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We all have biases that we may be aware of, but how do we combat the ones we aren't? Eberhardt's book looks at racial bias and prejudice (specifically about black people) that our country is currently facing. As this came out in 2019, it touches on police brutality before George Floyd and the alt-right white supremacy before the Proud Boys. I spent quite a lot of the book wondering what research Eberhardt would point to in order to explain some of the most recent racist events in the US today. 

This book reminded me a lot of "Caste" by Isabel Wilkerson. Like "Caste," Eberhardt does a great job including personal stories of bias and race issues alongside her stellar research and studies. It gave me so much to think about regarding the ways that I might be biased simply because I grew up in the US with such inherent racism and bias already baked into the culture. Although Eberhardt is extremely smart and is an academic, all of this information still felt accessible and applicable to real-life.

I hope Eberhardt writes some sort of follow-up to this book - there's so much more to be studied in this field and her interpretations and conclusions are invaluable.

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