A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities

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When I saw this book, I was immediately tempted to request it. I love comics and I really like learning about perspectives that are not my own. As a straight cisgender female reader, I've been getting more interested in the experiences of transgender and queer people. And I definitely got to learn more and consolidate some of the knowledge I already had after reading this book!

The first thing I really liked was the introduction. I think it frames the work really well and I especially liked how inclusive it was. By admitting that there are different experiences and that monolithic approaches are wrong, the authors added a lot of depth to this guide.

I also really, really liked the illustrations. They were so adorable! Pink is one of my favorite colors, so it's no shocker that I think the palette used was fantastic. The blue "sproutling" passages were also very interesting and beautifully drawn. The blue/pink contrast worked great! Not to mention that all the details drawn look perfect on the page...

I could never review this book and not mention how valuable the input is. The structure works great. The fact that each chapter approaches a different identity was awesome, in my opinion. It made the information easy to digest, not overwhelming at all, and gives readers time to reflect on what they've just read before they move on to the next concept.

Introducing us to the snails was, too, a great move, as was introducing us to the sproutlings. I think this frames what can feel like very abstract and out-of-this-planet concepts to people who are not familiar with them in a tangible manner. 

That said, I was very confused throughout the comic as to what age this is aimed at. While it is clear that you don't need to know much about sexual attraction and identity to get into it, I cannot pinpoint what age group of readers I would recommend this to. On one hand, the language used and the analogies employed work great on children (pre-teens), but seem a little infantilizing to adults and even young adults. On the other, the words that were chosen and the structuring of some sentences does not seem too appropriate for children that young and would be better suited for adults... But I also think that some of these chapters (especially the one about how to be in a relationship) can be directed at both children and adults, but more so at young people, since it might be stuff they don't know about yet nor have the experience to grasp on their own.

In the end, I am giving this three starts (maybe an extra half star) because although I loved the artwork and how informative and accessible the information was, I was extremely confused about who the writer had in mind when writing this book. It even made me feel super disconnected with the writing since I felt infantilized in the way the author seemed to be putting the concepts into simplistic metaphors.

** Thank you to the publisher who gave me a review copy in exchange for an unbiased and truthful review **
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This was so clear and so charming. The art was lovely, and each section was very understandable and well-explained. My only complaint was that the narration was sometimes a bit wobbly, they jumped from one section or narrator to another somewhat abruptly.
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It seems to be an interesting book, but was impossible to read as the Kindle copy I received from NetGalley was in two parts, and the pages jumbled. It’s a pity because it seems very promising. I’m going to have to buy a copy when it’s out, I suppose.
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A sweet little book that serves as an introduction to queer and trans identities for those beginning to explore them (or those that love them!) I found the art to be cute and whimsical and the use of snails as storytellers to be clever and quirky. As I am familiar with queer and trans identities in general I cannot comment on how the material would be received by someone who was unfamiliar with these identities, but I think the presentation of the material would be more than appropriate for teens and young adults at the youngest. As a primarily nonfiction book there is little to be had in the way of plot, but the authors have resolved this by including short "skits" between the larger "chapters" that help to highlight the ideas outlined in a hypothetical setting.
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Iggy the Snail takes us through a beautiful journey answering the most popular questions about the LGBTQ community. It is beautifully illustrated and very well-written. I highly recommend this quick and easy guide for those wanting to educate themselves on this community, or for anyone in this community that may need guidance. 

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this in exchange for an honest review.
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With beautifully colourful and amazing art, as well as a important message, we have A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities. 

Mady G and J.R. Zuckerberg brings us a nice book with little stories and well as a look on the Queer and Trans Identities so that people on the beginning of finding itself, or just wanting to start understanding it can find it in a easy way. It follows a snail teaching others about sexuality, the queer and trans communities, the basic stuff, in a fun and colourful way so that it's less likely to make one drop the book like it if was the same but without the youthfulness and creativity of them. 

As someone that has friends on the community and is always glad to learn a bit more, it was a easy and fun read, very smooth and educative! Really something I think we can have in our bookshelves to loan out to someone in need of this words. 

I would really like to thank Netgalley and Limerence Press for the chance of reading this book!
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This book is very important and a must-read. It is both useful, educative AND lovely, as it sends out feelings of comfort and confirmation.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities delivers what it promises. it touches on varying subjects: from sexuality and gender to healthy relationships and coming out, all in simple terms and a well-explained manner. 

The colors were vibrant, the dialogues meaningful, and the way everything was handled was spot-on.
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"A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities" can basically be summed up by its title. Short, simple and to the point of the variety of sexualities and gender identities. I think this would be a perfect present for people who might still be "in the closet" or for those who are struggling with their own identity. It can be difficult to know what label a person should use since there are so many out there but this graphic novel does a good job outlining all different kinds of identities and orientation. I also learned about the phrase "in the closet" and where it originated from so it was interesting to learn something new (since I am not straight, I automatically thought I would not gain anything from this graphic work. I also thought the illustrations were fun and cute and I thought the different kind of species added a nice touch. My one complaint that I have is that my digital copy was kind of messy. I am not actually sure if it's supposed to be the finished product, but the pages didn't seem to be in order so that part kind of hindered my reading experience
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This book is a necessary addition to any high school library. Although at times I felt it was a little unnecessarily out there with the snails, it overall provided a simple, direct, and enjoyable approach to issues so many students (and staff!) are unfamiliar with. The illustrations were beautiful and the content was well written.
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This was a very colorful book that explained a lot of terms and what they meant. It tracks snails as they learn about human sexuality with some random animal comic thrown in.  Overall it didn't give me much more information that I already knew; it doesn't get very deep and doesn't go much past titles other than with asexuality.  I think this would be fun and educational for terms but not for truly understand the ideas and seeing the humanity that goes with those ideas.
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This was adorable and engaging without being preachy. The drawings were supercute - I don't even like snails usually (although perfect choice of creature for the subject matter due to them being hermaphroditic and asexual as well as sexual!) I knew a lot of the material covered but I learned some new stuff as well. Very well done.
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This is informative, quirky and fun. It's a clever way to inform about gender and sexual identities. I also love the illustrations, the colors, the characters and all of it. The way it's structured, with clear questions and a new chapter for every subject is also good. Love how it's honest and very careful to assure that every bit of the spectrum and everything around it is perfectly normal and the most important thing is to love yourself. 

Thank you so much Netgalley and Oni Press for the opportunity to read this ARC. 

/ Denise
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I didn't really find this book to be easy to follow and it was kind of cheesy and weird and not sure of the demographic it was trying to reach? I thought it would be a cute way of explaining it but instead I ended up just being kind of lost in the imagery and confused unfortunately.
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This is an adorably  illustrated guide to identity.  The information is clear (even as it is delivered by the cute snails and sproutlings) . "There's no right or wrong way to be gay, straight, male, female or whatever you are.  Don't put yourself in another box.  You just came out of one!"  

Questions to provoke thought, such as "Do you have friends/family members who will support you?" were appreciated. From asexuality to gaslighting to relationship aspects, things are explained in a clear, and as the title says, easy manner.  The difference between gender and sexuality is also clearly defined. 

I thought this book was very well done, especially for teens.
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I was very excited to read this book, but the eARC provided did not paginate in the correct order. Further, there was a problem where there was a white bar halfway through the page on every single page. I read the previous book in this series and am very excited to read this book, but disappointed to be unable to.
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Interesting and useful, and something that should be widely available and used as a resource for younger people unsure of themselves or others.
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I did not enjoy this book. I felt like the book was not very good at explaining the information in a way that is easily understandable.
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I was very interested in this book, because I have to admit that I lack some information on the subject. I'd like to be, and I'm far from bigoted (so is most of my closer environment), but the LGBTQ+ community here is way more closed up here than in e.g. the U.S. I know there are people that make their life harder everywhere in the world, but here it's very much a taboo. Mostly people simply don't talk about it at all. Sure, gay, lesbian, trans are all part of the everyday language people use, and most of them are more or less aware of the meaning of these terms, but for example gender fluidity and more complicated stuff are something most people here I think don't understand, many don't even know it exists. What I want to say is that the awareness here is basically non-existant (unless your a student from a bigger city or spend half your life on the internet).

That being said, I think it's time to talk about the book itself. I wanted to get some information in an easy, understandable way, and it succeeded at that. I was reading about a lot of things I already knew, some that I had known of but never fully understood. It was quick and fun learning. I have to admit, though, that I'm not sure which age group this book is aimed at. It's actually recommended to anyone interested in or influenced by the subject, but I'm not sure I agree with that. It's a very sweet and easily understandable beginner's guide, but I ended up with more questions than I had at the start by the time I finished. It raises interest, emphasizes accepting, empathy and understanding, it explains some basic things. However, the proportions are a bit off in my opinion. A huge part of the book consists of general advice on having and maintaining a healthy relationship, which is awesome, but it was 1. only relatable to very young, inexperienced people, and 2. not at all specific to LGBTQIA+ people.

The illustrations were cute, I loved the snails and 'sproutlings', though in general I think it would've been alright with people. They were lovely, though. The rose/pink predominant coloring bothered me a bit, not only because I myself don't really like that color, but also because it felt like too one-sided. The book is about how colorful and amazingly different people are - I think something more colorful, a whole illustration in different colors, a world of rainbow would've been a better match.
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A very easy yet comprehensive book that helps understanding the variety of sexual orientation and gender choices available nowadays. It helps especially if you want to address and approach them properly, including as a writer or journalist. I've found the visual pastel presentation a bit too much, but otherwise, the idea to express such complicated issues visually is a good one.
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Wowow can you believe it? Another book I loved just before 2018 is over! I sure am glad!

This was a wonderful book and the title says it all to be honest, no need to further explain.

The drawings of cute little snails made this an enjoyable and quick ride and even though I knew most of it already it's nice to have everything together in one book. You hear so many explanations on the internet that all seem to slightly differ from each other and to be honest, this graphic novel really did seem to capture it all.

I absolutely loved the colour schemes throughout the book and the drawings put a smile on my face. 

I especially loved this sentence in the outtro that was written for loved ones of people who might identify as queer (or lgbtq+) that said: "Just be ready to learn, unlearn and learn some more."
Which honestly describes everything perfectly.

(Also I read this one in one sitting as I could not put it down and did not want to take a break in between reading it.)
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