and wanderlust, then this is the book for you. It’s a great lazy summer read, perfect for wasting time in the sunshine with a glass of cool white wine. A great book from a wonderful author.
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I  am very torn about this latest Sarah Morgan book. On the one hand, I love the unlikely friendship between Grace and Audrey. They are at different stages in their lives but have more in common than either one of them do with their peers. Audrey brings youthfulness to Grace, while Grace lends and air of experience to Audrey, without trying to be her mother.
I love the flow of this story and Grace's grandmother, Mimi, is a hoot and a half!! The backdrop of Paris is wonderful and makes me want to visit, even though it's not really a city I care about touring! That to me is a sign of a great author...painting a picture so beautiful, you want to live in that painting!
My issue is later in the book, and has to do with both Grace's so-to-be-ex (and an old friend from the past, to an extent). While I'm not going to get into specifics, I felt the choice Grace ultimately makes is neither in her nor best interests or shows her growth. 
Overall, I loved this book and it's a solid 3.75 stars.
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Grace and Audrey come from different countries, different backgrounds, and different generations.  But a chance encounter on the street in Paris brings them together, and changes the course of the summer for both of them.

I really enjoyed this novel!  The story itself was terrific, but what really made this a good read for me were the characters.  The author did a magnificent job of building a background for each woman and bringing each to the point where they find one another.  The bond that develops between Grace and Audrey is magical, and proves that family is where you find it.

As a forty-something woman who has been married over twenty years, I found Grace in particular rather relatable:  her insecurities, her routines, her impending empty nest.  Now, I don’t know if I would have made the same decisions she did… at many moments, I found myself wondering: is that would I would have done?  Sometimes, the answer was no.

Audrey, too, was well written and interesting.  And I enjoyed the development of both women, and seeing how things changed for them over the course of the book.  And Mimi?  Grace’s elderly grandmother was absolutely charming… and she was keeping some secrets of her own!

This story was, in a word, delightful.  It’s a beautifully written tale of broken hearts, fresh beginnings, and fierce female friendship.  I love finding new authors to enjoy, and I’ll definitely be reading more of Morgan’s work.

Five fierce stars for this one… I highly recommend One Summer in Paris for a heartwarming, lovely read!
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One Summer in Paris is about two women, Grace Porter and Audrey Hackett. They live in different worlds until their worlds collide in the City of Lights.

Grace lives in Connecticut. She's married and has a teenage daughter, Sophie. She visits her grandmother, Mimi frequently who's living in an assisted living. Grace is happy with her life and she's excited about celebrating her twenty-five-year anniversary. She has planned to surprise her husband with a vacation of a lifetime, a trip to Paris for one month. At dinner and before she's able to discuss her plans, her husband David proceeds to let her know that he has fallen in love with another woman. A younger woman who's closer to her daughter's age. David wants a divorce. 

Thousand of miles away, Audrey Hackett is trying to save enough money to leave her home in London and move to France. Audrey is dyslexic and going to college is not in her plans. Her mother is an alcoholic. Growing up with her mother was difficult and Audrey is ready to leave it all behind. Lately, things have been better after her mother starting dating Ron. Audrey has felt responsible for her mother but with Ron in the picture, she thinks she can move on.

Grace, not wanting to lose her vacation, decides to go to Paris by herself. Here she meets Audrey. Their paths will cross and a new friendship will blossom. 

One Summer in Paris was quite entertaining.  I like both female characters. Despite having different personalities, they complemented each other quite well. They were there for each other when one needed the support. They also help each other grow and defeat their fears.

Cliffhanger: No

3.5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by HQN Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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One Summer in Paris is a lovely, easy read that is perfect for fans of Susan Mallery, Elin Hilderbrand or Mary Kay Andrews. It is the tale of two very different women escape from their current lives and travel to Paris. In doing so, each discovers herself.  The chapters alternate between two female characters. Author Sarah Morgan does an excellent job balancing the two storylines which intersect midway through the book.  They are an unlikely duo, but each finds something they need in the other, and the friendship works.

In an interesting setup, Audrey - who speaks no French and, as a dyslexic, hates books, takes a job in a bookshop with the plan to just wing it.

Spoiler: she does not wing it, and lands herself in a bigger mess.  She's a fighter, and you will find yourself rooting for her as much as she makes you cringe.

It was a plot that felt familiar at the start - mostly Grace's escape from the hurt and disappointment of her failed marriage into the beauty of Paris, where she spent time in college and fell in love, leaving behind a man she thought was her soulmate. But as the story progresses, it takes an unusual turn and becomes much more complicated than I anticipated. As usual, Morgan does a wonderful job with character development, and the women are flawed but relatable. The romance elements of a story really take a backseat to each character's journey of self-discovery.  

One Summer In Paris is a heartwarming, delightful read, and if I have any complaint, it might be that one of the storylines wraps up a bit too happily-ever-after, and while I'm not sure how I would do it differently, I guess Sarah Morgan has more belief in others and the power of forgiveness than I do!

I really enjoyed this novel and think it would make the perfect vacation read!
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Grace has a seemingly perfect life, happily married for 25 years, a daughter about to go off to college.  Then, at a dinner to celebrate their anniversary she finds out he's been having an affair and then he has a heart attack that night too.  

Audrey has a life that isn't very good, an alcoholic mother who has a lot of ups and downs and there is never much food in the house.  She comes home from work one day to find that her mother threw away almost everything in her room including the money she had hidden away as an escape fund.

Both women were making plans to Paris that they thought were ruined, but they both ended up being able to go.   When they get to Paris, Audrey ends up getting Grace's bag back from a thief and the two start a friendship.  

It was really fun to watch their friendship grow and see how they were able to help one another grow in different ways.  I found the book nearly impossible to put down because I kept wanting to see what would happen to them next.

I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

#NetGalley #OneSummerInParis
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When I was in my early 20’s, I broke up with my high school/college sweetheart and packed up my life for a semester abroad in Paris. I am all about books that take me back to Paris, especially those that are about a newly single woman navigating her new world in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. I was so excited when I received the galley for Sarah Morgan’s One Summer in Paris.

Morgan’s novel focuses around two women from different worlds: Grace and Audrey. Grace is an American who was looking forward to celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with her husband whom she books a trip to Paris for. Only, he really surprises her when he tells her that he wants a divorce. Grace packs up her life and her heartbreak for Paris where she finds herself in an apartment of a bookshop. It is here she meets Audrey, a teenage Londoner, who is also working through her own heartbreak. Audrey with her limited French language skills begins to work in the bookstore and forms an unlikely friendship with Grace. Together, the two become their own sort of family.

Inevitably, David, Grace’s husband, decides that he doesn’t want to be with his mistress, Leesa, and wants to reconcile with Grace. This is where the story lost me a little. He is still sleeping with Leesa, but has decided that he rather be with Grace. I felt like he didn’t suffer enough to make up for his crimes and it was here that I was a bit turned off.

Overall, though, this novel is a light summer kind of read that will make you laugh out loud at the scenes between Grace and Audrey. The premise that landed them both there as well as how a small town part time teacher could afford to buy a summer aboard left me guessing, but if you can get past those plot holes, you will definitely enjoy this quick read about heartbreak, female friendship and the power of moving forward in your life even if your heart is broken.

One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan is scheduled for release on April 9, 2019 from Harlequin with ISBN 9781335507549. This review was created after reading an advanced electronic copy of the novel from the publisher.
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One Summer in Paris gets an extra calculator for having the perfect setting of Paris. The author did a wonderful job of setting the scene. I could easily picture Paris, walking the streets and envisioning the sights.

I loved both of the main characters – Grace, who is grieving the end of her 25 year marriage and Audrey, a 18 year old who is still discovering who she is. I loved their interactions and their friendship that they build.

This isn’t the perfect novel, but it allows you to escape to Paris and into the lives of Grace and Audrey. I felt for both of them and wanted them to push through and enjoy life to the fullest. Even though, I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, I understand why the author decided to end the novel that way. It didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the novel.

 If you are going to Paris soon or have always dreamed of Paris, you don’t want to miss out on this one!
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An absolutely heart-warming story to read. The complicated lives of Grace and Audrey are well written and I love how each if them uses the other as a strength and shoulder to cry on. Both on their own and looking for something new in their lives, finds one another and i  that relationship, finds the strength to be who they are.

It's rare to find others in his world that you can relate with and that help you to grow and be who you are. That element is what I loved most in this story. The author does a fantastic job laying the foundation of the characters, tearing their lives apart and then showing how they rebuild into new, stronger women. Without losing sight of the struggles they've had to overcome to get there. 

Looking forward to reading more from this author and seeing what else she had to share with the world.
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One Summer in Paris was a beautiful story about love, the different kinds of love you experiment through life. The love of the family, romantic love, and the love you give yourself. But it was also a story about second chances, about learning from the adversities and about friendship. I loved this book so much and had a great time reading it.
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Now, normally I don't let typos and formatting affect my review of a book, but this ARC really made that difficult. The lack of chapter breaks, the space after the letter F made for some confusing moments. I sincerely hope this gets sorted before publishing in just a few days!

As for the content itself, I'm torn. The underlying premise of why Grace goes to Paris by herself is such a cliche, and I had a hard time sympathising with David when he realises what a horrible mistake he's made. Maybe if we'd been privy to his conversations with Grace, been able to see more of how his feelings towards Leesa had changed, instead of the small scene of him defending his mistress to his grandmother-in-law I would have felt more forgiving. As it was, I'm still left angry at him. (To be fair, this is a personal trigger issue for me. But I have read books where it is handled better than here.) Grace can reminisce all she wants about how kind he is, Mimi can reflect on how she's missed his visits, but I didn't get the sense that he'd suffered enough. (Also, was he still having sex with Leesa while deciding he wanted Grace back? Gross.)

But Grace's friendship with Audrey was simply magical. They were exactly what the other needed at a turning point in both of their lives. They each brought strength and vulnerability to the friendship, and were able to share with the other and helped the other to grow and heal.

Still, a lot of the pain and suffering that happened in this book was because nobody seemed to have the guts to have honest conversations. If Audrey had talked to Ron and learned about his past, she would have known that he was a good guy and in it for the long haul. If Grace and David had talked about any number of things none of that crap would have occurred. (And if Grace had gotten truly angry at David I would have been happier overall.)

Mimi was (mostly) a great character, and Etienne was a sweetheart, but I felt that what happened with Phillipe was a bit of a cop-pout. And I would definitely have liked more to the epilogue, because everything seemed tied up a bit too neatly and easily.

I do enjoy this author's writing, but this story is not one I will return to or remember all that fondly.
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Sarah Morgan has written another wonderful story, once again. No matter what I read from her, I always enjoy it. 

This is the story of a woman, who after 25 years of being with the man she loves, finds herself alone. She always has a plan, always thinking ahead. What is she to do when her plan does not go accordingly? Can she get through the next stage in her life alone? 

Audrey, a teenager, who has seen a lot in her short life. She is just looking for a way out. It seems that no matter what she has planned does not go her way either. She's strong, independent and just wants something better, anything than what she has with her mother. 

The story of these two women come together and show us that family is not just blood-related, it's who you know has your back, who is going to be there. Who really understands that when you say "I'm fine" and you know the other person isn't. You are there for each other no matter what. To form such a deep bond with who once was a complete stranger is amazing. 

This story is told from both POV's and I enjoy that. I really liked that Mimi had a little chapter herself. What a life this lady has lived!!

An easy, quick read. Loved the descriptions of Paris and made me wish that I could go there. I love seeing through the eyes of an author and Sarah always does such an amazing job with her descriptions!

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ for this copy, and my review is honest and voluntary. I will ready anything written by Sarah Morgan, she is a wonderful storyteller!
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Overall I really did enjoy this story. I felt that the characters were strong and I loved the relationship between our leading ladies. However, there were poi ts in this story where we wandered a little to close to the idea of cheating for my own comfort.
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