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This was one of the cheesiest stories I've read in a long time, I felt nothing for Zane even though I liked Beckett's character. I get the humorous aspect of the plot, or at least I tried to but Zane's overly dim witted dialogue made the process difficult. There's a point where excessive awkwardness and cluelessness becomes redundant and draining and for me reading this whole laughable romance solely through Zane's POV was a daunting task. The whole"love at first sight" trope as well as the ridiculously idealistic, almost childish fervor for love on Zane's part alienated me futher from enjoying whatever underlying message the author was trying to convey. On some level I know that this story was meant to be adorable and sweet but it failed to deliver on that with me. I just didn't fall for it guys,what can I say. Ugh, I didn't enjoy this one but that's just my opinion, read if the blurb sounds like your kinda thing, I'm done.
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Lots of people will definitely love this book, but it just wasn't for me. It was overly cheesy, the relationship didn't have much of a basis, and I personally am not a huge fan of "we met a month ago but we're in love and this is going to be forever." I also feel like the really interesting part of this story would be what happens when Zane has to go back to New Zealand and when they have to prove their relationship is real, but the book ends before he even leaves!
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What do you do with a man who confuses Tolstoy with Toy Story?
What do you do with a man who is a bit of a 'savant' but is the sweetest thing this side of honey?
What do you do with a man who believes in true love but he is blinded by heterosexuality?
What do you do with a man who is just the most adorable character ever since J.L. Merrow's Muscling Through's Al?
Why you indulge in the slow burn romance and recommend the book of course.
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Fun and funny and sweet All the mushy feelz for this slow burn OFY romance that had me alternating between laughing out loud and making "awww" sounds.

Is New Zealander Zane looking for a MOC (marriage of convenience)? No! He's looking for his HEA. It's just that he only has 30 days to find true love before his visa expires.

Professor Beckett Fisher doesn't believe in love anymore. Not since his HEA died a fiery death only two months after the wedding.

Can Zane convince him that love at first sight is real? Well, it might be easier if Zane wasn't straight and Beckett gay. Nevermind that, on the surface, they seem to belong to different worlds. But, what the heart wants, the heart wants. Obstacles are only there as challenges. Let the Bromance begin!
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It was light and sweet, enjoyable. 

Bonus points for the Krav Maga and Fence mentions, the Silver Pines Easter egg and for allowing us to see lovely Theo and Jamie.
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The burn hurts so good.
As always Anyta Sunday did not disappoint. This book CAN be read as a standalone, but be aware that some characters from the previous books will make multiple cameos. Just like the other 3 books in the series, this book followed a strong theme. The theme of this book is recognizing insecurities and improving oneself.
The story starts off with one of the main characters called Zane, a fish with a great wish. An eccentric Pisces that isn't afraid to give their love to those who need it. In this scenario, there's a time limit. Zane is on a mission to fall head over heels and marry someone before the end of the month, before his visa runs out. Zane's struggle with the fact that he dropped out of high school and Becky's struggle with trusting other people intertwine in this edition of horoscope love. The author incorporated a perfect mix of comic relief and somber tones. The broken bull was a character that many can sympathize with as well.
The different views and personalities of both men provided an equilibrium for them to recognize their feelings for each other. Becky has a way with words and Zane has a way to convey that through his drawings. They are truly a match made in heaven.
The wit in this book shall not go unnoticed. The sexual innuendos and dirty jokes definitely made me chuckle out loud and that rarely happens for me. Zane comes to many self-realizations throughout the story. One of them being his attraction to intelligence. More specifically, Becky's intelligence. Sesquipedalian words are hot.
With the aid of Becky's presence, Zane's sexuality had slowly evolved into something different, something new, for Zane.
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Zane is a hopeless romantic who plans to meet and fall in love with the woman of his dreams in the weeks before his visa runs out. He powers on though the setbacks finding a spare bed with his sister in-law’s friend Becky who helps him with his creativity. I really loved this book and am definitely reading some more of Anyta’s books. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This funny, sweet and entertaining book was just what I needed! I wasn't sure about Zane at first as he's quite naive but he's just so adorable and sweet that you can't help but like him. I really loved the conversations between Beckett and Zane and found them really funny. Beckett was one of my favorite characters and his patience while Zane figured things out was wonderful.

There isn't a lot of action in this book and sometimes I can get a bit bored but that never happened in this book. It's definitely a slow burn and while I sometimes lose patience with these I didn't in this book because the humor and bromance get me highly entertained while I waited (not as patiently as Beckett) for Zane to figure it all out. 

I laughed, I smiled and I read this book in one sitting. It can easily be read as a stand alone and I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a fun, sweet M/M romance with a slow burn.
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I can't even describe all of the ways that I loved this book. This is my first Anyta Sunday, so obviously I haven't read any of the others in the series and I was completely fine with it as a stand alone.

First of all, I loved the Pride and Prejudice aspect. I loved that I, the reader, had personal insight into the story from clues and banter that one of the MC's had missed out on. Don't even get me started on the torturously slow burn. 

As the story begins, Zane has a month left on his Visa before he's shipped back from the US to New Zealand. He's desperate to stay to be close to his brother who has just become a father. He's not looking for someone to MOC him, he wants to marry for love. He's looking for the girl of his dreams on dating apps and hoping to have the perfect meet-cute that he can relate to his grandchildren one day.

When he gets kicked out of the room he's borrowed with one month left, he asks a friend of his brother's wife, Beckett, if he can crash with him temporarily. 

As the story unfolds, we learn about how deeply scarred Becky is from a past relationship and how unaware Zane is at what he's really after.

I felt such a connection to Becky and just really loved his character. He was witty and charming and studious. He loved deeply and cared fully. And Zane was just so oblivious in the nicest way possible. It was a thrill to finally get to the point where he became self aware. And what a ride.

I loved this so much and I can't wait to read more by Ms. Sunday!

*Arc copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
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I always find myself wishing for the POV of the other lead character in the books in this series. They're told in the third person limited POV, so in this case we get an inside look into Zane's thoughts and feelings and perceptions - and boy, he is NOT very perceptive. (Poor Beckett.) I literally groaned aloud at several places in this book and cried out "Zaaaane, whyyyyy?! Whyyyy are you so dumb, nooooooooooo....." And I don't mean book-smarts, Zane. 

Still, despite him basically being a big dopey overeager puppy, I fell totally in love with Zane, and with Beckett too. (Oh man, how could you not love Beckett?) Their dynamic is just too cute, and they compliment each other so beautifully - which is exactly what I'm looking for in an opposites attract type of story. Both men also go through a huge amount of personal growth throughout the story, which is amazing to see, and I love that the resolution is realistic but still wonderful (which is all I'm going to say to keep this review spoiler free!) 

I did drop ONE WHOLE STAR OFF for whatever the heck game they were playing at the bar, because those are not synonyms. I'm not sure what the heck game that was supposed to be, but that wasn't even punning? I did spend a fair amount of time while reading this book shaking my kindle and yelling "that's not what a synonym is!" There are a lot of puns (like, A LOT) which I loved, but CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED. 

This is the fourth book in the Signs of Love series, but each of the books can be read as a stand alone (or in any order). The MC's from one of the other books in the series does make a cameo in this series, but there are no spoilers for their book in this one.
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This was an adorable and fun read. At the beginning I was a bit hesitant because while I like banter, it felt a little over the top. But I'm glad I stuck with it - Zane soon won me over, and it didn't take me much longer to love Beckett as well. 

This is a perfect romantic comedy with lots of warmth and humor, and - take note- pretty much the right amount of sex. Not too little, and most importantly not too much. So, if you're in the mood for something sweet and light, but not vapid, this is a wonderful choice.
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Awww, this latest chapter in Anyta Sunday's "Signs of Love" series was everything that I love about M/M romance.

Twenty-three y.o. New Zealand native Zane was determined to find true love, and find it quickly, in order to remain in the United States. Mainly so that he could be there for his favorite brother and his newborn niece, the same way that his brother had been there for him. Well, that and... LOVE, because he's a hopeless romantic.

Then he met 30 y.o. literature professor and divorcee Beckett, who after being cheated on and having his heart pulverized to a fine pulp, no longer believed in love, thinking it a "big, beautiful lie".

I loved the dynamic between extremely-naive Zane and overly-cynical Beckett. Their playful push and pull dynamic completely worked for me.

    “Why are you chasing after a green card?”

    “I’m not.”

    “Let me rephrase. Why the deadline to marry?”

    “A deadline to fall in love and marry. If I’m not 100 percent head over heels, I will go back and stay back. But I’m just . . . determined to be head over heels.” 

But Zane's time was running out, with only a very short time remaining to find the perfect Miss Right and seal the deal.

If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't initially sure how well I was going to mesh with Zane. He came across as insanely unrealistic as to how those first online dates might turn into something real. Also, he seemed pretty... simple.

Yet leave it to Anyta to transform Zane into someone I quickly found myself rooting for, becoming his biggest fan.

As Beckett's attraction to his new house guest's young Chris Hemsworth looks and eternal optimism grew, while Zane cluelessly dated a string of overly-amorous female suitors, with disastrous (and often scary) results, well, I got sucked in pretty quickly.

I also loved Darla, Beckett's wise and seemingly all-knowing next-door-neighbor, who also happened to be Theo's beloved grandmother.

Anyta brought the slow-burn BIG TIME in this latest story, leaving Zane pretty damn clueless until probably 70 percent into the story, while the rest of us saw where things were going pretty early on.

And I absolutely LOVED the ride.

It did take a while to finally get to the steamy bits, which were very steamy indeed, but events unfolded at what I felt were the right time, with an adorable and hopeful "soon-to-be HEA" on the horizon as the book ended.

Theo and Jamie's book, the first in the series, is still my absolute favorite, but folks, this one came in a damn close second, which is nothing to sneeze at in this feel-good, fun and flirty series.

This story had tons of banter, but not really much of the snark found in Theo and Jamie's story, which was probably why this book came in just *behind* book 1 for me.

I'd rate this one at around 4.5 stars and highly recommend it to any fans of the series.

** Note: This story is loosely tied to the previous series, so it 'could' be read as a standalone, but for full enjoyment, I'd recommend at least reading book 1 before this story, as Theo and Jamie did make a cameo appearance here.
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This book is so unbelievably pure that it can work miracles. 

Romance doesn't work like that. You don't fall in love and just keep falling. You fall, and when the ground catches up, you pull yourselves together, climb back to the top of the cliff, and fall again.

I might be a small worshipper of Sunday because she writes my most favourite kind of romances. Two real characters with flaws who develop a real connection and snark at each other throughout the book. I mean, swoon right?

But Anyta has stepped up her game here. Because Zane is something she hasn't written before. 
Zane is open, optimistic, and so freaking pure that my breath caught a little bit. He believes in love and will settle for nothing less - but I don't think he really thought he deserved it, which is why it snuck up on him so spectacularly. 

Beckett cast his gaze upward and muttered toward the stars, "Slow burn."

Beckett is elegant, intelligent, and has been hurt rather badly. I loved how adorably vulnerable he was yet didn't shy away from this chance. 

I adored these boys and the tremendously sweet relationship they developed while helping each other grow. 
This series is made of magic and no matter what's going on in my life it always manages to fill my heart right up.
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What a delightful love story!  Filled with innuendo and lots of moments that make you stop and say, Did he really just say that?!  This author's books always keep a smile on my face, even as I shed a few tears.  Though Zane and and Beckett may disagree whether it classifies as love at first sight or a slow burn, the end result is the same- a super swoony, happy ever after.  This just might be my fave.  I don't know, I've kind of felt like that with each book in the series, but Pisces Hooks Taurus was SO GOOD.  Cute and funny, with that delicious tension that comes with a slow building desire they are holding in.  I loved every minute of it.
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