A Very Lucky Christmas

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I loved this book! The characters are such fun and so fantastic to get to know. A sequel would be fantastic! This book is hilarious and heart warming. The series of events is absolutely sublime - a couple of tear jerking moments along the way but more laughs than sadness. This will not be the last book I read by this author!
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Daisy has been dating Freddie for a year spending time together snuggled up on the couch . Freddie always cooks  for them because Daisy could burn water and Freddie doesn't like   to go out to eat . Freddie surprises Daisy with a special trip to new fancy restaurant .  With a breakup and still living in her mother's house Daisy has a lot of work to do to get her live straightentertainment out
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A very jolly book about how even after lots of bad luck it can all change around and be a blessing in disguise. 

Really enjoyed the book and it was fabulously written. 

I’ll look out for some more of her books
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First of all, I would like to thank both NetGalley and Lilac Mills for accepting my request and sharing a copy.

Narrative and plot
Well, what can I say about the narrative? It is no secret that I love Sophie Kinsella books. And I think that I have found an author to help me during my withdrawal symptoms while waiting for the next Sophie Kinsella book. The whole story is narrated by Daisy. And Daisy has a clear and witty voice which made me smile, laugh and enjoy the entire book. There was never a dull moment, thanks to her. A well-weaved narrative and the string of confusions amidst all the Christmas theme is indeed a fun read.

Characters and conflicts
 Daisy Jones who rhymes a similarity to Bridget Jones is almost as funny and quirky as Bridget. I mean it in the most positive ways. Other than the name, both are distinct personalities as it is. Without even realizing herself, Daisy is a person who knows what she wants although she doesn’t admit to it fully. The first chapter shows how naïve Daisy is in the matter of heart and after the small leap and her emotional turmoils we see her grow as a person by the end of the book. All the conflicts in the world had somehow decided to roam around Daisy.

 Indeed there is the mysterious case of sixpence and a certain Dr. Hartley. It’s been a long time since I have liked a male lead as much as Sam Roxton(I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella). Dr. Hartley is a likable young man and the best thing about him is he is not the perfect man who has the “game”. He is your awfully sweet person who you love for their inherent qualities once you get to know them well. Of course, Daisy and Dr. Hartley (yeah I am not giving away his name right away) took their sweet time to know each other well. I was rooting for them by then.  
The bickering old ladies were fun too even with all the poop talk. I love the way Daisy and Zoe’s relationship was developed throughout the story. And as for conflict, I didn’t expect some major Earth-shattering things to happen but it would have been nice if Daisy explored her career options as well. I mean I wanted to see more of that but unfortunately, it took the back seat in an extremely small corner. That doesn’t take away the inherent goodness of the story. 

In short, there is nothing more to dissect in this book. It is a warm fuzzy Christmas read. I listened to some simple Christmas music and read the book as part of #tistheseasonathon and didn’t even realize I reached the end of the book. It is that kind of a story. If you enjoy a Christmasy romantic comedy, then pick it up.  It will lift your spirits!! As for me, I am going to check out some more of Lilac Mills books.
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A thoroughly enjoyable festive romp that had me giggling out loud on many an occasion, I absolutely adored Lilac Mills’ flirty, adorable and feel-good romantic tale A Very Lucky Christmas!

Christmas is a time of cheer and goodwill where there is magic around every corner and everybody’s dreams come true. However, it will take a miracle for Daisy Jones to feel even remotely cheerful and festive as it seems she is on Santa’s naughty list because everything seems to be going wrong! Not only is still reeling from a shocking and devastating breakup, she has also been forced to move back home with her parents and isn’t exactly full of the joys of the season when she sets off to work every morning. Bad luck seems to be following poor Daisy around, so she is not exactly surprised when her current streak of misfortune leads her not to Santa’s grotto, but to A&E!

When her great grandmother had persuaded her to plant a silver sixpence in the Christmas pudding for good luck, even Daisy thought she couldn’t possibly be so unlucky that she would end up choking on it. Still, being in hospital can sometimes have its advantages if the medic who is treating you is as dishy as Doctor Noah Hartley. Could Daisy’s luck finally begin to change for the better?

Will Daisy end up smooching the gorgeous doctor under the mistletoe this Yuletide? Will she finally draw a line under all the bad luck she has been suffering? Or will there be more surprises in store for her?

Lilac Mills’s A Very Lucky Christmas is just wonderful! A book that is just the thing for when the hustle and bustle of the festive season gets far too much and you need something to cheer you up and make you forget all the stress of the holidays, A Very Lucky Christmas is a sparkling, scintillating and sensational tale with a fabulous heroine, a gorgeous hero and plenty of humour, shenanigans and fun to keep you laughing all day long!

A Very Lucky Christmas is uplifting romance at its best and Lilac Mills’ books are sure to go down a treat with romantic comedy fans the world over!
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A Very Lucky Christmas by Lilac Mills
This festive romcom is a total joy from start to finish. It’s funny, lively, touching and ever so clever.
We first meet our heroine Daisy Jones getting ready to go out to a special dinner with her boyfriend Freddies. She’s convinced he’s going to ask her to marry him. As it is, the big announcement is that he thinks they should move in together. Not quite what Daisy hoped for, but she comes from a line of formidable women who have never been ones to feel sorry for themselves. She takes it on the chin and proceeds to be happy enough with Freddie.
The main action takes place three years later. In quick succession Daisy finds Freddie in bed with another man, and then is first threatened with redundancy by Caring Cards, the greetings card company she works for, and then later the same day sacked for allegedly breaking the conduct rules. She has no choice but to go and live with mum Sandra and gran Elsie, and great-gran Gwenda, usually called Gee-Gee, who visits a lot. Their interactions are just brilliant! There’s also brother David and his wife Zoe, whom Daisy has always considered a dumb blonde. 
To bring good luck Gee-Gee asks for an old silver sixpence to go into the Christmas pud. Daisy swallows this, which ends her up in hospital to be checked out but a rather terse and heartless Dr Hart. Three more of Daisy’s nearest and dearest end up needing medical car in the following period. Some luck that sixpence brought. However, it does bring Daisy into contact with Dr Hart again. But this is a book bulging with cross-purposes and misunderstandings and we get most of these between these two characters. 
I won’t say more, but this is a romcom so it’s not too much to hope for a happy ending! And at least the sixpence doesn’t make a reappearance in a pudding, although something else just might… 
The book is truly unputdownable. Daisy is such a great character. She’s loyal, kind and steady, but has her foibles like the rest of us. She’s regularly driven up the wall by her family but always does the right thing. She’s a sweetie. So is Zoe, who in many ways is the strongest character in this book. She develops wonderfully, whilst quietly teaching Daisy a lesson about learning not to make snap judgements about people. 
The book is packed with imagination and humour and makes for a fabulously entertaining read.
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Finally, I had my hands on a Lilac Mills book and it was everything that I expected. A cute and lovely Christmas romance with lots of banter and hilarious misunderstandings. I won't trade places with Daisy even for the happy ending, but you know what they say, everything is laughable when it's not about you.
       Daisy is an amazing character and because of the blurb I have foreseen that breakup with Freddie, but the reason was shocking and I couldn't help but break into a laugh. Well, that was before her 'loving', all women (except for the darling brother) family is introduced. Hmph, fortune's ways are not smooth at all, even at Christmas.
       Then there are all those hospital encounters which have me chuckling even now. And that was only just the beginning of mischiefs a single silver sixpence could trigger. 
       An amazing, sweet but quirky romance that you wouldn't want to miss this Christmas . . .
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This is my first venture into reading a book written by this author. Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of year right? Why then is everything going wrong for Daisy. She has a devastating breakup with her boyfriend and while she's still reeling from that she's let go from her long time job. It couldn't possibly get any worse than having to move back home at age 30 could it? But........... well, yes it could. When Gran insists she put a silver six pence in the Christmas pudding for luck, things go from bad to worse and she ends up in A & E. This book was hilarious and had me actually laughing out loud at the hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings in this heartwarming holiday read. Just what I needed to read today!
Pub Date 20 Aug 2018
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Canelo through NetGalley. Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Loved this and so nice to read a good happy story at Christmas time. It was even funny in some places and the doctor does seem a bit dim but turns out lovely.
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This is a first for me by this author... but certainly won't be my last.

The cover is what drew me in and I was not disappointed... A wonderful humorous festive romance... lots of laughter but also quite heart-warming. 

The characters were well written and the scenarios were described well enough to draw you into the scene.

Things can't get worse for Daisy Jones... can they? 

Christmas is meant to be the happiest time of year so why is absolutely everything going wrong for Daisy? Reeling from a bad breakup, moving back in with her parents and hounded by trouble at work she really shouldn’t be surprised when things go from bad to worse..and she ends up in A&E!

Her great-grandmother persuaded her to plant a silver sixpence in the Christmas pud for luck but choking on the coin isn’t the ‘change’ she’d wished for. Yet when dashing Dr Noah Hartley saves the day things finally start to look up. 

With Christmas Day just around the corner Daisy’s determined to make her own luck...and hopefully bag herself a dishy doc in the process!

A fantastic read, that once I started I could not put it down.

I look forward to more of this authors work.

Thank-You Netgalley for my ARC.
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This is a festive read by Lilac Mills that is warm, funny and ever so slightly bonkers. Thirty year old Daisy Jones is expecting to get engaged to Freddie, the boyfriend that she has been living with, as Christmas approaches. However, life has other plans for her, when they break up and Daisy finds herself having to move back in with her mum, Sandra and her grandmother, Elsie. In sharp contrast, Daisy's younger brother David is living in his home that he conscientiously saved up for and is married to Zoe. He is the perfect son, and Daisy is markedly resentful and jealous of his more ordered life and career as a dentist. As Daisy expects, she gets little sympathy for her break up from her mum and grandmother, as neither have found men to be either reliable or trustworthy. Daisy's great grandmother, Gee-Gee, thinks an old sixpence placed in a Christmas pudding will bring Daisy the luck she needs as her life falls apart.

To Daisy's dismay, she chokes and swallows the sixpence, and David has to rush her to the A and E department in hospital where she is treated by the good looking Dr Noah Hartley. Daisy is convinced that the sixpence which she has to wait to pass through her body is bringing her anything but good luck and more worryingly, the cursed bad luck appears to be infecting her family members too. After being sacked by the card company that employs her for using the internet for her own personal affairs, she is forced to consider other job possibilities. Daisy keeps bumping into Noah at the hospital as Zoe has desperate problems in her pregnancy and David suffers from multiple breaks in his leg after a car accident. This is a heartwarming story of gaffes, misunderstandings, coincidences, slapstick humour and an unexpected romance that is to have Daisy reconsidering whether that sixpence in the Christmas pudding was so unlucky after all.

Lilac Mills writes a lovely festive tale of Daisy Jones and her haphazard life, where so much goes wrong for her that you really feel for her. However, as the narrative progresses, so many wonderful things happen, Daisy's poor opinion of her air head sister in law, Zoe, shifts remarkably as she gets to know her better and discovers just how supportive and wonderful she is. She comes to view her ex-boyfriend, Freddie, in a more sympathetic light, and a new job does wonders for her self esteem as it exceeds her expectations. More satisfyingly, the injustices Daisy suffered are redressed. The biggest gift, of course, is her growing relationship and love for Noah, although it is littered with obstacles. This is great escapist fare, packed with comic moment after comic moment, and so thoroughly entertaining. Many thanks to Canelo for an ARC.
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A lovely heartwarming book, with some amusing moments. Loved the spark with the dishy doctor!!

4 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀
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This book is lovely. A nice easy read. I wasn't sure about it at first but soon found myself laughing out loud.
The mistaken concept of her brother being the father of her (not) baby  was particularly enjoyable
Happy to read more by the author.
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Daisy is returning home after she finds her boyfriend with another woman. even though it is Christmas time it is not a happy time for her.
Thanks to Netgalley for this nice romance.
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This was a lovely feel good humorous story. With good characters that you can relate to.

Daisy swallows a sixpence from the Christmas pudding and thinks it is bringing her bad luck, but if it wasn't for the sixpence she would never have met Noah the doctor. 

A truly enjoyable story.
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Lovely festive read. Especially liked the setting of this book in Worcester near where one of my best friends lives, brought back lots of nice memories of visits to the West midlands safari Park...

Anyway, back to the book. Daisy accidentally swallows a 6 pence in a Christmas pudding which sets off a fun of bad luck, not the good luck a 6 pence is supposed to bring... But I suppose it depends on what you're paying attention to, isn't it Daisy?

Great read. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book, this is my honest opinion
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I'm obsessed with Christmas Hallmark movies, and I was really excited to give this book a read! A Christmas novel? Heck yeah!

A Very Lucky Christmas is a fun, easy read that I actually sat down and read all at once. Once I got into the story, it was hard to put it down!

Daisy is having a rough time between her boyfriend, family and job. Honestly, the first part of this book is pretty depressing. Nothing is going Daisy's way, and it just seems like it's all piling up on her.

There were a lot of times I kept thinking, "Seriously? Her life has to get better!" 

Her family is so loud and feisty and I really felt for Daisy dealing with a lot of her family dynamic. Her brother is the favorite in the family and that doesn't help Daisy's self esteem at all. I giggled a lot at Daisy's descriptions of her family members, especially her perspective of her sister in law. 

The character interactions were hilariously awkward (and I don't mean badly written, I just mean entertaining in a good way). There were quite a few times I found myself literally laughing out loud at their misunderstood conversations. 

Things wrap up nicely at the end, although I do wish the ending had been just a bit more fleshed out; mainly because I wanted more romance!

All in all, A Very Lucky Christmas is a wonderful seasonal read and I definitely recommend it!
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I have to be completely honest and say that I have never heard of this author!  Even though, when I have looked her up, Lilac Mills has written so many books of exactly the kind that I would read!  This author has slipped under my radar in stealth mode and I will certainly be going and reading more of her books in the future.

This book definitely gets you straight into the Christmas spirit before you open it with its fabulously festive cover!  The blurb makes it sound like the kind of book that was right up my street, and I was keen to get started on this one.  Everything is going wrong for Daisy Jones this Christmas!  Trouble at work and having to move back in with her parents after a break up is made worse by a trip to A&E when Daisy chokes on a sixpence in her great-grandmother’s Christmas Pud!  But are things looking up for Daisy when she is treated by dishy doctor, Noah Hartley?

What a lovely book!  Daisy is a great character and was so likeable!  I think so many people could relate to Daisy in this book – I mean, how many of us have had Christmases where absolutely nothing has gone right, I know I have!  Being the obvious romance that it is, you know where the story is going, but I really enjoyed Daisy and Noah’s storyline and you certainly couldn’t help feeling sorry for Daisy throughout the book for her sheer bad luck!

It was such an easy read, no complicated storylines and everything just flowed so well.  I was carried away on a festive story of fun, laughter and love and found myself speeding through the pages as it was so enjoyable.  This would be a most welcome present in someone’s Christmas stocking or failing that just read it yourself, curled up under a blanket with a big hot chocolate!
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I would like to thank Canelo for asking me to review this book and to Ellie Pilcher for arranging the blog tour. I would also like to thank Lilac Mills for writing a guest post for my blog.
This was a relatively quick read for me. A great plot with the added bonus of it being set at Christmas time. Daisy is one of those characters that you can imagine watching on film and putting you hands up to your face shaking your head. 30 years old living back at home A very funny easy read romance. with everything going wrong in her life Daisy is very much in need of a lucky Christmas. I couldn't help but laugh at Daisy as one disaster happens after enough.
This is a great read to cosy up to this December and while away a couple of hours. A very funny easy read romance.
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Honestly I wasn’t sure about this book at the beginning and I didn’t like where it was going. I thought I was going to get a love story... and boy did I get it! I just needed some patience! I want to know more about Daisy and Noah and what happens to them, the chartacters are portrayed in such a heartwarming way and I finished the book with a smile on my face!
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